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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 20, 2016 3:37am-4:00am PDT

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we are the special forces, he told us, we can do it. but the truth is that mosul offensive has slowed to a crawl in the last 48 hours. these kurdish fighters built new defensive positions 15 miles east of the city. they recaptured this area on monday and now look like they are planning on staying put. in the village of kaballi, you can see one of the reasons it's such slow going. when isis fled the village two days ago, they left many of the houses here rigged with homemade bombs. they have detonated some and dismantled others. but mohammed saeed has come home to find his house still laced with explosives. he fled two years ago, along with all of the other residents. why would isis put explosives in your house? they are our enemies, he told us, and they have no mercy.
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recaptured so far suggests that retaking mosul, a densely packed city with around a million residents, could take months. holly williams, cbs news, northern iraq. u.s. officials are trying to identify the gunman who shot and killed two american advisers in afghanistan. the gunmen attacked a gate of an afghan supply depot outside of kabul. three others were wounded. the dead americans includine the united states says the latest north korean missile test failed. the missile was believed to be intermediate range and it failed almost immediately after lifting off thursday. the norm attempted, but was unable to successfully launch similar missiles saturday, just hours before the u.s. and south
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korea's nuclear and missile threats. the state of california launched a criminal investigation into wells fargo bank related to a massive sales practices scandal. wells fargo says it's cooperating. agents are seeking evidence that bank employees allegedly stole customer identities to create up to 2 million accounts without customers' approval. the bank fired more than 5,000 employees who engaged in fraudulent behavior. eight people hurt by a powerful gas explosion in portland, oregon. city officials say it could have been worse if not for the quick action of firefighters and a construction crew apparently hit a gas line. police and fire responded within two minutes. no one was seriously injured. coming up on the morning news, a deadly police shooting. officers in new york are under investigation for killing a mentally ill woman. and cleveland rocks! the indians punch their ticket to the world series.
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in the air, foul territory. the cleveland indians are going to the world series! >> it's been 68 years since the indians brought the world series championship to cleveland. they will get a chance to do it again after beating the blue jays last night in toronto 3-0. coco crisp and carlos santana homered to give the indians their first american league pennant since 1997. the cubs and the dodgers are cleveland on tuesday night for the series opener. chicago tied the national league pennant series with a 10-2 win last night in los angeles. the cubs ended a 21-inning scoreless slump in a big way. game five is tonight in l.a. well, a deadly police shooting of a mentally ill woman in new york city is under investigation and a court victory for an nba star. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand.
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reports that nba star derrick rose and two friends have been cleared of sexual assault allegations. the jury in the civil trial ruled unanimously yesterday that his accuser was not credible. the woman had sued for $21.5 million. "the new york times" says the city's mayor condemned the killing of a mentally ill woman by police. the 66-year-old woman was shot twice tuesday when she allegedly swung a baseball bat at an officer in her apartment. bill de blasio and the police commissioner say the mishandled the situation. the morning call of allentown says talks with pennsylvania's striking college teachers are stalled. faculty he is state's 14 universities walked out yet. the dispute has halted classes for more than 100,000 students. "time" magazine forecasts that 1 million more people will sign up for obamacare next year. that is despite rising premiums. more than 20 million americans
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health care act. open enrollment starts november 1st. a boy stopped breathing last week at a restaurant outside of ft. worth. the officer responded quickly to the call and performed cpr in the parking lot to revive him. still to come, smartphone settlement. t-mobile is fined millions over disclosures about slowing data for unlimited plans. for plans. ? tomorrow's the day
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. get your highlighter out. neiman marcus catalog of extravagant christmas gifts is available and, as always, if you have to ask for the cost, you probably cannot afford it. there are matching vacation ca at $65,000 each. if you don't want to drive, how about a gold private plane for $1.5 million. or a slumber party for a dozen people at the luxury chain dallas store. only about 120 grand for that. on the cbs "moneywatch," t-mobile is fined for a data slowdown. and the high cost of halloween candy. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. stocks on wall street rose led
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the price of u.s. crude oil hit its highest level in 14 months on word that inventories fell in the u.s.ship the dow gained 40 points and s&p rose 4 and nasdaq added two points. investors brushed off disappointing news on housing starts. for the second straight month, home builders pulled back on construction which fell about 9%. it was the slowest pace in a year and a half. gains in the construction of single family homes were offset by fewer apartments. the nation's third largest wireless carrier t-mobile agreed with a 47 million dollar settlement with the government over so-called unlimited data plans. the fcc say t-mobile slowed down the speeds of the customers who were the heaviest users. the government said t-mobile didn't let customers know what the data use threshold was for triggering slower speed. tesla motors will have the technology needed to be completely self-driving. tesla says its cars will have
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sensors will have twice the range of current models. the technology for a fully uted autonomous car will raise the price about $88 thousand. unclear when federal and state regulators will okay driverless cars on public roads. this year, how much you spend on halloween candy might even scare you more than the costumes. the price of candy has been going up since 1998. especially for chocolate, because climate change is hurting cocoa production. that is some "bitter" news at this hour. >> yeah, right. that is why i'm giving out pencils and erasers! very practical treats. >> that's why you're going to be the least favorite mom on the block. >> yeah, exactly! jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. just joking! i bought bags of laffy taffy if anybody needs to know. still ahead, a hacker
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. at least five people are dead after a super typhoon pounded the northern philippines. nearly 100,000 people fled their homes when the rain and fierce wind started overnight. the strongest storm to hit the island in three years. a czech republic court must decide whether to extradite a russian hacking suspect to the u.s. the professional networking
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its site four years ago. fbi would not confirm that. federal health officials say pregnant women should be tested for zika if they have been to miami-dade county since august 1st. the florida county is the only area in the continental u.s. where mosquitoes have spread the virus. the advisory also urges tests for women who have had unprotected sex with anyone who has been to that area. the virus is linked to severe birth defects. the government is easing vaccinations that protect teens agt cancer. doctors now say children who start getting hpv vaccinations before age 15 need only two shots, not three. tests show the effectiveness is the same. officials hope the change will raise vaccination rates. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," analysis of last night's presidential debate. i'm anne-marie green.
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here is another look at this morning's top stories. donald trump refuses to say if he'll accept the results of the general election. trump and hillary clinton debated for the third and final time last night in las vegas. clinton called trump's comments horrifying. the republican national committee says it will accept p doesn't. joined the battle to recapture mosul from isis. heavy fire is reported as the u.s. back troops approach iraq's second largest city. the u.s. is supplying air and artillery cover. this is the fourth day of the offensive which could take months. sight-seers are flocking for a brand-new attraction in china and as adriana diaz reports, it's not for the faint of heart.
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if you can't put matter over mind, you're better off keeping your feet on the ground. china's grand canyon glass bridge is the world's highest and longest at 1,400 feet wide. it's also the world's longest fashion runway, but the only people on this catwalk have to wear glass safe booties. no heels allowed. only two inches of glass separate us from a thousand-foot drop. it feels unnatural but that is what is drawing 8,000 people here a day. >> very nice. >> i feel a little scared but, you know, i'm strong enough. >> reporter: the bridge first opened in august, but had to close for a month for safety upgrades after too many people showed up. >> once you get used to it, it's not that scary. >> reporter: vice general manager joe chen. >> there are three layers of the glass panels and each layers can
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>> reporter: to prove it, this summer, officials had visitors try to smash the glass with a sledge hammer and ride a car over it just to drive home the point, but chen says this is more than just a tourist attraction. >> this bridge will present to create activities and invent power of new china. >> reporter: a new china reaching record heights. adriana diaz, cbs news, in ch >> i think i'd give it a couple of months to make sure it's okay. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," analysis, of course of last night's presidential debate. we will hear from cbs news political director john dickerson. plus, we will tell you about an irs impersonation scam that targets college students and their parents. and charlie talks with golf great tiger woods. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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the presidential ((brian loftus)) the presidential debate season is officially over. thanks for joining us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. donald trump and hillary clinton time, hoping to sway undecided voters and rally their bases. the two candidates started by focusing on the questions -- however the conversation two turned to more-personal attacks. cnn's dianne gallagher is live at the thomas and mack center with the latests. ((diane gallagher)) >> the third and final presidential debate of election 2016 is now in the history books. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton faced off


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