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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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biggest decisions to come out of tonight's sioux city city council meeting.% the council also unanimously approved a contract to do 2 point 2 million dollars' worth of repairs to the police and fire headquarters building downtown. that building was only built in the late 1980s... but has long suffered from issues with mold, plumbing and electrical problems and foundational cracks. work on renovations to correct some of those problems and make the building more energy efficient in the process will begin right away. city officials expect the project to take about a year and a half to complete. the council also agreed to spend 45- thousand dollars to study the future development of the the area where the argosy casino was once docked. the consultant doing the study will come up with a master plan for chris larsen park and the surrounding area... which will be submitted to the public for consideration. mayor bob scott says it's important that the public has a say in the future of the riverfront. "i think that the process should be that the citizens have input first and then take it to the
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different planning deals to have them put it on paper. it's important to me that citizens have some input and we have something down there that we can be proud of for years to come." one possible use for the area will be to develop an r- v park on the iowa side of the missouri river... to compete with the scenic park r- v park in south sioux city. and after years of delays and debate... the council has given the final go-ahead to tear down an old mansion in sioux city's rose hill district. the developer... jim gengler... appeared before the council numerous times after the home on grandview boulevard was deemed unsafe to live in in 2013. the vote to move forward with the demolition was three to two. diana>> it's a legal decision that's caught a lot of people off guard...and angered many... including the victim's family. a judge has reduced the sentenced for an orange city women who was sent to prison for the death of a child who was in her care. rochelle sapp was sentenced to 100- years in prison... after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment resulting in death
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autumn elgersma. she got 50- years for each count... which were to be served *consecutively*... or one- after- the- other. thursday... the judge in the case changed sapp's 50- year prison terms to be served *concurrently*... or at the *same time*. we reached out to autumn's mother...who tells us, she's in disbelief. jen elgersma autumn's mother (phoner)>> "it was a complete punch in the gut and it came totally unexpected. i had no idea that was something that the judge could even do. so when we found about the cut and the sentence, we were shocked. i don't know how else to describe it." in his order... judge edward jacobson says he reconsidered the sentence by his own choice... noting that sapp had no prior record and had been a iowa law allows judges to reconsider a sentence within one year of sentencing. the change means sapp will be
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she was previously looking at. larry>> the f- a- a is planning to start registering recreational drones users. a department of transportation task force will start registrations as soon as this holiday season. officials say the idea is to create a "culture of accountability" to keep up with the skyrocketing popularity of drones. safety has been a concern recently... with drones flying too close to commercial jets, crashing at sporting events... even plummeting into the white house lawn. locally... the f- a- a decision could have an impact on a partnership between morningside college, south sioux city's martin field, and the whiting community school district that trains people how to safely use one of the course instructors says the new rules strike an important balance. "they have been working on this thing for quite a while, i think that there close to having something that will be balanced between the hobby user, the commercial user, and the faa as far as registering them and
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keeping everything safe." he also says the drone industry isn't thrilled with the new rules... but does realize something needs to be done. larry>> it may seem early to be talking about taxes. but a local program is already seeking volunteers for the upcoming tax season. the volunteer income tax assistance program... or vita (vee-tuh)... is seeking volunteer tax schedulers, the program provides help to low-to-moderate income families who need assistance filing their taxes. volunteers helped 15- hundred siouxland residents file during the last tax season. "the program is 100% volunteer-run so without volunteers the program does not happen. we serve a lot of people and it takes a lot of volunteers to make that happen." if you'd like to become a volunteer, you can go to the center for siouxland at 715 douglas street in downtown sioux city. we also have more information in this story on our website siouxland news dot com. diana>> tonight was red ribbon nit at the long lines family rec center. red ribbon week is actually october 23rd to the 31st, but
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festivities kicked off a bit early. tonight focused on keeping kids drug free and encouraging them to live healthier lives. residents of all ages enjoyed free pizza, pop, and lots of fun and games. "this really brings the community together and just living drug free is very important for everyone. i think it's really important that we give that message to young kids, so they can continue to do that throughout their life and live a successful, happy life." the sioux city mayor's youth commission teamed up with the elks club, chestermans, and other local agencies to make the evening enjoyable for all. kayla>> . overnight clouds will increase and temperatures will be warm and in the upper 50s. temperatures will warm into the evening will bring our next chance of showers. we will dry out on wednesday and thursday with highs ba into another system will come through siouxland on friday bringing this weekend looks partly cloudy
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mark. diana>> students in south sioux city are helping people get into the halloween spirit... and helping out a great cause at the same time. students at lewis and clark elementary school in south sioux are selling pumpkins to benefit the food bank of siouxland. the pumpkins were donated by the local plumbers and steamfitters union... and the proceeds go to the food bank's backpack program for hungry kids. the sale wrapped up for today at 5... but will resume tomorrow afternoon at 3- 15 and run until 5 at lewis and clark elementary school in south sioux city. larry>> another round of violence rocks the west bank between israel and the palestinians... with more bloodshed on both sides. diana>> our national correspondent jeff barnd has the latest on what the u- s can
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sworn enemies. isreal was quick to retaliate against angry mobs after the recent violence. one palistinian woman blamed the bloodshed on what she calls the "brutal israeli occupation"... /sot/ "occupuation is oppression... oppression and subjugation". /sot/ (ron dermer, israeli ambassador to u.s.) "we have to take the action in order to protect our population, and that's what we're doing." /vo/ at the u.n... israel points to supposed palestinian propaganda... showing a drawing of the human body entitled how to stab a jew. /vo/ secretary of state john kerry expressed his concern regarding the bloodshed in israel. /sot kerry "we continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self help in terms of the violence. and israel has every right in the world to protect its
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/bridge/ secretary kerry will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in germany this week and then travel to the middle east-possibly jordan- to meet with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. /vo/ isreal supporters say the white house is blaming *israel* for palestinian terror. and turning its back on the closest mid-east ally we have in the u.s. /sot/ obama "i don't think we can wait for the all the issues that exist between israelis and paleistinians to be settled in order for us to tamp down the violence right now." /vo/ meantime the palestinian authority has declined to denounce the terrorist attacks... nor have they called for an end to the violence. i'm jeff barnd reporting. larry>> the situation in israel may also be behind another hack into government e- mails.
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which officials are affected...
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coming up after weather. . overnight clouds will increase and mperatures will be warm and in the upper 50s. kayla>> . and temperatures will be wrm and in the upper 50s. upper 70s tomorrow and the evening will bring our next chance of showers. we will dry out on wednesday and
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thursday with highs back into the upper 60's. another system will come through siouxland on friday bringing showers throughout the day. this weekend looks partly cloudy and cooler with our highs
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mark.a larry>> multiple law enforcement sources confirm tonight the
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i- a director john brennan and homeland security secretary jeh johnson have been hacked. diana>> jeff pegues takes a look at the tweets from the anonymous hacker who has been bragging about the breach. throughout the day -- the hacker appeared to be taunting the officials and others in government. "we are not doing this for personal satisfaction, we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are
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target next?!?" (reporter standup close: jeff pegues/cbs news/washington) "in a statement the cia would only say that it has referred the matter to the appropriate authorities. scott, we contacted some of the names on the list that was leaked and one person told us he was shutting down his email account and was considering disconnecting the cell phone number that was made public. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. larry>> federal authorities say this is a criminal investigation... and they are trying to locate the suspect for questioning. larry>> still to come tonight in this week's edition of siouxland's most wanted... our capture count is rising once again... find out which fugitives are back behind bars. diana>> and which former capture marshals need your help tracking
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after the break. tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's violating his parole. this comes as two more fugitives are taken off the streets. shawn denney- taylor was featured two weeks ago here on most wanted for violating his probation on burglarand marijuana possession. he was arrested earlier this month by sioux city police. his arrest makes him capture #413. he's joined tonight by last week's featured fugitive. adam giersdorf was wanted for felony stalking... felony domestic assault... failure to complete the batterers education program... 2 counts of probation violation on forgery charges... and 2 counts of violating a no- contact order. he was arrested by the woodbury county sheriff's office yesterday... during a traffic stop on i- 29. his arrest makes him capture #414 since most wanted began. onto new business... the task
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he is wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for violating his probation on meth he is 34 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs 220 pounds. he has numerous tattoos... including a name and a pair of lips on the left side of his if you have *any* information about jonas rouillard... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send the marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov". you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. larry>> when it comes to
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dieting... most people know they need to avoid fats or carbs... but not much about how much protein they need. coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll hear from a mercy medical center dietitian about what to eat... and how to cook it... to make
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your body needs. diana>> people try to cut the fat out of their diets... but are they getting enough protein? larry>> siouxland news reporter cat taylor met with a dietician to see why enough protein is an important part of healthy living. "protein really is important in your diet; it's one of the three macronutrients. proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are your main macronutrients which means you need the most of those in
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your diet. so protein is an important building block especially for bones, muscles, blood, skin, and among other things too." cat taylor siouxland news>> stephanie small is a clinical dietitian at mercy medical center, and she says that there are multiple types of protein, but preparation of the protein is important. stephanie small mercy medical center>> ""good protein sources are things like your lean meats: chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products. those are all good sources of protein." "when you're preparing your protein foods, such as meat, always try to grill or broil or bake your meats and try to avoid frying, when you're adding protein to your diet." cat taylor siouxland news>> small says that protein shakes can be a good idea for some people. stephanie small mercy medical center>> "protein shakes can be a good addition to your diet, as long as you're getting a variety of other foods too. protein shakes are pretty easy on the go types of foods, so if you're having a hard time getting protein in or perhaps if you're vegetarian, sometimes those protein shakes can fill in that gap for getting enough protein." cat taylor siouxland news>> according to small, you can have too much protein and it can be
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dangerous, so moderation is key. stephanie small mercy medical center>> "overall in general it's just important to have a little bit of everything in moderation. trying to find a diet that you can follow for a lifetime is important because any diet that you go on, once you go off the diet, you'll probably gain the weight back." cat taylor siouxland news>> for siouxland news, i'm cat taylor. diana>> peanuts and peanut butter are another high- protein option for people on meatless diets. diana>> the royals have a chance to move within one win of the world series. see if they could pull it off after the blue jays put them in a big hole early. and all four sioux city high schools have a chance to make the playoffs. chris breaks down the scenarios and checks in with
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steffen. sports is next. (siouxland sports with sports director chris neyenhouse.) this week we'll be crowning several siouxland playoff teams. but did you know that all four sioux city high school football teams are still alive for postseason berths. yeah i'm talking about one and seven sioux city north. if they beat des moines east, and beat them by a lot they could be in as long as council bluffs thomas jefferson loses. and 2 and 6 west is in if they beat des moines hoover. sioux city east plays johnston for a shot at the 2-seed and an opening round home game. but they would need lewis central to lose if that happens. if east loses they could drop down to fouth setting up an opening round matchup at dowling catholic. as for bishop heelan, win lose or draw they're the two seed in 3a district 1. with a likely home matchup against b-h/rv. but coach steffen and the crusaders are focused on their matchup with 1 and 7 le mars friday night. he says you throw out the records when you play them. "i don't care what record they have. when they go against heelan they're going to play lights out. it'll be there best game of the year. they'll show
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surprised if it's a closer game than you're thinking right now." the outcome of our game of the week will determine whether western christian is the number one seed in class 1a district 2 ... or the last seed, number 4! the ridge view raptors invade hull and they've got their own stakes too. if they win they could be the top seed, more likely the number two seed. both would mean home openers in the playoffs. a loss drops them to third. hear from raptors head coach jeff de haan tomorrow night on siouxland news at ten. western christian head coach travis koy-muh's turn will be wednesday night at 10. it's the raptors and wolfpack. it's our game of the week. battle creek at wakefield in a little nebraska volleyball action. 1.first set. wakefield up two to nothing. battle creek's katelyn brauer with the spike. wakefield not able to handle it. two to one wakefield. 2.josephine peitz with the kill. just gets it in. set tied at three apiece. 3.later in the set.. battle creek's taya johnson with the
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kill. bravette's up five to four. 4.the set was back and forth.. taya johnson again with the kill.. set tied at six apiece. 5.later in the set.. the trojan's savannah nelson with the kill.. set tied at seven apiece. 6.battle creek eventually pulled ahead.. the bravette's cassie gillespie.. the lefty with the spike. battle creek up twenty one to eighteen and they would win the first set twenty-five to twenty two. avettes win it 3 sets to none. speaking of nebraska volleyball here's nebraska preps rankings due out tomorrow. but they posted them today so we got em! and we're got three number one teams! lots of good siouxland teams in c-2. west point guardian angels and stanton are still 1st and third respectively. ponca is new to the top ten coming in at 6th after being unranked last week. wisner pilger drops from 4th to 8th. in d-1 emerson hubbard is still number one. howells dodge drops from 5 to 6. in d-2 oneill saint mary's jumps from 2 to one. and wynot is still number 7.
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november third. king of the cage is back in siouxland! the winnavegas casino will be hosting the harvest of champions this saturday night . sioux city's danny black has won his last four fights in king of the cage. all in the first round. in hislast fight i heard him say come on, give me someone tougher. he should have that. check out these youtube clips of charles, krazy horse bennett. throwing his opponent into the cage, jumping on top of the cage. the knockout artist's fights always end in thrilling fashion and he's known as one of the most entertaining fighters in the world of mma. black gets a title shot if he can defeat the man who's been the main even on showtime three times. he also wants to put himself and john devall's mma studio on the map. this fight, there's a lot on the line, i've kind of smashed through my last few opponents. there's a lot of videos going around trying to psych me out the guy growing up watching mma my entire life. i know what he's about and the crazy things he does. leading up to this fight
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with this win i get a title fight and the chance to prove john and i, we belong in this sport. bottom of the third inning. this fight, there's a lot on the line, i've kind of smashed through my last few opponents. re aotf de gng ou tintosy mo bo czyor a iolwe heuyrongp tcnm eirli. kn wt 's ouanthcry in h oe ldi utohifit hiin g ait 1eckhis ith otm rdnng. isig, esloonhe nei' d sh rod yi tph o atazhoe d foow ggrinupatinmm ti le. kw ate' o a t czyhiso. adg tth fht thhiwii t tie htndhehae pve hnnd, boninhi po. alwi he gup 0 t beyn e -c. weicthgsp tomf e irinng twikiakjony cueto deep for a three run hr! 6-2 jays! 2)hen a couple batters later. kevin pillar rbi double 7-2 jays! johnny cueto pulled from the game if anyones seen chad sandwell give him a hug he likes those. seriously he'll need one royals fall 11-8. diana>> we're back with a final
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break. cloudy tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 70s and a slight chance of showers in the evening. kayla, diana, larry, chris>> its inte rn cloudy tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 70s
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in t evening. kayla, diana, larry, chris>> that's all our time for now... have a great evening. ( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen!
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