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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  November 27, 2016 8:00am-8:30am PST

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shooting on bourbon street. police say at least 9 others are injured..... >> and it's been a busy thanksgiving holiday for the valley. visitors are flocking to red rock canyon for the long weekend. >> plus strong winds are blowing throught the valley right now. meteorologist katie boer can tell you what to expect. 8 news now the valley's news leader...starts right now../// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." thanks for waking up with us i'm nia wong.. nearly 200-thousand drivers will be leaving the valley today after this thanksgiving weekend. if you're driving back home today.. mothers against drunk driving says--nationwide-- the time between thanksgiving and new years is the deadliest for drunk driving crashes. officers want people to remember there are consequences when you drink and getting behind the wheel.... you can face high fines and jailtime but there's also
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just using the designated driver system./// ((nia wong)) before you hit the road...i'm going to send it over to katie boer with your check of the weather. ((nia wong)) new orleans police say a man ((nia wong)) new orleans police say a
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injured after a mass shooting in the french quarter. it happened on bourbon street. a very popular area for tourists. the area was crowded for the thanksgiving holiday and the bayou classic football game at the superdome. police say they've made two arrests. the other nine are recovering in the hospital./// ((nia wong)) this weekend the streets of miami's little havana are celebrating after the news of cuban leader fidel castro's death. castro died at the age of 90 ... after ruling cuba for nearly five decades starting in 1959. his brother...cuban president fidel's death on state television late friday. miami's mayor issued this statement after the announcement: toms regalado/mayor of miami (translated): >> "this moment is transcendental because fidel castro was not just a person, not just a dictator, he was a symbol that affected many generations of cubans.")) ((nia wong)) >> cuba has announced that there will be nine days of national mourning for castro. his burial is scheduled on sunday, december fourth.///
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continues as a growing movement nationwide... the shopping day is dedicated to supporting small, local stores after big retailers got all the attention on black friday. thousands of people came out to support the outdoor stores. nearly 40 small businesses filled the shopping center. the people at the clothing store "live at your own pace" estimate around 80 percent of merchandise was purchased./// ((nia wong)) the l-v-c-v-a estimates 300-thousand people have come to the valley for thanksgiving weekend. both visitors and locals spent the holiday weekendu (( julie fuller/visiting red rock - "it's beautiful. very gorgeous. glad to be out of the city lights and into nature." chris fuller/visitng red rock - 'we just started out to the first trail out to the spring and it's gorgeous. colors are changing people get out here." )) ((nia wong)) >> friday was one of the busiest days this time of year at the canyon. today is also expected to be fairly crowded. red rock canyon is open until 5 p-m./// ((nia wong)) coming up on the valley's news leader. after the dakota access pipeline
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residents from that area are standing by police during protests. ((we want unity. we don't want division )) the turnout and support for law enforcement. and one of the six children killed in school bus crash in tennessee has been buried. updates on the remaining hospitalized kids and the bus driver facing murder charges. that's next right after this break./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with nia
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((nia wong)) welcome back to the valley's news leader. over the ron glass passed away from heart failure. glass is best known for his role as detective ron harrison on the police sitcom "barney
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his agent describes him as a private, gentle, and caring man. glass was 71 years old./// ((nia wong)) after a deadly school bus crash killed six young children in tennessee last of them has been laid to rest. a funeral service was held for nine year old cor'dayja jones. at least five children still remain at the hospital, one of them has improved and is expected to survive. another three students are listed in critical condition. the bus driver, 24 year old johnthony walker is will make this week./// ((nia wong)) protesters in north dakota spent their thanksgiving weekend trying to stop the construction of the dakota access pipeline. yesterday more than four-hundred people rallied to support police who sometimes clashed with the protesters. a group of residents swept the liberty memorial bridge...saying they are standing in solidarity with law enforcement that have been involved with the pipeline protests.// ((bruce bjelland, law enforcement supporter: "they're put under such strain right now, and the time that they have put in, it's
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"pro-community. we want our communities back. we want unity. we don't want division.")) ((nia wong)) >> organizers the rally was the result of a facebook post. they say it's not for or against the pipeline, but instead an effort to unite the bismarck-mandan community. some residents have also called for federal and state agencies to intervene./// ((nia wong)) votes are still being counted from this election and green party candidate jill stein is now leading the way for a recount. enough money to file for a recount in wisconsin. now hillary clinton's campaign is saying she's with her. --- and while the campaign won't fight the results itself... it will take part in the recount effort to make sure it's fair to all sides. meanwhile....presi dent-elect donald trump thinks the recount is a scam and blasted stein saying she won't spend the funds on a recount. this is the first presidential recount in wisconsin state history./// ((nia wong)) time is now (......). just ahead on 8 news now... two major storms are
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the details right after this break... (( ((katie boer)) >> good morning i'm watching gusty winds for part of our day and scattered shower chances... i've got the breakdown...and the time... coming up in my extended forecast. )) "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) welcome back to the valley's news leader. after mother nature threw a one-two punch on thanksgiving day....more snow is headed to
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into washington state, bringing heavy rain, winds and snow over the cascade mountains. the storms brought gusts of more than 50-miles an hour to some parts of the state. forecasters say some areas along skokomish river could see minor flooding./// ((nia wong)) nothing to that degree over here in the valley. but cooler weather is expected. i'm going to kick it over to katie boer in the weather center. katie? (( )) ((katie boer)) >> good morning our wind advisory continues for portions of southern nevadw next couple of hours. but for now the switch goes to our threat of rain mid-day. ...................... looking at wind cast, we'll see those strongest winds from now through about 3pm -- with gusts for some locations up to 50mph. ...................... weather headlines: we've been watching that band of showers pushing east out of california. those gusty winds carry through just a few more hours... with a chance of showers today
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................... let's talk about the big picture....a colder trough off the pacific northwest will then dive southeast across the area sunday. cold air aloft will help trigger numerous instability showers over the terrain sunday with isolated to scattered showers expected in valley locations. due to an inland trajectory system will be working with little moisture. but due to strong dynamics/cold air it should be an efficient precipitation producer. ..................... looking at the 7-day forecast look for a major dip. after mid-60s saturday, we'll be about 10-degrees cooler today. and those mid to upper 50s will carry us through the next couple of days. our rain nc sunday with drier conditions for the early to mid part of next week./// ((nia wong))
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seen some of our male anchors sporting a lot more facial hair. it's all to raise awareness about men's health for "movember." coming up after the break....we speak with a health specialist on mental health issues. "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) >> welcome back to the valley's news leader. when talking about men's health we usually talk about the physical aspects of it. but in recognition of "movember" ------------------joins us to talk to us about mental issues among men. how might this affect a man's overall well-being and overall well-being and health? are there mental health issues that are more prevalent in men over women? for those that struggle with mental health
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should be they be aware of any physical side effects? why is it important to break down the associated stigma? if someone is struggling with a mental health issue, what would you suggest they do? ((nia wong))
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health issue, what would you suggest they do? ((nia wong))
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(( dinero get's a high stick to conjon thows gets missed throws it in and he scores! michael zipp triggers an avalanche of teddy bears look out below)) ((nia wong)) >> the cal w-h-l held their annual teddy bear toss this weekend. after scoring hitmens first goal against the lethbridge hurricanes, nearly 24-thousand teddy bears were thrown on ice. 60 calgary agencies will give the teddies to local child non profit organizations this holiday season./// ((nia wong)) it's been an historic season for the dallas cowboys. a family of die-hard fans are taking their love for america's team to a whole new level.
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