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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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a lot more complicatededecause she was so credible." unusual instruments diana>> (nats of music) it's a rare... hands - on learning experience for local students... as they play some very unusual instruments. retiring after 72 years larry>> and... he's calling it a career... after 72 years on n e jojo open>> it's one of the largest employers in ida county... employing hundreds of people in its manufacturing plants in ida grove. this morning... midwest industries suffered a scary moment as it evacuated one of its plants due to a fire. midwest industries makes boat trailers, hoisis and marine docks at its facilities in the ida county seat. just after 10- 30 this morning... a fire in the paint shop at one of those facilities led to the evacuation of about 200 people. "it burned a hole up through the
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area, the whole factory is kind ofull of smoke at the time." the ida grove fire departments was assisted by five other departments. one firefighter collapsed for unknown reasons but received treatment and is doing f fe. workers are scheduled to be back on the job tomorrow morning at eight. larry>> police in spirit lake iowa are looking for a shoplifter tonight. they say the woman seen in these surveillance pictures walked out of the spirit lake walmart just after 7 o'clock this morning with a cart full of items she hadn't paid for. the woman is seen leaving the store with the stolen merchandise in a maroon or red chevy h- h- r. police say the woman has been identified... but not yet arrested. larry>> the harrisburg student chargegewith shooting his princicil last month has hired a private investigator to aid in hik defense. attorneys for 16- year- old mason buhl say the investigator will help locate and interview witnesses in the case. a lincoln county grand jury has indicted buhl on one count of first- degrereattempted murder and one count of commission of a
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firearm. each charge carries a possible 25-year prison sentence. buhl is being held without bond at the juvenile detention center in sioux falls. larry>> the sioux city m m faci a willful injury charge for stabbing his cousin earlier this month has pleaded not guilty. 32- year- old lonny reuney submitted that written plea in woodbury county district court. according to court documents... reuney was aested after police were called to a home in the 15- hundred block of mcdonald street... where they found a man who had been stabbed. that man was taken to the hospital and treated for a lacerated liver. police say reuney admitted to the stabbing. a trial date in this case is set for february of 2016. chad>> . another dip in temperature is expected to start tomorrow with a ld front swingng in,ut we will see mostly sunny skies and breezy winds as canadian high pressure builds in to the area. highs should be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. temperatures will continue onn the dodoward trend for friday and saturday with highs in the
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dipping down near freezing. temperatures will start to winds will be breezy with our next chance of rain starting monday and contiing into tuesday.. our national correspondent kristine frazao takes a look at another dip in temperature is a ldro sng b ilsemolyun sesnd ee wdss naig reurbudsn t aa. ghshlde ue0 nr dre. petus llonon e wnrdre d ndatdawi hhsne er0so ar0 dw ppg wneafrzi. etus llta t nga osuaythghdw bbrzyitou chcef intain yd ntui io s.. rr> t lg mr ruerorheer,st ghs ba w l cltos le. att'co o ge. r national correspondent kristine frazao takes a look at where we go from here. with a sizable lead in the polls heading into the first democratic debate (nat pop). many poltical analysts now say hillary clinton's numbers will likely rise even more. christy setzer: "hillary clinton looked head and tails, head and shouldlds, above the rest of the field. she just seemed to be playing in a totally different league." with closest rival bernie sanders getting mixed reviews...
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"congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress. // the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states." and former maryland governor martin o'malley failing to get a carly fiorina moment to catapult him to recognition, that leaves the big question facing the clinton campaign: will vice president joe biden run? his supporters are spending momoy on a new ad campaign natsd but christy setzer says clinton's success in the debate closes the door a bit more. sot christ "i think this makes his decision a lot more complicated because she was so credible." kristine frazao - stand-up "but there is at least one more test for hillary clinton to pass - her testimony to congress next week over her role in the events that led up to the 2012 attacks in benghazi libya, which will no doubt include questions about her use of a private email server." hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate) "what i did was allowed by the state department, but it wasn't the best choice."
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and it's a choice republican rivals will likely make sure the voters don't forget. m kristine frazao sixland news. larry>> as far as what the voters think and if last night's debate will *actually* change public opinion... we'll have to wait and see. it will take a few days for the newest round of scientific post- debate polls to be published. larry>> former secretary of state madeline albright made a stop in sioux city today... appearing at the peirce mansion on behalf of democratic presidential candidate hilary clinton. about 50 people were at this morning's event... as albright talkededbout the woman who she consnsers a close friend. albright discussed her work as secretary of stateuring bill clinton's time in office... along with hillary's achievements... including her performance in last night's debate. after albright's talk... she had a meet and greet opportunity... signing books and taking pictures with people who attended the event. larry>> hillary's campaign not the only one holding an event in sioux city this morning. republican presidential candidate senator rand paul of kentucky spoke at morningside
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college this morning. in his talk... paul focused on his stan against government cllection of phone records... and his opposition to jail time for marijuana possession. he also talked about the situation with russia in syria... saying shooting down russian planes is a bad idea... as is sending ground troops back to irarato fight isis. today's appearance was part of paul's 'iowa 10- thousand' college tour... where he's hoping to recruit 10- thousand iowa college students to commit to support him on caucus night in february. larry>> > wa congressman steve king i itaking advantage of f s week away from washington to meet with his constituents. we caught up with the congressman after a meeting this afternoon in remsen. on the topic of the presidential campaign... king says that he's not quite ready to offer an endorsement... despite making several appearanans in northwest iowa with tetes senator ted cruz. "i'm gonna do my best to delay any endorsement until such time as i have a deep conviction and the timing is right. both of those things haven't come together yet."
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for florida congressman daniel webster in the race to replace johnoehner as speaker of,the house... calling him the most principled candidate in the race. larry>> work is nearly complete on the first ship in t u- s navy to be namam after sioux city. the u- s- s- sioux city is a littoral combat ship... designed to detect mines... currently under construction at a shipyard in marinette, wisconsin... the ship stretches to about 387 feet long and will have a crew of 53 officers and enlisted. it's going to o st more than 700 million dollars to build... and will have its home port in mayport, florida. aprylle bixler 1st class petty officer, u.s. navy "they've done an incredible job. i've worked in a shipyard before and i would say these guys really have it together here. they're safe. they do really awesome work." commander, kenneth lieberman executive officer, u.s. navy "i'm very cited. as the 'ex-o' (executive officer), i'm currently learning all the systems that i will be fleeting up to take command, sometime in spring of '17." the u- s- s sioux city willl launchchor sea trials sometime early next year... ahead of her
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formal commissioning into the navy in 2017. our jetske wauran traveled to marinette, wisconsin and will have a special report on the u- s- s sioux city tomorrow. larry>> still to come tonight on ouxland news at ten.n.. why this iowa company is getting 6 million dollars from the u- s- d- a over the next two years...
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. metrocam another dip in temperature is expected to start tomorrow with a cold front swingng in, but we will seeeeostly sunny skies anan breezy winds s naanig rubudsn t aa. ghshlde t uer0s r r. d>. rom th d iteeruri eedo artorr wh a cold front swingng in, but we will see mostly sunny skies and breezy winds as canadian high pressure builds in to the area. highs should be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. temperatures will continue on the downward trend for friday and saturday with hihis in the upper 50s to near 60 and lows dipping down near freezing. temperatures will start to rebound agaion sunday, though winds will be breezy with our
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tuesday. larry>> still to come tonight... he's been a fixture in downtown orange city for decades. but now al woudstra is leaving the meat market he's worked at for more than 70 years. we're heading to his retirement
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break. larry>> can you imagine working
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at the same job for 72 years? i like this gig! but "no." well... one siouxland man just recently decided to call it "quits" after all that time. our kayla novak has his story. t on this day... a retirement cake took the centnt stage... and old customers offered their well wishes. (nats?) at 15 al and his late brother lee started working in the
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1925. larry>> millions o oamericans spend *billions*s*f dollars on each year on dietary supplements... figures that have the c- d- c concerned. coming up after the break in tonight's healthtch... what
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the agency's latest study into supplements shows about their
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potential benefits. larry>> on average... americans spend nearly 15- billion dollars each year on dietary supplements. but as hena daniels reports... a new study from the c- d- c finds while people take the supplements to improve their health... in many cases the supplememes are actually harmful. "after taking the one, i didn't experience pain so i started taking two a day." then 15, christotoer ended up in the hospital with liver prlems after family members noticed his eyes were yellow. (sot lourdes gonzalez/mother) "having to hear the doctor tell me every day that christopher had a 50 percent chance of dying or not making it was hurtful." herrera's case is extreme. but a new cdc study estimates dietary supplements are responsible for 23-thousand
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hospitalizations. young adults make up more than a quarter of those v vits... with the majority having g verse reactions to weight loss, and energy supplements. (sot dr. andrew geller/centers for disease control and prevention/lead author) "increased heart rate or irregular heartbeats or chest pain were commmm among patients with problems from energy or weight loss supplements." (bridge hena daniels/cbs news, new york) "another 20 percent of the emergency department visits involved young children who got into supplements meant for adults including multi-vitamins and sleep aides." herrera spent months recovering at texas children's hospital. he says if he ever tries losing weight again it won't be with supplements. (sot christopher herrera/patient) "i would play basketball and start running every day." experts say it's importata to consult a doctor before taking any supplement. hena daniels, cbs news, new york. larry>> unlike pharmaceuticals, companies do not have to prove dietary supplements work or are safe. the f- d- a can,n,owever, remove
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a supplement if it is found to be unsafe. larry>> an iowa company has won a federal contract from the u- s- d- a to produce millions of doses of a vaccine for bird flu. harris vaccines of ames began work on their h- 5- n- 1 vaccine back in may... as the deadly virus started infefeing flocks in iowa. the company will receive 6 million dollars over the next two years to provide 48 million doses of their vaccine to the ^ national veterinary stockpile. the h- 5- n- 1 bird flu killed more than 30 million chickens and turkeys in iowa alone this spring... causing a spike in mmodity prices. larry>> spencer head coach jim tie talks to chris just two days before friday's game of the week against spirit lake. and on t t volleyball court dordt and briar cliff were both in action against gpac rivals. see who looked good just weeks away from the conference tournament.
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sports. wright and the brinkleys didn't have criminal records. or were violent people. they were juju like . . . you. in both cases, washington bureaucrats could have merely sent a letter. "why don't you swing by the office? we have some concerns." instead, they sent armed, . . . federal . . . agents. to conduct a raid. open the books -- a non-partisan watchdog group -- has found more. the e-p-a has a team of special agents. armed with military grade firepower. the epa. has it's own . . . little . . . army.
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media reports. the violent crime rate i iamerica as fallen dramatically. today, it's less than half of what it was in 1994. washington bureaucrats must stop treating americans as the enemy. to comment, go to behind the
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i'm mark hyman. with 7 games left until the gpac tournamnent next month dordt's volleyball team is playing great ball. they just jumped from 14th to 13th in the latest naia rankings. and they entered tonight's matchup with mount marty on a 4-game winning
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streak. mount marty is 7-14 on the season. 1. very first point of the match.. dordt's jenna horstman with the spike. 1-0 defenders. 2. later in the first set.. dordt's ema altena with the shot.. lancers unablblto handle it. ddt up 7-2. 3. still in the first set.. brooke granstra with the kill. dordt up 11-7 in the first set and they would win the first set 25-17 4. in the second set.. tied at 5.. elizabeth kiel with the finisher. defenders up 6-5. 5. later in the second.. jenna horstman with the spike. defenders up 11-8. 6. then haley moss with the spike.. defenders up 16-9 and they would win the second set 25-13. they would sweep mt. marty 3-nothing. 12-7 briar cliff on a two game win streak hosting 11-11 dakota wesleyan. 1)own 22-18 in the first set. katelin langel digs it out. ruthie schmitt with the perfect
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set and melissa ditter with the changeup. 22-19. but dakota wesleyan would take the set 25-20. 2)et's start the second set. langel says let's start a block party! completely foils the bump set spike attack from the 3)ater in the set langels spike is blocked but check out the recovery. toni beck she's from hawaii ... mele kalikimaka! 6-2 briar cliff! 4)t's 6-3 now and man would i love to know what it feels like to smash like langel right here. who's stopping that!? 7-3 at that point. they win 25-21 and 3-1 in the game! 7-2 the royals over the astros in game five of the american league division series. the fightin' sandwells are on the american league championship series! they'll play a canadian team, the toronto blue jays. big time trade deadline pitching acquisition johnny cueto comes through for the victory. game one will be friday at 7:30 on fox. just make sure you turn it
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cour. coach a quick look at the statistics tells quite the story about your team. you have five players with over 250 rushing and receiving yards. how can you use that to your advantage against a spirit lake team that's only given up more than 20 points one time this season? coach: they have a tremendous defense. some great athletes with some great speed. the one challenge, the one thing we do feel is with our option offense. we don't have a bell cow running back where we feed him the ball over and over again. from week to week we don't know who will the leading rusher. some weeks it's our b back. which some people call the fullback. other weeks it will be the quarterback who goes for 50 yards or the g back or whoever we pitch to. it depends on what the defense gives us and it puts a lot of responsibility on our quarterback who reads the defense and gives it to the right guy. jim tighe is the head coach of the red hot spencer tigers. they're headed to spirit lake for our game of the week friday night. thanks for being with us
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the indians.
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forecast after the break. chad, larry, chris>> . another dip in temperature is expected to start tomorrow with a cold front swingng in, but we will see mostly sunny skies and breezy winds as canadian high pressure builds in to the area. highs should be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. temperatures will continue on the downward trend for friday and saturday with highs in the upper 50s to near 60 and lows dipping down near freezing. temperatures will start to rebound again on sunday, though winds will be breezy with our next chance of rain starting monday and continuing into tuesday. students from sioux city west high school got a unique musical experience this morning.
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exct tstt moowit d onswgninbuwe lleeosy nnsks d ezws cadn gh esreuis tthar. hhd ithupr s ne dee teerur wl nun dnwd enfofa d tuayithis ur s nr a ls pi dn arrein eur l arto bodaonuy,hohilberey thur the rn arng a ctiinin td lay>filltogh.h th o! dsomio cy st high school got a unique musical experience this morning. larry>> (gam-a-lawn) gamelan is a type of music native to java and bali in indonesia... made up primarily of percussion instruments. the national music museum in vermillion has a collection of gamelan instruments... which will be in use this weekend at the sioux city symphony orchestra's "night at the museum" concert. today... students at west high got a chance to learn more about this type of music... and also play the instruments. the instruments from the museum were made especially for its collection by a master instrument maker in java back in 1999... and have been on display at the museum since 2000.
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