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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) >> first on the ballot is question one... the universal background check bill. it's also the one ballot measure getting the most attention. 8 news now reporter karen castro takes a closer look at the arguments for and against it: (( )) ((karen castro)) proponents of question one are airing television ads, like this one, advocating for expanded background checks, saying it will save lives. ((lt. ray steiber - metro pd homicide, retired: right now it's far too easy f that don't require background checks.)) ((karen castro)) retired homicide lieutenant, ray steiber, is featured in one of the many t-v ads. according to the 'yes on one campaign', similar laws in other states have proven effective in reducing crime. ((rick m - executive dir., nevada association of public safety officers: studies have shown that states with more expansive background check requirements have less gun trafficking, less domestic violence against women.)) (( )) ((karen castro)) opponents are also airing their
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discredit the claim that question one will make communities safer. ((ryan hamilton - deputy dir., nra-nevadans for freedom: so we see no good evidence that this law is going to stop criminals from getting any weapons, any more than the laws we already have in place.)) ((karen castro)) in fact, ryan hamilton with the nra-nevadans for freedom claims upwards of 80-percent of guns used in crimes come from sources outside of the legal market. question one would also require background checks for online sales and gun shows, which according to hamilton, is not a major source of crime. ((ryan h deputy dir., nra-nevadans for freedom: so we know because the department of justice studied this that fewer than one percent of all guns that are recovered after they've been used in a crime, come from this so called 'gun show loophole or online sources.' lt. ray steiber - metro pd homicide, retire: one-percent of how many? and a percent of somebody getting a gun in their hand and doing the wrong thing and taking an innocent life isn't that one too many? )) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> it is an expensive battle being waged over gun background checks. pro question one groups have raised more than 13 million in
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almost all of it is from new york mayor michael bloomberg and his group everytown. on the side trying to defeat it... the nevada affiliate of the n-r-a has raised 4 and half million to fight it in the same amount of time./// ((dave courvoisier)) polling here in nevada shows support for question. an 8 news now poll released 2 weeks ago showed 51% support for question one... and 38% opposed to it. 11 percent had not yet decided. the poll was done by jmc analytics and polling./// ((dave courvoisier)) election headquarters throughout the campaign season. you can stay up to date right here on air.. and on line at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) after a couple days of rain... we are now in the process of drying out. ((dave courvoisier)) here is what some of you were saying about our wet weather on our 8 newsnow face book page... most of you thought it wasn't enough. thomas said: we need more rain! and louise said: my trees, plants and flowers are so so happy and so am i. how refreshing. yippee! lily said: we need more rain, but not thunderstorms, it was
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center to tell us if they will be getting their wish.. tedd... ((tedd florendo)) ((( rain has moved on and we started off with fog and clouds this morning. it has all now thinned out as clearing took place all day and rain has moved east. temps also stayed cool this morning after good rainfall yesterday cooled things off around the region. temps close to the 70's today with no 80's in the forecast today .. ... .............. hour by hour tonight some clearing with clouds around and cool evening temps in the 70's to 60's later. tomorrow more sunshine back to the 80's by afternoon. but how warm will we get this week? and there's another chance of showers in the 7-day. that's all straight ahead in the extended forecast coming up
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thank generousity final hour phone number is 650-110 ross martin with check city reaction? raising money all t
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shows the cost of health insurance under the affordable care act is expected to go up by 22 percent nationally in 2017.. so what does that mean for us here in nevada? anchor christianne klein has been looking at the numbers and joins us now with an update... ((christianne klein)) >> according to officials with nevada health link the average premium increase on the exchange is about 12 percent.. lower than the national average... but still quite a hike... officials say it's important to note that those who receive
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while many states will see the number of plans offered diminish... here in nevada there are 42 different qualified health plans available. the same three carriers are on the exchange next year- prominence, anthem, and health plan of nevada.. according to the department of health and human services.. 76 percent of nevada marketplace consumers will be able to find a plan with a premium of less than a hundred dollars per month.. and 87 percent of current nevada marketplace consumers are eligible for tax credits that coverage. the d-h-h-s used this example- a 27-year-old in las vegas making 25 thousand dollars a year paid 143 per month to purchase the second-lowest cost silver plan in 2016. in 2017- that same person would pay 142 dollars per month because while premiums have increased, tax credits will increase as well. about 12 percent of nevada residents still don't have health insurance.. that's down 46 percent since
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first.. but you can go online at healthcare dot gov now to check out your options for 2017. ((dave courvoisier)) >> police are looking for a suspect in a violent robbery that happened sunday night. this is surveillance video from inside business on west tropical parkway near centennial center just before 9 o'clock at night. the robber was armed with a large stick . he demanded money are repeatedly struck one of the employees inside the store. he is described as being in his 20's and about 5 foot 8 inches tall. you are asked to call crimestoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) a meeting of like minds. we were there as the liberace fan club got their first look at his refurbished mansion.. next on the valley's news leader... news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." but congressman crescent hardy said he'd support donald trump 100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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this is 8 news now at six." ((dave courvoisier)) four philadelphia teenagers are under arrest after a series of random mob and melee style attacks near temple university. police say the group of teens went from street to street - randomly targeting temple students - beating them up and robbing them. two police officers were assaulted and a police horse punched in the face. it started with a call to meet- up on social media. the four boys that were arrested
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those attacks were reminiscient of the notorious "swarm beatings" in las vegas in 2006 that sparked nationwide attention. it happened over easter weekend that year. first... a worker outside m-g-m was randomly beaten. then the attacks continued the next day... with a series of robberies at a park and a convenience store. multiple teens were arrested and convicted in those beatings./// ((denise valdez)) members of the liberace fan club got their first chance to tour the newly renovated liberace mansion today. fans ot were wide-eyed upon entering the 15-thousand square foot residence where liberace lived until his death in 1987. after falling into disrepair, the home was purchased and renovated by a british entrepeneur who's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making it look the way it did in librace's hey-day. the new owner says sometimes he can actually feel liberace's presence. (( 10:58:08 martyn ravenhill/liberace mansion owner: "and then sometimes in the night i'll hear the tinkling of something, it's just my imagination and then the dogs
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there." )) ((denise valdez)) liberace fans like 32-year-old david freccero came away impressed. david, who suffers from an intellectual disability, flew in from boston to see the mansion. the liberace mansion is now on clark county's register of historic places. the owner plans to use it for private events./// ((weather toss)) (( )) tedd florendo ((weather adlibs)) ((weather toss))
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so we've teamed up with check city to raise money for local nonprofit... the shade tree. our pledge drive has been underway for a few hours now... denise is standing by with how you can help... denise. ((denise valdez)) generosity thank donors dollar for dollar by check city marlene richter only 24-7 emergency shelter
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looking at name tags as they prepare for the upcoming season. there are so many new faces on the team... who's who. ((chris maathuis)) >> that's the big challenge facing coach marvin menzies trying to figure out who can do what on the court... a lot of those things still fluid as unlv prepares for its season opener plus... the pac man is back on u.s. soil getting ready to face las vegan jessie vargas. more coming up here on channel 8.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from y tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. we've learned a lot about how joe heck works. follow the money. he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip" and took almost $700,000 from wall street,
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he's taken from payday lenders who charge 521% interest. heck co-sponsored legislation protecting their predatory practices. add it all up, and joe heck is working for corporate special interests. and that doesn't work for nevada. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember.
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of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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next tuesday already. it'll be your first chance to check out the team. you'll need a roster, guide and maybe name tags on the front and back. this is a roster full of new faces... new guys excited to be in vegas and playing for the rebels. but with the roster full of new guys... comes challenges. (( )) jovan moorning/unlv guard; "early on it was rough, sloopy but each practice we compete a lot more." kris clkyburn/guard; "tha'ts one of our main problems getting to know each other and how to play with each other." troy baxter jr./freshman; "as for me, the seniors took me under their wing and she marvin menzie/coach; "i think that should be inviting to the fans, what to we got.. it's a surprise in a cracker jacks box, it's going to be good, going to be good, just don't knw what it's going to be yet." you can meet all the rebels tomorrow over on the campus next to the union building. the mens and women's teams are holding a rebel rally... there will be music, dancing,
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((chris maathuis)) the buzz is starting to build for next week's title fight here in las vegas. manny pacquiao will fight las vegan jessie vargas. vargas has been busy training for the showdown here in las vegas... pacquiao arrived from the phillippines and he's going to be working out in hollywood for a week before arriving in las vegas. the former pound for pound king will be the first senator to fight for a title. he'll be swinging for jessie's wbo welterweight crown. (( )) manny pacquaio/former champ:"he's a champion and that's why we need to make sure im 100 percent... it'sou first fight since i became a senator." the rebel football team will be looking for it's second road win in a season for the first time in three years when they travel to san jose this saturday. the rebels got beat here in vegas last year in overtime. this was a game where kurt palandech made his first career start. a lot has changed... and tony sanchez says it's time
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(( )) tony sanchez/coach'; "it was so disappointing to see the way be played in the first half... the guys responded, but what happened you get down thre's some frustration, all of a sudden you have guys trying not to make a mistake then playing and execute.. you've got to have energy have fun and still got to have your swagger out there." ((chris maathuis)) the game is scheduled to be televised by cbs sports network with a 7:30 kickoff. the two schools are meeting for only the second time since 1996. be heading to logandale on friday unless the fans at basic and or cheyenne really step to the plate. parhump valley is visiting moapa valley on friday and right now they're way out in front in our voting. go to our facebook page and vote for our game of the week.. and which ever game wins... that's where jon is heading on friday. ((chris maathuis)) the world series is underway and this one will break records... it's been so long. fun to look at some of the numbers... how about the world series drought.
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last won the world series. two world wars have been fought... 20 economic recessions have occurred since 1908. four state have been admitted to the union... alaska, arizona, hawaii and new mexico. the starting price for a model-t ford was 850 dollars, which was launched in 1908. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. let's check in withpaul to see what they're working on. the newest alternative therapy wave is salt rooms.. and they have made it here. we will explore if there is any science behind their claims... and we sit down with the school district superintendent to get updates on the teacher shortage... and school district reogranization plan coming up at 6:30. ((paul joncich)) good therapy or a rip-off? it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying.
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the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up. he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past.
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. across the country.
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toxins... ((christianne klein)) our teacher shortage is improving... but the school district superintendent tells us the one area where they are still seeing a dire need... live ((paul joncich)) and our drive to raise money for a shelter for domestic violence victims continues... right now...


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