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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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we check how the airlines are doing here in the number one thanksgiving destination in the country... ((christianne klein)) thanksgiving meals started a day early at the las vegas rescue mission. how many people they are expecting to serve... ((paul joncich)) and our sunny weather could give way to some rain later in the week. we will tell you when...
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if you are one of millions traveling this thanksgiving... brace yourself for some delays. thanks for joining us.. i'm christianne klein. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich. some airports have new equipment to speed up screening... but the combination of bad weather in some spots is slowing down major airports. (( (west) "we get off to a good start on wednesday, it transfers to thursday, friday and saturday so if the network stays ahead and stays on schedule then all of our flight crews are going to be where we need them to be and each day is set up for sus >> this is southwest airlines operations center. it is a sort of trouble shooting room that has everyone from meteorologists to maintenance inside. and nationally they are expecting more than 40-thousand flights in one day for the first time. they still recommend everyone get to the airport 2 hours early for the next few days./// ((paul joncich)) southwest is the largest carrier at mccarran airport. and so far thinks are pretty packed.. but running smoothly. mauricio marin is at the airport with how it's going so far...
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baggage claim area. folks seemed to really be prepared this holiday season. coming in early and working to avoid the they can really enjoy time with friends and family...and of course all the good food they'll be eating for thanksgiving tomorrow. >> we're las vegas after all and know how to deal with a lot of no doubt---a lot of travelers coming in and out today---but unlike other airports---this isn't the busiest weekend for mccarran. they're running fairly smoothly. no major delays according to flight aware. but what's different about this holiday weekend---is that alot of locals are flying out of town to see friends and family in other cities so that's filling up the parking structures and
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know still has to catch a flight tonight---or even tomorrow morning---give yourself extra time to get around. one family tells us they got lucky. ((holiday traveler: "everything has been really nice we actlly found otooblem and we) mauricio marin)) mccarr airport officials commeo hours before they're flight's heduled to take off.lot of peop to get away from it all or spend time with family here say ey're mauricio marin)) >> and if you gotta pickmeone u nh-ry the cellphonl. can save y) our cool and sunny week but some wet weather could be in store pretty soon... tedd's has more on what else to expect this week... he's out at a holiday toy drive we are co-sponsoring to benefit the casa foundation at jones and sahara tonight.. hi tedd! ((tedd florendo)) (( we had big storms that pushed through east clark
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flooding was big in golden valley, arizona but now we're seeing much tranquil conditions. mostly clouds right now high humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. .......... ......................... ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. temps o bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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mission held their thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and needy today. the mission expected to serve about 12-hundred dinners today. other groups were also on hand handing out items like socks.. and clothes: (( john fogal, dir. co mission: more than a meal today. we are just giving people a place to be, to enjoy, music in the background, things given away. just a sense of belonging is added around the holiday time. )) ((paul joncich)) >> a boulder city 14-year-old who collects blankets for the homeless was also there handing them out. the rescue mission helps people 365 days a year... and on average serves about a thousand meals a day... and gives 300 people a night a place to stay./// ((christianne klein)) to tweet or not to tweet.
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ditch his twitter account... and what you had to say about it as well.. next on the valley's news leader...
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this is 8 news now at six-thirty. ((paul joncich)) donald trump continues
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is a strong supporter of school choice laws like nevadas. betsy devos was named education secretary. she is a michigan philanthropist and advocates for vouchers.. charter schools and tax credit programs. nevada's own school choice program needs some tweaking in the legislature before it moves forward. a supreme court ruling says it needs to find a separate funding source.//// ((paul joncich)) a majority of american voters think donald trump should ditch the twitter account while he is in office. a quinnipiac universitp surveyed said trump should get rid of his personal twitter account. it has been his signature form of communication. some 35 percent of voters say the president-elect should keep on tweeting./// ((christianne klein)) the commenters on our 8 news now facebook page were pretty split about trump and twitter. shelley said: he should only tweet positive, encouraging tweets! he needs to deal with negativity in another way! jeri said: yes, quit. time to get professional! and susie said: he's a big boy....he
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our facebook page as well./// ((christianne klein)) waiting to open. what has kept utah's ski resorts from getting ready for guests.. and when we can expect our own lee canyon resort to open as well... announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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((paul joncich)) get ready to say goodbye to whiskers, movember is almost over.
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month, that's why some of us here at eight news now are sporting facial hair. this thing on my upper lip is one example. it's to raise awareness about health issues - that men tend to ignore. like our mental health. doctors say men are more reluctant to discuss life issues such as trouble at work, relationship break ups or loss of a family member. and that silence can lead to depression... and eventually bigger problems. (( 1:02 dr philippe lam/healthcare partners: "and i think that these traits are linked to the traditional masculinity, where men feel pressure to appear strong or stoico manly, but in doing so, they do themselves a disservice.")) ((paul joncich)) dr philippe lam from healthcare partners medical group says men who are reluctant to seek out a psychologist can consult their primary care physician - who can point them in the right
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((christianne klein)) mother nature is forcing skiiers and snowboarders in utah to put their hobby on hold. all of their resorts are still closed as we start the holiday week. but it's not just the weather holding them back. alana brophy from our sister station in salt lake city explains: salt lake city (abc4 utah) - a lack of snow pack at our local mountain resorts have pushed back opening days, and have resort employees closely monitoring incoming storms. our weak storm pattern has of the reason our mountains look a little bare. above average temperatures have kept the snow from sticking around and completely hindered the snow making process. "it was tough to see that warm weather set in and not be able to get our snow making up and running, but our overnight lows allow us to get snow-making started," brian brown, spokesman for snowbird communications, said. the last few quick hitting storms help with accumulation, but the warm temperatures limit snow making capabilities. typically, snow making happens
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only been going on in the overnight hours. "during the day our highs have barely moved us out of snow-making window. we need to see temps in the upper 20s, we need nice cold, dry air and that's the optimal temperature to make the highest quality of gun powder from our snow making guns," brian brown, spokesman for snowbird communications, said. many resorts have pushed back their opening dates. thanksgiving break can be a great revenue builder, but it doesn't necessarily make or break a season. "it's great to have the resorts open for that e terms of economic tourism dollars, the holiday christmas, new years week is crucial," the ski utah director of communications said. while valley dwellers may be hesitant, the view from the top of the peaks is promising. the ski season is long and our mountains are famous for some heavy hitting storms. snowbird closed last year on memorial day, and the employees say that's proof, mother nature can flip that snow switch at any time. "be patient. we are in the same boat as everyone else. this is what we love to do, this is our life,
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everybody else," brian brown, spokesman for snowbird communications, said. ((christianne klein)) our own lee canyon ski resort has seen some snow flurries this week. it wasn't a lot.. but it sure helps out. the temperatures have already been cold enough up for them to start the snow making process. but it is not enough for them to open this week. for a december ninth opening at this point./// ((christianne klein)) of course a good storm might help out that opening.. so could we see some showers this weekend? tedd has more on what else to expect for thanksgiving and the rest of the week... he's out at a holiday toy drive to benefit the casa foundation at jones and sahara tonight.. hi tedd!
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last night. these are temps we haven't seen since february as we finally dropped below normal. temps today near 60 and unseasonably cooler than the mid 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ....................... ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average.
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... .................. satellite and radar composite shows clear skies after the clouds we had yesterday. we have cooler weather in the wake of that cold front so temps will take a while to recover. we're anticipating our first freeze of the season for some areas in souther nevada. freeze alerts have been issued but las vegas not under that freeze warming. we stay cold and but not under a freeze warni temps we haven't seen since february 7th. ................................ ... ................. tonight expect a low near 40 and chilly as you'll need the jacket tomorrow a.m. winds become more light breezes tonight and less windy as earlier today. tomorrow expect a high in the mid 60's and milder and finally near average for a change. sunny skies continue as we wrap up the
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... .................. extended forecast shows milder temps into the weekend with more clouds by sunday. slight chance for showers on monday and we clear up again. we turn mild by the weekend and stay cool and more seasonably next week. rn the 40's for much of next week.
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the forest service found an additional 36 million trees since it's last survey in may of this year. the tree deaths have been concentrated in the southern and central sierra nevada portion. there is a lot of disagreement over what to do with the logs. some scientists want to leave them to decompose or go up in flames and create neh they don't help wildfires grow./// ((christianne klein)) a band known for their creativity. ok-go explains how they pull off these creative videos.. all in one shot! and the award they are getting for their ingenuity.. next on the valley's news leader... announcer: you're watching 8 news now at six-thirty.
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band ok-go. ((christianne klein)) if the name doesnt spark a memory... their viral videos like this one probably will. jamie yuccas sat down with the two founders of the band: (nats) you may not know the song here it goes again off the top of your head...but you likely know this music video. around 90 million people have viewed ok-go's hit on youtube. (-damian kulash) we kind of know we'll go to our graves being know. but it's a really fun thing to be known for. and it's opened up this incredible sort of like vista for us to play off. founders tim nordwind and damian kulash met at summer camp when they were just 11 years old. eventually, the two friends started the band ok go. 10 years ago this video launched them into stardom and earned them a grammy. instead of running from the format, they embraced it - shooting complex videos in just
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gravitiy- one in japan involved complex choreography using umbrellas and this fan favorite. the newest one, called the one moment, being released today -- is an explosion of color and expression. (tim nordwind) "lip syncing was very challenging because, you know, the playback was three times the normal speed, so. we had to kind of be like [fast talking]..[fast jumbled k you know, like that. and then when it slows back down it looks kind of right." to get them right, the band rehearses dozens of times. (sot) (jamie) "how do you come up with your ideas?" (tim) "a lot of late night, like feeling kind of crazy looking online and seeing things that inspire us." jy cbs news new york. ((christianne klein)) the band looks at music as a complete package of the song plus screen writing and producing. ((paul joncich)) >> and because of that outlook.. they are being honored with the engenuity award from the smithsonian. and they will be on the late show with stephen colberttonight.///
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thanks for watching 8 news now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an aspiring tv writer from west hollywood, california... a writer from boston, massachusetts... and our returning champion, an executive assistant from burien, washington...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i want to start off today's program by once again thanking all the wonderful people in washington, d.c., who came to see our shows in the teen tournament, and the great people at constitution hall for making our two-week visit there so enjoyable. and congratulations, of course, to young mr. narayan for his $100,000 victory. stephanie, two weeks ago, you won $4,000. you could build that up to $100,000, as you know. christina and andrew are here to stop you. let's see how that works out. here we go -- the jeopardy! round. and now, these categories... followed by... followed by...


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