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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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county sheriff's department, papini has been located 'out of the area' and reunited with her husband. the sheriff's department didn't give many other details except to say she was at an undisclosed hospital in stable condition. detectives are interviewing papini./// ((christianne klein)) >> happy thanksgiving to everyone.. and welcome to a special holiday edition of 8 news now at 5. i'm christanne klein. ((mauricio marin)) >> and i'm mauricio marin. black friday... has become black november. a bunch of stores are now open... and several more will open their doors in a matter of hours. ((christianne klein) henderson at one of the hot spots tonight.. best buy. ((shakala alvaranga)) christianne and mauricio, it's the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. the best buy here on sunset road just opened its doors, with many shoppers eager to get the best
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many big box stores like best buy, walmart and target are boasting major sales, both in store and online. though the black friday hype has diminished over the years, there are still a lot of stores that live for the midnight thanksgiving day lines, hiring extra security for the chaos. according to the national retail federation, the average shopper will spend more than 930 dollars this holiday season. some people, camn stores as early as tuesday, to get a place in line -- and get a deal. (("i dont get to get my kids much for christmas so this time of the year that i can really splurge for them so i definitly support everyone who wants to go and do it.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) while some companies are opting to keep their stores closed tomorrow, urging their employees to enjoy family time instead, there are several stores that will open early tomorrow morning and stay open late
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/// ((mauricio marin)) keep it here.. in about 15 minutes.. find out how black november sales affect our nation's economy... you might be surprised to how this holiday weekend playsu whole...// ((christianne klein)) so if you are heading out tonight for some black thursday shopping.. what kind of weather will greet you? here's tedd...
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humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. .......... ......................... ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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we talked to the man in charge... who says this holiday is especially important for our community. (("especially at a time like this when the nation has its divide and polarity.. today is a day to focus on bringing people together especially for those struggling to survive.. this is a day for them and makes their lives a little better.")) ((christianne klein)) >> a chef and a team of 20 this dunner happen today.../// ((mauricio marin)) giving back for thanksgiving didn't just stop with a hot meal today. hundreds of volunteers helped pamper people at calvary chapel las vegas. they offered up medical care and dental services. plus haircuts and even just offering up a new warm place to hang out. bless-fest as they call it---is in it's 9th year running. and some folks say it means the world to them. (( myra keeney/recieving hot meal for thanksgiving:
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count my blessings to be is that i'm not on a curb they are feeding me there and doing foot work to get out of there. job interviews and what not. customer service is my thing. i've done it for 30 years." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> more than 2-thousand people attended the event. calvary chapel used chartered buses to pick up folks from all around town to make sure they got the help they needed./// ((christianne klein)) an area ambulance company is uniting patients at care facilities with their it's all part of american medical response's "home for the holidays" project. brittany edney joins us now with one patient's happy homecoming. brittany. ((brit)) area organizers told me this project started in the early 80's and they plan to keep this annual tradition, going. we went along with a-m-r as they made one family's thanksgiving dinner possible. "you excited?" "i'm so excited." "alright lets do this." ((brittany edney)) a quick ride from a-m-r and jenny cordero is back at home to spend thanksgiving with her husband james. "hi baby."
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lucky to be alive after they were severely injured in a motorcycle accident--where the driver left the scene. now... the couple is on a long road to recovery. jenny says while she's paralyzed from the waist down but she's not giving up hope. ((jenny cordero, recipient, home for the holidays )) "every day i'm getting more feeling. unfortunately, it's pain but it means that the nerves are regrowing." ((brittany edney)) and on this holiday, she says she's just grateful to amr for reuniting her with loved ones. ((jenny cordero, )) "who thought of this? and like, they have a huge heart and enjoying the simple pleasures of home having like her dad's cooking while watching football. ((jenny cordero, )) "go steelers!" ((brittany edney)) spending quality time with her number one fan. ((jenny cordero, )) "it's just a day to take out of your busy lives to be thankful for eachother and the gifts that you have naturally. this thanksgiving more than any ever, i'm thankful to be alive and to have people i love around me.")) ((brit))
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been identified. she says the accident happened on september 13th, around 10-pm at charleston and antelope. and it's believed that it was a dark blue s-u-v that hit her and her husband while they were on a motorcycle.. anyone with information on that incident is asked to call crimestoppers. guys, we'll send it back to you./// ((mauricio marin)) fifty years ago today-- thanksgiving 1966---a mystery man arrived in the valley aboard a special train. reclusive billionaire howard hughes was an aviato ((christianne klein)) >> but in the four years he spent living in las vegas, only a handful of people ever saw him face to face. hughes left an indelible mark on our community. george knapp looks back at that event half a century ago. this inauspicious railroad crossing in north las vegas is the exact spot where howard hughes' excellent nevada adventure began. the billionaire used his influence to essentially clear the tracks so his special train could travel unimpeded from boston to las vegas. on thanksgiving night
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geoff schumacher: 4410 the train stops. hughes is carted off the train onto a stretcher, gets into the van, drives the van over to the desert inn hotel, goes to the back of the hotel, they go up the fire escape carrying hughes. veteran journalist geoff schumacher knows the story as well as anyone. he's the content director at the mob museum which has a hughes exhibit, and he wrote a highly regarded book about the billionaire's years in neva. paranoia and palace intrigue. geoff: 4430 he moves into one of the suites and his aides are kind of blocking off the hallways and working off the entire top floor. nobody in town knows that howard hughes is takes several days for the press to figure this out.....the mysterious howard hughes has moved to las vegas. what's this all about? and the speculation begins. the timing was fortuitous for las vegas.
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gaming revenue was down. critics were once again saying the town was overbuilt. the arrival of hughes was seen as a very big deal. hughes had been here before, starting in the late 40's. he flew over the desert in his many developmental planes...wooed and stashed various women in las vegas hotels.....hired future sheriff ralph lamb to be his eyes and ears...and bought an unassuming green house which today sits behind klas tv, which is something else he eventually decided to buy. hand man during his four years in las vegas, robert maheu, later said the billionaire had no specific business plan in mind when he arrived, that he mostly wanted a place to stay. geoff: 4705 he had money to spend and he was looking for a small pond where he could spend it. he wanted to own a state. he basically wanted to take over nevada, because in california, he was not such a big fish anymore.there were all kinds of people who
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man, and he thought nevada could be that place. george knapp: well, he was right, wasn't he? geoff: he was right. when the owner of the desert inn chafed at hughes' monopolizing an entire floor of the hotels best rooms, hughes ended the argument by buying the hotel for 13 million dollars. it proved such a benefit for tax reasons that he instructed maheu to buy more...and they did...5 more las vegas casinos...along with vast tracts of raw land that later became me most of all, he bought politicians with bags of cash. amazingly, he wass granted a gaming license without ever appearing in public. geoff: 4859 he jump started the las vegas economy by investing about 200-300 million dollars in it over a period of four years. that's the one thing. he also started nudging the mob out.... ...he bought them out and he started giving las vegas the reputation that, hey, legitimate people can invest here,.
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howard hughes, it might be good enough for you. officially, hughes never left his hotel room during his las vegas stint...though some people. including truck driver melvin dummar--would dispute that. four years after slipping into town, he slipped out just as quietly but not before setting in motion a chain of events that changed the town and the state forever. george knapp 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> melvin dummar, the man who finding him in the desert in 1967, still lives here in nevada. the i-team spoke to him not logn ago and you can see the story we wrote on our website. ((christianne klein)) the holiday shopping season is already in full swing.. ((mauricio marin)) >> we have an inside look at how the black november sales affect our nation's economy.. that's next on 8 news now at 5,
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((christianne klein)) thanksgiving day kicks the holiday shopping season into high gear. an estimated 137 million americans are expected to shop between today and sunday. retailers will be eyeing those shoppers' habits very carefully. karin caifa is in washington with a look at what it all means for your holiday list. retailers feel like they have to make up for a little bit of lost time. in october and in november, they found it difficult to compete with the election chatter -- and grab the attention of early shoppers. but now, it is crunch time. and some brick-and-mortar stores will open their doors and begin the holiday rush later this thanksgiving day. the raucous end of a long presidential campaign, didn't quite put americans in
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president & ceo: there was just so much noise out there that it was hard to break through. so it was not only the fact that retailers were trying very hard to do that, consumers just weren't focused yet. now, retailers hope they have consumers' attention and confidence. october retail sales were better than expected. the job market is still making gains. gas prices -- lower, ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. last month, the national retail federation forecast more than 655 billion dollars in holiday sales -- an increase of 3.6 c.e.o. matt shay says, that outlook still stands. matthew shay / national retail federation president & ceo: we're going to continue to watch that. and we'll see how this weekend goes. but right now we're optimistic we're going to have a great season. wall street has been on a post-election roll but the holiday stretch will give clues about how main street feels about the economy, as a trump administration takes shape. so retailers will watch how much americans spend, but also, where they spend it, department stores, or discounters? and how -- checking off items early, or holding out for better deals.
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over from the recession. brent schoenbaum / deloitte retail partner: consumers have been trained to realize that you're looking for the best possible deal. if and when that occurs, you've got to be ready, willing and able to jump in and take advantage of it. among the major retailers that will open their doors for the after-thanksgiving- dinner crowd -- walmart, macy's, best buy, and target but if your favorite brick and morter store is not opening its doors, check their website. many of them are offering black friday-esque deals already online. karin caifa. ((weather toss))
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down the colorado river valley. wind advisories there will be allowed to expire on time. sunny skies have innundated the region as winds in the valley are not as high as last night. our temps are seasonal and there's no chance for rain through saturday. expecting changes though by sunday. ...... ............................. ................... temps around the valley in the of town where we're lower in elevation. neighborhoods to the west and far north conisiderably cooler in the low 60's as chilly weather still continues up in mount charleston. ................................ ... .....................
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today from mesquite down the colorado river valley to laughlin where we continue to see strong gusts. highs in the 60's there with some locales like mesquite and death valley in the 70's today and warmer. cooler with chilly temps expected by morning in the southern great basin. ................................ ... .......................... satellite and radar shows weak high pressure for a few days as a dry southwesterly flow will continue through saturday. notice the big comma shaped pattern up in pacific ocean? that will bring the clouds, cooler weather and showers we're tracking for late weekend. we'll see those clouds develop as early as saturday along with wind. ................................ ... .............................. here's the forecast for tonight. dropping to the 40's under clear to mostly clear skies and winds starting to relax down to less than 10 mph. temps should be near average for our overnight hours before warming up tomorrow. sunny skies for your black friday again and we warm up to
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................................ ... ............................. tded forecast calls for clouds and wind by saturday. sunday overcast with passing showers and breezes. we cool off the 50's by sunday and stay that way through early week next week. showers chances end by monday but skies won't clear entirely until tuesday. still looking at 50's though through much of the week> and tonight on 8 news now at 6.. michelle's holiday gift
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year.. and we're talking about stocking stuffers. the valley's news leader will be right back./// ((coming up... coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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president elect donald trump is spending the thanksgiving holiday with his family.. at their home in mar-a-lago, florida. ((mauricio marin)) >> listen to this.. the washington post reports.. that trump is skipping out on most daily intelligence briefings. trump has met only twice with intelligence analysts to get up to speed on security threats and world events-- but the trump transition team is reluctant to change the president-elect's schedule. they say trump is focused on forming his administration, and warned against making a big deal about his briefing schedule.///
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puts a very modern spin on the traditional nativity display... ((mauricio marin)) >> and is sure to raise some eyebrows at holiday gatherings everywhere. jeremy roth has today's take a look at this. ((mauricio marin)) thanks for watching 8 news ((mauricio marin)) thanks for watching 8
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((christianne klein)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: police under fire. officers are ambushed during routine traffic stops in several states. >> this incident shows that that can happen right in our backyard. >> quijano: also tonight, the long shot of long shots-- who's leading the battle for a recount help for the homeless. a simple program is making life on the streets more bearable. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. >> quijano: and a family reunion-- the women and their guardian angel. >> reporter: do you have any daughters of your own? >> no. those are my kids. this is the "cbs evening news"


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