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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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driver who struck the vicitim ((sharie johnson)) >> thousands of runners hit the streets for the las vegas marathon.. the sights and sounds of one of the biggest events on the las vegas strip. ((katie boer)) i'm tracking how soon we could finally start seeing some fall-like temperatures. "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) i-15 from craig to cheyenne is back open after a pedstrian interstate. thanks for joining us i'm sharie johnson. police say it happened just before 6-thirty and prompted southbound lanes to shut down in the area. reporter brittany edney joins us now live with what we are learning. brittany. ((brittany edney)) >> traffic was closed along that strech for a few hours but the i-15 is now back open since the scene has been cleared. investigators tell us a man, believed in his 20's, was walking across the interstate
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the man did die on scene. the driver, a woman in her 50's, didn't sustain any major injuries...n-h-p adds they don't expect impairment at all from the driver. she was the only one in the vehicle. i'm told after she struck the victim, she lost control of the van, crossed several lanes of traffic and crashed into the barrier. as for the male victim-- n-h-p is still looking into why he was on the interstate in the first place. ((trooper angie wolff, nevada highway patrol )) " it's unfort pedestrian on the roadway knows why they're on the roadway, if it's impairment, if it's carelessness, not using a crosswalk. being out on the highway, i don't know how to explain that." and no charges are expected for her at this time... she is cooperating with investigators. there's no word yet as to whether the victim was impaired at all--- investigators say, they'll have to wait and see what the toxicology report says from the coroner.
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i-15 from craig to cheyenne we're shut down, they are now back open. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) police say an argument sparked a deadly shooting at a mobile home park today. this happened near the area of harmon and decatur. investigators believe an ongoing dispute between the two men led to the deadly confrontation. witnesses told police they heard argu fired. the say the victim was also armed with a gun and was shot several times. one suspect was taken into custody. the names of the suspect and victim have not been released./// ((sharie johnson)) this years rock n roll marathon is officially wrapped up for 2016. tens of thousands of runners from all around the world hit the las vegas strip for the massive running event. brittany edney went to the strip earlier today to check out all the excitement.
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vegas event as runners enjoyed music, a dancing elvis, and a lot of disco lights in the background as they made their way to the finish line. and not only is this race bringing more than 40-thousand or so runners from across the globe to las vegas... but this is one of the only times, besides new years, that we see parts of the strip shut down for an event. for commuters... they saw big road closures. one of the bigger ones that might impact you is las vegas boulevard from russel road to ogden. 4th, 6th and 7th street...bonnevil le, clark and lewis avenues....some temporary inconveniences that allow this size of an event to go on. and it kicked off in a big way with snoop dogg headlining a performance. one runner says he came in from canada says and has been training all year for this night run. ((colin john, runner " just kind of antsy during the day, just like, what to do, what to do. just the vibe, the amount of people, the dressing up, just a lot of good energy, snoop was great and i caught most of the performance." )) ((brittany edney))
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year.. making it one of the longest running marathon's in the u-s. ((laura steele, runner "doing a half marathon, love las vegas, come here with my friends every year. usually we come to see jimmy buffet, sorry jimmy if you're watching, we decided to do the rock'n'roll this time." )) ((brittany edney)) and this race is bringing in big money for charity .... organizers tell us more than 2-million dollars has already been raised for the event. brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) some major closures were put in place around the strip for the marathon. right now most of ts stretch of las vegas blvd... from tropicana to spring mountain which will completely open over the next two hours./// ((sharie johnson)) toss to weather ((katie boer))
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drop in temperatures comes thursday through the next weekend. .................... right now current conditions are in the low to upper 60s. ................... looking at the overnight and early morning hours tonight and tomorrow... mid 50s with mostly clear skies, mid 60s by 6am. more sunshine by midnight through the afternoon-- with temps in the mid 70s by noon...upper 70s by later monday afternoon. .................. mostly quiet and pleasant weather will continue through tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern neva late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. .................. a ridge of high pressure will trump is shedding light on what to expect from his presidency regarding topics like marriage equality and abortion rights. in his first t-v interview as president- elect donald trump told 60 minutes he won't challenge marriage equality and he plans to appoint pro life judges to the supreme court. lesley stahl asked him if he wants the court to repeal roe v wade. (((trump and stahl) (dt) if it ever were
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so it would go back to the states and (ls) yeah, but then some women won't be able to get an abortion? (dt) no, it'll go back to the states. (ls): by state no some -- (dt): yeah, well, they'll perhaps have to go, they'll have to go to another state. )) ((sharie johnson)) today trump also announced two key appointments: chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus will serve as white house chief of staff. and right-wing media mogul... steve bannon will be chief strategist. in his interview with 60 minutes, trump asked protesters says he wants people to give him a chance. he also said he won't accept the $400-thousand salary that comes with the office./// ((sharie johnson)) paris is marking one year since terrorists targeted six locations across the city. the attacks left 130 people dead, and hundreds more wounded. france is commemorating the victims with plaques at the attack sites. a special performance by
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stormed the bataclan and opened fire on the crowd -- killing dozens of people. it was part of a coordinated attack on the french capital. a minute of silence was held before the concert, to honor the victims./// ((sharie johnson)) lots of cone zones on the roads could slow down your commute this week. up next on the valley's news leader demetria obilor gives you the traffic heads up so you
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valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now . ." ((sharie johnson)) construction along north las vegas boulevard and a cone zone on the west side may slow you down this week. traffic anchor demetria obilor breaks down what you can expect from both projects, as well as an update on the spaghetti bowl in tonight's look ahead... northeast should expect to see cones along north las vegas boulevard between craig and carey for a state improvement project. construction will impact the rush hours, so you may want to leave early, if you're commute takes you through this area. construction is scheduled through 2018.
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between charleston and summerlin parkway on a repaving project. construction is scheduled to carry on for the next few weeks. construction here is also scheduled throughout the morning hours. to avoid delays, use alternates like rampart or 215. this past friday, ndot opened up the new western avenue extension this route will help cross traffic get through the area faster, reduce congestion and allow for an easier commute to downtown las vegas. visit ndot project neon dot com for the latest construction information regarding this project. i will be following all of the major closures and updating you on "good day." see you then.
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for a close encounter this week. the super rare supermoon that's set to light up the valley tomorrow night when this astronomical event is expected
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((sharie johnson)) mark your calendars this week because we are in store for a rare astronomical event. ((katie boer)) >> we're talking about the super moon. right now the full moon is on
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to our planet in the twenty-first century. in fact, the supermoon, described as an extra-super moon by nasa, won't come this close to earth again until nov. 25, 2034. nasa says the moon will become full with about two hours of perigee. toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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conditions are in the low to upper 60s. ................... looking at the overnight and early morning hours tonight mid 50s with mostly clear skies, mid 60s by 6am. more sunshine by midnight through the afternoon-- with temps in the mid 70s by
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.................. mostly quiet and pleasant weather will continue through tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada and surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. .................. hold over the region through monday with scant high clouds moving down from the north. the ridge will begin to move to the east tuesday ahead of the broad upper low dropping out of the gulf of alaska. however, little change will be evident under a moderate zonal flow except for some high clouds being pulled up from the baja coast and also increasing winds over the sierra
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weather is still on track for late wednesday and thursday. a fast moving pacific trough drops over northern and central california early wednesday then dives down through southern nevada wednesday afternoon and evening. ................ your extended forecast shows temps remaining in the upper 70s through ever that broad trough dropping in from the gulf of alaska will mean a dramatic drop in saturday gulf of alaska will ((jon tritsch)) >>and we have a little fun recapping the record breaking performance rebel rhyme looks back at the 3 overtime performance plus the vegas five captures the sports week that in
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on saturday unlv didn't just beat wyoming..they broke records and nearly broke the scoreboard..the two teams combined for 135 points..3 overtimes and a lot of we recap it with a little bit of fun on any given saturday you never know..even against a formidable foe..the rebels came out and put on a show (tony sanchez/coach: "i was like 'ok, here we go.'")
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(kurt palandech/ quarterback: "offense we played a lot better than we have before.") they knocked the cowboys off their horse..running so hard an upset was real (tony sanchez/coach: "401 yards, that's a pretty big deal.") wyoming kept finding magic.. pulling touchdowns out of their hat (torry mctyer/defensive back: "i've never been in a game like that.") down in the 4th..kurt palandech went 76 yards and made the stadium scream and shout (tony sanchez/coach: "he's what america and football is all about.") the pokes forced overtime...but the rebels weren't through (torry mctyer/defensive back: "one of the goals was for us to make wyoming said kiss the game goodbye...but with one great throw. unlv's offense said hello..triple ot? (tony sanchez/coach: "i guess so.") a kick..a win..69-66.. no sweat (nico bornand/kicker: "it's just a moment that i'll never forget.") unlv's celebration of victory is short lived..devonte boyd..the team's best receiver..broke his arm in the wyoming game and will miss the
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scores this season despite commanding heavy coverage and attention from opponents... boyd follows a hard-luck trend at the position..unlv's top 4 receivers have suffered season ending injuries sunday nights are night to stay positive..reflect on the week of sports and believe me there was a lot to smile about coming out of las is the vegas five wait for it... unlv men's soccer is your 2016 mountain west conference the rebels beat air force and hoisted the trophy as champions.. we'll find out monday where their ncaa tournament journey begins centennial's troy brown is one of the best high school basketball players in the country..and this week he announced he is taking his talents to oregon to be apart of the top 5 ducks.. forman gorman gael great demarco murray has done it again..this time it was a season best 74 yard touchdown run against the mighty packers.. murray ran for over 120 yards in
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game in school history on thursday..but the hero of the night was #32 aron aguirre who caught his first high school pass and caught it for a was also the first pass thrown by quarterback steve canon.. that's how you leave your mark and number one.. nico bornand.. unlv's back up kicker..perfect from 40 yards give the rebels a 69-66 win over wyoming in triple overtime. now we all love our mom..but some we wish she hadn't...everythi ng about this woman is aggressive... which reminds us that sharie is the only mom on our sunday night crew..she has a beautiful 7 month old.. and this video is a live look-in 15 years from now at zhana's middle school dance... get it sharie ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... lets send it back over to sharie. /// "now, live...this is 8
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((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 8 news now good day starts at 4-am. and, for news anytime, just go
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