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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the battle cry of "not my president" continues across the country this weekend. how president elect donald trump is calling to unite the country in the wake of the massive protests. ((sharie johnson)) >> also a month after a fire destroys the las vegas asian culture center... the community is showing they will not be defeated. their incredible story of recovery and how they are ce weekend. ((katie boer)) weekend weather "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) you're looking at a live shot... in front of trump tower in new york as protests over the presidential election continue.... for the 4th night across the country.
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unite...but his words are doing little to calm the protesters still hitting the streets across the nation. tonight a protest is planned right here on the las vegas strip... and according to an event facebook page... more than 2-thousand people are expected to show up. roxana saberi has the latest from new york on how how these protests are impacting the country. (tell me what democracy looks like) from los angeles ... (not my president) to new york city.... thousands of protesters pounded the pavement for a fourth day in big cities to express their outrage with the trump. (erik krause, new york resident) its time to get rid of the electorial college. it failed us again. lets respect the will of the people. bridge: these protesters have ended up here at trump tower where the president elect has been planning his transition to office. (analese espino new york resident ) i can't have a president who supports racism. (he's got a gun) in portland, witnesses say a demonstrator was shot in the leg during a confrontration with a driver last night. (clapping) the new york times is reporting that hillary clinton held a conference call with top donors saturday and said that fbi
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the election helped rally trump voters. in his first post election interview with 60 minutes trump recalled the phone call he received from clinton . trump/60minutes she couldn't have been nicer. she just said, "congratulations, donald. well done." and i said i want to thank you very much. you were a great competitor. she's very strong and very smart. trump had no public events on saturday but he did tw prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win!" roxana saberi, cbs news, new york./// ((sharie johnson)) you can watch the entire lesley stahl interview with trump and the next first family. it's on 60 minutes tomorrow after our 6-30 newscast./// ((sharie johnson)) a 25-year-old man is behind bars after a hit and run crash early this morning.
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and west gunderson road... just after five 5-am. metro police say the driver, lam clement hit a pedestrian... who was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk. police say clement took off from the scene and later returned in a different vehicle. they say he showed signs of impairment and was arrested. the victim was taken to u-m-c with serious injuries./// ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now has learned the identity of the man shot to death by an armed citizen inside a 7-11. he is 24-year-old rashad ryan. tried to hold up the clerk inside the convenience store when the citizen inside the store shot him. this is off cheyenne and civic center drive. ryan then fled and was found nearby. he died at umc trauma. the citizen is cooperating with the investigation. no word on if he faces any charges. police believe ryan may have been responsible for a series of robberies./// ((sharie johnson)) here in the valley we're seeing a few fall-like
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recored-breaking warm week. katie has a look at when we could see a cool down. ((katie boer)) mostly quiet and pleasant weather will continue through tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada and surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. ................... clouds currently over the region will be pushed toward the southeast tonight leaving a mostly clear sky as more diffuse high level moisture drifts down from the northwest sunday and monday. a ridge will redevelop and nose inland from the eastern pacific and hold over our region through tuesday keeping temperatures 5-10 degrees above normal. we will see some north winds of 10-20 mph developing primarily down the colorado river valley sunday into monday.
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force base. the event that salutes our veterans runs through sunday.. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from outside the base... where security has told us they have to turn people away because it was so popular. ((brittany edney)) sharie, there has been a huge turnout... but you still have until tomorrow to come and check it out. several aerial demonstration teams will be performing, including the thunderbirds.. and spectators say it's a great way to honor service members ((marilyn salazar, spectator )) "my father is a veteran so it means that much more to me to come in honor of my father. >> this event celebrates 75 years of airpower.... and also all of the accomplisments made in air, space and cyberspace. there's also historical displays and community exhibits for everyone to enjoy. giving spectators a taste for
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((lisa andaberde, spectator "patriotism and just showing the people, reminding the people, how well america can do and the innovation that they have done." >> not to mention dozens of aircraft out there to check out. the capstone of each days air show features the highly-technical, aeirial maneuvers of the air force's "ambassadors in blue" -- you probably know them as the thundeb again... if you want to head out here...gates open tomorrow at 9 a-m... there's no charge... in fact-- aviation nation is the largest free event our state. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) a month after a devastating fire the asian
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kicking off this weekend to that's proving they will not except defeat./// you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon
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((sharie johnson)) critical lifeline to the local asian community... now month later... they're trying to bounce back. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live outside texas station... with the efforts being done to rebuild. michael? ((michael stevens)) >> sharie... set-up is underway for the 2nd annual asian cultural gala... a gala that was in jeopardy after a devastating fire last month. people are starting to trickle into texas station...
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clark county commissioner steve sisolak... along with state senator scott hammond are expected to attend. the event should bring in hundreds from the asian community... many of which were impacted by a horrible fire to the asian culture center last month. the operators of the center put on the annual event and are hoping donations from tonight will help them rebuild: ((crisanda selig: what we're planning right now is to put things together and we ask people to participate to build the asian culture center becs )) ((michael stevens)) >> here's video of flames growing outside the asian culture center.... which was one of 6 businesses impacted at a strip mall near valley view and charleston. investigators say the fire caused at least a million dollars in damage. the center which was towards the end of the strip mall--experienced the worst of it. now, members say they're working diligently to secure a new
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((michael stevens)) >> the person in charge of the center says he hopes to rebuild by the end of the year. sharie? ((sharie johnson)) >> michael, do they have a new location set? ((michael stevens)) >> sharie, that's something they're working on right now... they say... most likely the new center will be located downtown las vegas. sharie? ((sharie johnson)) some high flying downtown las vegas this weekend. up next on the valley's news leader.. the sports and music festival that's bringing that's throwing down the thills of the mountain all the way down to the valley./// "now, live...this is 8
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live shot of the famous las vegas strip as thousands of runners are gearing up for the geico rock n roll marathon' tomorrow. and the action gets started in about 45 minutes for the brooks rock 'n' roll 5k at the las vegas festival grounds. the main marathon gets underway on sunday... and 45- thousand people are expected to take part. at 2 p-m the strip will be shut down to allow for all the runners... and since it's 26- miles... people from every state are taking part... as well as folks for 83 different countries. participants are encouraged to dress up... there will even be a mass wedding ceremony along the route!/// ((sharie johnson)) who says snowboarding is impossible down here in the valley! some of top names in extreme sports defied gravity and mother nature for the las vegas throw down action sports and music festival.
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transformed into a state of the art action sports playground. the event showcases some of the best snowboarders... skiers and bmx riders under one roof. earlier this week the team that puts on the event tlaked to our 8 news now good day team. (( i feel like you thought of everything, then did it. you want djs, here. live music? yeah. bmx, snowboarding, skiing, you did it all. and snow being blown in downtown las vegas with 80 degrees. you guys have to come check this thing out. )) catch all the action. the event goes until 8 tonight at the downtown las vegas events center active military.. veterans... and kids 12 and under all get in free./// ((sharie johnson)) ((katie boer)) mostly quiet and pleasant
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will continue through tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada andg weather system is surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing and much cooler conditions. ................... the extensive band of high clouds currently over the region will be pushed toward the southeast tonight leaving a mostly clear sky as more diffuse high level moisture drifts down from the northwest sunday and monday. a ridge will redevelop and nose inland from the eastern pacific and hold over our region through tuesday keeping temperatures 5-10 degrees above normal. we will see some north winds of 10-20 mph developing primarily
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((sharie johnson)) tonight fremont street will be rocking and rolling to and the lt. dan band are throwing a free concert on the first street stage. and get this, during the event... two military veterans will receive a brand new car! the celebration kicks off tonight at 7-30 with the national anthem... presented by the nellis air force base honor guard./// ((sharie johnson)) a police officer in texas... is taking a break from busting criminals-- to bust a move instead.. ((
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leader the positive message behind this viral video that apparently started as a bet with his daughter... then later tonight at 6.... ((and we're rollin'! screams)) aviation nation kicked off today. katie got a sneak peak at some of the stunts you can see this weekend from the thunderbirds. "now, live.
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with a friendly game of flag football. the police athletic league or "pal" teamed up with metro and c-c-s-d to recruit some elementary
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for the past few weeks... their falg football teams have been practicing for this weekend's championship tournament. ((sgt. bret ficklin metro "we have the ability to go out meet with these kids practice with thiese kids, they get to see us as the individuals we are they don't look at us any longer as just the uniform they see that we are people we cry we feel we hurt we laugh andit enables them to empathise with us just as much as we want to empathize with them" ))) the police athletic league originally formed in new york 10 years ago. it's since expanded out west to places like las vegas... and it's still growing! officials in the spring of next year they plan to hold a soccer tournament./// ((sharie johnson)) and finally tonight, a police officer in plainview, texas is the talk of the town, after a video of him dancing at the station was shared on social media. (( cop dancing ))
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abalos-- dancing to "juju on that beat," by arists zay and zayion-- under the label atlantic records... abalos says the dance started as a challenge from his 13 year old daughter... (( >>officer chris abalos/plainview police>> she said that her dad, 'old people' could not do this dance. so i learned the dance, and challenge was accepted. people view us as always serious, and they don't realize that we let loose just like everybody else. just want to have fun.)) ((sharie johnson)) by more than a quarter of a million people... already in just a few days... abalos joined the department in 20-11... and helps train other officers... he says he hopes the newfound attention creates positivity by showing a side of law enforcement the public typically doesn't see./// ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us. join us again at 6:00./// ((sharie johnson))
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: four americans killed in afghanistan. two u.s. service members and two contractors are among the latest casualties in america's longest war. also tonight, election aftermath-- who's up for a job in the trump >> ninan: shot fired at an anti-trump protest. >> let's keep our feelings to ourselves. >> ninan: a pilot warns passengers after an election-related scuffle. mistrial in the case of a white ohio officer who killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. wildfires scorch the appalachian mountains. a wanna-be weatherman is among the arson suspects. >> i will keep you updated right here on weather outlook.


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