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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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released today goes into detail about the shocking and disturbing allegations against 61-year old jose azucena. kids at the apartment complex where he lived knew him as david. >> metro police say there's been at least four victims identified who they believe azucena touched inapproporiately. in the report---police say "david" would offer kids candy to go inside his apartment near charleston and nellis---and that's where he would allegedly grab the children by the butt and between the legs. what's even more disturbing is that police say azucena would tell the kidst mom or else something would happen to her.. and the kids didn't speak up afraid the mother would get hurt. another victim told police that the suspect would show her pornographic videos on his phone and would even show her quote "his thing" apparently exposing the kids to his genitals. many of the children lived in the same apartment complex where the suspect lived for several years according to police. azucena is also charged with kidnapping after one of the kids came forward saying that he took
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together and even put tape over her mouth... and that's when he allegedly kissed the female child and touched her. ((mauricio marin)) azucena faces a number of charges including several open gross lewdness charges. he's currently behind bars without bail and will appear in court on monday. but police are urging parents if they think they're child was victimezed by azucena---please give them a call. reporting live in the news room...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((christianne klein)) metro police have released body cam footao earlier this week. 18 year old daniel prichard faces charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a protected person. on monday night police tried to pull over prichard when he fled from officers. he was later tracked down near las cruz court and charleston when officers exited the vehicle... you can see the car accellerate toward the officers. that's when one of the officers fired 10 rounds. prichard was not hit. police later found him a few blocks away and took him in without incident.
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shooitng for this year./// ((paul joncich)) parts of southern nevada face the potential for a first freeze this week. ((christianne klein)) >> tedd florendo has a look at how this cool down could impact your neighborhood.
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sure you're prepared for freezing temperatures. of course you'll want to wrap or insulate any exposed pipes outside your house. repairing a burst pipe can be costly. a simple insulating sleeve just slides right over and it protects everything. purchased for around 30-bucks. if the pipes in your home do freeze, make sure to turn off the main water line and call a plumber. if you have a pool, it's recommended you keep the filter running during the really cold nights and mornings./// ((christianne klein)) u-n-l-v police have sent out an alert about an attack on a female student at the campus u-n-l-v police say the student was attacked tuesday night as she was walking down harmon across a campus parking lot the attacker
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the victim managed to get away. u-n-l-v police say they're beefing up their presence on-campus in light of the incident. they do not have a clear description of the male attacker. if you have any information about what happened or see anything suspicious -- call university police./// ((paul joncich)) what a year for las vegan kris bryant... within the last 30 minutes, the chicago cubs world series winner was named national league most valuable player. bryant was nearly a unamimous choice... 29 of the 30 first place votes. he becomes the 4th player to win the award one year after winning the rookie of the year honors. the world champion slugger hit 39 home runs and scored 121 runs over the season. the former bonanza high school star beat out washington's daniel murphy and dodgers rookie corey seagar. las vegas is now home to back to back n-l mvp winners, bryce harper won the award last year.
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covering more ground as he continues to fill positions within his admiinstration. ((christianne klein)) >> the names that are reportedly making his shortlist for some of his top level positions.. that's coming up next on the valley's news leader.///
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this is 8 news now at four. ((christianne klein)) president-elect donald trump held his first meeting with a world leader since the election - a face-to-face with japan's prime minister. ((paul joncich)) >> mister trump and his transition team continue to meet with potential cabinet members cbs's kenneth craig has the latest from trump tower in new york.
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and politicians as it works to fill the ranks of president-elect donald trump's new administration. (nats flynn) former mayor rudy giuliani was there.... as was congressman jeb hensarling - who currently sits on the house financial services committee. ((sot rep. jeb hensarling/r- texas)) "we were talking tax policy, we were talking dodd-frank, we were talking trade - it was a wonderful conversation." ((narr-2)) published reports say mr. trump's son-in-law, jared kushner is being considered for a top-level white house role. ((sot rep. paul ryan/(r-wi) house speaker)) "he's obviously a brilliant ((standup bridge: kenneth craig/cbs news, new york)) mister trump's campaign manager says appointments will likely be announced either "right before or after thanksgiving.... which falls in line with previous transitions. ((narr-3)) vice-president elect mike pence visited capitol hill today and took a selfie with house republicans. ((sot pence )) "very humbling to be back among my former colleagues. we're excited about moving the trump agenda forward." ((narr-4)) mr. pence assured lawmakers the transition is going smoothly. ((sot rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers/r- washington)) "he encouraged anyone who was interested in serving in the cabinet to be submitting their names."
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searching for their own way to work with the president-elect. ((sot rep. nancy pelosi/d - california)) "infrastructure, innovations, and inclusion - all three of which strengthena her." narr-6)) mocrats yt's mister ump's responsibi bring people together. nneth craig, cbs news, new rk./// paul joncich))bring people togew strengthen each other." ((narr-6)) democrats say it's mister trump's responsibility to bring people together. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york./// ((paul joncich)) a thank-you tour is also in the works after the thanksgiving holiday./// ((christianne klein)) president obama is making president to germany. obama stressed a message of solidarity - amid concerns over the intentions of president-elect donald trump. the president-elect's rhetoric and friendly outreach to russia has german chancellor angela merkel concerned. mr. obama and chancellor merkel hope to extend european sanctions on russia for its military intervention in ukraine - which expire around the same time trump takes office. (((president obama) my hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach - finding areas where
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align. )) ((christianne klein)) they'll also make the case that trade ties should be strengthened despite mr. trump's plans to rewrite or cancel several free trade agreements. in an article today, the two wrote "today we find ourselves at a crossroads...and we will never return to a pre-globalization economy." friday he'll meet with the leaders of france,e ((paul joncich)) is the information you're getting off social media actually a fake news story? ((christianne klein)) >> a startling new report suggests you may have been reading more fake stories than real ones in the months leading up to the election... and how facebook is cracking down on the problem coming up on the valley's news leader./// announcer: you're
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people who got their election news on facebook may have been looking at more fake stories than real ones. buzzfeed reached that conclusion after analyzing the last three months of campaign coverage.
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facebook users engaged with bogus news stories, compared to authentic ones. jericka duncan looks at the findings, and what they mean for voters. you might have seen this article on your facebook feed back in september... a headline blaring "pope francis shocks world - endorses donald trump for president." you might have even shared the article... or just clicked "like" or "wow" or made a comment. the problem is... the story was false... joining the ranks of other fake, highly-shared or liked articles. "wikileaks confirms hillary sold weapons to isis." or... "hillary is disqualified om office." trump and/or hillary campaigning buzzfeed news says during the last three months of the presidential campaign... (gfx in) of the top 20 fake election-related articles on facebook... all but three were all anti-clinton or pro-trump. and facebook users "engaged" with them with a "share," a "like" or a comment... more than 8-point-7-million times. but they engaged with the top 20
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outlets... both pro-and-con for each candidate... fewer than 7-point-4 million times. according to pew research, 66% of facebook users get news from the site. but at a tech conference last week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg dismissed the issue. (mark zukerberg - thursday last week) i think the idea that fake news on facebook influenced the election in any way, i think is a pretty crazy idea. but a few days later in has begun to look into ways for the online community to flag hoaxes and fake news. (duncan) experts say it's difficult to filter out fake news in real time. but facebook and google have each announced new plans to prevent fake stories from spreading by restricting advertising with websites that spread fake content. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york.///
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major cool down this week. ((christianne klein)) >> after the past few weeks of warmer temps we are starting to feel that big chill. and tedd is getting a taste of it right now at the las vegas motor speedway. tedd hows it feeling out there?
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again and unseasonably mild coming off a warm weekend. still no 80's this time around to bring us to tie the record of 80 degree temps set back in 1950. but we will remain warm to mild for at least a few more days before it begins to get colder ........ ........................... ............ neighborhood by neighborhood temps shot up to the high 70's for where we're typically warmer since we're lower in elevation. cooler mid to low 70's for the west side in the foothills from centennial hills through summerlin as we cooled off there. colder up in the kyle canyon with a morning start in the high 30's again. .................... ............... ............. regional temps also staying warm from laughlin to death valley especially. even saw near 80 degree temps down the colorado river valley from mesquite through boulder city as well. lder tes in the central
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ek however where jackets wl ne s with highs in the 80's in dal orleans.aying cool for new yorke 60's even boston getting in onm. . ............... tellite and r conditions and high pressure ill righ on top us.t we're kee 's trailing cold front that ll . we'll see some of the coldest air of the season so far and se wnright chilly by thursday and especially friday morning. ..... ............... night expect lows to drodn the mid 50's under clear skies ernight as well. morw expect highs around 79 d i. nds still remain light fotuesda. ..............................i. ... ................. tendedorecast l r mildys throug. still breezy by thursday butlde ly in the low0's and turning seasonably cooler.chilly rning lows wilsck aroundr severg r coldest in thhh 30'sly.
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which kicks off tomorrow. the parade will run nightly on 17 different nights over the next month. it features floats... toy soldiers... snowflake princes and princess.. and a host of other characters. the shows will all be free and open to the public... and starts at 6 p-m. their tree lighting will be tomorrow night as well./// ((paul joncich)) don't forget about our "great days of giving" contest. 8 news now want's to help you with your holiday shopping by giving away 500 dollar gift cards in the 5pm and 600 dollar gift cards in the 6pm.. in order to win, you have to in order to win, you have to watch the 5pm and 6pm newscasts starting this evening.. and be the 8-th caller when we evening.. and be the 8-th caller when we give you the cue to call. you must be 18-years-old to win, and show that you're a valid nevada resident. again, this starts tonight in both our 5pm and 6pm newscasts./// ((christianne klein)) >> with the holidays just around the corner it's starting to get extra busy on
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darker and streets more crowded... the message metro police has for drivers to stay safe coming up on what's driving you crazy.///
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pedestrians e metro officers crazy. ((paul joncich)) >> demetria obilor talked with officers. they explain what they want everyone to be mindful of... while on the road this holiday season. (( )) demetria obilor: pedestrian safety is a growing concern in our valley, especially during the holidays. as a pedestrian, you have to be doubly alert... keep your eye. sgt. michael lardomita, lvmpd traffic 23:08:40;04 "so, what's driving me crazy is the amount of pedestrians that jaywalk in our valley. recently, in the past few days, we've had fatalities
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jaywalking, crossing outside of a marked crosswalk, and you're not going to win against a vehicle. you know, a 4,000 pound vehicle traveling down the road, you're going to lose that battle every time. we have the holidays coming up. we have people out at the shopping centers. more people are out wondering about, things like that. people are trying to get places and are driving faster, not paying attention on the road. and if you step out onto that roadway, and that vehicle,that driver, is not expecting you, you're going to lose. so extra time, walk down to the crosswalk, wait for the traffic signal and cross where you're suppopsed to, and be around for this holiday season." 23:09:26;05 if possible, wear brighter clothes when walking at night. there are many unmarked/implied crosswalks in our valley. even though, as a pedestrian, you have right of way, you should use extra caution while walking in one. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las
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a deadly police shooting in minnesota is ruled unjustified and now the officer involved faces manslaughter charges. (("i saw my best friend, my confidant take his last breath for no reason." )) ((paul joncich)) >> what the victims girlfriend who captured the deadly confrontation on video has to say about for announcer: now, live...this is 8 news now at
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we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average ((christianne klein)) officer is expected to appear in court tomorrow for the deadly shooting of a black man during a traffic stop.
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second-degree manslaughter for the death of philando castile in july. diamond reynolds and her four-year-old daughter were passengers in philando castile's car when he was pulled over by police. ((((diamond reynolds, philando castile's girlfriend + jamie yuccas) jy: "do you think you can ever forgive the officer?" dr: "god wants us all to forgive, definitely. i can forgive anyone. but will i forget? will i not be hurting? absolutely not. i'm always gonna hurt." )) ((christianne klein)) the ramsey county video shows philando castile was shot seven times by officer jeronimo yanez within 60 seconds... and that the use of deadly force was not justified. minnesota's police and peace officer's association says the police community is "disappointed" in the charges, to which yanez is expected to plead "not guilty."/// ((paul joncich)) an oregon man who died after falling into a boiling, acidic spring in yellowstone national park, was trying to 'hot pot," or soak in one of the
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released this week by park officials. the victims sister told authorities her brother, colin scott fell while reaching down to check the temperature. rescuers determined that colin was dead after seeing his upper torso floating face-up in a pool." the water temperature was over 212 degrees fahrenheit. officials were unable to retrieve colin's body on june 7, so they returned the following morning, but the body was no longer visible./// ((christianne klein)) central illinois last night left at least one person dead... and another 11 people injured. video captured shortly after the blast shows just how powerful the explosion really was. (( justice johnson: "there was just glass and stuff blown everywhere. // it scared the living jesus out of me.")) (( ricky cheney: "just a massive rumble and a big boom and everything came crashing down at one time")) >> officials say it was around 6pm when a natural gas explosion
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been identified as 38-year-old arturo silva jr... a utility worker who was investigating a leak./// ((paul joncich)) national adoption day is a good day over at family court. ((christianne klein)) >> that's because judges held an adoption marathon all day. dave courvoisier was master of ceremonies there for the big event this morning, and joins us now. ((dave courvoisier)) ((dave courvoisier)) well, normally those judges make tough decisions for abused and neglected kids in the courtrooom... but on this day, it's all smiles and happy stories. parents, kids...all gathered in the child haven gym this morning to kick off the day. before the day would be done, 55 kids would be adopted into 38 families. but there's still a great need for people to come forward: ((come out today and adopt a a foster family, give these kids a loving home and i guarantee it will be the best experience you ever had. you'll ge tmuch more from these kids than you give to them 21:08:51))) the division of family services is on pace to finalize about 500 adoptions by the end of the
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work of county commissioners, case workers, casa workers, judges, and foster parents. ((paul joncich)) the trend for nevadans hitting the roads over the holidays continues to rise. triple a says that this is the ninth year in a row that the number of people planning a trip over 50 miles for thanksgiving has increased. nevada is in what triple-a calls the mountain west region.. which includes surrounding state and 3 and half million people are taking a trip... most of them by car./// ((christianne klein)) can you believe it? we are just one week away from thanksgiving. and in the spirit of giving we're partnering with several valley businesses to bring a turkey to those in need. with your help... we hope to feed at least 25 hundred families. you can drop off your canned and non-perishable items at these locations on the date located on your screen. ((paul joncich)) a new report suggests some promising signs for
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>> up next on the valley's news leader..the brands that got the top scores when it comes to keeping your little traveler safe on the road.///
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this is 8 news now at four. ((christianne klein)) good news for parents on the go. researchers at the insurance institute for highway safety say booster seats are more effective than ever at keeping kids safe during a car crash. you've gol the institute reviewed 53 of the latest booster seat models... and gave 48 of them the highest rating. (( jessica jermakian: "things have improved a lot since we first started evaluating boosters back in 2008. back then only a quarter of the seats got the top rating of best bet.")) ((christianne klein)) >> the three seats that did not receive a top rating received a grade called "check fit"... meaning they may work for some children in some vehicles. only two seats are "not
4:40 pm
and the cosco highback. you can see the full list of ratings on our website under "links we mentioned."/// ((paul joncich)) lower gas prices are fueling sales of larger vehicles and automakers... are taking note. suvs were the stars of this year's los angeles auto show. automakers are flooding the market with new models...the highly anticipated ford ecosport... seizing on the renewed popularity of suvs. but it's not just the familiar names making the next generation of s-u-v's. some lr brands are also rolling out their own. (( tim stevens: "all these companies know that they need to be broadening their portfolios and being a little more broad in terms of their appeal, an suv is a real big way to do that.")) >> as you might expect... the variety of sizes available in the new suvs come with matching price tags. many of the models shown at this year's auto show will be available to consumers late next year./// ((christianne klein)) when it comes to the craft beer market millinials are making business boom ((paul
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competitive by expanding their culinary perspectives./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at four. ((paul joncich))
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be the driving force behind the booming craft beverage craze. as meredith mitchell reports brewers are now looking to personalize the drinking experience. millennials love variety, they love sharing their experiences, and they love, particularly, expanding their culinary perspectives. so it should come as no surprise that this generation is fueling a craft-beverage boom. lance turner /arkansas business "they place more value on experiences rather than stuff that you buy when you're at a place."
4:45 pm
millennial's are into self-expression, and everything is personalized such as facebook pages and itunes lists so they even want that same power over the beer they drink. nats at lost forty brewery in little rock a new seasonal beer is about to be distributed. brand manager, elisa towbin-jones says millennial's spell opportunity. elisa towbin-jones /lost forty brewing brand manager "what we do know is that millennial's are very vocal, th' they post on social media, they get involved in our events and have fun with it." and since millennials prioritize 'experiences' over stuff, the lost forty brand makes sure to cater to their needs. "we play beer trivia and we do bike rides." meredith mitchell / reporting "millennials are all about experiences and craft beer offers that. with the ability to change up their beer every season. lost forty says that's one reason why they keep coming back."
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buck and that's definitely a craft beer, you get a lot of flavor, you get a higher abb sometimes and we try to keep our prices competitive and kind of have a fun image behind our brand too." not only are millennials 77 million strong, they will account for almost 30% of total consumer product dollars spent by 2020. so, catering to their needs and wants is a big part of the 30% of total consumer product dollars spent by 2020. so, catering to ti the beverage business. "you can go have a type of beer at brewery that "you can go have a type of beer at brewery that you're not ever going to have at another type of brewery somewhere else. they all present these unique experiences that millennial's prize." in little rock meredith mitchell./// ((christianne klein)) the hard rock cafe off the strip is closing it's doors rock cafe off the strip is
4:47 pm
officials announced today that the location outside the hard rock hotel on the the corner of paradise and flamingo will close on new years eve. they say the closing marks a strategic decision by the brand to focus efforts on hard rock cafe las vegas strip and hard rock live las vegas. employees of the closing cafe will be given priority consideration for open positions at the strip location./// ((paul joncich)) after a windy night in the valley the cold weather is on it's ((christianne klein)) >> parts of southern nevada could even experience the first freeze of the season. and tedd is enjoying that right now at the las vegas motor speedway. tedd hows it feeling out there?
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last night. these are temps we haven't seen since february as we finally dropped below normal. temps today near 60 and 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ....................... ............ ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed
4:50 pm
... .................. satellite and radar composite shows clear skies after the clouds we had yesterday. we have cooler weather in the wake of that cold front so temps will take a while to recover. we're anticipating our first freeze of the season for some areas in souther nevada. freeze alerts have been issued but las vegas not under that freeze warming. we stay cold and but not under a freeze warning as we get temps 7th. ................................ ... ................. tonight expect a low near 40 and chilly as you'll need the jacket tomorrow a.m. winds become more light breezes tonight and less windy as earlier today. tomorrow expect a high in the mid 60's and milder and finally near average for a change. sunny skies continue as we wrap up the workweek. ................................ ... .................. extended forecast shows milder temps into the weekend with more clouds by sunday. slight chance for showers on monday and we clear up again. we turn mild by the weekend and stay cool and more seasonably next week.overnight lows stay c the 40's for much of next week.
4:51 pm
park new heights. >> maverick helicopters teamed up with a yoga company to create "heliyoga." they are offering flights out to the park for a private, 75 minute session on one of its highest peaks. it costs about 35- hundred bucks for up to 6 people.///
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offering a course that examines the wisdom of the simpsons. a course entitled "d'oh!" introduces the philosophy behind the animated t-v show. the course will examine the deeds of homer and other characters and ask if philosophers like aristotle would have regarded him as a virtuous figure. the creator of the course insisted on using the simpsons as legitimate means of stimulating interest in the subject. the course which is open to all d takes place january 14th./// ((paul joncich)) a new program is helping to make it easier for transgendered men and women find work. ((christianne klein)) >> how this first of it's kind program is pushing to end discrimination in the workplace. ((paul joncich)) >> and the pig farm known for taking food scraps from the las vegas strip... and turning it into pig chow... is shutting down. coming up at five... how much a developer paid for
4:53 pm
in the area because of the purchase./// announcer: you're
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((christianne klein)) >> but a california
4:56 pm
help end discrimination against transgender workers. chris martinez has the story. ((nats - jessie greeting customer )) "gustavo, yours is ready, gustavo!" jessie zambrano finally landed a job as a manager at this los angeles restaurant. ((sot: jessie zambrano/ transgendered woman )) jz: "it's a big deal, yes i feel human, i feel that i can befree." jessie struggled for years finding a place she could work openly as a transgender woman. el pollo loco, she was turned down for more than 20 jobs. ((sot: marie hoole/ transgendered woman )) "when they meet you in person and then they see who you are they don't want to take on this new person because it's going to be a complicated situation to deal with." longtime restaurant owner - michaela mendelsohn gave both women the breaks they needed. ((nats - mendelsohn chatting w/ marie )) "most of the people are saying nice things?" "yes..." mendelsohn had a successful career when she transitioned twelve years ago. when she became aware of the challenges other transgenders
4:57 pm
((sot: michaela )) "i want businesses to realize it's good for their bottom line!" (source: center for american progress) a recent poll showed transgender people reported being unemployed at double the rate of the general population. ((nats restaurant kitchen)) mendelsohn partnered with the california restaurant association to create a program to place transgender workers in food service positions. every employee at mendelson's restaurants interacts with customers. she says that's critical for public acceptance. ((sot: michaela )) "once they meet and understand and are face to face and listen to them y'know, it's just anor a little bit of help but are willing to work really hard." at least 10 percent of mendelson's workforce is now transgender. she hopes other businesses will follow her lead. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles ((christianne klein)) through mendelsohn's program, the first 60 hours of an employee's wages are paid for by a state grant. ((paul joncich)) >> the program also includes training on how to handle
4:58 pm
paul joncich that's all for us at 4. christianne klein >> 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now dot com, on facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) now at 5... the winds of change... the winds of change...
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tedd florendo is keeping an eye on the forecast to see if the cooler temperatures are here to stay. ((denise valdez)) >> we're back in the courtroom... as the school district defends itself in a bullying lawsuit. the emotional testimony from one mother who says the district isn't doing enough... to prevent bullying in the classroom. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and a chicago cub... makes las vegas proud:
5:00 pm
national league m-v-p award. we hear from the big man himeself about going from rookie of the year in 2015... to this big honor just a year later. ((denise valdez)) >> and don't call yet... but your second chance to win a 500- dollar gift card is happening within this newscast. we'll let you know when the phone lines are open... in our gr8 days of giveaways.///


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