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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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cheyenne near civic center drive... that's in north las vegas. ((dave courvoisier)) >> police say the person who shot the suspected thief was a bystander in the store. as karen castro found out... this is not the first time that convenient store has been robbed.
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in this area you know.)) ((karen castro)) investigators say at around 3-30 thursday morning, an armed man was robbing the store when a bystander, who also had a gun, shot him. police say the suspect ran towards a back parking lot area where he collapsed. he died at umc. ((ann cavaricci/pio, north las vegas pd: in this case, there was an armed robbery going on and he felt that he needed to take action.)) ((karen castro)) police say the shooter was fulfilling a job inside the 7 eleven but is not an employee of the store. there where also other people present at the time of the shooting. ((ann cavaricci/pio, north las vegas with our investigation right now.)) ((karen castro)) as for andrade llamas... he fears if it happens again, his wife's life may be in danger. ((alejandro andrade llamas/wife works at 7 eleven: something could happen to her like what happened today.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> police have not justified the deadly shooting. but the bystander has not been arrested and is cooperating with investigators./// ((denise valdez)) >> were on a run on near record warm november days .. tedd florendo looking ahead to how cool it could get tonight. tedd? ((tedd florendo))
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as highs climbed to the high 70's and 80's in some east valley neighborhoods where we're lower in elevation and typically warmer. winds remained calm again and don't expect to be an issue overnight. ................................ ... ........... another warm to mild night with temperatures expecting to cool off late night under clear skies again. late night overnight more nice weather tomorrow with your start in the 60's by morning. we'll have a full update on your weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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...from the scenes of the valley's worst crashes. ((strader: we always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. )) ((vanessa murphy)) he's headed the investigative team called fatal detail.... ((strader: my work phone. this is what they use to call me 24/7.)) ((vanessa murphy)) but soon - he won't be on call anymore. ((strader: it's gonna be a challenge for me, but it's part of me.)) ((vanessa murphy)) strader is retiring after more than 24 years with the department and six years with fatal detail. gray hairs from it but i definitely came out sane but i learned a lot and what i learned is that you have a great support system at home who supports you and understands what's going on, you could probably do just about anything.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and that includes keeping a sense of humor even after a rough day.... ((strader: mike strader....yeah sergeant mike strader. vanessa murphy/reporter: when you saw that, what did you think? strader: i was like, out of every station, that i have done so
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((vanessa murphy)) but his mission has been been clear: reduce road fatalities. ((strader: we take for granted how fragile life is....)) ((vanessa murphy)) sometimes he spoke his mind uncensored.... ((strader: this is out of control. )) ((vanessa murphy)) ....ruffling a few feathers... ((strader: sometimes i really think that we're too politically correct and we have to be a little more direct to get that message across)) ((vanessa murphy)) u crashes that could have been avoided. ((strader: we had pedestrians dying at rates which were astonishing. people just left and right. every call i was getting was an autopedestrian collision.)) ((vanessa murphy)) one victim: brazyl ward. she nearly died after she was hit while trick or treating in 2013. ((nat of brazyl )) ((vanessa murphy)) some of her injuries are permanent and the driver has never been caught. ((strader: not being able to put some closure for the family, it's tough. it's like a failure for us.
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((vanessa murphy)) it's one of those cases that will stick with him.... ((nat from scene )) ((vanessa murphy)) so will this bus stop crash at decatur and spring mountain in 2012. ((strader: honestly, that was shocking. i mean there were body parts all over the place.)) ((vanessa murphy)) four people were killed, several others were injured, and drunk driver gary lee hosey is in prison. ((strader: the death and detr were pretty traumatic.)) ((vanessa murphy)) what helped him cope: family, a passion for being a cop, and giving back. ((strader: over the last 24 years, i've seen 10 people killed from this department in the line of duty.)) ((vanessa murphy)) each year - he rides from new jersey to washington, dc in honor of fallen police officers. ((strader: we call ourself team vegas.)) ((vanessa murphy)) he says he'll continue to bike for the cause as he'll try to
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force. he often gets recognized in public though because of the many scenes he's spoken from. oh and remember this? turns out the reporter was brand new.... ((vanessa: i have a confession. strader: was that you? strader: laughs bill roe/photojournalist: there it is. strader: and now it's out... bill: it's all come full circle....)) ((vanessa murphy)) from all of us at 8 news now, thank you sergeant richard strader. this is vanessa murphy ((denise valdez)) >> over the years -- strader has responded to more than 750 crash scenes throughout the valley./// ((dave courvoisier)) las vegas has long been a hub of the sex trafficking industry. local vice cops have targeted millionaire pimps who prowl our streets and nightclubs, but there's a new and unsettling twist in that sometimes violent saga. ((denise valdez)) >> the i-team has learned that federal lawmen investigating an alleged
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corruption. george knapp is here with a preview of his exclusive story. ((george knapp)) the celebrity in question is a rapper and music producer named jamal rashid, better known mally mall. law enforcement suspects that rashid's outcall service is a front for a lucrative prostitution empire. back in 2014, an army of fbi agents backed up by metro police raided rashid's las vegas home. a search warrant was served business....a las vegas outcall service that advertises girls direct to your hotel room. but the warrant was served by the public corruption unit, not the sex trafficking team. so who is the target of a public corruption investigation? this is what the fbi said during the warrant operation. ((joe dickey/fbi special agent: we're gathering evidence unfortunately, the investigation is ongoing and i cannot comment on the specifics of the investigation at this time.)) ((george knapp)) two years later, there have been no charges filed against mally
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expanded its investigation into possible rackteering, and whether prostitutes may have been flown from las vegas to spend time with "a-list celebrities" in other states...more pointedly, the i-team has learned why the probe has veered into possible public corruption. ((george knapp)) there is at least one specific target that came as a huge surprise to agents and detectives. plus, this has the potential to affect several other cases involving some of the most violent pimps to r the story tonight at 11. ((denise valdez)) thanks george... up next on the valley's news leader... is 'neonopolis' making a comeback? ((dave courvoisier)) >> we visit the new businesses taking a chance on the most empty shopping center in downtown las vegas. find out why they're banking on a comeback. news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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this is 8 news now at six." ((denise valdez)) the resurgence of downtown las vegas is helping to fill a shopping complex that's had it's share of ups and downs. neonopolis was once a galaxy 11 movie theater -- a gay nightclub -- but it's struggled to stay afloat. the 300-thousand square-foot
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with six new retailers in the last few months. sharie johnson talked to many of the businesses today and shares what's ahead for the space.
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matches and house a studio for streaming. we talked to ceo alex igelman, in canada by phone. ((alex igelman, ceo, millenial e-sports corporation someone is playing a game, he's talking about what he's doing in the game and there's people chatting with him, there could be a moderator as well or the person himself may be talking while he's playing )) ((sharie johnson)) ...all while millions of people around the world are watching. ((alex igelman, ceo, millenial e-sports corporation it is an iconic building, it has a lot of potential and it's very attractive )) >> and in 2018 ... the neonopolis will welcome a roller coaster and get this.. a wave pooll on top of neonopolis. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now.///
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valley are in the low 80s and some upper 70s -- so very mild into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. temperatures will average several degrees above normal. slightly cooler conditions with periods of high clouds can be expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the
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warmer than normal for thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows temps finally dropping out of the low 80s into the upper 70s through friday. mid 70s through the weekendand into early next week. ((weather toss)) it's a big night around the valley... prep football playoffs continue. ((denise valdez)) >> a couple of key games tonight. sports director chris maathuis is live. ((chris maathuis)) >> it's liberty and silverado tonight...
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the favorites to meet gorman again plus.. ufc 205... new york city got its first taste of conor mcgregor. more coming up here on channel 8.
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played around the valley tonight. sunrise and sunset playoffs... the sunrise semi's are being played under the lights.. football his visiting basic. and the other right here... it's silverado visiting liberty. joining me is patriots head
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valley tonight at 11. also today, las vegas based ufc holding its first fight in new york state. the big apple got its first taste of a conor mcgregor press conference. he's fighting eddie alverez and the fight is going to be lopsided, according to the fighters from ireland.
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irish are back, we've taken back new york city, i run nyc, i'm a pimp without me this whole sink.. eddie alvarez; "after i beat conor and silence the country of ireland, i'll have a couple of pina colada and look for me somewhere. what round conor conor mcgregor: one round if he can hold out and drag it into the trenches, but he'll never be the same if that is the case. eddie alvarez; "we'rre fight, we're going to fight... when ever he's ready we're going to fight ((chris maathuis)) dana white was able to keep each of the fighters away from each other during the pose at the end... but he wasn't so lucky with the ladies. they got into it a little bit. the fight is coming up saturday from madison square garden. ((chris maathuis))
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house thursday. the cavs got the invitation after beating the golden state warriors for the nba championship-- (( )) president obama; "welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. that's right i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence. that's what we're talking about when we talk about hope and change." ((chris maathuis)) the cavaliers met with president obama after his meeting with president-elect donald trump. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with paul joncich to see what they're working on. ((paul joncich)) police are investigating the murder of a homeless man... but they have a warning for anyone who hopes to help.
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the streets food and clothing... opens them up to violent crimes like this one. plus... he denounced donald trump in the past... but has senator dean heller changed his tune? we talk with him to get an update on how he feels about a trump white house. those stories and more are next on 8 news now at 6:30.///
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((paul joncich)) happening right now in cities across the taking to the streets... protesting the election of donald trump as president. ((christianne klein)) >> it's been about 48- hours since trump was elected... and about 48- hours since trump was elected... and last night... we saw the first of these protests. things were pretty quiet for most of the day... until night fell. ((paul joncich)) >> right now there are protests underway in


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