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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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shoulders every day. "you're constantly thinking of your safety and the safety of others." as tension rise between departments and the public -- we ride alongside officers to find out how they're staying safe... while protecting our community. ((dave courvoisier)) nevada is continuing to establish itself in a booming industry... drones. henderson has landed the next test site... but what will the city get out of the unmanned aircraft? ((katie boer)) and gusty win it's first freeze warning of the season. when clark county could see temperatures in the 20s coming up on the valleys news leader.
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so far this year... that number is already up to 60. good evening... i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) i'm dave courvoisier of those killed -- statistics show one-third of them were purposely targeted. so what's being done to protect police -- all while they keep us safe? reporter brittany edney hopped in a patrol car to find out. she joins us now from metro headquarters with what she learned... brittany? ((brittany edney)) >> we hit the streets with metro to see how officers stay safe during a shift... while they're protecting others.
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with the badge. along with dealing with the unknown of each call. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police "you don't know what you're getting into, what the state of mind is." )) ((brittany edney)) the recent rollout of department wide technology helps keep responders tuned in. from body cams, new radio systems, gps in all new vehicles with new lte tablets--which allows officers to access photos but training is their best weapon... ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police "you've always got to allow yourself to grow and to continue to learn.")) ((brittany edney)) but it's a proven fact that quickly identifying a suspects past.. gives them a better idea of who and what they're dealing with. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police)) "to see what kind of priors they may have. have they been arrested before? do they have a weapons permit?" )) ((brittany edney)) it's not uncommon for police to get the call of
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we watched as officers responded to that situation and tracked down a man at his home. it's just one example of why metro says those simple checks are a valuable use of time and resources. (("we're here to help you. we're not just here to arrest people and take people to jail.")) ((brittany edney)) >> officers say they want to encourage residents to give them a call if they're ever worried about someone having suicidal thoughts because then they can help get that personh reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) earlier tonight... a man was taken to the hospital after getting hit by a bus. it happened at about 7 p-m... on m-l-k... just south of craig. police say the bus driver stayed on scene and is cooperating with police. at last check.. the pedestrian was listed in critical condition./// ((dave courvoisier)) metro police are also busy looking for this man. he's accused of sexually assaulting a young girl on
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him... before he can attack another child. (( lt. david valenta/metro sexual assault unit "anyone that would victimize a child like this is absolutely one of the worst of the worst offenders that we have and that is absolutely the type of person we have all hands on deck and we use every resource available to go after." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the incident happened near a condo complex at lake mead and buffalo. police say the man approached an 8 year old girl and her younger brother... told the boy to go inside... then took the girl behind a building and assaulted her. police say the girl eventually happened. the suspect was last seen wearing a blue tee shirt and black jeans. if you have any information... call police or crime stoppers./// ((denise valdez)) just into the newsroom... a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team to colombia has crashed on it's way to medellin colombia. it's not yet clear what caused the crash... but thunderstorms have hit the area hard as of late. medellin's mayor says it's possible that there are survivors./// ((denise valdez))
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of gatlinburg and pigeon forge tennessee tonight. the chimney two wildfire is burning close to a dozen acres and winds are causing it to spread. at one point tonight... 30 structures.. including a 16-story hotel were on fire. 80 firefighters are trying to get it under control.. and the national guard has been mobilized to help. officials believe the fire was human-caused./// ((denise valdez)) it's still not clear what motivated an 18-year-old man to ohio state university. police say abdul rzak ali artan crashed his car into a group of people... then stabbed several others with a butcher knife. he was later shot and killed by police. one law enforcement source says artan had recently posted on facebook that he was sick of the way muslims are being treated everywhere. the university will reopen tomorrow./// ((dave courvoisier)) the celebrations and mourning continue around the world... following the news that the former president of the island
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((evelio medina/community organizer - it leaves a lot of hope and aspirations for a free and prosperous cuba with opportunities for everyone)) tens of thousands of cubans lined up in havana today.... to pay their respects. although the former president has been widely criticized for isolating and oppressing the cuban nation.. many in havana admire him as a revolutionary who stood up to the united states. but in miami.. castro's passing brought celebration. as for what his death means for the country moving forward... experts we spoke with say on political reform. ((john tuman - political science professor, unlv: i think that the cuban communist party does have a larger structure, it does have some roots in society. i think some people are eager for economic and political reform but i think it's difficult to say in which direction it will go in.)) ((dave courvoisier)) >> on wednesday a procession will carry castro's ashes to santiago. the funeral is planned for sunday - in the birthplace of the revolution. ((dave courvoisier)) since an agreement was
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for americans. and now some unlv students are asking for help getting there. the business school's "global entrepreneurship experience" is trying to raise money to make the trip. the program teaches students about doing business in a global market... and they say now is a perfect time to get a closer look at cuba's economy. if you'd like to contribute.. we've posted a link to their fundraising page on las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) we had a pretty cold start to the week -- but expect it to get even colder! ka ((katie boer))
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morning between 28-32 degrees. ..................... cool and dry for the rest of the mid week with temps. remaining 5-8 degrees below rmal >> denisvd)) looking to the future... in testing drones. the city will be the first urban site in the state that'll do just that. shakala alvaranga is here to explain... ((shakala alvaranga)) >> denise, three years ago, nevada became one of 6 designated u-a-s test site operators. the goal ... to encourage the integration of drones into air traffic systems. and this afternoon, the city of henderson announced that it was chosen to pave the way for commercial drone usage...
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opportunity not only for the city of henderson and nevada state college but also for the entire state." ((shakala alvaranga)) the drone soars through the skies with a bird's eye view of the world. "it's very interesting because this is not a test site that is just open space. this is just urban area which will have obstructions and allow people to really test the uses of their unmanned systems." ((shakala alvaranga)) the new site will be constructed in henderson. "we have nevada state college here d perfect location to build this kind of site and to do this kind of work." ((shakala alvaranga)) giving drone operators a safe and accessible environment to test their very own products. it's a one of a kind creation. "we will also have the nevada institute for autonymous systems there to lend their expertise for all those who are trying to test their commercial systems out." ((shakala alvaranga)) hoping to become a leader in the technology world... city officials want to see advanced drone development in henderson.
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industry take off and for henderson to become ground zero for drones." ((shakala alvaranga)) and it's no secret that it could also bring in a lot of money... "this could have a tremendous economic impact. if people start coming here and building their drone systems there, that way we could have companies move to henderson and also southern nevada to start their systems." ((shakala alvaranga)) >> the site is scheduled to be up and running early next year. in the studio shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// still ahead... what's in store for the unlv football team. tony sanchez hits the recruiting trail but first gives an account of what's lies ahead as the rebels limped through a season ending loss. that's later in sports. >> plus... a holiday gift everyone can get behind... cheaper gas. experts say to expect it this season... but how much will prices dip? that's next... but first... we want to warn you about a closure on 215. the eastbound lanes are shut down from the airport exit to warm springs...
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you can still get to the airport.. but if you're trying to get to henderson... you'll have to find a different way. it will reopen at 5 a-m.///
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this is 8 news now at eleven." ((dave courvoisier)) folks around the country... including las vegas.. will take to the streets tomorrow to fight for better pay. workers from fast-food restaurants... as well as uber drivers will march 10 miles from the carl's and pebble... to the mcdonald's at sahara and paradise. employees are demanding 15-dollars an hour... and union rights as part of the "fight for 15" movement. it started 4 years ago... and has since brought the minimum wage to 15-dollars in new york, california, and washington d-c. /// ((denise valdez)) now for news you can use. gas prices in the valley have fallen more than 2 cents a gallon in the last week. the average price sits at about 2-41 -- according to gas buddy dot com.
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cents lower than what we were paying this time last year. across the country gas is down a little more than a penny a gallon.. bringing the national average to 2-12. experts say it's normal for prices to fall by december./// ((denise valdez)) black friday... small business saturday.. and cyber monday have all come and gone. now it's time to packand ship. the us postal service will handle about 750 million packages this season... that's up more than 12 percent from last year. some ways to make the prs you can have flat-rate boxes delivered to your house for free. go online to print the postage from home... and skip the line at the post office. you can even have the carrier pick up your package for free when he or she delivers mail on any given day. and don't forget... december 15-th is the last day to send something via ground shipping to guarantee it will arrive by christmas. after that -- you'll have to pay extra for first class and priority. katie? /// ((katie boer)) while you're out shopping
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gift for someone in need. 8 news now is partnering with tobin fiat at sahara and jones to collect toys and gift cards for the casa foundation. the dealership wants to fill up as many of the fiats as they can. you can stop by to make a donation through november 30-th./// ((katie boer))
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of the season to experience early morning temperatures in the upper 20s. ................... 4" of new snow up at mt. charleston overnight -- although it's completely quiet on the radar there now ..................... northerly breezes develop this afternoon and continue into this evening... it should remain gusty at times through tuesday afternoon. ..................... by tuesday night look for a sharp dip in overnight temps -- first freeze of the season is the mojave desert and the colder perimeter zones of the lv metro area. look for overnight lows wednesday mornign and saturday morning between 28-32 degrees. ..................... cool and dry for the rest of the mid week with temps. remaining 5-8 degrees below normal >> ((dave courvoisier)) unlv's football season came
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((denise valdez)) >> but tony sanchez says there are building blocks in place. ((chris maathuis)) >> he's trying to overhaul a program that's been running lean for years. despite the disappointing weekend loss...maybe things aren't so gloomy afterall.
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things are 'trending' the right way. plus... a classic monday matchup... packers and eagles coming up next here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis))
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feel it was a successful season. but then again when you visit with head coach tony sanchez... he admits saturday's loss was a punch to the gut, but feels things might not be as dire as one might think. maybe there'o here is some of the things the team accomplished this season... for the first time since 2003 unlv has had consecutive seasons of progressive wins. it's the first time since 1979 and 1981 that a team had over 400 yards offense in a game. this was unlv's best scoring offense in 37 years. best rushing defense in 8 years, best total defense in 7. so throw all those numbers together and it tells you just how far from average this program has been in the past. so how does unlv change the
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you stick to the plan you come in with idea, how we going to connect to community, recruit what are we going to do to develop our kids. how are we going to create depth on the roster and it's tough, there's a reason you get these jobs. you don't get jobs like this because they're cadillac you get em because you've got to get in there and be a little bit of a grease monkey and fix this car up and that's what we're doing right now. ((chris maathuis)) rebels rer season, including a 4 star red shirt freshman quarterback and their top running backs, including that guy, lexington thomas. of the 15 starters back, 9 are back on offense. ((chris maathuis)) tony sanchez is moving into his third year and speaking of next year, the rebels play at ohio state next september and byu will visit las vegas in november and again the final game of the season on thanksgiving weekend will be the rival game with reno. after losing 4 in a row, packer
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won't make the playoffs and they've got a legit concern. that's why green bay needed a win tonight against philly. eagles hadn't lost at home yet this season. but aaron rodgers changes things as only he can. number 12 threw for a pair of touchdown passes.. both to davante adams. green bay keeps its slim post season hopes alive winning 27-13... but they're still 2 games back of the lions in the nfc north. the rebels are on the road because of the national finals rodeo... so they're at southernt his t-birds... then unlv is at arizona state on saturday. the city's lone nba rep is making noise tonight.. former gorman star shabazz muhammad playing against the jazz. off the bench shabazz on target with the slam dunk, he scored 8 of his 10 in the 4th. but the t-wolves look lost... jazz go on to win it 112-103. ((chris maathuis)) there's a bunch of horses and bulls over near the thomas and mack with the national finals
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livestock has already parked near the campus. the national finals is one of the city's biggest events of the year and this year is no exception. we caught up a pair of tie-down champions who are ready to roll. ryan jarrett/tie-down champ: "team roping steer roping bareback all the events it's a great event to come watch, prca does a great job of producing it it's exciting. caleb smidt/tie down champ: "here at the thomas and mack its small it's loud and the fans are rodeo fans, so that gets ya doing, i sure like it... i don't get nervous.. once in the box if forget about all that." ((denise valdez)) our strange stories for monday right after this.///
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((dave courvoisier)) a russian tv show is taking heat online for a controversial performance. the show is similar to america's "dancing with the stars" but features ice skating. one of the couples raised brows outside of russia when they came out dressed as holocaust inmates. the act was based on the "life is beautiful"... and earned the pair their highest score yet on the show./// ((katie boer)) a japanese theme park is getting some backlash for it's holiday rink. the problem... when they froze the pond... the fish.. crabs.. and other shellfish were still in the water! "space world" has since closed what it called "freezing port".. while crews work to free all of the creatures from the ice. once that's done... the park says it will hold a religious service for them... then reuse them as fertilizer.///
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update to a strange story we first told you about friday. the company behind the satirical game "cards against humanity" took donations to dig what it calls a "holiday hole". the drive started friday morning and was supposed to end sunday -- but was extended because of the amount of money that kept coming in. when asked why the money isn't going to charity the company responded -- it's your money -- why don't you donate it to charity? in all... more than 100-thousand dollars was raised for the dig./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's al ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next.... tonight's guests.. first lady michelle obama.. and america ferrera. good night./// news music
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll want to see me. >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. ? ? ? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert!


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