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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  October 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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welcoming some how long will it continue to feel like fall? i'll have more in your first weather forecast coming up. ((sharie johnson)) thousands showed up to see president obama during ae a brief campaign stop in the valley earlier today. why one 15-year-old said she wanted to take advantage of this moment. and... with just 16 days left before the general elections--- candidates are pulling out all stops. the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) it's been weeks of dry weather here in the valley--- but today many neighborhoods got some moderate showers. meteorologist katie boer is here with more on the welcomed wet weather./// ((katie boer))
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this evening. he stumped on stage for hillary clinton and u-s senate candidate catherine cortez masto. politics now anchor patrick walker is here with a recap of what the president had to say tonight. ((patrick walker)) >> if there was still any doubt about how important nevada is in this year's election especially to democrats it's pretty clear after today. hillary cl vegas the president of the united states. ((patrick walker)) for the first time in over a year president barack obama making a stop in las vegas. this time it was to campaign for hillary clinton. ((president obama: "for all the progress that we've made, if we don't work as hard as we can in the next 16 days, all that progress could be out the window.")) ((patrick walker)) the president did not hold back when talking about clinton's opponent donald trump. ((president obama: "competing for the job that i currently hold, you've got a guy who proves himself unfit for
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obama also campaigned for democratic senate candidate catherine cortez masto. harry reid's seat is a key one for democrats who want to keep the seat blue and regain control of the senate. ((president obama: "the way you boost catherine's odds of winning the election, the way you make sure that jacky and ruben are in congress, is to go vote!")) ((patrick walker)) cortez masto also took the stage using what's become a familiar refrain s trump. ((catherine cortez maston/(d) senate candidate: "for the last 8 months, congressman heck was donald trump's biggest supporter right here in nevada." (boos))) ((patrick walker)) cortez masto holds about a 2.5 percent lead in the real clear politics average of polls over the past two weeks... which is within the margin of error. and hillary clinton is also polling ahead of donald trump in nevada -- about 5 points ahead in a head-to-head matchup over the past several weeks.
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vegas as the president. he's been here twice in the past year and a half -- both were policy trips. most recently... as the headliner for the lake tahoe summit... and before that... at a clean energy conference here in las vegas last summer./// ((patrick walker)) >> for the masses who came out to today's rally... it was also potentially the last time to see the president. brittany edney is live in the newsroom with more. brittany? ((brittany edney)) >> patrick, imagine waiting hours in line with a ticket in hand, only to not even make it well, that was reality for thousands today after a massive crowd showed up for the event. ((malaysia harris, attendee "i came to record obama and try to understand more about the future and try to get in where i fit in.")) ((brittany edney)) 15-year-old malaysia harris was among the thousands who wanted to take advantage of sunday's chance to see president barack obama in person. but for harris, the experience was more sentimental after
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((malaysia harris, attendee "it means a lot to me from the heart because it makes me want to achieve better, go stronger, go harder.")) ((brittany edney)) with thousands showing up to the rally--- many ticket holders were left outside. hillary clinton's camp says around 3 thousand people got in... and about 21-hundred were overflow. ((paula deen, attendee "every obstacle is an opportunity. the fact that we are here, the fact that we are in, period, to be part of something great-- it doesn't matter if you are right on the stage or your're right on the grass. you're still going to get the same message and it's going to be awesome.")) ((brittany edney)) ended up on a field where a screen was set up to show the speech. while some where disappointed about the packed house-- many said they're still excited about being part of the experience. ((yolanda jackson, attendee "that's all that matters and i wanted to support the cause and that we're supporting all the voting rights and everything. you know, we have to make sure we're here. don't talk about it if you're not going to be about it." )) ((brittany edney)) >> we reached out to the clinton campaign to see what happened with the ticket
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the tickets, it does say that admission is not guaranteed... also adding that they did their best today to accommodate the overflow. we'll send it back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) now for the red team--- trump started a blitz campaign in florida where he spoke to a crowd in naples touting poll numbers leading hillary clinton. (((donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) investors business daily, the most accurate poll from the last election, and the two elections before that, just announced we are leading nationally by two points. // numbers are phenomenal in florida, don't believe the media, but even the media is giving pretty good numbers they can't help it.)) ((sharie johnson)) >> h stating the election is rigged. a cbs poll shows 72 percent of florida republicans believe trump would win if not for voter fraud. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton leading trump in florida by 3 points.///
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clinton with a 12 point advantage over the donald. it also shows clinton has also reached the 50-percent watermark nationally, among likely voters. the poll was taken after the third and final presidential debate between clinton and trump and was based on nearly 900 likely voters. the plus-or-minus is three-and-a-half percentage points./// ((sharie johnson)) speaking of the polls... at last check more than 30 thousand people showed up for the second day of early voting. numbers. if you remember last night early voters helped clark county shatter a record with more than 39 thousand casting their ballot for the future. if you'd like to take part in early voting you have until november 4th./// ((sharie johnson)) and we're your local election headquarters keeping you updated on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) n-h-p is on the hunt for the person who crashed into a
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we're told the person was driving a white van and caused the camry to hit the concrete median. nhp says the driver of the camry was not wearing a seatbelt and was pronounced dead at the scene. they add a male passenger was taken to the hospital but his condition remains unknown./// ((sharie johnson)) the national transportation safety board is sending a team to california to investigate a fatal crash that happened earlier today. a semi-truck and a tour bus along interstate 10 in desert hot springs killing 13 people and injuring 31. images of the wreck show the front of the passenger bus pushed into the back of the big rig. emergency units were forced to lift the trailer off the bus to dislodge the two vehicles. ((chief jim abele/california highway patrol) in 35 years i have never been to crash where there has been 13 confirmed fatalities. so it is tough.)) ((sharie johnson)) >> police say the 1996 bus
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no mechanical deficiencies were noted. records also show the company had a satisfactory rating. the n-t-s-b says they plan to have more information tomorrow./// ((sharie johnson)) the popular military saying "all gave some, some gave all" is taking a new meaning. why some in the national guard are being asked to return their sign-on bonuses./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. ...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? donald trump and joe heck.
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forces are on the city's door--step. residents of mosul and the surrounding areas are expected to flee the fighting -- and unicef has anticipated the need for a camp for those who will be displaced. workers are equipping the camp with water and sanitation this video./// ((sharie johnson)) back here in the states... some retired military members in california are being asked to return their sign on bonuses. this comes on the heels of a federal investigation finding thousands of bonuses and student loan payments were given to soldiers who didn't qualify. california national guard offered thousands of soldiers bonuses up to 15-thousand dollars to go to war nearly a
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iraq. but those bonuses were only for soldiers in high demand assignments. with the government asking for the money back--- nearly 10-thousand guard soldiers will have to pay up./// ((sharie johnson)) the much needed rain has been quite the talker today... but it's been mixed with some gusty conditions also. meteorologist katie boer explains more in your weather now forecast./// weather open ((katie boer))
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special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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impact the region tonight through monday. this has brought increased cloudiness as well as
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expect more tranquil weather during the middle of next week before another series of storms takes aim at the region late in the week through next weekend. ...................... as for our winds.... it does look breezy to locally windy this afternoon and monday in parts lincoln counties but not widespread enough for headlines. ...................... i've been watching the moisture being tapped into our far more bark than bite in regards to rainfall. lots of mid/high level moisture
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little in the way of dynamics or instability to help generate any more than virga or probably just a light rain shower at the higher elevations. ...................... i'm still watching a fire weather warning across nye county for breezy to locally gusty winds with low relative humidities through 6pm today. ..................... looking at our temperature through tuesday. up to 83 to 84 mid week wednesday through thursday. before dropping back to the low 80s friday through next weekend. ((sharie johnson)) one former rebel had a
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((jon tritsch)) >> not all was lost for unlv the greatest player in program for the fans..we'll hear from randall cunningham plus a trail of triumphs and history changed the valley sports scene again.. we have the countdown of the best from the week that ((jon tritsch))
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state.
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to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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number one is still alabama..follow ed by michigan..clemso n..washington and louisville..those schools have the spotlight now..but none of them had randall cunningham
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saturday's game with his college football hall of fame hardware..the former rebel and 16 year nfl veteran was joined by his wife and four children on the field this year #12 became the first player in the school's history to be enshrined in the hall of fame..cunningham says no amount of money or mvp trophies can quantify this feeling (randall cunningham/hall of famer: "retired and i'm like ok what do i do, 'do i go golfing everyday?' that got boring. god called me into ministry, now i'm a pastor i'm studying all the time. next thing you know, i get the call saying 'you're in the college football hall of fame.' i'm like, 'you're kidding me.' gosh, i never thought about to me, it's a blessing and i give god the glory.") they played the randall cunningham bowl today.. eagles and vikings.. he won an mvp with both.. but it's philadelphia rookie carson wentz who continues to steal the show ..touchdown pass to dorian green beckham and philly uncrown's the the last remaining undefeated team.. 21-10
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race tightens around the state.. it is the fan's choice so you decide on our 8newsnow facebook page it's a high scoring trio chapparal at cheyenne.. liberty at basic.. and pahrump valley at moapa valley.. all games this week are on thursday 5 years ago epic arguments would have broken out at family gatherings about which was less likely.. vegas getting an nfl team..or the cubs making it to the world series..yet here we's time for the vegas five wait for it the 59th rendition of the bone high school once again.. junior quarterback zack matlock threw for a touchdown and ran through 11 rancho rams enroute to 3 rushing touchdowns..las vegas keeps the bone for the 21st straight year demarco murray continues to be a 100 yard man for tennessee.. the bishop gorman grad scored his 6th touchdown of the season and notched his 3rd 100 yard effort
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bright..freshman mekhi stevenson hauled in the highlight of the game against colorado state.. a 51 yard touchdown catch from dalton sneed..just the beginning of big things with a world series berth on the line..kris bryant delivered again..the bonanza grad drove in the first run of the cubs win last broke the dodgers spirit and the anxiety level of the cursed fan base (kris bryant/cubs: "i wasn't nervous. this is the best feeling in the world. this is what you play for. this is what you wait your whole life for. i'm living a dream." world was signed monday morning by governor brian sandoval on the campus of unlv.. raiders owner mark davis overlooked the signing..and casino moguls and city officials embraced over the historic moment ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... we're back after this./// "now, live...this is 8
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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streaming into the mojave desert/southern great basin but little in the way of dynamics or instability to help generate any more than virga or probably just a light rain shower at the higher elevations. ...................... i'm still watching a fire aewarning across nye county for breezy to locallysty ..................... oking at our temperatureend.... rough tuesday.up to 83 to 84 mi wednesy through thursday. fordpping back to the low
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previously on elementary... joan watson, meet gareth lestrade. my relationship with lestrade started as a marriage of convenience. because i prefer to work in anonymity, the glory of my casework was accrued to him. over the years, he became accustomed to the spotlight. he began to crave it. you might say, i turned him into an addict. i'll thank you not to take credit for any of my insights into the case. lestrade: i always knew that lawrence pendry was, in fact, guilty and had actually murdered his wife. he called your bluff. (indistinct conversation, piano playing mellow jazz) (phone buzzing) (indistinct conversation continues) (people laughing) man: sorry. i think i have a call. oh, wait. it's not me. is it you? hey, i'm back. (rooster crows)


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