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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  CBS  October 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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choice for presdient. at 100 years young, gertrude gottschalk has cast her vote early. she filled out her ballot in carson city yesterday - which was the first day for early voting in our state. gottschalk, who was born before the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920, said she voted for hillary clinton and has been an
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gottschalk/voter) "i've always voted. my folks made it very important, we always do that and so i always have. it felt wonderful, as i just said it's the first time we've had a woman president and i think it's a good idea." )) ((sharie johnson)) as of this evening projections show nearly 40 thousand people have voted in our state since every voting kicked off yesterday. the deadline for early voting is november 4th. dont forget we will have nt obamas speech at cheyenne high school both on politics now at 5-30 and our later newscasts./// //// ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us. stick around for politics now
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upper third of american society, and lower third, what we used to call the working class, those are people with high school degree but didn't get past high school. that gap is really wide. the challenges facing these poor kids, the lower third of american society are much greater than the challenges that faced kids like that a
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you had hoped that the conversation in the election cycle would be focused on the kids and we're looking at the disaffected white working class, off man who is the trump voter. does that focus actually trickle down to the kids who are lacking opportunity, or that a different conversation all together? prof. putnam: i'm not trying to be sympathetic to trump himself, actually i don't have positive feeling about him. are expressing real frustrations that are legitimate in their lives. they are looking for scapegoats. it's clear that something bad has happened and they know they are left behind. soledad: regardless of who is elected, it seems to me, you ignore this population, the disaffected white working class at your own peril as a
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>>we have been aware as a country over the last 20, 30 years of the problems of poverty in the black community, we have been less aware that there has also been growing poverty in the white working class. i want to careful that we don't do a comparative of who is worse off the poor white or poor blacks if that's the direct comparison, the poor blacks are worse off. but compared to the country as a whole, both of them are worse off, and that's what we have to avoid, having this become divided racially. i'm not pessimistic about this problem as a matter of policy, i know there are policies we could follow, early childhood education, community colleges and a lot of things we could do to begin to narrow this gap. the real issue is do we want to fix it? soledad: robert putnam is professor at harvard and his book is called "our kids, the american dream in crisis." dr putnam thank you for your time, appreciate it. prof. putnam: thanks very much, soledad. >> coming up, clinton gaining
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a.b.: do they like hillary enough or are they just going to stay home? >> what's your best guess? and, hundreds of tribes protesting a pipeline. >> they're just hurting the guy trying to make a living. what you need to know about a protest spanning a thousand
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>> he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet, no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. soledad: the third and final presidential debate is in the rear view mirror. and with a little over two weeks remaining before election day, hillary clinton holds a growing lead over donald trump in national polls. but if you drill down state by state, what's really interesting is states that were once strong holds are now in play. a.b. stoddard is a columnist for the polling site real clear politics. nice to see you. what is the strategy for the next two plus weeks that we have left? a.b.: the strategy for clinton
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are no more damaging emails are revealed by the state department releases to come and no more wikileaks dumps to come. for donald trump, if he wanted to grow his vote, i don't think he is behaving like he wants to grow his vote. it would be back on the teleprompter, back on issues, focusing on reaching out to voters that he hasn't already won over. soledad: let's run through some states that i have found so interesting. let's start with ohio, which is we are looking at ohio all of the time, what is the focus there you think? what's happening? donald trump. it's the only battleground that is looking really kind of made for him. it's interesting that the governor john kasich, is not a trump fan, not a supporter. portman the senator is doing well in his re-election. he is republican that said he will endorse trump but he is not really. if you look at the republican machine in the state is not trump friendly, but he is
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and that's because you have a large population non-college white voters, not a lot of latinos there. it's a good state for donald trump. soledad: a state with a growing number of latino voters is north carolina, i think the available latinos to vote, who know if they will, but available to vote is up 40% from the last election, the last presidential election. what is happening in north carolina? a.b.: north carolina is another more higher educated group of transition. people are moving there from other places, as you point out, a growing nonwhite population are registering to vote and that is a reel boost for hillary clinton's chances there. soledad: that's changing fast. let's talk about florida, weirdly it looks like rubio could be helping trump in florida. and weirdly because during the primaries we watched the clashing between the two of
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in the final primary florida vote and sent rubio packing. he is doing well in the senate race, he is doing well with latinos. trump not doing well with the latino vote in florida, doing worse than romney who won 39% of latinos in the state and still lost the state. it's going to be interesting question of turnout. who turns out? are they loyal republicans who say i'm not a support for trump, but i'm going to go to polls to vote for rubio any way. they leave it blank? do they vote for hillary and not tell their friends? it's going to come down to people supporting rubio do they vote trump, do they not vote trump, do they vote hillary? what happens to the people that are helping him hold a lead there? soledad: across the board, millennials do they say meh or do they turn out? i'm interested to see if latinos can make a big difference in this election but i've been saying that for year after year after year and they
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women voters, male voters, male no college talk to me about turnout. a.b.: turnout is going to make all the difference. i feel that all the polls could be wrong if turnout turns out a certain way for donald trump. for instance, non college white voters that's his base, are they all registered? for the ones who are registered, are they going to show up? do they know where their precinct is? do they just like to go to rallies or are they going to vote? millennials that voted for sanders they really do not like clinton. they are coming around but are they going to stick with her? if there is a bad email reveal in the weeks to come and they disgusted are they going to vote for gary johnson? soledad: much more likely to be following what is happening in wikileaks anyway. a.b.: right. it's a threat to her in a race that can be won or lost on the margins to just three or four or five states to have people have drop off the obama coalition. she really needs to keep them energized african americans. women who don't like trump do they like hillary enough to come out for her or are they just going to stay home? that will really be the key question. soledad: you will just be sprinting through the next two weeks.
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here. >> coming up, fighting for control of the senate. >> i have been very upfront when i disagree with a candidate. >> rubio, for me it's not an issue of politics its something i feel deeply about. >> you might be surprised by the states in play. and we know you've got some really big decisions to make. why this song is being sung for
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a. for trump. his numbers with republicans. soledad: republican stronghold states? a.b.: yea, very bad republican numbers for him in texas and so, maybe with a little push i think it is a state that will be a battleground soon in future cycles, i didn't expect it this year, but maybe with a little push and some depressed turnout for him. soledad: welcome back to "matter of fact." that was a.b. stoddard talking about texas, where hillary
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could turn blue in the future. several senate races are tightening. we take a look at how the downballot is being effected by the top of the ticket. post-debate centers by and large said the third and final presidential debate probably wouldn't change any minds, still, hillary clinton holds a slightly more decisive lead in the race for the white house fueling democratic dreams of winning back the senate. with just three weeks until election day, real clear politics data sees seven senate races too close to call. in play are indiana, pennsylvania, nevada, north carolina, new hampshire, missouri, and florida. and a closely divided senate is especially pesky when it comes to supreme court normal nations. >> this is for the presidency, this is for the supreme court, i will only vote to confirm judges people that have the kind of fidelity to the law
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soledad: that's wisconsin's incumbent republican senator ron johnson in his debate against former democratic senator, russ feingold. the state is tilting toward clinton and feingold. but johnson can't be ruled out though crippled by his continued, though conditional, support for donald trump. >> i've been very upfront when i disagree with the candidate. soledad: compare that to what's happening in nevada, where clinton is running ahead of trump by just under three percentage points. but g.o.p. senate candidate joe heck is neck and neck with democrat catherine cortez democratic senate leader, harry reid. nevada democrats were giddy when the decade old tape of trump talking about groping women surfaced. but republican heck immediately denounced trump. and that move, along with a moderate stance on immigration, seems to be keeping heck in the race. >> let's develop a robust guest worker program that meets the unmet demands here in the united states, while not
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the issue that takes democrat deborah ross to victory in the north carolina senate race against incumbent republican richard burr. >> there is no pathway that i can support that provides amnesty to anybody who came here illegally. >> our immigration system is broken. soledad: ross, a former state legislator and aclu lawyer, is counting on support from a growing hispanic constituency in the state, where the number of registered latino voters has gone up 35% in the her victory could seal the deal for the democrats and could be the tipping point to take control of the senator. >> coming up next, pipeline protesters refuse to give up. but are they vandals? a "matter of fact" update on a controversial project on the
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access pipeline in an area south of bismarck, north dakota. hundreds of native american tribes are protesting the construction of an 1,100-mile-long pipeline. once completed, the project would run through four states, from north dakota to illinois. but a portion of the project is earmarked for construction under the missouri river, a primary source of water for the standing rock sioux tribe. now, fires along the construction route have burned millions of dollars of equipment. fire officials investigating the vandalism near reasnor, iowa, were quick to point the finger at protesters. >> they're not getting back at the pipeline. they're just hurting the guy trying to make a living putting it in. soledad: community activists point out that others also oppose the pipeline and say, protesters should not be the sole focus of blame. >> that definitely is frustrating when one event like this paints the larger pipeline resistance movement as being violent. soledad: the protesters
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send us your thoughts. tweet us at @matteroffacttv. check in on facebook. and connect with our video site, to view and share videos from all our programs. when we return, the hitchhikers guide -- to the election? >> hang on, we're hitching a ride. >> don't panic. a pep talk, from our neighbors in the north.
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soledad: anxiety over the election is real. the american psychological association reports that over half the country is stressed about the election. but as americans weigh their options this november, our friendly neighbors to the north say, hey, america, you're already great. >> hey, guys. we're just up here in canada talking about how great you guys are down there. we thought we'd just send you a little bit of love note. we're fans. we like you guys. we know you've got some really big decisions to make, but as
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know that you guys are great. you really are great. you invented the internet. you guys are going to get humanity to mars. your natural park system protects some of the most beautiful places on earth. all your diversity, and all your openness. the fact that you're just a giving nation. over $250 billion is donated to charities. you're so wonderful and warm and accommodating. when things are tough, you fight to make them better. the disability rights movement in america is amazing. entertaining. your gift to the world of jazz music. bluegrass music, r & b. political and social activism. you dream big. your quest to be the best creates the best. a land of opportunity where anyone can be anything they want to be. vibrancy, and diversity, and the idea that we can all live together.
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always been great. thanks, america. i think you're great. stay great america. stay great america. soledad: stay great, america. for "matter of fact," i'm soledad o'brien. have a great week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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s . the job i currently have, you've got a guy who proves himself unfit for this office every single day. >> president barack obama campaigns in north las vegas for hillary clinton and katherine cortez. we're live at theal >> that's because he'd rather have puppet as president. >> no u puppet. you're the puppet. >> the third and final presidential debate held at unlv is in the book. we'll break it down and find out what a panel of undecided voters had to say about it. >> that's something quite different. that's using the question about the legitimacy as an organizing


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