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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  October 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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norfolk this morning where a different compananis making similar plans... and tells what this means for that community. 3 this project has been in the making for four years now. ceo and director of o-t-c pipe... charley havens... negotiated with the city of norfolk and nucor to find the best place for its new home. "the land was good, the people were good, the incentives were good, and the doors are open for anything we wanted to do. and, that's the reason we picked them." " the new facility will be loloted on the sosohwest corner of victory road and eisenhower ave and cost about 125 million dollars. the building will be 1.2 million square feet. as the general contractor.. says that is about 2 blocks wide by 6 and a half blocks long."it's a large building and there is a lot of opportunity with the building and there is a lot of hard work and i am really excited about the opportunity to facilitate that." -mike once the project is done, nucor will be the main supplier of steel for the pipe
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mill. "we've already mpleted 80 million dollar expansion of our melt shop. and we just completed last week in preparation for this. so we are ready to go right now." when the company is fully operational, it will produce 350 thousand tons of steel a year. the city and the state are very excited for the company to come to norfolk. "you talk about 200 hundred jobs coming to norfolk or northeastern nebraska that's a big number and especially when they are going to pay an average of thousand dollars a year that's going open up a lot of opportunities here for a lot of people in the job market" the state senator also believes this will encourage other companies to build in nebraska... and bring more jobs. construction on the new plant will begin next month and they hope to be operating by july of 2017. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 sioux city students are getting a warning about the dangers of drugs this part of red ribbon week... the sioux city elk's club brought ray lozano (low- zon-o) to town to t tk about how w en alcohol and marijuana
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lozano is the elk's club national spokesman on drug and alcohol abuse. in addition to a talk this afternoon at the elk's club... lozano spoke at three sioux city schools about why students shouldn't drink or smoke pot. 3 3 some local men got in touch with their feminine side today... as part of an effort to take a stand against domestic violence. today in the library at western iowa tech community college...they had one of ththr fingernails painted pink. the one nail represents the 1 in 5 children who are abused. it's called the "polished man event"... and it's part of domestic awareness month. if you already have your nails painted... you can show your support by making one nail a different color. 3
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should slowly clear out. overnight lows will be in the lower 30s and for thursday we will see mostly sunny skies with highs topping out in the lower 50s. we could see a little rain late friday night into early saturday, but trick-or-treating saturday evening looks just fine with temps in the lower to mid 3 50s.>> 3 3 some sioux city high school students got a chance to learn about careers in healthcare today.mercy medical center held a health career exploration fair for students from east, north and west highs. students got to meet mercy employees working in fields like nursing, physical therapy and the hospital's lab... and talk about the education needed to do those jobs. mercy says about 240 high school students took part in the fair over the past two days. 3 3 round three of the republican
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hour.our national correspondent scott thuman has the ghlights from boulder, colorado. 3 as the so-called "undercard" gop candidates turned their focus mostly to the democrats "the number one candidate the ototr side thought shshwas flat broke after her and her husband were in the white house for 8 yearsthe number 2 guy went to the soviet uni on his honeymoon and i don't think he ever came back."those on the main stage started off turning mostlyon each other. **donald trump, 8:31 (on kasich) "he was so nice said wasn't going to attackthat's why he's on the end" (laughter) **jeb bush, 8:38 (to rubio) "this was a six year term, you should be showing up to work" **marco rubio, , 39 (to bush) "someone convinind you atatcking me will help you" (allow huge applause break) some even turned on n e moderatorsted cruz, 8:45 pointing at candidates, paraphrasing questions, then says "should be talking about issues"domestic policy
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before the night endedthe candidates used those issues to take on democratic front- runner, 9:15 "hillary policies bad for women"marco rubio, "hillary last week showed she's a liar"**, 8:23 "put me on a stage against (hillary) and i'll make sure she doesn't get within 10 miles of the white housetake that to the bank." 3 3 we're just a few days away from halloween... and a bunch of little monsters going door- to- 3 we've got tips from the woodbury county sheriff's office to keep your kids safe
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up after r ather3 3 3 3 3 chad, larry and diana talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast.3 3
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with highs topping out in the lower 50s. we could see a little rain late friday night into early saturday, but trick-or-treating saturday evening looks just fine with temps in the lower to mid
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3 3 it's that time of year again... dominated by costumes, candy, and trick or treating. the woodbury county sheriff's office has several safety tips, for this halloween weekend. parents can take simple stepepby
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avoid long capes or wigs and beards that cover a child's eyes, mouths and noses. they do recommend bright colored costumes or adding reflective tape and glow sticks to make them more visible. all children under the age of 12 years should be with an adult. 3 "inspect the candy if they can have an adult do that, make sure everything is sealed. try to stay away from popcorn balls or something that can be homemade and put into a plastic baggy."the woodbury county sherf's office will be increasing their number of patrols throughout siouxland this weekend... hoping to deter criminal behavior on is spooky holiday. 3 3 it's a prestigious national award for volunteer service in local communities... and we're proud to bring it to siouxland. 3 coming up after the break... we'll introduce you to siouxland's first recipient of a jefferson award... who spends her days helping to
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3 we here at siouxland news are honored to announce our association with the jeffern awards foundation. the foundation is dedicated to celebrating public service.each month on siouxland news we'll bring you the story of a local jefferson award winner. that person will have a chance to be recognized at the national jefferson awards banquet in washingtonon dc.tonight jejeke wauran introduces us an onawa womama who's definitely deserving of a jefferson award. 3 that's right guys, 20 organizations inging a total of 1,300 hours of volunteering in 2014 alone! that's why geri johnson makes out first jefferson awards recipient.california native geri johnson moved to iowa in 1962, but onawa has been her homemefor the last 40 years. "this community has blessed me
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so i give back and i give back. and i give, and i give. they said something to me and i say yes."formerly a farm bureau financial services agent, geri retired in 2010 and now she's a full time volunteer."i know everybody in town. everybody knows memend just about everybody knows that i volunteer and that i do stuff and i don't say no."but volunteering is not just a priority, it's her passion. "i enjoy working with the elderly."twice a week, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., geri volunteers at the senior's health insurance information program, where she counsels to senior citizens on prescription drug plans, and helps them select the best one each year."last week we saved somebody $4,000, but it's usually on average $400 to $500 a year they can save." it's just one of the nearly two dozen organizations which she is involved with: onawa public library president, monona county extension council member, burgess health center foundation board member, big brother big sister member, check and connect
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mentor through west monona elementary school and food 4-u treasurer. that's not all, geri recrurued 15 community members to listen to 1st through 5th graders read. she does that once a week."and i enjoy mostly working with the kids."because geri gives so much to the community, brent mccall, an agent farm bureau financial services wanted to find a way to honor her. so, he nominated her for the jefferson awards."since she's retired about five years ago. she even got more active. she used her activities that she wawain whwh she was working full-time and basicly doubled it up when she retired, and basically volunteers full time and enjoys giving back."i have enjoyed many blessings in my life and a lot of it is due to the people in this community." congratulations to geri! if you know a volunteer making a difference in your community let us know.. or go to the jefferson awards pagagon our website siouxland news dototom to submit a nomination. 3
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high school playoffs are finally here. we've got a double helping of sports coming your way. 3 19 playoff games feature teams from siouxland. see who moved on to the next round. and whose seasons came to an abrupt end. it's all next in sports. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.every so often, washington politicians debate whether to pass more gun laws. some argue this is the way to stop gun-related crimes.but what about the existing laws? what if federal authorities do a lackadaisical job of enforcing them?take the case of 24-year old milwaukee, wisconsin man dontray mills. over a 16-month period, mills bought 27 firearms . . . mostly handguns . . . using a fake id. then he illegally sold these weapons to others. unfortunately for mills . . . but fortunately for the common good . . . he was caught. mills faced 55 charges for the
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sales.the justice department has guidelines recommending stiff penalties for those who fraudulently buy firearms. mills' actions were the sort of thing president barack obama has been outspoken about. but then, federal prosecutors offered mills a sweetheart plea deal. plead guilty to a single count . . . prosecutors would drop the remaining 54 charges . . . and recommend no prison time. mills took the deal. just recently, he was sentenced. he merely serves one year on probation and he's barred from legally owning firearms. which is ironic because he was arrested for illegally owning
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headlines dot net.3 i'm mark hyman. in iowa the high school football playoffs are upon us. we start in 3a where sergeant bluff luton hosted spencer. 3 it's the second time these two have played in 5 days. warriors won 20-0 there.1) its the 2nd quarter and sergeant bluff- luton is up 20 to 7. spencer has the ball on the 30 yard line, quarterback sean slattery pitches it to tyler
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loehr. he makes cuts, few tackles and gets brought down at the 10 yard line. 2) the tigers enend up fumbling s s the warriors take over. quarterback jacob shultz drops back and throws it into the breadbasket of chris kroll for an easy first down. 3) later in the drive, its 4th and goal shultz throws the screen but parker schenk picks it off! he goes all the way down the sideline for a 40 yard return! before hit out of bounds. 4) spencer ends up going 4 and out so sb-l's turn again. shultz pump fakes and throws it down the sidelili to kroll. but shultz over throws it and cooper fox was there for the interception. spencer kneels it to run the clock out before half.sbl moves on they win 33-21. 3 heelan taking on the nighthawks of boyden- hull/rock valley at memorial field1) after heelan was stuffed on 4th down on their opening drive bhrv makes them pay. brett moser to kyla van ginkel in the flat! it's a 6-yard touchdown! 6-0 nighthawks.2) ensuing heelan - drive 3rd and 10. michai
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the cameraman! does not fake out dalton moser! interception! these moser's have it out for the crusaders! 3) *very* next play! brett moser again this time to shane solberg who makes some nice moves! touchdown! it's 12-0 after another failed p-a-t.4) mid second quarter now nighthawks driving moser to myles van maanan! its the third td pass of the first half for moser! the only thing thatasn't working for bhrv were the point afters. 18-0 then. heelan would add a field goal before half.nighthawks win 24-16. 3 the other hull team, western christian in action as well... the wolfpack up against the west lyon team that beat them earlier this year1. first quartete.. ben granstra tatas the hand off... he runs it all the way down to the endzone, but steps out at the 3. wolfpack get the first and goal. 2. just two plays later... it's a qb keeper by tyson kooima... did they get it? they did! wolfpack get on the board and the two point conversion. eight to zero. 3. 3 minutes left in the first... kooima lobs one up... but
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colton haha comes up th it....wildcat ball! 4. less than a in the second... justin grevengoed can't quite make the catch... and check this out! colin snyder gets the snag! another interception for the wildcats. western christian would hold firm though they win 21-0! 3 hinton and both their head coaches in actionontonight against the emmetsburg e-hawks 1) in the firir quarter the hinton blackhawks have the ball quarterback jay small rolls out looking for a reciever and he sees skyler beller open down field. beller takes it in for a 44 yard touchdown. 2) after the e- hawks went four and out, the blackhawks are facing 3rd and 10. small is looking to pass but shawn ireland is there to stuff him. that brings up this next play 3) hinton is trying to punt but it goes over terrill henrich's head. he trys to recover but brent wesley makes sure he doenst go anywhere. first and goal e-hawks. 4) after a failed run emmetsburg fakes the dive and quarterback clayton freeman goes out side for the score, after the point after the games was tied at 7 to 7.
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(winner!) 3 don't go away we've got a complete recap of all the siouxland playoff games after the break.west sioux, akron- westfield, mvao, clglr and cherokee all in action. more
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3 3 nobody has been able to slow down the falcons offense so far this season. mvaoaos 5-4 thth season and had a tall task in hawarden.3 1. first play of the game in the snow.. m-v-a-o quarterback dylan feller can't handle the snap.. he picks it up and fumbles again.. he's able to get it and he actually gains fifteen yards on the play. rams unable to capitalize and have to punt.2. later in the first quarter.. west sioux quarterback porter hummel roles to his left and decides to just keep it himself and is able to leap into the endzone
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no good. falcons up six to nothing.3. in the second quarter.. score still six to nothing.. hummel finds jordan monsma with the pass..3 4. next play justin negaard takes the handoff and gets down to the rams twenty yard line.5. the drive would end however.. hummel roles to his right and his pass is intercepted by kyler mcdermott. the score would remain six to nothing west sioux and west sioux goes on to beat m-v-a-o ththty-six to seven.(winner) just a few kids from akron! and westfield! taking on council bluffs st. albert in the first round1. pick up action in the second quarter.. game tied at fourteen. saint albert's quarterback luke waters hits elijah finn for the long pass and score. extra point good. falcons up twenty on to fourteen.2. right before the end of the first half.. akron-westfield quarterback cal eskra hitsaustin allard for the touchdown pass. extra point no good. westerners
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to twenty at the half.3. akron- westfield's first possession of the second half.. eskra keeps it himself and goes twenty-five yards to the forty-five yard line.4. two plays later.. the westerners line up in a trick formation and eskra hits tyler waterbury y down to the falcons twenty-five.5. a few plays 3 the resurgent cherokee braves... winners of more games this year than the past four years combined... taking on central lyon/george-little rock tonight1) opening quarter, lions lead 7-nothing, and the "d" was on the prowl...mitch van beek drops michael herwig deep in the backfield. the braves were forced to punt.2)second quarter, the central lyon/george-little rock offense goes back to work. on the opening play of the drive, c.j. roths (row-ths) motors his way through the secondary, slips a pair of arm tackles, and takes it 80-yards for the touchdown! roths (row-ths) had over 230 yards rushing and three td's on the night. 13- nothing lions.3) late in the half, the braves trail 20- nothing, and opt to go on fourth-and-20, and adam cedar
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is sacked by jaydon baker. lions ball.4) on n e ensuing drive, with only seconds to play in the half, pete menage tosses a 10-yard rainbow to riley van wyhe (why), and "11" scores six. 27-nothing at the half, and central lyon/george- little rock advances, 27-zip. 3 in class 4a oux city east class 2a estherville lincoln central ...3 back in class 1a ikm manning ...3 and in class "a" lawtwt
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...3 over in 8-man ar-we-va ...3 and kingsley-pierson ... 3 3 3
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( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: hey! thanks very much. thank you so much. look at you! look at you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you veve much. thanks, everybody. weome to the "late show"."
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>> stephen: thank you! please, everybody, please, sit down. thank you so much. welcome, welcome to "the late show" everybody. the rumors are true, i'm stephen colbert. as you know-- and it's hard to believe, it's already fall of 2015, and we're counting down until that major event that is every american's civic duty to take part in: the new "star wars" movie! ( cheers and applause ) last week, we were off, we weren't doing the so i couldn't'talk about the brand new trailer. and this was not a ten-second slow-fade teaser, none of that b.s. this was a real trailer with actual chunks of movie flavor
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