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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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model prisoner. iowa law allows judges to reconsider a sentence within one year of sentencing. the change means sapp will be eligible for parole in roughly 35 years... instead of the 70 she was previously looking at. diana>> sioux city police are investigating a suspicious fire from saturday night. that fire broke out just after 6 o'clock saturday night at a home in the 15- hundred block of fire crews didn't need much time to put it out... but then they had to come back just after midnight sunday whenhe fire re- ignited. nobody was in the home at the time of either fire. right now... firefighters think this fire was set *intentionally.* anyone with information is asked to call sioux city police. larry>> some unexpected relief for commuters along i- 29 in sioux city this morning. the planned closing of the southbound interstate 29 off- ramp to floyd boulevard... that was scheduled for this morning... has been postponed until later this week. that project will let a contractor prepare for work that
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will be done on that interchange this winter. the d- o- t says a new date for that work... and the closing of that ramp... will be announced soon. diana>> meanwhile... a stretch of stone park boulevard on sioux city's north side *is* closed tonight... and for the rest of the week. stone park boulevard is closed between grandview boulevard and douglas street, and from douglas street to pierce street until friday so crews can replace a broken water valve. the douglas street intersection *will* remain open during this time... but traffic is advised to detour along 29th street to pierce. larry>> sioux city's city expensive, but much- needed repairs to an important downtown the council will discuss the 2- point -1 million dollar project to repair the police and fire that building... which is less than 30 years old... has been plagued with problems... including issues with mold, plumbing and electrical systems and poorly- sealed windows. the council also scheduled to approve a demolition contract for the rose hill mansion on
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grandview boulevard tonight. that house has been the subject of a long and bitter battle between the city and the contractor ostensibly working to fix it up. now... with the final demolition contract set to be awarded... it looks like that saga is coming to an end. larry>> summer - like weather cotinues to hand on here in siouxland. diana>> but how much longer will it last? kayla novak joins us with more... kayla. kayla>> . overnight clouds will increase and temperatures will be warm and in the upper 50s. temperatures will warm into the upper 70s tomorrow and the evening will bring our next chance of showers. we will dry out on wednesday and thursday with highs back into the upper 60's. another system will come through siouxland on friday bringing showers throughout the day. this weekend looks partly clou and cooler with our highs
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mark. diana>> students in south sioux city are helping people get into the halloween spirit... and helping out a great cause at the students at lewis and clark elementary school in south sioux are selling pumpkins to benefit the food bank of siouxland. the pumpkins were donated by the local plumbers and steamfitters union... and the proceeds go to the food bank's backpack program for hungry kids. "kids are given a lot sometimes. it's nice for them to see how they can be involved in their community and how they can give back to their community. even if they don't have a lot, there are ways you can give back." the sale wrapped up for today at 5... but will resume tomorrow afternoon at 3- 15 and run until 5 at lewis and clark elementary school in south sioux city. larry>> the obama administration is cracking down on the growing use of recreational drones. diana>> as kris van cleave
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owners to register most "unmanned aerial vehicles". the department of transportation is setting up a task force to develop the new rules and decide registered. the plan is to have the system in place during the holiday shopping season when recreational drones are expected to be sold. (natz) pilots are reporting significant increases in drone sightings in the past year. many of the restricted airspace....but officials had problems punishing those responsible.... even if sot: foxx there can be no accountability cannot be identified. registration will now allow them (standup bridge: kris van cleave, cbs news, washington) but critics argue the new rules will be difficult to enforce. one industry spokesman called it "a knee jerk reaction" with an drone enthusiast bill welch is
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skeptical the system will work. sot: bill welch/drone enthusiast (:57-1:03) it is going to take a lot of time, and i just know how they are going to be able to do it. i hope they can do it. in recent months, drones have crashed near the white house, in the stands at the u.s. open.....and interfered with efforts to battle wildfires out west kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. larry>> rules for use of drones are not expected to change... just the particulars on who has to register... and what kind of information has to be provided. coming up tonight on siouxland news at ten... we'll get reaction to today's announcement from a local *college* class that's training students how to *operate* drones. diana>> the state of iowa is offering a new workforce housing loan program for smaller communities experiencing rapid growth. the program... announced this morning... will provide financial assistance to help build more rental housing as a result of local employment growth. the program has 5- million dollars available in the form of low- cost repayable loans to cities and counties. "it's another infusion of additional cash hopefully coming
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only rental units but single-family housing also. it's a issue in small communities across state." governor branstad says the loans will have a one percent interest rate... and that the housing units built using these funds will not be age restricted. larry>> there are new poll numbers out after the first democratic presidential debate that could disappoint the front runner... and possibly place more pressure on vice president joe biden to make up his mind about getting into the race. diana>> and as craig boswell reports... on the republican side a nasty dust up has erupted between donald trump and jeb bush. bernie sanders is up one to 21-percent. joe biden has 17-percent and has not yet indicated if he will join the race. clinton is the overwhelming favorite when biden is taken out
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news/washington, d.c.) biden sources tell cbs news the vice president feels he's earned the right to take his time. but there are filing deadlines next month the vice president must make to get his name on some state ballots. on the republican side donald trump and jeb bush are escalating a feud over president bush and the 911 attacks. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate/courtesy: fnc "fox news sunday")x "i'm not blaming anybody. but the world trade center came down so when he said we were safe that's not safe, we lost 3 thousand people." jeb bush defended his brother saying this proves trump isn't fit to be president. (sot: gov. jeb bush/(r-fl) presidential candidate/courtesy: cnn "state of the union") "it doesn't show that he's a serious person as it relates to him being commander in chief and being the architect of a foreign policy." (nats f owmuc) shlsfoow wh ne online cpaign ad questioning trump's judgment. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. larry>> meanwhile... bernie sanders is back in iowa campaigning. the vermont senator held a town hall meeting this morning in oskaloosa... after a house party in iowa city yesterday. speaking with the media...
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sanders reacted to comedian larry david's impersonation of him on this weekend's "saturday night live". "in terms of larry david, i think we can put him on a stage in my next rally, let him do it rather than me. he does it better than i do// "and yes, last week, i bought my second pair of underwear. that's a joke! please don't write it down. i have an ample supply of underwear." sanders made those comments after the house party in iowa city yesterday. diana>> israeli security forces are on alert for more attacks after a deadly shooting rampage on sunday. larry>> as jonathan vigliotti reports... that rampage killed an israeli soldier... and an african migrant initially believed to be the shooter. (cell phone footage of chaos -
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nats if gunfire) cell phone video captured the chaos in beersheba as an arab-israeli opened fire at a crowded bus station - killing an israeli soldier. surveillance footage shows people running for cover in the normally peaceful city. officials say they shot and killed the attacker who had snatched the soldier's gun. (cell video of migrant being kicked) other amateur video shows an angry mob kicking a man thought to be a second attacker. but israeli officials say he turned out to be a migrant from north africa. (sot - micky rosenfeld, israeli police spokesman) a private security guard shot him thinking that he was a terrorist. (standup bridge) (jonathan vigliotti/jerusalem) security is tight at bus stations like this one in jerusalem. police are now allowed to search people, but it's unclear if that will prevent an attack like the one sunday. so- itr hfd/rule en the nuswi sury the government doesn't solve the problems with palestinians, so we should do it. the unrest erupted in jerusalem a month ago after speculation israel was plotting to take over the al-aqsa mosque. secretary of state john kerry says israel needs to be clear on who controls the hilltop site sacred to jews and muslims. (sot - john kerry, us secretary of state)
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"we want to see calm restored and we want to see the violence stop. kerry will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders later this week. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, jerusalem. diana>> coming up tonight on siouxland news... our national correspondent jeff barnd will look at what the u- can do to help end the recent spike in violence between israelis and palestinians. larry>> when it comes to dieting... most people know they need to avoid fats or carbs... but not much about how much protein they need. coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll hear from a mercy medical center dietitian about what to eat... and how to cook it... to make
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your body needs. diana>> people try to cut the fat out of their diets... but are they getting enough protein? larry>> siouxland news reporter cat taylor met with a dietician to see why enough protein is an important part of healthy living. "protein really is important in your diet; it's one of the three macronutrients. proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are your main macronutrients which means you need the most of those in your diet. so protein is an important building block especially for bones, muscles, blood, skin, and among other things too." cat taylor siouxland news>> stephanie small is a clinical dietitian at mercy medical center, and she says that there are multiple types of protein,
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but preparation of the protein is important. stephanie small mercy medical center>> ""good protein sources are things like your lean meats: chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products. those are all good sources of protein." "when you're preparing your protein foods, such as meat, always try to grill or broil or bake your meats and try to avoid frying, when you're adding protein to your diet." cat taylor siouxland news>> small says that protein shakes can be a good idea for some people. stephanie small mercy medical center>> "protein shakes can be a good addition to your diet, as long as you're getting a variety of other foods too. protein shakes are pretty easy on the go types of foods, so if you're having a hard time getting protein in or perhaps if you're vegetarian, sometimes those protein shakes can fill in that gap for getting enough protein." cat taylor siouxland news>> according to small, you can have too much protein and it can be dangerous, so moderation is key. stephanie small mercy medical center>> "overall in general it's just important to have a little bit of everything in moderation. trying to find a diet that you can follow for a lifetime is important because any diet that you go on, once
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probably gain the weight back." cat taylor siouxland news>> for siouxland news, i'm cat taylor. diana>> peanuts and peanut butter are another high- protein option for people on meatless diets. kayla>> . we had warm and windy conditions today; will they stick around? i'll have your forecast up next. kayla>> . kayla>> . we had warm and winy ndio toy;ilth sckrod?
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next. larry, diana, kayla>> larry, today's weather and the upcoming kayla>> . larry, diana, kayla>> larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming kayla>> . ar, a kl ry ia a klaalat ay wth a t uomg ect. > etca ig udwi iree pts le rm and in the upper 50s. temperatures will warm into the
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upper 70s tomorrow and the evening will bring our next chance of showers. we will dry out on wednesday and thursday with highs back into the upper 60's. another system will come through siouxland on friday bringing showers throughout the day. this weekend looks partly cloudy and cooler with our highs
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mark. larry>> we're in the final week of the high school football regular season. and that means we have major games with postseas implications. there are several win - or - go - home matchups coming up this
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in sports. it's the final week of the regular season in high school football throughout siouxland. several teams are in the high school playoffs regardless. surprisingly *few* are mathematically eliminated. and we've got several teams on the bubble. our game of the week from two weeks ago whererwestern christian spoiled the undefeated season of hinton continues to have ripple effects. remember each district has usually 7 teams, top four make it in. number one hosts number 4, number 2 hosts number 3. quite frankly my taxes were easier to figugu out than some of these scenarios. but let's try to make some sense of it in lehman's terms. here's what we know: in class 1-a district two ridge view faces western christian this weekend. a win by the
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wolfpack makes them the top seed with home field advantage. if the raptors win, they're the likely two seed which gets them a home game. if 2-6 unity christian upsets hinton ridge view is the one seed. hinton is the one seed if they beat the knights and ridge view wins. meanwhile in class a district 2 this one's a lot more simple to understand. when woodbury central and sioux central match up the team that loses is done for the year. winner makes the playoffs! it's the same situation when sioux *center* visits okoboji in class 2a district one. the winner is the last team in. the team that loses is done for the year. meanwhile in nebraska in class a the top three teams in each district make the playoffs. but if n nfolk falls to kearney this week they could fall to fourth in their district and would hope for one of the four at large bids based on nebraska's point system. they're probably in but it's no sure bet. in c-1 and c-2 it's a little different. each of the 8 district winners gets in plus
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it's not ironclad you feel pretty good about getting in if you're in the top 16. so since pierce cannot win their district which belongs to norfolk catholic that's where they want to be. they are currently in 14th so they can't afford to c-2 battle creek and oakland craig arin. stanton and crofton are firmly on the bubble at 15 and 16. they want toe top 14 though because two district winners are actually ranked behind them! hartington cedar catholic and lutheran high northeast will need wins and help to stay alive. chris>> and as you just heard for the first time this season norfolk is facing the prospect of possibly losing their spot in the drivers seat for a playoff berth. it all happpped because they lost out at north platte friday. norfolk also lost their number 8 ranking as a result. they are our biggest mover in this week's rankings. norfolk catholic beat pierce last week so they stay number one in c-1. the blue jays drop from 9th to completely unranked. battle creek and oakland craig
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hops from 10th to 9th. and in 8-man guardian angelslsnd creighton remain 1-2. on the iowa side absolutely everything siouxland-wise stayed the same. sbl is 9th in 3a. spirit lake is 3rd in 2a. western christian and hinton are 8th and 10th respectively in 1a. west sioux is still 3rd in "a". in 8-man newell fonda, mmc, and gtra remain ranked number one, 3, and 8 respectively. kayla, diana, larry, chris>> . it's going to be a warm eveningg
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down into the upper fifties.
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kayla, diana, larry, chris>> . >> pelley: high-level security breeee. a hacker gototis hands on the personal e-mail of t of america's top national security officials.p also tonight, trump makes 9/11 an issue in the presidential campaign. house democrats try to keep nghazi out of it. their cars were towed out of the mud. now comes the hard part -- the great california scrape-off. and big ben may need surgery. diagnosis: bad ticker. captioning sponsored by cbs
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