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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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profit program designed to help "at risk" students at north high. he was also an assistant soccer coach at west. prosecutors said deleon and a one of his female students started exchanging inappropriate text messages in the summer of 2014... and eventually had sex twice at the home of the 16 year old girl. at issue was whether deleon could be found guilty of sexual exploitation by a school employee because he wasn't employed as a teacher. judge duane hoffmeyer sided with the prosecution in issuing his verdict..... but said changes may be needed to iowa law when it comes to non - teachers who supervise students. diana>> a northwest iowa teacher and coach is out of a job tonight after he was found asleep in his classroom with a student. the sibley- ocheydan school board voted 4-1 last night to terminate kyle ewinger's contract. he was fired after the district's superintendent found him asleep in his classroom with the student... who had been staying with ewinger's family. on the night in question... ewinger had not been able to leave the school until 3 a- m
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because of his duties as the head football coach. he says he had locked himself out of his house and had no other options for the child than to sleep on an air mattress at the school. no charges are pending in the case... but the board is also looking into the superintendent's conduct in the case. larry>> a storm lake man convicted of forcing his wife to terminate two pregnancies is heading to prison. 55- year- old tony lee was convicted of two counts of assault, two counts of forced consent to termination of a human pregnancy, and one count each of assault while participating in a felony and witness tampering. he was sentenced this afternoon to 15 years in prison. lee was arrested a year ago... after his wife made a complaint to police... saying he'd forced her to take pills to terminate pregnancies in 2012 and 2014. diana>> sioux city fire rescue say they know what caused a garage fire in morningside last night. that fire broke out just after 10- 30 last night in a detached garage at a home on morningside avenue. by the time firefighters
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arrived... the garage was fully engulfed and the fire was moving towards the house. there were five people in the home at the time. "they occupants of the home had already made it out and their three children. it was called in by a passerby who also alerted the occupants that their garage was on fire." investigators say an electrical circuit failure in the garage sparked that fire. the home suffered moderate damage to the exterior... but the garage was a total loss. larry>> hellooooooo fall weather! diana>> great for some october baseball, right chad? chad>> . looks like tonight is going to be a great night for high school football, although it should be a very chilly evening. temperatures will be in the lower 60s for saturday and push to near 70 to close out the weekend. the beginning of the week will start out in the lower 80s and breezy, but by tuesday evening a slight chance of rain moves in
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for the rest of the week.. diana>> 5th grade students from dakota city elementary visited our studios today. our morning meteorologist cat taylor gave the students a tour, and showed them what goes into putting together a forecast each day. the students also had the opportunity to learn about the green screen and how the weather graphics are projected. . larry>> it's a battle this war veteran will probably lose. now this sioux city woman is trying to create a special memory for her children while there's still time. 26-year-old amanda (rick-kens) rieckens is fighting stage 4 aggressive advanced metastatic colon cancer... the single mother of two was diagnosed with
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20-14. amanda served in the army, completing her four year enlistment... but when she returned to her home state of wisconsin. amanda has had 20 tumors insider her abdomen...17 of them being cancerous. while most of her reproductive organs have been removed... the cancer has spread to her pelvis, bladder, ovaries and colon. "it's been quite the ride, but i still have it spread so far, we can do radiation. they went in and they removed a tumor in july. the size of two babies' heads." . our jetske wauran will have a full story for you here tonight on siouxland news at 10. diana>> mercy medical center is working to prevent child abuse in siouxland. today... medical professionals, law enforcement officers and educators came together for mercy's protecting families conference. speakers from tennessee and texas gave talks aimed at providing conference attendees with the latest information to
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recognize, treat, prosecute and prevent child abuse. "that is increases the statues of our center it makes us better at what we do. and it also provides us the opportunity to get national speakers on a local level." mercy holds these conferences two times each year. larry>> tribal leaders on the pine ridge reservation in south dakota are searching for solutions to end a growing number of suicides that have included children. diana>> reporter kevin woster visited the reservation... as tribal officials sought help
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congressional delegation. noem said the stories and emotions hit her hard, as a a mother. said. "because a lot ofho w tertain t e edngea, l sri, mef m enalngbo y e ltuidaihas" m id"ttstg t wtu k eai n, shldt e sept he idhepi isi watricbrgi aeo arualroemhai rn g aedal psbuthrertof tesid wehtritengthe hoenss visl one issue, that's scary enough," attempts on the data they provide is absolutely stunning. so we've got to take some steps to address that." thune said more resources are needed for suicide prevention work and fighting drug and alcohol abuse. but upgrades in law enforcement will also help -- allowing children and other tribal members to feel safer. tribal officials working on
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suicide prevention say those steps should include residential suicide prevention centers close to home, instead of sending icalidofth esvaonorreme. e guth tatntn pi itist e luonecsedsavtoetn tea ds d ceheam ttseyerinee. onte,'oo lg term, and it's got to be residential," said council member robin tapio. "because we're just spinning our wheels sending these kids to rapid city." larry>> tapio hopes thune and noem will persuade federal officials to provide money for treatment centers on the reservation... which she says could be under construction soon after funding arrives. diana>> next week, hillary clinton faces the house benghazi committee to answer questions about the terrorist attacks on september 11, 2012 that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. the committee has obtained 50-thousand new documents and unearthed the controversial set up where clinton conducted all her government business on a private email server. the fbi has now taken possession of it. republican jim jordan will question clinton as she testifies to the house benghazi committee. he spoke earlier this week with sharyl attkisson. sot sharyl: "is there anything you feel the coittee has learned or done to extend the knowledge?" jim jordan (r-house benghazi committee): "we've got a ton of emails from
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her that none of the other committees had access. we've talked to 7 eyewitnesses that the other committees did not talk to and interviewed different folks who had information about that tragic night." you can see the rest of the interview with jordan... as well as an interview with the former head of the house committee on intelligence, on how u- s foreign policy played a role in the catastrophe... this sunday on full measure with sharyl attkisson. that show airs at 10-30 here on kmeg 14... right after face the nation. larry>> it sounds like the stuff of science fiction... using *lasers* to burn away fat. coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how one clinic in new york is turning a
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scientific "fact." diana>> liposuction is the gold standard to get rid of stubborn fat around the stomach... thighs... and hips. larry>> but now... as dr. max gomez shows us... there's a new non-invasive laser option for people that melts the fat away. track: jackie akbar is trying out the latest device to get rid of extra flab around her belly. (sot dr bruce katz / juva skin & laser center) 00 04 47 this is actually the first laser we're using to melt fat (track) it's called sculpsure and it was recently fda-approved. in addition to all the tubes and
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without burning the skin. (natsot of dr. katz) this is the area, cold plate cools the skin, laser comes out and heats the skin track: those applicators are snapped into place. studies have shown a single treatment can remove up to 30 percent of the fat in the treated area. dr bruce katz / juva skin & laser center we need no anesthesia for the treatment, there's no downtime, people go right back to work after the session. they feel a little tender for a week or so but it's like having a big workout. track: before and after photos from the clinical trials show the device can treat almost any area where there's a fat pocket... painlessly. ( sot jackie akbar / sculpsure patient) i feel heat just a tad but the cooling that comes after feels pretty good. (track) and the whole process takes just 25 minutes. dr. max gomez for cbs news, new york. diana>> but treatment is not cheap. it costs 12 to 15-hundred dollars to treat an area. another bonus, dr. katz says the treatment actually tightens the skin after the fat's
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removed. larry>> it's an annual siouxland event aimed at saving women from cardiovascular disease. today was the 11th annual "go red for women" event at south sioux city's marina inn. the goal is to bring more awareness to cardiovascular disease and stroke... which is the number 5 killer of women each year. this year's event was keynoted by two young women who survived a stroke. the event also included a luncheon and a silent auction. diana>> siouxland's special olympics athletes are getting a chance to advance to a state competition this weekend. the special olympics iowa is hosting regional qualifying tournament in bowling at the sioux city plaza bowl, which started today. more than 80 students were at the sioux city tournament this morning. members of the briar cliff university football team, as
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well as west high school, east high school and west middle school students volunteered at the event. "i think it's really fun to help people get better at stuff." "it's just really fun to help these people. it's really fun to bowl and just have a good time." and you can check out the participants go head to head again tomorrow at 9 a- m- to 1 p-m- at the plaza bowl. chad>> . chad>> . weather headlines.
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weather headlines. chad>> . larry, diana, chad>> larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. chad>> . larry, diana, chad>>ar,andhata aut das atr d e cong rest etca t okli ig gg are nhoig school football, although it should be a very chilly evening. temperatures will be in the lower 60s for saturday and push to near 70 to close out the weekend. the beginning of the week will start out in the lower 80s and breezy, but by tuesday evening a slight chance of rain moves in
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for the rest of the week.. larry>> mcdonald's now serves breakfast all day long. diana>> but as hena daniels reports... it turns out some franchise owners are not lovin it. (nat-mcdonald's commercial) "now you're free to enjoy the
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wish. no way, yes way" the fast food giant recently introduced all day breakfast.... lori cabral (cuh-brawl) is a fan - she was able to get hashbrowns and yogurt at 6pm in the evening. (sot- lori cabral (cuh-brawl)/all day breakfast fan) "that's my very favorite part of their menu so i'm very happy"- (bridge: hena daniels/cbs news/new york) customers may be enjoying all day breakfast but it seems not all the people who work inside are lovin it. (vo) the finance company nomura surveyed 29 franchisees who run more than 200 mcdonald's locations.... some think the new plan is working - but many complain the added items are slowing them down. (fs) 'erratic, distorted, disorganized direction from mcdonald's'... one franchisee wrote 'having a negative impact on service' another said and "all day breakfast is expensive and difficult to execute.' (vo) but the mcdonald's corporation is defending its decision. (fs) in a statement the company tells cbs news.... 'we're hearing from customers and the overwhelming majority of our 3,100 franchisees that all day breakfast is a hit!' (vo) cabral (cuh-brawl) agrees. (sot-lori cabral/all day breakfast fan)
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"yes it's great, it's great." in the survey even frustrated franchisees admitted customers want it... which means all day breakfast is likely here to stay. hena daniels, for cbs news, new york. larry>> you don't have to wait for game night to see football action today. winside hosts allen in a little afternoon action. see if allen could halt their five game losing streak. plus we've got the rest of the game night
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sports. (siouxland sports with sports director chris neyenhouse.)
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at 2-4 the allen eagles were looking to stop a three game losing streak. winside was looking for the second victory of the season. 1. allen's first drive of the keeps it himself and goes forty yards for the touchdown. two point convsion good. allen up eight to nothing in the first quarter. 2. winside comes right back.. brandon waters hits marcos escalera for the twenty five yard touchdown pass. two point conversion failed. eight to six allen eagles. 3. still in the first.. allen at the winside five yard line and cody thomas barrels into the endzone. two point conversion failed. fourteen to six allen. 4. in the second quarter. winside's hayden king goes forty yards for the touchdown. two point conversion good. game tied at fourteen. 5.with four seconds left in the half. winside down twenty-two to fourteen. brandon waters makes a great throw nad marcos escalera makes an even better catch. keeps his foot down. touchdown wildcats. two
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the half allen led 22-20 and at last check it's 30-28 allen in the 4th. spencer and spirit lake get together in our game of the week. here's a look at both programs run in last year's playoffs. in fact spirit lake last won a state championship in 2012 and has only lost a total of five games in the past five seasons. deep playoff runs are the indians mantra and with only two regular season games left you bet they'll be looking to show they're ready for posteason play against 5-2 spencer. as for spencer and their read option attack, coach jim tie told us this week he wants to see his program take the next step in beating teams when they're the clear cut underdog. last year the team went to the playoffs despite just a 4-5 record. they subsequently lost 34-0 at bishop heelan. but this season they've already topped that win mark. kickoff is set for 7 pm up in spirit lake. it's the tigers and the indians. its our game of the week. as for the rest of our game
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lawton-bronson. lawton bronson is on a 4 game win streak. but their one bad loss is to a treynor team that's 3-4 this year. akron westfield's only losses are to ranked teams. somethings got to give there. meanwhile in nebraska lutheran high northeast plays a 6-1 west holt team and undefeated battle creek next week. gotta win one of those games to avoid the first losing regular season since 2008. sergeant bluff luton has the number nine ranking and a 6 game winning streak. they're hosting a denison schleswig team looking for their first win. and north is on a six game losing streak. they try to right the ship against a 4-3 southeast polk team. alta-aurelia is playing a lot better than their record may indicate. gehlen is hoping they can turn them into their first win. stuart has lost 2 in a row. randolph has won 2 in a row. they meet up. how does hinton respond to their first loss of the season against west monona. heelan off a huge comeback win over carroll. they host storm lake. and 8th ranked gtra heads to harris lake park who is trying to avoid their first losing
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streak of the season. it's all on game night tonight on siouxland news at 10! chad, diana, larry, chris>> . it looks like tonight is going to be a great night for high school football, although it should be a very chilly evening. temperatures will be in the lower 60s for saturday and push to near 70 to close out the weekend. the beginning of the week will start out in the lower 80s and breezy, but by tuesday evening a slight chance of rain moves in and drops us back into the 60s
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chad, diana, larryry >> pelley: earth on the move. >> run for yr life! >> pelley: california mudslides swallow up everything in their path. also tonight, the biden camp tells supporters, "be prepared."
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