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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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on the strip. the road closures you need to watch out for.. and how many are attending... plus; (( they're constantly in harms way and you know their families sacrifice )) ((sharie johnson)) >> a high flying thank you to troops who got a great view of the las vegas strip... >> and a dispute turns deadly. what police know about a shooting at a mobile home park this morning... news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) >> one man was killed after an argument at a mobile home park this morning. it happened in the area of harmon and decatur. police say they do have one suspect in custody. metro homicide lieutenant dan mcgrath says there was an ongoing dispute with the two men: (( people heard arguing, people called in gun shots, then we heard they were both independently looking for each
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ones house, one went to the others house. so it was kind of a brewing ongoing thing. )) ((sharie johnson)) > the man who was killed also had a gun on him. he was shot half a dozen times. police are sorting out exactly what happened.. but say there may be some history of drug abuse with those involved... and a woman may also be involved in the dispute somehow. the names of the suspect and victim have not been released./// ((sharie johnson)) a sheriff's deputy checking on a suspicious car was shot to death in central california. dennis wallace was a 20 county sheriff's department. police describe his death in hughson as an execution. hughson is just east of modesto. he was shot twice in the head at point blank range. 36-year old david machado was arrested for the murder... after a manhunt. he had a felony warrant out for his arrest./// ((sharie johnson)) this morning...a hundred veterans and their families hit the skies as part of the annual "salute to the troops" week put on by the gary sinise
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the story. ((nia wong)) protecting our country isn't a
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((sharie johnson)) tens of thousands of
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strip and downtown tonight. thanks for joining us.. i'm sharie johnson. the las vegas rock and roll marathon started a half ago. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from the starting line near mandalay bay ((brittany edney)) not only is this race bringing more than 40-thousand runners from across the globe to las vegas... but this is the only time, besides new years, that we for an event. so for commuters... keep in mind-- there's a lot of road closures. one of the bigger ones that might impact you is las vegas boulevard from russel road to ogden. other downtown closures invlude, 4th, 6th and 7th street...bonnevil le, clark and lewis avenues. ((just kind of antsy during the day...
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streets for the 50-th time this year.. making it one of the longest running marathon's in the u-s. ((brittany edney)) from the more serious runners to those just out enjoying the event... the one thing in every one has in common today is that participation means raising money for charity .... more than 2-million dollars will be raised for this event. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// >> those runners and spectators will have decent weather this evening. katie boer is in the weather center to tell us about it... katie? ((katie boer)) yea a really nice night is in store for runners this evening. lots of clear skies with temperatures dropping into the late evening hours--but a much
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temperatures comes thursday through the next weekend. .................... right now current conditions for those runners are still pretty warm -- temps. in the mid to upper 70s right now with clear skies. ................... looking at the rest of the evening--70 degrees by 7-pm, with mid 69s by 9... we'll drop into the low 60s by 11 pm and looking ahead at tomorrow morning low 60s under sunny sk i'll be tracking some significant changes to your temperatures... thats coming up in just a few minutes. ((sharie johnson)) the valley saw an
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hundreds marched from the linq to trump hotel. the march was peaceful and they obeyed police's orders. meanwhile... president-elect trump is picking his cabinet. and he has filled two top positions. roxana saberi has more: donald trump is turning to a washington insider for his white house chief of staff reince priebus, the chairman of the republic national committee the president-elect named right-wing media mogul strategist. (gfx) in a statement, trump said "i am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country." (vo / nat) five days after trump's triumph at the polls (vo morning shows) his team took to the sunday morning shows to address growing concerns about a divided country. (newt gingrich) "his victory speech was very conciliatory, very much in the right direction. i think his visit to the white house was very
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sense.)" (kellyanne conway) "it's time really for president obama and secretary clinton to say to these protesters, 'this man is our president.'" protesters hit the streets for a fifth day in los angeles and new york, chanting slogans against donald trump. what are you most afraid of? that racism and sexism and homophobia will go unheard. "i have a 19-year-old boy. i don't think he should be subjected to any of this kind of abuse." (roxana saberi/cbs news/new york city) "as these protesters march through the streets of new york, their numbers are growing. many of them say these demonstrations will continue their concerns." in his first post-election television interview, trump told 60 minutes lesley stahl he still plans to secure the border with mexico.? lesley stahl: are you really going to build a wall? donald trump: yes. lesley stahl: you're-- you know, they are talking about a fence in the republican congress, would you accept a fence? donald trump: for certain areas i would, but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this, it's called construction. trump also told 60 minutes as president, he'll be "very restrained" on social media. roxana saberi, cbs news, new
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get ready for more cone zones. the northern and western parts of the valley have construction to be ready for this week. demetria obilor breaks it all down for you next... "now, live...this is 8
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northern part of the valley last night. it happened at rainbow and smoke ranch just before 9 o'clock. two cars were involved. police say the hyundai was making a u-turn when it was hit by a chevrolet. two men in their 20's inside the hyundai r 22-year-old jermaine asher. the driver of the chevrolet... identified as 25-year-old willie worthams... arrested for d-u-i resulting in death. police say he was also speeding./// ((sharie johnson)) construction along north las vegas boulevard and a cone zone on the west side may slow you down this week. traffic anchor demetria obilor breaks down what you can expect from both projects, as well as an update on the spaghetti bowl in tonight's look ahead...
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northeast should expect to see cones along north las vegas boulevard between craig and carey for a state improvement project. construction will impact the rush hours, so you may want to leave early, if you're commute takes you through this area. construction is scheduled through 2018. working along town center between charleston and summerlin parkway on a repaving project. construction is scheduled to carry on for the next few weeks. construction here is also scheduled throughout the morning hours. to avoid delays, use alternates like rampart or 215. this past friday, ndot opened up the new western avenue extension as part of project neon. this route will help cross traffic get through the area
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allow for an easier commute to downtown las vegas. visit ndot project neon dot com for the latest construction information i will be following all of the major closures and updating you on "good day." see you then. ((sharie johnson)) >> a powerful earthquake rocked new zealand's south island today. it registered 7 point 8 magnitude. so far two people have been reported dead. the epicenter was about 30 miles away from christ-church city.. which was devastated by a 2011 earthquake.
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but officials say the regions are handling it well./// ((sharie johnson)) this morning...a hundred veterans and their families hit the skies as part of the annual "salute to the troops" week put on by the gary sinise foundation. 8 news now reporter nia wong has the story. ((nia wong)) protecting our country isn't a glamourous job. just ask any man or woman in uniform. but for all their service........this weekend...las vegas offers it's thanks. ((cole lyle/former marine corps: "everywhere we go, there's a massive crowd to greet us and it'b cole lyle is a former marine corps corporal. he's one of more than a hundred veterans and their families to come to vegas and tour the strip from 800 feet in the air.. ((jim palmersheim/american airlines: "it's really great to give back when you just see some of these kids and what they've given.")) ((nia wong)) jim palmersheim is the director of veterans initiatives at american airlines. the company joined the gary sinise foundation and sundance helicopters to give veterans this flight as a celebration of their service.
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just kind of puts into perspective when you think that for, and i know for a lot of these guys the last time they were on a helicopter is when they were being medivaced to a field hospital." )) ((nia wong)) organizers hope the 15 minute tour offers some comfort for those who have done so much. ((gary sinise/the gary sinise foundation: "our deployed troops right now, they're off the front pages but we're still losing them stitch 00:33:00 they're constantly in harms way and you know their families sacrifice" )) ((nia wong)) cole lyle admits he isn't a big gambler. chance on coming out to vegas. ((cole lyle "i've just never been on a civilian helicopter, so that was really fun and to feel the support from community leaders and just people in the community is a really, really fantastic feeling." )) ((nia wong)) nia wong 8 news now. ((sharie johnson))
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store for runners this evening. lots of clear skies with temperatures dropping into the late evening hours--but a much more significant drop in temperatures comes thursday through the next weeke right now current conditions for those runners are still pretty warm -- temps. in the mid to upper 70s right now with clear skies. ................... looking at the rest of the evening--70 degrees by 7-pm, with mid 69s by 9... we'll drop into the low 60s by 11 pm and looking
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skies. .................. mostly quiet and pleasant weather will continue through tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada and surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. .................. a ridge of high pressure will hold over the region through monday with scant high clouds the ridge will begin to move to the east tuesday ahead of the broad upper low dropping out of the gulf of alaska. however, little change will be evident under a moderate zonal flow except for some high clouds being pulled up from the baja coast and also increasing winds over the sierra peaks. ................. a significant change in the weather is still on track for late wednesday and thursday. a fast moving pacific trough drops over northern and central california early wednesday then dives down through southern nevada wednesday
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your extended forecast shows temps remaining in the upper 70s through ever that broad trough dropping in from the gulf of alaska will mean a dramatic drop in temperatures arrives thursday -- down actually to below seasonal normal levels. you can watch that interview.. and senator dean heller talking about his relationship with new senator catherine cortez masto...
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right here on channel 8./// ((sharie johnson)) dominating the box office. how much doctor strange brought in this weekend... and the surprising jump in the number of people watching movies.. next on the valley's news leader... "now, live...this is 8
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marvel's doctor strange ruled the box office for a second straight weekend. it brought in 43-million dollars, for a 10-day domestic and trolls took second place for the second straight weekend... bringing in a little more than 35 million dollars. those two held onto the top spots... despite several new releases this weekend. overall the box office was up about 47 percent from the same weekend last year./// ((sharie johnson)) coming up tonight at 6:30... helping those with mental health problems. the i-team examines who we rank near the bottom for
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happen to improve it... that's at 6:30 right here on the valley's news leader... ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us. stick around for polt join us again at 6:30.///
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((steve sebelius)) tonight on politics now... reaching across the aisle to work together. democrat catherine cortez masto wins as nevada goes blue. what republican senator dean heller has to say about their relationship.... (( jacky rosen: "well, i think president-elect trump has already talked about investing in infrastructure)) ((patrick walker)) i think president-elect trump has already talked about investing in infrastructure... >> congresswoman-elect jackie rosen also sits down with us to talk about her plans once she's sworn in as a member of congress in january. s >> and the blue wave washes over the legislature, we look at the shift and balance of power and what it means for the 2017


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