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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 29, 2016 2:37am-3:37am PST

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>> the white house and the president elect were on opposite ends of the spectrum in their comments. in his statement, president obama left if the up to history to judge the enormous impact of this singular figure. trump ware who oppressed his own people. >> the guy was a pawn the a prisoner of both governments. >> reporter: allen gross spent five years in a cuban prison. accused of undermining their government. he says the only thing keeping the countries at odds had been the men in charge. >> i boil it down to a personality conflict. between 10 u.s. presidents and one cuban president. and when we got to the 11th president and the cuban presidency changed that's when
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president elect donald trump ran his campaign promising to drain the swamp in washington. well half a world away in italy, prime minister mateo renzi has an ambitious plan. a referendum would reshape the italian constitution. among the provisions, slashing the number of senators in parliament. charlie rose has the story for "60 minutes." ? we met mateo renzi in florence where the renaissance was born and where it flourished. >> this is the salavicci, the flower, symbol of florence. >> reporter: he insisted on conducting the interview in the old palace in a room with a view. look out the window.
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after donald trump had stunned the world. this is the headline in "the new york times" this morning when i got up. here in your city. what's your reaction? >> it is a surprise. a great surprise. yesterday, i spoke with the president-elect. >> you spoke with trump? did he call you or you call him? >> i called m. because the president-elect deserved a call by the prime minister of italy. and i -- i wished him every, every good, good luck for, for the next years. >> reporter: did you remind him you supported his opponent? >> but we don't discuss about it. but it is normal. it is the -- the great, the great play of democracy. >> reporter: renzi finds himself at the center of a great play of democracy, italians will vote on december 4th on a referendum he
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it would change italy's constitution by slashing the number of senators in parliament. >> italy is incredible. because italy is the country with 950 members of parliament. the double of the united states of america. >> reporter: u.s., 435 members of the house. 100 members of the senate. >> in italy, the number are 630 in the chamber. >> reporter: a yes vote would reduce the senate to 100 members, who would be appointed and not elected. renzi believed the change is needed because the senate is the graveyard of legislation in italy. this referendum is not a referendum to change democracy in italy. it is a referendum to reduce bureaucracy in italy. italy is the worst country for
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and this is very important. if we have a system with a lot of politicians, the consequence is 63 government changes in 70 years. >> reporter: 63 governments in 70 years! >> exactly. because we have a system and bureaucracy. everything is difficult. everything is complicated. and my idea is simply give simplicity to italy. >> reporter: renzi known as the demolition man in italy. he wants to scrap the old ways of he has already passed a bill that makes it easier to hire and fire workers. renzi argues with a leaner senate he can streamline the way italy is run. history is italy's richest asset. but its present is hampered by a bloated inefficient state. italy's economy hasn't grown for two decades. the unemployment rate is nearly 12%. italians still know how to enjoy
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many italians are suspicious of renzi's motives for the referendum. >> this is crazy. this is madness. ridiculous. democracy is the right that people have to choose their, their representative. >> reporter: virginia ragi, the mayor of rome who cam to office with little political experience. her party opposes renzi's constitutional reform. country. he just wants more power. >> reporter: that is an incredible accusation to make. more power to do what? >> what he wants. maybe -- all the laws he wants to do without great opposition from the parliament. >> reporter: one of italy's leading columnists. he says renzi personalized the referendum early on by threatening to quit if the no vote prevailed.
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all of his opponents everywhere, the left, right, center, wherever. even within his party. so in practice it is a referendum on mateo renzi. him against everyone else. >> reporter: it has become a vote about you. and that's not good. >> yes. this is, was my mistake in the first -- days of electoral campaign. i understand the mistake. n' people who say "oh, politicians have to refuse to admit mistake." no, i am a man. i can make some mistakes. >> reporter: if you can trust them, the polls show the no vote slightly ahead. there have been weekly rallies against renzi and his referendum. some of which have turned violent. while others have been simply passionate. >> si or no!
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banners read "renzi go home." though in office for a little over two and a half years, mateo renzi is seen as the establishment, the vessel for people to vent their anger in a year when discontented voters are sag no to those in power. >> after the victory of trump. a lot of italian populists, "ah, we won." >> reporter: they said trump was a vote for no. >> yeah, if trump won in michigan or pennsylvania, it is not the same thing in the lombardia. >> italy is nervous, rattled by the shock of the brexit vote. the european union needs stability in italy, a country notorious for its instability. ? ? and president obama with an eye perhaps on boosting renzi before the referendum, last month invited renzi and his wife, anyezi to the white house for
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? if renzi pulls out a victory next week, it will likely be because he is a relentless campaigner and a master of operatic stage craft. with his tuscan swagger and a florentine ease with the italian language he is racing around italy like a man who consumed one double espresso too many. renzi is a natural politician. he is trying to convince his people that a yes vote is the best chance for italy to move forward. here's what i hear -- from you, sitting here in this remarkable place of history. i love italy so much i want to change it in order to make sure it can be all that it can. >> the message is exactly the that. after two years in my chair in rome as prime minister, i am
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>> reporter: from a young age, renzi was the smartest person in the room. at age 19, he won over $30,000 on the italian version of "wheel of fortune." by age 34, he became the mayor of florence. in 2014, despite not being a member of parliament, he managed to assume the prime minister seat without winning an election. it was a move worthy of fellow florentine machiavelli whose name for five centuries defined the gaining of political advantage. we are in this city of florence, the home of machiavelli. >> yes. not only machiavelli. not only. machiavelli worked exactly in the other room. >> reporter: he worked in there? >> yes. and there is the portrait of machiavelli now. >> reporter: machiavelli was about power and the exercise of
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that's the game you are in. >> machiavelli is in italy because machiavelli its a representation as a man who used the every way to achieve the power. but i think machiavelli is one of the symbol of italian intelligence. this is the portrait of machiavelli. >> reporter: renzi is self-aware and self deprecating but the joke in italy is that renzi's ego is so huge, the entrances to the palace had to be enlarged to accommodate it. here's what some journalistic friend said to me. he is a man in a hurry. he talks too much. has tried to do a lot in 2 1/2 years. but they remind me that your
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mateo. but you are not god." >> it's true. he told me. i am not interested to change about the government, i interested to change the conditions for the people. so, yes, i talk a lot. >> you can see the full report on our website, cbsnews. ?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. meta appetite control... it helps put some distance between you and temptation.
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rumors that fidel castro was on his deathbed began almost ten years ago. this time they're true. fidel castro died friday. once a revolutionary leader battling a tyrannical dictator, then a dictator himself. tonight we'll take a look not at his last days or the last years, but the beginning of his reign. and we well do it with the help of a cbs news correspondent by the name of edward r. murrow. we have dusted off a grainy, black and white interview murrow did with castro in february 1959, 30 days after taking power. it was castro's last full interview in english. murrow wore a suit. oddly and inexplicably, castro wore pajamas. >> fidel castro at age of 32.
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great deal of power and a great deal of responsibility. aren't you a little frightened by this? >> well, really not frightn't. because i have self-confidence. >> reporter: this rare interview at a time of great promise for castro. he had just ousted a corrupt dictator. and was greeted by cheering crowds as he and his revolutionaries entered havana. >> tell me, fidel castro are you concerned at all about the communist influence in cuba? >> i no worry because there is not threat about communism here in cuba. >> reporter: history would prove otherwise. for more than half a century, fidel castro was the communist, 90 miles off our shores. facing down 11 american presidents. he could be ruthless and repressive. at the same time, a national hero. who brought education and medical care to his people.
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the "overnight news" will be
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not everyone in cuba is singing the blues over the death of fidel castro. a lot of younger cubans don't have strong attachments to the deceased dictator. >> reporter: young and old have started to gather to pay their respects to fidel castro who turned over power to brother raul in 2006. so not ery remember fidel's time as president and even fewer will recall his days fighting the revolution. this church league soccer game might make it seem like any other sunday in havana. that is until halftime. when both teams stop to hold a moment of silence for fidel castro. alejandr say they admire fidel. >> translator: for us cubans it
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molded less by firsthand experience, and more by tradition and family. >> reporter: your grand farnts have cried about this. >> translator: they were part of the revolution. they feel this -- much more heavily. >> translator: clearly they feel this a lot more than we do. that was apparent away from the field in church a island where older cubans openly mourn. ss.spoke with this woman after you love fidel. i see a tear? streaming down your face. because i love too much fidel. >> reporter: and your revolution? >> yes. >> reporter: there is no mention here at least publicly about the abuses and oppression of the castro regime. in fact the effort here is to make sure the revolution does not fade into history for young people. nearly a third of the island's population is under 25.
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to american pop culture as wifi hot spots pop up. we found carla martinez sharing a phone with her mother. you are more interested in talking to your friend online no? si. >> reporter: as you can see, now the first of many, many thousands who are expected to gather here at revolution square to pay respects to fidel castro have started to arrive. now as you saw in the piece we talked about wi-fi and access to the internet. something dissidents have come to as a way, and concern the youth is becoming too distracted at a defining time in the >> that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. r others check back with us a rning. of course, cbs this g from the broadcast center in new
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attack at ohio state. >> we have a man with a knife running around cutting people. >> a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. a >> i heard a loud noise like crash and just saw people running. >> also tonight. >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. a warning on cyber monday. thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found hundreds of fake apps, hundreds. >> and -- >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> tossed 30 feet into a drainage ditch. how did this #-month-old survive?
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." the assault was sudden and violent. and within moments the campus of ohio state university was 60,000 students was locked down. 11 people were hurt when a student from somalia attacked with a car and then a knife. in what is being investigated as an act of terror. a police officer shot and killed the suspect. dean reynold is in >> reporter: additional units to the area of 19th and college. we have several pedestrians struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: the time on the ohio state campus was 9:52 a.m. and a clutch of students and teachers assembled outside because a building fire alarm sounded. a man drove his honda civic on to the sidewalk, and into them and got out and slashed as many onlookers as he could with a butcher knife.
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lab, all patients are alert and oriented. but severe bleeding out of some of them. >> reporter: the attacker identified as a student at osu, somali born, abdul razak artan . joseph knoll, a junior at osu on the street a few feet away. >> i heard a bunch of screaming. i took my headphones out. and all of these people were rushing over this way. at first i thought it was some sort of game or something. and until i could see faces. >> reporter: what did their faces look like? >> they were terrified. >> reporter: campus police were at the scene investigating a gas leak that triggered the fire alarm and allen harougeko took action. >> chief, we got one down. critical down here. >> shooter is in custody. >> reporter: ohio state university chief of police is craig stone. >> our officer was on scene and in less than a minute he ended the situation less than a minute. he engaged the suspect. and he eliminated the threat.
3:03 am
unfolded the university sent out alerts to students in unmistakable terms. run. hide. fight. key instructions used in campus wide training to indicate an active threat. the response was immediate. as students barricaded themselves in classrooms while waiting about two hours for the all-clear. 11 people including students and faculty were hurt, and one of them, is in critical condition crash, norah, while others suffered lacerations in the knife attack. >> dean reynolds. thank you so much. so the question now is what do we know about the suspect? jeff pegues has that part of the story. >> reporter: the man behind today's attack at ohio state university was a new student. officials say, abdul razak artan came to the u.s. with six family members in 2014.
3:04 am
refugee camp in pakistan. artan attended community college in columbus before transferring to ohio state this year. on his first day in august, artan was interviewed by "the lantern" and come plaend about what he believed was the media negative portrayal of muslims. i wanted to pray in the open, he was quoted as saying, but i was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. it people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what they're going to think. whs law enforcement is investigating the incident as a likely terror attack. they have searched the car the suspect was driving as well as apartment complex. terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis have been encouraging supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks. earlier this month the fbi renewed its warnings to police agency as cross the country about potential for home grown violent extremist activity targeting civilians in crowded
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cbs news that artan recently posted on face book that he was sick about the way muslims were being treated. norah the simple hard to stop attacks are exactly what concerns police. >> jeff pegues, thank you. turning to our other top story, reaction in cuba and the u.s. to the death of fidel castro. charlie rose is in havana tonight. good evening, charlie. >> good evening, norah. thank you so much. we are in revolution square where hundreds of thousands of their final respects to the man who ruled this country for nearly 50 years. although he turned over power to his younger brother, raul, nearly 10 years ago, fidel castro remained the heart and soul of the communist revolution. here is manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: the lines of mourners, as the sun rose, as
3:06 am
to revolution square to pay respect to the outsized leader who changed their country. your father is gone? father of cuba. for nearly 50 years, fidel castro's booming voice echoed throughout the plaza as he delivered impassioned speeches meant to rally supporters. now, it's strangely quiet. as thousands upon thousands say farewell. they walked by photographs of castro. flanked by his military medals, flowers, and guards. his ashes lay in a private room. out of the public's view. norma diaz was too emotional to talk. that is until we asked how the world will view her weeping over a man many consider a brutal dictator? >> translator: let them tell the story they know, she says. we can only tell the story we
3:07 am
brags -- celebrations by cuban exiles north of here in miami. what do you say to them? >> translator: that they're insensitive, he says, that hey have no feelings. >> reporter: if it is any indication of castro's stature here, some people have deemed this event a commemoration of the "physical departure of their leader." charlie, they rarely use the ord death when it c castro. >> thank you so much. by coincidence, commercial flights resume from new york to havana. the first in more than half a century. american airlines flight 17 from miami arrived to a water cannon salute. many passengers cuban-american, some visit itting cuba for the first time. the cbs "overnight news"
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music and celebration prohibited during the mourning for fidel castro. in contrast to little havana. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: charlie, when news first broke that castro died. it turned into something of a street party. right here in front versailles which is the well-known gathering place for cuban americans. this weekend, more than 3,000 people celebrated peacefully. >> this is it. the icon is gone. and hopefully everything is going to change. fernando hernandez one of 14,000 children who came to the u.s. between 1960 and 1962. during operation. fearing castro their parents sent them here hoping life would
3:11 am
i parents for putting me on that plane to come here. i am very happy about that. >> reporter: for some cuban americans, castro's death is bittersweet. her exiled mother didn't live to see the day. >> i am happy that i came to share this moment with my mom. >> reporter: it is so personal for these people we have spoken to in that it is bringing up these old painful memories. the crowds that we saw over the weekend are gone. the roads are open but charlie, we are hearing that cuban exiles are planning what's being called a massive pro-democracy rally for this wednesday in miami. >> thank you, david. today the white house said, neither president obama nor vice president biden will attend castro's funeral. i will be back later with closing thoughts from havana. now back to norah o'donnell with the rest of the day's news. >> charlie, thank you.
3:12 am
will terminate president obama's deal with cuba to normalize relations if cuba doesn't make a better deal with its own people. mr. trump spent the day weighing his choices for secretary of state. here is major garrett. vice president elect mike pence's promise went unfulfilled as president elect donald trump continued to ponder his choice for secretary of state. retired general and former director, david petraeus met with mr. trump for an hour. >> he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. so, very good conversation. and we'll see where it goes from here. >> reporter: petraeus's stock is rising. after the meeting the president elect tweeted. very impressed. but rudy giuliani remains a contender and mitt romney a
3:13 am
with mr. trump for a second time tomorrow. romney's viability confounds top trump advisers. chiefly campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> we don't know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump for a year. >> the consensus among transition insiders is that conway is channelling the president elect, not crossing him. adding to the intrigue, norah, senate foreign relations, bob corker, will meet with mr. trump >> the plot thickens. major, thank you. today mr. trump was certified as the winner in michigan. that's one of three states where aed their party candidate is seeking a recount. but will this make any difference? nancy cordes takes a look. >> we are going to look back when this recount is completed and fine that the system worked well. >> reporter: the wisconsin elections commission set a time line today to re-examine every ballot and test all of the
3:14 am
stein raised nearly $7 million. to pay for a recount there, in michigan, and in pennsylvania. >> hacking is by nature not obvious. so the only way you can tell is by counting the votes. >> hillary clinton's team says it has found no evidence of manipulation of results. but, will participate in the recount any way, out of on li gigs to the more than 64 million americans who cast ballots for clinton. mr. trump's incoming che chaff, denounced the move. >> i think the american people know this is a waste of everyone's time and money and is only for, to divide this country. >> reporter: but mr. trump stepped on that message sunday when he suggested there actually was massive vote tampering. he said he only lost the popular vote because of millions of people who voted illegally due to serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. a false charge he appeared to
3:15 am
supporting any of the claims. >> reporter: alex padilla is california's secretary of state. >> to simply allege millions of illegal votes throughout the country or particular list of states including california i think is wrong. and we have to call him on it. >> reporter: wisconsin's recount will take about two weeks. the bar for stein to secure recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, is higher, she'll ned to show for example, norah, some evidence that hacking took >> nancy cordes, thank you. delta air lines today banned for life a disruptive passenger who shouted his support for president elect trump and insulted those who didn't. >> you can't hear hear me! donald trump, baby! that's right, this man knows what's up. >> well another passenger on the flight from atlanta to allentown, pennsylvania posted the video. no one on the flight crew
3:16 am
offered refunds to the passengers. in syria, thousands fled aleppo after government forces recaptured large portions of the city from rebel fighters. elizabeth palmer reports, this could be a turning point in syria's 5 1/2-year-old civil war. >> three months of nonstop, shelling and bombing, finally paid off in syria's army, its allies, and its russian backers. troops punched into rebel controlled eastern aleppo on the weekend, and now control 40% of the territory held bite opposition since 2012. recall day civilians have been streaming out of the battle zone. today, regime and russian soldiers who for weeks have been attacking their homes, instead offer the refugees bus transport away from danger. and, desperately needed food. this woman hasn't eaten for
3:17 am
another woman fled with her dead mother in a wheelchair. my mother died of hunger she says. we have had very little to eat or drink for five months. as the syrian army and its allies continue to press forward, hoping to bring the whole of aleppo under the control of assad, there is no solid information on how many people have escaped into government territory. but it is a fraction of eastern aleppo's roughly there are reports from aleppo tonight that many of them are actually fleeing the syrian army's offensive and heading deeper into rebel territory which means, norah there is more fighting and bloodshed ahead. elizabeth palmer, thank you sorry much. coming up next -- fake apps take the joy out of holiday shopping. later the baby who amazingly survived a terrifying crash.
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>> reporter: dan barker and his wife use mobile phone apps to make their shopping quick and easy. >> busy job. busy with our kids a lot. i use amazon prime a lot. i use other web sites to do a lot of my shopping. >> one out of three major retailers now has their own app. but it turns out criminals are creating them too. fake apps in the names of real companies. dillard's, payless and christian . a red flag. >> reporter: the problem discovered by a company that creates legitimate apps, chris mason. >> for every single retail brand you can imagine you would see their name on the map of the mall there is a fake app for the company. in fact there could be dozens. >> the gel for the crooks, to get your personal data. gary malevski of snoopwall. >> when they type in their user name, their password. putten all their credit card information.
3:22 am
stealing all that information from you. >> reporter: wouldn't i notice if i was using that app hey it didn't work? >> some of the counterfeit apps are so good they give you a complete shopping cart experience. everything through the -- congratulations here is your order number. it is on its way. you never get the goods. >> reporter: they're not the only risk. he also warns against popular emoji keyboard which add hundreds of the cute faces. many he says, can also get access to your personal information on som possibly even pass words. well the best way to avoid being tricked by a fake app, experts say, norah is to go to the retailer's own website. and click on the link to the app store from there. >> important information. anna, thank you. coming up.
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that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. whenever you come to havana, a city of music. people in the streets. they're dancing. here. this time it was different. people are in the streets. subdued. talking to each other quietly. couple reasons for that i think because fidel castro has been part of their life for a long time. nearly 50 years in power. secondly those who want to oppose him and feel strongly against him are reticent to be speaking out at this time. you got to remember, that for many, he is the only leader that they have known. and so, there is a sense of quiet respect.
3:25 am
>> an end of an era.
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tonight a survival story for you that seems to defy logic. jericka duncan reports an 8-month-old infant was thrown from a car after a terrible crash. baby bryce hale of hope, arkansas looked to the sky almost as if she knew who to thank for saving her captain charlie smith and fire fighter josh moore found her in a storm drain friday night. >> she more or less had her hand up, ready for somebody to pick her up. >> reporter: a tractor-trailer collided with the car carrying baby bryce and their family. their vehicle went spinning out of control and into a guardrail. throwing the baby 35 feet away from the car. jakesia colson spent 30 minutes
3:29 am
>> she should have been gone. but still alive with no injuries. >> so many times we go out and, things aren't okay. and just, during the holidays here to have a positive, just feels good. >> reporter: especially good to a mother who can kiss her baby again. >> i feel like god, took her out of the car and place herd there. she is still alive. she is my miracle baby. >> reporter: the baby was in a car seat, but police tell us she was not strapped in properly. norah, baby bryce will be celebrating 9 months in just two weeks. >> yeah, very thankful thanksgiving week for them. thank you, jericka. that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you into the news continues. for others check back lit us later for the morning news. and join, charlie, gale and me for cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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