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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  October 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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((denise valdez)) >> right now at 11... not pulling any punches, hillary clinton and donald trump go after each other on the debate stage one last time. the most memorable moments from the debate and what everyone is talking about tonight. ((denise valdez)) >> vegas is ready for a raider nation relocation, but is the nfl? what team owners -- and the commissioner -- have to say about it from their fall meetings. ((tedd florendo)) >>wednesday winds finally coming to an end. but a wan it's all straight ahead on the valley's news leader
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have completed the debate cycle with a third contentious debate... right here on our home turf at unlv. 8 news now is your local election headquarters. we have you covered from all angles. we want to start by bringing in dave courvoisier, he's in the thick of things at the thomas and mack where tonight's debate took place. hi, dave! ((dave courvoisier)) thank you, denise. the city of las vegas and the university have passed this test... doing a spectacular job hosting this debate. election day -- this was the final chance for trump and clinton to steal momentum on the debate stage. as politics now host patrick walker shows us... the stakes were much higher this time around: ((hillary clinton: "well let me translate that if i can chris, because..." donald trump: "you can't!")) ((patrick walker)) for the final time this election cycle... donald trump and hillary clinton took the stage together here in las vegas. ((hillary clinton: "because he'd rather have a puppet as president..." donald trump: "no puppet..." hillary
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donald trump: "you're the puppet.")) ((patrick walker)) the two squared off over vladimir putin and possible russian involvement in hacking clinton campaign emails. ((hillary clinton: "finally, will donald trump admit and condemn that the russians are doing this?")) ((donald trump: "i don't know putin, he said nice things about me, if we got along well, that would be good.")) ((patrick walker)) after a back-and-forth... trump eventually condemned the hacks. unlike in the previous two debates, the two squared off over immigration -- a central topic in tonight's debate and one of the most divisive issues of the campaign. ((donald trump: "hillary clinton wanted the wall, hill the wall in 2006 or there abouts, now she never gets anything done, so naturally the wall wasn't built.")) ((hillary clinton: "when it comes to the wall that donald talks about building, he went to mexico and had a meeting with the mexican president, didn't even raise it, he choked, and then got into a twitter war because the mexican president said 'we're not paying for that wall.'")) ((patrick walker)) trump also said without a strong border, there is no country. clinton said she wants to keep families together -- by not
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country unlawfully but have children who are u-s citizens. and on the topic of allegations of sexual assault, donald trump accused hillary clinton's campaign of making it all up. ((donald trump: "those people, i don't know those people, i have a feeling how they came, i believe it was her campaign that did it.")) ((hillary clinton: "every time donald is pushed on something which is obviously uncomfortable, like what these women are saying, he immediately goes to denying responsibility.")) >> that was patrick walker reporting... and we want to go to patrick right now. he's inside the spin room at the neighboring cox pavilion... with his politics now co-host steve sebelius for their takeaways from this debate. ((patrick walker)) ((steve sebelius)) ((dave courvoisier)) patrick and steve, thank
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campaign manager, kellyanne conway, fielded questions in the spin room and said that trump will do something he would not commit to tonight: (( kellyanne conway / trump campaign manager: "donald trump will accept the results of the election because he's going to win the election. so they'll be easy to accept. he won the debate tonight." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> conway cited the 2000 election when al gore retracted his concession to george w. bush as reasoning why trump would not commit to accepting the trump himself did not enter the spin room... neither did hillary clinton. clinton thanked her supporters at a watch party in north las vegas... before addressing reporters at her plane: (( hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate: "we accept the outcomes of our election. we do our best to have a free and fair elections which we do, and somebody wins and somebody loses. so, what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign and for where he stands in this election." )) ((dave courvoisier))
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his plane departed mccarran a few hours ago./// ((dave courvoisier)) major roads are back open tonight after being shut down for hours to ensure the safety of this event. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin is our traffic guru tonight... have drivers filtered out at this point? traffic has gotten back to u-n-l-v. we saw metro police, n-h-p and state road crews all working together to get the roads back open as quickly as they could. portions of tropicana and maryland were shut down entirely when both hillary clinton and donald trump took off from the thomas and mack center shortly after the debate ended. it caused traffic to back up for a bit---but once road barriers came down---congestion eased up. portions of interstate 15 and the 215 were shut down periodically as each motorcade headed to the airport at separate times causing delays on
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>> as you can imagine---a big part of the road closures were for security reasons...and they appeared to work despite the inconvenience for many drivers. mauricio marin...8 news now./// )) ((dave courvoisier)) thanks, mauricio. ((denise valdez)) we wanted to know if the either candidate... julie writes that her vote is blue, meaning for clinton. pat calls trump a champion of the american people and says he rocked it tonight. deb, on the other hand, says they're both losers who will ruin the country -- and she didn't appreciate the traffic backups they created today. you can join the conversation right now on our facebook page./// ((denise valdez)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com.///
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has made his pitch to his fellow nfl owners -- he wants to move his franchise from oakland to las vegas. our city has long been considered a pariah by the league, with legal sports gambling in las vegas. so can davis win over the owners -- and the commissioner? 8 news now sports director chris maathuis reports from houston. chris maathuis two days of meetings wrapping up in houston with a texas sized opportunity for raiders owner mark davis there was no vote on relocation but in a 5-6 minute presentation the raiders owner formally introduced s roger goodell nfl commissioner 13-17 the raiders presentation was a formal was factual the membership and an opportunity to ask questions chris maathuis some owners heard pitch before. davis already laid out his game plan a few weeks ago in new york but this time it was seen by all the owners mark davis "it was fine the presentation" woody johnson ny jets owner 31-36 any order the next presentation to us as impressed as a general rule they are part of team so we have to listen to it john mars nygiants owner 40-45 i'm not gonna come in on the specifics they made a
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ways from making a determination roger goodell mark has made it clear i feel the same way we would love to have the waiter stay in oakland because that's a positive thing mark davis raiders owner 1:06-1:10 "i'm gonna say this for the last time all right when i met with governor sandoval for the very first time look me in the eye and said are you can use this as leverage to get a better deal i told him i've never done that with any city chris maathuis nfl commissioner roger goodell isn't cozy to the idea of apparently he didn't hear the part where davis said he's punted on oakland already. sot sot chris maathuis the next step in the process will include more market studies and analysis on las vegas to confirm and satisfy the owners that the nfl would thrive in the entertainment capital of the world. ((denise valdez)) >> thank you, chris. a little breezy today -- but the
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of your weather at 11./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( nice and comfortable today with temps near 80 by afternoon and winds back to light and variable for your tuesday. that's expected to change though as another system tracks to the north and brings back breezy winds tomorrow especially for the colorado river valley. some locales could see those winds as early as tonight but expected to be windiest in the colorado river valley where a fire weather watch wig ........................ ........... ............ evening planner shows another mild to cool tnight under mostly clear skies. winds remain light early with breezes kicking up a little later in the evening but the real wind comes tomorrow. not anticipating those winds to be as windy as this past weekend but nonetheless it will become breezy for tomorrow as well as thursday.
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after this.///
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...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up. he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. at eleven." ((denise valdez)) the nexstar broadcasting family is about to start a new chapter - and our parent company's leader has just been honored - for his vision to inform and serve our community - and many others across the country: ((denise valdez)) tonight in washington d.c. - the media institute honored nexstar broadcasting chairman, president and ceo perry sook. the media institute is a non-profit foundation - focused on communications policy and excellence in journalism.
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leadership - promoting the vitality and independence of american media. sook started nexstar broadcasting with one tv station in 1996. twenty years later - there's more than 100 stations nationwide. that number will soon grow to 171 stations... when pending acquisitions are finalized. that means - nexstar broadcasts will reach 39 percent of television households in america (( perry sook / ceo, nexstar broadcasting group: "we think that free press is a fabric of this country, and is what has made t and there are diversities of views. that's why this award is particularly important i think; both honoring and humbling; that is really supporting and rewarding the work that our journalists do in our company everyday." )) ((denise valdez)) >> nexstar broadcasting group is the parent company of klas./// ((tedd florendo))
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today with temps near 80 by afternoon and winds back to light and variable for your tuesday. that's expected to change though as another system tracks to the north and brings back breezy winds tomorrow especially for the colorado river valley. some locales could see those expected to be windiest in the colorado river valley where a fire weather watch will go into effect. ........................ ........... ............ evening planner shows another mild to cool tnight under mostly clear skies. winds remain light early with breezes kicking up a little later in the evening but the real wind comes tomorrow. not anticipating those winds to be as windy as this past weekend but nonetheless it will become
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...................... ............. .................. temperatures this afternoon around the valley in the low 80's and seasonal temps around the region. warmest for the east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation and coolest for the west side where we're higher in elevation, especially up in kyle canyon. ........................ ........... .................... regional temps also remained warm to mild today down the coloard river valley from laughlin with mild temps all up and down the river over to inyo county. mild to cooler temps up in the southern great basin as temperatures stayed seasonal all around the region. ............. ...................... ..................... record heat continues for the the southern plains and over to the east coast where atlanta was actually warmer than las vegas today as we stayed near seasonal as the other half of the country stayed warmer than normal. ................................
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system tracking to the north bringing both clouds and sun in some spots. we haven't seen anything to bring clouds here, but we will begin to see the high come in off the coast and bring not only warmer weather this week, but stronger winds as well tomorrow and thursday. unfortunately we won't see any rain, but we could see more wildfire alerts issued for tomorrow and thursday. ................................ ... ................ tonight expect some neighborhoods to drop down to the high 50's and mostly clear to clear skies with winds slightly breezy late and overnight. anothm tomorrow with mostly sunny skies >> baseball's october classic is shaping up... ron futrell is on the sports desk tonight. .. ((ron futrell)) >> one team is headed to the world series... and in the national league, we officially have a series. the cubbies rally back in l-a... and they're celebrating in
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans.
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chicago cubs bats have been silent--- as in 'shut out silent' tonight---- just in time for cubs fans they got things back in a big way -- game four of the national league championship series from chavez ravine --- cubs and dodgers ---- cubs dig deep --- up 2-0 already addison russel crushes one to center --- a two run shot and by up 4-0 in the 4th inning ---- if you missed the game because of something else on tv tonight --- we'll show you another cubs highlight === anthony rizzo --- solo hr off pedro baez ---- cubs go on to blowout the dodgers 10-2 ---the series is tied at 2 all --- game 5 tomorrow in la --- ((ron futrell)) looks like it's time to break up the city of cleveland sports ---- after more than 50 years of futility --- the cavaliers win the nba title --- the indians are now in the world series ---
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well ---- they're still the browns... indians trying to wrap thin in clevelands mike napoli rbi double off marco estrada ---- that scores francisco lindo final out of the game cody allen on the mound for the tribe ---- this would be a pop up for the final out....3-0 indians win the american league and they are headed to the world series --- they have not --- so its been a little while. ((ron futrell)) i have time here for a few thoughts on the raiders --- first of all ---- some self congradulating here to chris maathuis and 8 news now for being the only tv staton to be in houston for the nfl owners meetings --- we saw his story at the top of this newscast --- reports are today that mark davis has told other nfl owners that he is going to officially
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happening and it is happening quickly. we should have the result of the owners vote early next year ---- if 24 of the 36 nfl owners approve the move --- then it will be a done deal. i believe, the only thing that could stop the raiders move to vegas is if they come up with a new stadium in oakland --- and right now looks about as likely as me becoming president --- so ---short of that --- the raiders will be here in 2020 ---- hard to believe this is happening, but it is. ((denise valdez)) our strange stories for
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((ron futrell)) talk about one colossal crustacean... fishers hauled in a whopping 14 pound lobster off the coast of bermuda. have come closer to shore due to hurricane nicole. they aren't breaking out the butter, however... they released the lobster back into the water after taking some pictures./// ((denise valdez)) ecuador has cut off wikileaks leader julian assange's internet access after the organization leaked private emails related to hillary clinton. assange is holed up in their
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unable to go online, a supporter is now posted outside assange's window... and shouts the news to assange... with a bullhorn./// ((tedd florendo)) it's easy to misspeak on t-v, we all know, and that was really unfortunate for one nbc morning anchor: (( eric philips/nbc 12 richmond anchor: "check your panties about 175,000 rice -- i think that was supposed to be pantries (laughs) )) ((tedd florendo)) >> it was supposed to be pantries. eric philips of richmond, virgia that blooper. in his defense, there was a typo in his script./// ((denise valdez)) that's all for us live
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it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. ...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up.
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>> stephen: third debate tonight. all right, julian, time to leak some wikis. wait till the world sees your amazon prime order history-- 12 6-packs of febreeze plugins? what smells are you covering up? and wiki-wick. what's this? cannot connect to internet. check network... all right. all looks good. that all seems in order. what's up? i'll just re-enter my username: putin-pal-16.


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