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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  October 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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to replace that money. "we will have to adjust either our property tax asking or the amount of surtax that we levy to compensate. those are adjustments that we typically make annually anyway." sioux city is one of the hardest- hit out of about 280 iowa districts impacted by the ruling. affected taxpayers can file for a refund on the past three years of state income taxes. the average refund is expected to be about 200 dollars. larry>> two women have been jailed... and a man is on the run after a car chase in downtown sioux city last night. the chase began at 18th and virginia streets... and ended at 6th and main. police arrested 38- year- old trisha flute (flewt) of south sioux city... and 39- year- old irene lasley of sioux city. they say flute was driving... and is charged with aggravated eluding and reckless driving... along with several traffic violations. lasley was arrested on outstanding warrants. police are also looking for a third person... a native american man in his 30s who ran
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from the car. if you have any information you're asked to call sioux city police. diana>> three members of a storm lake family are in jail following drug - related probes in utah and storm lake. 49- year- old abel medina rios... his 28- year- old daughter raquel... and 26- year- old son abel... were arrested following a traffic stop by the utah highway patrol monday. they found about 55 pounds of marijuana and a loaded handgun in their car. the arrests led storm lake police to search a home at 210 highway street... the el tapatio mexican restaurant... and the princess palace clothing store. storm lake police say they found two guns and some marijuana... crystal meth... and cash. all three are facing drug possession charges in the case. larry>> a sioux city teen is pleading *not* guilty to setting a fire that destroyed a trash bin and damaged a local business. 18- year- old- jeremiah (ver-beski) verbeski entered that written plea to charges of second- degree arson and criminal mischief. those charges are in connection with a dumpster fire at the hamilton boulevard dollar tree store earlier this month.
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cone on fire and threw it in the dumpster... destroying the dumpster and doing 5- thousand dollars in damage to the store. his trial is set to start december 15th. diana>> south sioux city held its third annual national bioenergy day today at scenic park campground. a new wood-fired heat and electrical generating unit was unveiled at the event. this is the first of its kind in nebraska to produce electricity from wood fuel. this system will use any tree waste or debris to put that back into the community as a renewable energy source. the 50 kilowatt generator will use about 900 tons of wood debris... primarily coming from tree trimmings, community cleanups, and diseased ash trees that must come down soon. a single generator will be able to operate about five households. kayla>> . cloud cover will increase over night bringing temperatures into the lower 40s by morning.. tomorrow will start out cloudy but rain will move in around midday and continue throughout the night and all day friday. temperatures will be back in the
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60's for the rest of the week and continue to drop during the weekend into the beginning of the week next week. after a mostly sunny and dry weekend we will see rain return to siouxland on tuesday with temperatures dropping into the 50's. diana>> a northeast nebraska bar that's known for its big burgers and generous portions is helping raise money for a local park. the folks at bob's bar in martinsburg are holding a fundraiser saturday... featuring kid's activities and music by the dustin conaway band. the community of martinsburg is trying to replace the equipment at the local playground. that equipment came from a school that was closed in 1985. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the effort. the event kicks off at 5 o'clock saturday in the fire hall at
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martinsburg. larry>> it was a day of major developments in the world of politics... as vice president biden announces his decision about a *presidential* run. diana>> and as scott thuman reports... on the republican side, the search intensifies for that party's new leader on capitol hill. aware, getting in the race this late, with some delegates and dollars already lined up behind his competition, would mean a bumpy road to the white house. (graphic) biden's bailing, a virtual gift to hillary clinton. who tweeted: "he's a great man and she's inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better." (graphic) on the flip side, donald trump supportive for another reason: "personally, i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad." (nats) meanwhile, republicans are also jockeying for position and at the center of the scrum, paul ryan... potentially the next speaker, but holding tough that if you want him, you play by his rules-- including, weekends
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fundraising: (sot - ryan) "it's in their hands and i will leave it to my colleagues." (sot black) "paul has the overwhelming respect for the majority so i think it's a matter of paul meeting with those who are in that caucus who have some concerns." namely, the ultra conservative freedom caucus. (sot- meadows) "i think everybody's open to anybody who can unify the conference." (sot - brooks) "he is a father, he has young children, he does not have time to do the speaker's job as he has in the past." so what if they balk or if ryan himself, decides *not* to take the job? what's the 'plan b'? (sot - boehner) "don't know!" (scott/standup) some in that freedom caucus which is made up of somewhere between 30-40 of the most conservative house members, are still vowing to vote for their member, daniel webster of florida. if they will have enough votes to halt paul ryan, we'll find out next wednesday and thursday. diana>> while biden announced he won't run for president... republican donald trump will try to stretch his lead in the polls with a visit to sioux city next
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tuesday evening at six. earlier this year trump appeared at morningside college before he announced his candidacy. tickets to tuesday night's event are available at the "eventbrite" website. we have a link to that site on "our* website at siouxland larry>> as hillary clinton prepares to testify tomorrow before the house select committee on benghazi... the *spin game* is at work in washington. diana>> our national correspondent kristine frazao looks into whether the investigation into the 2012 attack has become a political one. "this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee." ((from cnn's state of the union)) "with an overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted drive down my poll numbers." so is she right? is it political? political science professor and veteran journalist richard benedetto says it's a congressional hearing so of course politics are at play.
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richard benedetto/professor, american university "there's certainly some political nature to it. the republicans want to press it the democrats don't but the fact that the democrats don't want to press this that's political too." two republicans have also come forward and admitted the poltical nature of the investgation. nna: "i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people, an individual, hillary clinton." maj. bradley podliska: "this has become a partisan investigation. i do not know the hyper focus on hillary clinton." but republican committee members insist they are simply on a fact finding mission. rep. mike pompeo/r-kansas "i'm convinced the american people will view that as being professional, complete and legitimate attempt to try to get answers on behalf of the families of the four dead americans." rep. trey gowdy/chairman, house select committee on benghazi/from cbs's face the nation "the seven members of my committee are much more focused on the four dead americans than we are anyone's presidential aspirations." for benedetto, the political nature is just the way washington works. "do you think that if condoleeza rice who had been secretary of state during the iraq war was
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pushing her for her positions on iraq. of course they would." political or not - one thing's for sure - the show will go on. i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. larry>> still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... why these northwest iowa college students are taking selfies... for a pretty good purpose...
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. kayla>> . larry, diana, kayla>> larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. kayla>> . larry, diana, kala lry a a klaalabt ay wth a t uomg ect yl> lo ceilie or night bringing temperatures into the lower 40s by morning.. tomorrow will start out cloudy but rain will move in around midday and continue throughout the night and all day friday. temperatures will be back in the 60's for the rest of the week and continue to drop during the weekend into the beginning of the week next week. after a mostly sunny and dry weekend we will see rain return to siouxland on tuesday with
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50's. larry>> still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... he's a high school student with plans to take over his family farm.... coming up after the break...
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honoree. diana>> every month morningside college and siouxland news are teaming up to highlight a high school student who has gone above and beyond. larry>> our jaclyn driscoll joins us now to introduce us to this month's winner.
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larry... diana... this month's winner is pender, nebraska high school senior devin soll. devin was nominated by mrs. liakos, who he helps as a student aid. jaclyn driscoll reporting>> the youngest of three children on a family farm of about 2500 acres, devin is slated to take things over after college. "he's involved in harvest right now, so he goes to school all day, goes to football practice, then he goes home and he's out on the combine or driving truck." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> but this rough around the edges farm boy who stands over six feet tall, found his soft spot... working with younger students. dayleen liakos teacher>> "devin just has this knack to put the kids at ease. he can tease them without going over the line and keeping them in control still. they love going to him and
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to him. he's a good role model. devin soll student>> "my future's not going to be with kids, but they seem to like me and that's good. i like that, to spend some time with them." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> giving credit, in large part, to his family devin soll student>> "my brother is a big role model in my life. he's always pushing me in sports and academics. my father pushes me with farming to be the best i can. and of course my mother, making all those great meals. she pushes me the most when it comes to academics." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> devin is also grateful for the staff at pender public school. devin soll student>> "i'm very thankful. the people around me, the teachers, i'm glad that they'd nominate me. it means a lot to me. it's kind of special. i don't know, it means i'm doingn something right in my life." devin plans on attending college to receive a degree in agriculture. then, returning back home to his family farm. if you'd like to nominate a student, you can do that on our website siouxland news dot com by clicking on the "above and beyond" banner. larry>> a new study from
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*harvard* says it's found an easy way to lower your healthcare costs. coming up after the break... what simple things that study
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their *stress levels* each day. larry>> a new study says there's a simple way to dramatically cut your health care costs... a combination of yoga, meditation and prayer. diana>> as molly shen reports... researchers say that reducing chronic stress could cut health costs *in half*. [duration:0'10"] ("when you see someone who's stressed and they go (inhales) or they're holding their breath. what we want to tell them to do is learn to breathe and soften into the belly.") the meditative breathing is meant to help them relax and focus on class - instead of their to do list. [notes:sot @ 22:29] [duration:0'08"]
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("groceries, dishes, balancing the checkbook. all of that standard stuff can seem like you really have to schedule it.") the relaxation technique might also help keep them out of a doctor's office. a new study out of harvard says people who are trained in relaxation response methods - need health care less often - and could spend a whopping 43-percent less on procedures and lab tests. [notes:nats traffic] [duration:0'02"] (traffic) here's why. when you're stressed out - say because you're stuck in trafc - there's a shift in your immune system. you lose some of the cells that fight infection. [notes:sot @ 1:43] [duration:0'07"] ("as a result of having ongoing chronic stress, you are more prone to come down with chronic infections.") researchers say the fix is to trigger the opposite response in your body, by relaxing. [notes:sot @ 24:39] [duration:0'05"] ("getting alone, i listen to music. that's an instant door to my soul.") there's also prayer. the study's authors pointed out - there's no risk [notes:back to breathing] because relaxing can happen for free. [notes:nats @ 20:24]
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[duration:0'02"] ("may you go gently.") diana>> with just five games until the g-pack playoffs northwestern's volleyball team returns to the court. and there's huge playoffs implications in our game of the week. western christian head coach travis koy-muh tells us how his team is preparing. sports is next. the entire state budgets of both texas and iowa could be funded with what washington wasted last year. so why no outrage? for one, most news organizations haven't bothered reporting on the g-a-o findings. the public can't complain what it doesn't know
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investigations? are you kidding me? spending money - even if it's wasted -- is the most powerful thing they do. the three programs with the largest amount of money sent to improper recipients include $60 billion for medicare, . . . seventeen and a-half billion to medicaid . . . and the earned income tax credit program. in the e-i-t-c program, millions who don't pay federal income tax actually get money from uncle sam. for them, april 15th isn't tax day - it's pay day. in this case, people who don't officially qualify for the free money program received nearly $18 billion last year. to comment, go to behind the
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i'm mark hyman. with just five games remaining before the gpac playoff schedule begins, 12th ranked northwestern tried to extend their three game winning streak tonight against mount marty. libero jillian estes is fresh off receiving her gpac defensive player of the week honor. 1. first set.. northwestern's karlie scutt with the kill.. red raiders up 3-1. 2. scut again with the kill.. schut leads the g-pac in kills and is 8th in the n-a-i-a. 3. there was a lot of karlie in the first set.. this time the kill from the back row.. red raiders up 7-4. 4. now freshman lauryn hilger with the kil l... northwestern up 15-11. 5. scutt again with the kill
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raiders. 6. jessa doom with the nice shot. northwestern cruised in the first set 25-15. they win the whole thing 3 sets to none. the sioux city explorers announced today that the boston red sox have purchased the contract of explorers reliever rob wort. wort will report to spring training with the red sox when pitchers and catchers report next spring to earn a spot within the boston organization for the 2016 season. the 26 year old wort had an impressive 2015 season for the xs as he posted an 11-3 record and recorded 4 saves with a 1.79 era in 41 games. in just over 65 innings of work, wort struck out 92 batters while only allowing 26 walks. chris>> at stake in our game of the week between ridge view and number 8 western christian is the number one seed and home field advantage in the playoffs. but for the wolfpack they could potentially fall to the fourth and final seed, doomed to be stuck on the road. in tonight's asked western christian head coach travis koy-muh how that is
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affecting his team this week at practice. chris: you are playing really at a time where the four teams in this district really look like they have some of the best teams they've ever had. west lyon is good again like they seem to be every year. hinton has a historically great offense for them. and you're playing a ridge view team that's loaded with seniors. your team may be the best you've had since 2009 since you made a run to the state title. what does it say for you i mean what's it like playing in a year like this? kooima: it's exciting. like i said, every friday night has been important. having that significance of a game and that type of game every single week, it makes you as a team prepare as best you can. alright this friday night we have to be our best team. we have to be the best team this week. that's what
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we're trying to get better every single day. and trying to be the best we can be on friday night. if we find a way to win tis district there's going to be a lot of pride on the line because this was a tough year, a tough district with a lot of great team. chris: this has probably been a different week than any week your kids have experienced. for high schoolers, when the spotlight is on them it can be exciting, exhilarating, but does it change the way you guys prepare, have you noticed anything different for better or for worse because wow everyone's watching to see what happens in this game? kooima: no, we haven't really seen a ton of difference except for the news stations being at practice and stuff. our guys are really focused on what they need to do to get better and i think that's a testament to my assistant coaches. we're focused on what we need to do not on the extra stuff. we call it outside noise. we don't want any outside noise to affect us. so we're making sure we're tuned in, get better for this week. ridge view is a tough opponent, a tough team. they bring a lot to the
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table. like you said they have a ton of seniors. when you have senior leaders they're going to come prepared. they haven't made mistakes this year. i think that's a testament to their coaches. they haven't turned the ball over a lot. so that's going to be a challenge for us. we're excited for the challenge and we're hoping that good things will happen friday night. chris: you have a relationship going back with coach jeff de haan of ridge view. what do you expect from them and what's going to be key in this game? kooima: up front they have a really good offensive line. watching tape every single time i'm watctcng them they look better. when their quarterback needs to make throws he makes them. coach de haan he's a great coach. he's a great motivator. he's building up a program the way it needs to be done. it's just going to be an exciting night and knowing that i have that relationship with jeff and
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high level against each other. diana>> we're back with a final
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cloud cover will increase over
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night bringing temperatures into the lower 40s by morning.. kayla, diana, larry, chris>> . cloud cover will increase over night bringing temperatures into the lower 40s by mororng.. morrow will start out cloudy but rain will move in around midday and continue throughout the night and all day friday. larry>> finally tonight... picture this! they tried to set a world record today at northwest iowa community college in sheldon. as part of the college's homecoming celebration called, "days of thunder"... students, faculty, staff, family members and friends gathered to try and break the guinness book ofoforld records for the longest line of selfies. diana>> there was an official "phone"... the selfie needed to be taken no more than 60 seconds apart... and each person could take up to two selfies. the world record stands at 531. unfortunately, they came up just a little short... with 445
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- breaking attempt. ( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the late show. thank you so much, everybody. jon batiste and stay human. how about that?
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