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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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large amounts of dust into the atmosphere creating an air quality advisory. when is it expected to go into effect and how long will it last. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... trump continues to make his transition into the oval office. how he is firing up supporters as his fills out his administration. ((demetria obilor)) >> and.... it's that time of the year... the most talented cowboys and rodeo fans ride into las vegas with their eyes set on riches. a look inside the action straight ahead. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) good morning... i'm kirsten joyce. thanks for joining us on 8 news now good day, ((demetria obilor)) >> and i'm demtria obilor... brian has the day off. sherry how's the
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northerly winds are brisk and have bumped around to more than 20 mph so far this morning. ......... it will be a windy friday so grab a warm coat and a scarf to keep warm. .............
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but it feels cooler than that. some clouds around this morning, but those should move out for sunny skies today. ........ a wind advisory across most of the mojave desert today. .................
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gatlinburg residents will be allowed to go back to their homes for a few hours... to gather their belongs and see what, if anything is left behind after a devastating wildfire. last night, authorities raised fire in eastern tennessee to 11.... dozens of others were injured. fire officials there say hundreds of homes have been damaged. --- and to help families recover country music star dolly parton - a native of the area - announced the "my people's fund." ((to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month to all those families that lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet.)) ((demetria obilor)) >> the tennessee fire is the single deadliest u.s.
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near prescott, arizona. investigators are now saying that the fire may have been caused by 'human activity.'/// ((kirsten joyce)) president-elect donald trump holds more meetings at trump tower in new york today as he continues to fill out his administration. at his a rally in ohio last nightmister trump announced plans to nominate retired marine general james mattis for defense secretary roxana saberi has the latest from new york. her up president-elect donald trump kicked off his 'thank you' in ohio last night...emphasizing his victory over hillary clinton (trump) we won in a landslide, that was a landslide in cincinnati...the crowd was mostly silent as mister trump addressed lingering divisions... (trump) we're going to come together, we have no choice. we have to and it's better." -nats- ...but became fired up when he unveiled yet another cabinet pick -- retired general james mattis: (trump) we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. in the past...mattis has
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'political islam' is a major security issue facing the country. he's expected to face a tough challenge in getting senate confirmationsince he retired only three years ago...not the law requires. roxana saberi cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) >> during the ohio rally, the president-elect also pledged, once again, to build a wall mexico. earlier in the day...he traveled to officially announce a deal he helped reach this week -- that will keep hundreds carrier air conditioning jobs from moving to the country./// ((kirsten joyce)) meanwhile... new york city is fining anthony weiner 65-thousand dollars. the city's campaign finance board says weiner paid for personal expenses with campaign cash during his run for mayor in 20-13. the board says weiner used the money to cover costs for a personal phone and dry cleaning,
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for mayor campaign declined to comment on the fines. weiner finished a distant fifth place in the race for mayor after a second lewd-texting scandal surfaced. he resigned from congress in 20-11 after his first sexting scandal./// ((demetria obilor)) back to you!///
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back in town. last night was one of the 2016 national finals rodeo... and it didn't disappoint. ((demetria obilor)) >> the thomas and mack is hosting what's known as the world's richest rodeo. jon tritsch has more on the event that will attract more than 170-thousand fans by the tit jon tritsch: (it's a ten day adrenaline rush of rodeo, a heart stopping stampede of cowboys and a festival of fanfare you can't miss. the nfr is back for it's 32nd year in las vegas and it's better than ever.) (joe dobson/fan from idaho: "a new set of cowboys, a new set of thrills, a new set of young cowgirls walking around. it's a helluva deal.") jon tritsch: a deal where the fashion gets real..the nfr is a parade of cowboy hats and boots and a pageant of country beauty (daycia kohl/fan from
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in the world are fringe and rhinestone, so this is definitely where you get to go and cake it on and wear it about, so i love that.") jon tritsch: fans launch into las vegas from all over the world..what a great place for a daddy-daughter date (jake and blair taylor/fans from oregon: "we are glad to be in vegas. her first rodeo is going to be in vegas. she's a pretty spoiled kid.") jon tritsch: the cavalcade of cowboy talent is overwhelming..b ut remember bareback riding is for the pros..don't try this at home (wyatt denny/nfr competitor: "the thi compare it to is skydiving with a professional boxer. it's free-falling, there's a lot going on. it's mostly out-of-control, but still in control at the same time." jon tritsch: and for fans from places like idaho..montana and oregon.. (joe dobson/fan from idaho: "it's my world series if you will, in a lot of different venues. it's kind of our annual convention and we come down here too.") (jake and blair taylor: "from a small town in eastern oregon and we probably bring 100 people- which is probably 20 percent of our total.") jon tritsch: (the nfr
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year. 300 consecutive sell-outs and counting suggests it's working. reporting from the thomas & mack center, jon tritsch, 8 sports now.) ((kirsten joyce)) mall of america is making history this holiday season... ((demetria obilor)) >> later we hear from the first black santa spreading cheer to the twin cities. ((kirsten joyce)) >> but first... parents continue their fight against turning one middle school into a charter. the latest fight straight ahead./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, demetria
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((demetria obilor)) new this morning... a trio of suspected thieves are now behind bars after retail ring of theft in the valley. police say these women stole stores throughout the valley including one in henderson. they now face several charges related to burglary and participating in a retail theft ring. police tell us they stole from at least five stores and the amount of merchandise they took cost about 10 thousand dollars./// ((kirsten joyce)) students and staff at a handful of valley schools are still fighting to stop a possible charter school takeover in the coming months. >> bailey middle school is
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that have been recommended by the nevada department of education for a change in leadership. it's all part of the state's strategy to tackle nevada's under-performing schools -- and make them part of a new "achievement school district". of the 9 recommended... 6 could end up as charter schools next year.. but teachers say it's not the right move: (( shana baker//literary specialist, bailey middle school: 05;15;35 charters have a place but taking a public school and turning it into a charter is not the answer. every place it's been done around the country its been shown not to be successful.)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> once the state board of education decides which schools will become part of the achievement school district.. they'll be matched with new leaders -- who will work with parents and students on a vision for the school. the whole process should be complete by the start of the next school year./// trending now open ((demetria obilor)) the santa experience
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((demetria obilor)) the santa experience inside the mall of america is bringing a unique experience to the families this year. for the first time since it opened, a black santa claus will help spread the christmas cheer. ((it gives the kids an opportunity to identify with someone who looks like them. but santa is still
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>> santa larry says when children mention his skin color... he let's them know santa comes in many different colors. of course he's only at the the santa experience inside the mall of america... but if you happen to be visiting minneapolis before christmas... you can stop by and see him with an appointment. sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk)) ((sherry swensk)) northerly winds are pushing the ((sherry swensk))
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dust in the air today. ............. they also feel extra cool and will feel uncomfortable for the
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more than 20 mph so far this morning.... and will get stronger as the morning goes on. ................. blowing dust... trash and debris on the roads... strong crosswinds for high profile vehicles and motocycles. ......... it will be a chilly wind so grab a warm coat and a scarf to keep warm. ............. temps in the milder 40s because of the wind... but it feels cooler than that. some clouds around this morning, but those should move out for sunny skies today. ........ the mojave desert today.... and there are a few showers to the south of us with clouds pushing up into southern nevada. ..... this is southerly moisture from the southern branch of the jet stream sliding into arizona and new mexico with light rain and snow showers. .............. we're back to sunshine and 60 by sunday then much cooler temps next week not even reaching 50 degrees midweek. .................
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((demetria obilor)) back to you!///
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newsroom... flags will be at half-staff at las vegas fire facilities today as firefighters mourn the loss of one of their own. according to las vegas fire department's twitter page... a
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away... and it has been ruled a line of duty death. at this time it is still unclear what may have led to the firefighter's death-- but be sureto stay with us both on air and online for the very latest./// ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at 5-am... niagara falls is looking more like a water color picture... ((demetria obilor)) >> the millions of dollars that was spent.. to give it a new facelift. that story and more coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// you're watching 8 news ((demetria obilor)) critics are loving "la la
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22nd annual critics' choice awards. ((piano playing )) >> the romantic musical starring emma stone and ryan gosling leads this year's critics choice awards with 12 nominations. ((kirsten joyce)) >> some of those include best picture, best actor, and best actress. la la land hits theaters december 9th./// ((kirsten joyce)) and in honor of world aids day pop star rihanna and prince harry got tested together at an h-i-v center in barbados to help raise awareness.
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caribbean island as it marks 50-years of independence from british rule. ((demetria obilor)) meantime... morgan willett is the winner of "big brother : over the top." (morgan willett / "big brother: over the top" winner) "julie opened the envelope and said my name. i look over at jason and go "jason, i didn't just win. like no' he goes 'no, morgan you win.' i was like 'no i didn't!' i'm still in shock. i though jason had it in the bag 100 percent." the twenty-two year old adds she used her southern cheerleader charm to win over fellow housemates. dollar prize!///
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bundle up this morning.. gusty north winds are bringing an extra chill to the air. i'll show you which parts of southern nevada.. will be under a wind advisory today. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- police are investigating a deadly three car crash.. that killed one person. what police are reminding drivers.. as we're getting into the holiday season. ((demetria obilor)) >> and, it's been one year since the attacks in san bernardino. we take a look back what happened that day.. a shooting spree. ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((demetria obilor)) >> i'm demetria obilor.. brian has the day off. ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm sherry swensk.


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