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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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>> pelley: the democrats take the stage, but can sanders put a a dent in t t clinton lead? also tonight, as the floodwaters riseed the extent of the disaster becomes clear. >> i'm homeless. >> pelley: finding the source of deadly ice cream took a scoop of luck. >> a low-level outbreak was going on for five years. >> pelley: and for one gazine, no news is big news. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and we'll begin tonight with breaking news from milwaukee where a jury has just found a gun store liable in the shootingfwo police officer the officers filed suit claiming that the store was negligent in
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selling the weapon. this is a case that is being closely watched, and adriana diaz is following this for us. adriana. >> reporter: scott, after deliberating for about 12 hours, a jury awarded milwaukee officers graham kunisch $3.55 million, and his partner, bryan norberg, $1.5 million in a case that could set national precedent. officers graham kunisch and bryan norberg approached 18-year-old julius burton in 2009 for riding a bike on the sidewalk. a struggle ensued. burtononulled out a gun and shot both officers in the face. kunisch lost an eye and had to have part of his brain removed. norberg was shot in the mouth. bullet fragments are still lodged in his cheek. >> right now, it is every day. >> reporter: surveillance video shows burton with a friend at badger guns a monon before theehooting. paid the friend $40 to buy a gun for him because he was underage.
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store clerk donald flora appears to help the friend fill out the paperwork. flora told jurors he was unaware it was an illegal sale known as a straw purchase. >> last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hands that has-- that's going to commit a crime. >> reporter: during closing arguments, patrick dunphy, the officers' attorney, sailed the store shares responsibility. >> if badger guns had done its job on may 2, then bryan and graham would not have been shot on june 9. >> reporter: there a a currently half a dozen other lawsuits pending against gun dealers or gun stores for allegedly allowing the illegal sale of firearms. scott, today's verdict may well influence those cases. >> pelley: adriana diaz with the breaking news tonight. adriana, thank you. well, after two very lively republican debates, it's the democrats' debate debut tonight. front-runner hillary clinton is facing her closest rival,
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senator bernie sanders from vermont. clinton leads in national polls but sanders is away ahead in new hampshire, the first primary stayed. also on stage tonight, former senator jim webb from v vginia, and f fmer governors martinn o'malleyeyf maryland and lincoln chafee of rhode island. notably absent is the vice president andotential candidate joe biden. nancy cordes now with the stakes in las vegas. nancy. >> reporter: scott, clinton is looking to reassert herself as the democratic front-runner after a tough summer,r, and her aides tell me to try to convince some voters who are newly enamored with bernie sanders that she's got solutions to the economic problems he's been highlighting. tonight's face-off hits an impassioned populist. >> your breed is destroying this coununy, and you're not g gng to continue to get away with it! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: ...against a measured master debater. >> medicare should be able to negotiate for lower drug prices.
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>> reporter: so far, their attacks on each other have been more like love taps. >> i'm glad that the secretary well. >> reporter: sananrs' aides say he will focus tonight on his policy differences with clinton, though they note there aren't as many differences as their used to be. clinton has joined the surging sanders in opposing both the keystone xl oil pipeline and a pending trade deal with asian nations, something she supported as secretary of state. >> what t know about it as of today, i am not in favor of what i have lshed about it. >> reporter: the other three cafaidates are all at 1% or 2% in the polls, looking for a breakout moment. >> together we can change not only this country but the whole world. >> reportete vice president joe biden won't be here. he's still on the fence. but supporters working to draft him today released a new ad trying to keep him in the conversation. >> you deserve a president who will never quit on you.
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>> reporter: there's a side debate going on here about the number of debates. some of the candidates and some top democrats wantore of them. but the democratic party chair is holding firm. there will be just six compared scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes in las vegas, nance, thanks very much. in south carolina tonight historic flooding has nearly 200 roads andnd 88 bridges stillll closos, cutting off many towns. david begnaud is in andrews david. >> reporter: scott, look at the length one man went to to protect his home. as the water approached, jorl fulton built a dam that was four feet high, a dike, that is, and it worked. other people who didn't have the me or t t resources were not as lucky. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: going home for denver case was devastating and dangerous. the 75-year-old struggling with
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his water-ravaged home for the first time since it flooded. >> it ruined everything. we just don't knoww what we're going to do. >> reporter: just about everything inside is wet. >> the water mark is up to here, sir. >> reporter: last fridays, his neighborhood looked like a lake with humble homes sitting in the middle of it. >> kick it. >> reporter: his family is helping him salvage what's left and dry. >> evevething just wentt upside down. >> reporter: they have flood insurance, but case says his insurer has yet to write a check so he can feed and house his wife and two daughters. >> i'm homeless. un, i'm having to depend on other people to help us out, which through the grace of god, they are. and we're justt trying to make it somewhere. >> reporter: tonight, he and his wife will sleep on the floor of a friend's house. >> if it wasn't for them, wide be living in the car. >> reporter: he is out of money and desperate for options. >> through it all, we're gonna
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be strong. we're gonna come back s songer. i'm trying to be strong for my children. >> reporter: when we finished that interview, we learned that mr. case had to be hospitalized. he was having trouble breathing, but we're told he's going to be okay. scott, a local firefighter who is from this area who helped to rescue his neighbors said that as the water recedes the people of this part of south carolina who have b bn scarred by t ts flood will take t tse scars with them to the grave. >> pelley: so many people hurting. david begnaud reporting for us tonight. david, thank you. in kansas city, two firefighters were killed shortly after they rescued two residents from a burning building. a wall collapsed on larry leggio and john mesh. fire chief paul berardi broke the news. >> it's difficult when you live with somebody for 24 hours a day and you're laughing and joking one minute, and then-- and then something like this happens in the line of duty, and what is
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rememberers thaha they did not die in vain. >> pelley: not in vain because the two firefighters were part of a team that carried survivors down ladders from the second floor. tonight, investigators say the the 298 people on malaysia flight 17 never knew what hit them. the officiaianvestigation says the boeing 777 was ripped apart by a russian-made missile fired in the civil war in ukraine, and 15 months after this tragedy, they're still fighting over who pulled the trigger. here's elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: the charred wreckage of mh-17cattered across 20 s sare miles of eastern ukraine turned the whole area into a vast crime scene. today, the chairman of the dutch safety board, which headed the main investigation, was categorical. >> flight mh-70 crashed as a
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warhrhd outsisi the airplane above the left-hand side of the cockpit. >> reporter: the russian-made missile was fired from the ground, sailed the board. a simulation showed the blast a yard away from the plane pierced it with chunked the shrapnel and toart keck pit clear off. the pilots died instantlyly though someassengers may have been conscious for up to a minute and a half. mh-17 crashed on ukrainian territory controled by russian-backed separatist militias. dutch investigators recovered as many pieces as they could and transported them to a hangar in the netherlands where, like a grim jigsaw puzzle, they were reassembled. that riveeld what had caused the crash but not who. a separate criminal inquiry will decide that. but defense analyst elliott higgins, who provided social media evidence to the dutch investigators, says photos and satellite data show that a buk
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missile launcher was drif intoan rebel territory from russia and fired just before the crash. >> based on our research, it looks like that missile won't show it came from russia and was manned by a russian crew, and that's a huge problem for russia. >> reporter: now, russia's always denied that, scott. in fact, it maintains that it was probably the ukrainian army that fired the missile. and today, a foreign ministry spokesman said he had serious doubts about the dutch conclusion glz elizabeth palmer reporting for us in our london newsroom tonight. liz, thank you. tonight, we've learned that deaths linked to ice cream tainted with bacteria were part of an outbreak that had actually been going on for years. in april, blue bell creameries recalled products from 23 states because of listeria, which can be fatal to those with weak immune systems. in part two of our investigation, jim axelrod shows us howow the case of the mystery deaths was solved.
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>> reporter: when megan davis and her team from the south carolina department of healing randomly sampled products from blue bell in january the last thing they expected to find was listeria. >> it was unbelievable, actually. we never in a million years thought he would find a positive sample. >> reporter: two of the 10 samples tested positive, but just to be sure, they went back and collected 30 more. >> and all 30 of the samples that we test, tested positive for listeria. >> reporter: stunning. >> yeah, stunning. a little scary that those productes were going to consumers. >> reporter: davis uploaded their findings into mulc pulsenet, a database of d.n.a. finger pribts the centers for disease control monitors to identify outbreaks nationwide. dr. robert tauxe is deputy director of the cdc's food-borne division. >> the listeria germs found in
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matched illnesses in the hospital in kansas. >> reporter: that hospital was christi st. francis in wichita. listeria had sickened five of their patients over the past year, but the hospital couldn't figure out where it was coming from. the listeria patterns found in south carolina solved the mystery in kansas. it turns out, all five of the patients had been deserved milk shakes made with blue bell ice cream. in mid-february, blue bell quietly pulled all the ice cream made on the machine that had produced the ice cream testing positive in south carolina, sighting a quality issue. vi christie still had plenty of other blue bell products in their freezer. the kansas tent of health tested 45 of them and found another hit. >> when that was loaded up into the pulsenet database, it matched five other patients, but
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these weren't recent. >> reporter: these five cases came from three different states going back to 2010. >> unknown and unappreciated to anyone, a low-level outbreak was going on for five years. >> reporter: an outbreak no one was looking for that very nearly went undetected. >> our inspector could have picked two different ice cream products to test, if he hadn't picked those two samples it may have had a different outcome. >> reporter: pulsenet enabled the cdc to trace the tainted ice cream not just to blue bell's main plant in texas but in oklahoma as well. blue bell said it's increasing its focus on sanitation and cleaning and is being evaluated by independent microbiologists. in a statement today blue bell said:
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got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there'g one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford. >> pelley: want to know what keeps some l.a. cops up at drones. there has been at least one close call with a police helicopter and kris van cleave is looking into this. >> reporter: for l.a.p.d. officer james schwedler and pilot kevin hook, a drone strike could be catastrophic. >> a drone is like trying to spot a gnat at times. it can totally sneak up you. >> reporter: a danger they face every time they fly. while there has yet to be a collision, the l.a.p.d.'s helicopters fly low and fast. pilot worries about even a small drone hitting the windshield,
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main rotor or one on the tail. >> we impact a drone, we'll have 550 pounds of aircraft coming intown do a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: this should be airspails free of drones but more than 100 drones have been sighted by pilots at this that's break the rules. in late august, this drone came within 50 feet of an l.a.p.d. chopper. the pilot dove 200 feet. air division commander captain al lopez. there's really been an effort to try to find a way to crack down on some of the bad behavior without a whole lot of success. >> there's no real regulations right now. there are regulations that the f.a.a. is recommending. for instance, they're recommending that stay in line of sight of the operator, that they don't fly over the unintended public, that they don't fly at night. >> reporter: but the city is filing misdemeanor charges against the alleged operator, 57-year-old martin sheldon, for using a drone to interfere with
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lopez says it's time for legislators to act. >> i hope it doesn't take an aircraft coming down because of a collision with the drone. >> reporter: do you worry about that happening? >> i worry about that every day. >> reporter: the l.a.p.d. would like to see drone pilots held to the same standard as aircraft pilots. ( no audio ). >> pelley: and we'll get back with kris van cleave when we can reestablish contact. in the meantime, there is a
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>> pelley: finally tonight, is it news when a major publication promises to cover more of what made it famous? it is when the publication is "playboy." here's anthony mason. >> reporter: from its first issue in 1953, publisher hugh hefner put "playboy" on the front lines of the sexual revolution. >> i think that i started "playboy" in part because i was raised in a lot of repression, very typical midwestern methodist home. >> reporter: he called his magazine a pleasure primmer styled to the masculine taste, and it touted a smart, swinging lifestyle that hef himself came to embody. on "playboy's" 50th
5:57 pm
anniversary in 2003 he said: >> in a very real way, certainly in terms of pop culture and sexual attitudes, we do live in a "playboy" world now. >> reporter: but the magazine that gave the american male the playmate of the month, the nude centerfold that became its signature, has declared of errav full nudity over. why, "playboy" explained in a statement? "the short answer is times change." dominic patten is a senior writer at "deadline hollywood." >> they're look to go to a younger demographic. the reality is, hugh hefner is 89 years old. he's an icon. he's a leader in the battle of sexual liberation, but he's not the person advertisers want to read or buy the magazine. >> reporter: in a way, "playboy" was overtaken by the revolution it helped unleash with the internet making pornolraphy easily available. dropped. from more than 5.5 million in 1975 to a little more than 800,000 readers today. >> the real basis of this change
5:58 pm
is the bottom line. they've got to do something. they're losing readers. >> reporter: when "playboy" removed nudity from its web site last year, traffic soared from about 4 million to 16 million unique users a month. and the average age fell from 47 to 30. so the magazine will still show women in provocative poses but they'll no longer be fully nude. and, yes, "playboy" will still feature what men always said they really bought it for-- the articles. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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