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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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last night in colorado. and now four of the republican contenders for president will appear together in northwest iowa. 3 senator marco rubio...governor chris christie... carly fiorina... and former senator rick santorum will be in orange city tomorrow. they'll be attending a gathering of the cherokee... lyon... o'brien... osceola (oh- see'- oh- luh)... plymouth.. and sioux county republican parties. that gathering will start at 5:45 at the bultman on the campus of northwestern college. 3 3 a siouxland certified interpreter is celebrating the grand opening of her w translation and interpretation center. perla (alar-con flo-ree) alarcon-flory, held a ribbon cutting and open house at her new center located at the ho-chunk centre. she's the owner of the center for spanish to english and english to spanish speakers. perla says, spanish is second-most- common language spoken in iowa and she hopes to recruit more qualified translators in sioux city.
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vision? grow, to grow. we have, for instance, in the school district, a dual language program with irving elementary . and those kids are growing. those kids are going into high school now, so with those bilingual skills, i'm pretty sure in the very near future we're going to have very qualified interpreters too."this new center in the ho-chunk building will serve as the home base for local businesses. 3 3 3 thankfully, the wind's'sied down and the sun came out todadait still feels pretty chill out there though, chad. 3
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hours on saturday. highs will top out in the lower toid 50s. don't worry, rains witl move ot very early on saturday and conditions should be nearly perfect for trick or treating 3 three months after ragbrai 43 and its 19- thousand bike riders left sioux city... organizers have unveiled the logo for *next* year's ride.the new logogodepicts a rider in a hammock between two trees with bike wheels for leaves. his bike iin the background... propped up against a tent. the start point for ragbrai 44 and its route will be announced on 2016... and the actual ride will start on july 24th, 2016 and run until the 3030. 3 3 federal investigators in minnesota think they have a lead on a 26- year- old child abduction case.11- year- old jacob wetterling went missing in 1989. he was abducted by a masked man with a gun while on bike ride in st. joseph, minnesota. the case attracted national attention... but wetterling has s never been found. now... investigators from an f- b- i ld case unit have identified a "person of
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year- old daniel heinrich of annandale, minnesota. he was just arrested for possession of child pornography. 3 "given the nature of these charges and as a result of similarities between the abduduion jajab wetterling, a number of unsolved sexual assaults in central minnesota dating back to the 1980's, and the alleged criminal actions of danny heinrich, we consider him to be a person of interest in the wetterling abduction."a search of heinrich's home also led to the discovery of d-n-a on some clototng that may link him to the sexual assault of a boy in 1989. heinrich lives in an area where several boys have been assaulted. 3 3 congressman paul d. ryan of wisconsin is now officially the 62nd speaker of the house. ryan won the position in a full vote by house e members thursday morning. weijia jiang is on capitol hill with more details. 3 (nats)"the speaker-elect, paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin."paul ryan was enthusiastically greeted by his colleagues after they
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elected him to become the next leader of the house e representatives.(sot: rep. paul d. ryan/(r-wi) speaear of ththhouse)"my friends. you have done me a great honor." and now the work begins.(sot: rep. paul d. ryan/(r-wi) speaker of the house)"we need to make some changes, starting with how the house does business. we need to let every member contribute-not once they have earned their stripes, but right now." (standup: weijia jiang/cbs news/capitol hill)republicans elected ryan because he's viewed as someone who can unite their fractured party - something outgoing speaker john boehner was not able to do and it cost him his job. (sot: rep. john boehner/(r) ohio)"i leave with no regrets, no burdens. if anythingngi leave the way y started, just a regular guy humbled by the chance to do a big job."some hard-line conservatives say boehner didn't fight hard enough for their values. perhaps it was to them that the speaker offered this advice.(sot: rep. john boehner/(r) ohio)"yes, freedom makes all things possiblelebut
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things real. so believe in the long, slow, struggle."boehner leaves office after serving 25 years in the house.weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. 3 boehner angered many consnsvatives when - as ononof his last acts as speaker - he pushed through a compromise budget deal that helps avoid a government shutdown for the next two years. 3 iowa's junior u- s senator is continuing efforts to block a controversial rule from the e- p- a.senator joni ernst's bill to block the "waters of the united states" rule from m taking effect will now be considered by the full senate.ernst introduced the bill last month. the rule was propsed by the e- p- a... and according to ernst would give that agency and the army corps of engineers authority over 97 percent of iowa's'sand and waterways the senate e expected to consider ernst's bill sometime in the next two weeks. 3 3 most power has now been restored to thousands of pennsylvania residents after
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they were left in the dark wednesday. 3 the problem wasn't a storm but a runaway military blimp dragging a tether that knocked out power lines. hena daniels has more from muncy, pennsylvania... where the unmanned blimp came down. 3 the -tech blimp remains scattered in two pieces in rural pennsylvania while the u.s. military tries to figure out how it got loose. they know it t oke free from its anchor in abereren, maryland and then drifted about a 150 miles before coming down.natz full, shotgun blastssot: sot: captain matt villa, u.s. army (:21-:27)we are now working on deflating the aerostat. you may have heard shotgun shots. that is how we are deflating it.the military is working out a plan to safely remove the blimp, but a aspokesmamasays it will take a few days.(standup bridge: he daniels, cbs news, muncy, pa) (:35-:43)in the meantime..state police along with u.s. armand national guard personnel are guarding this site because the blimp carried very sophisticated radar equipment. sot: sot: captain matt villa, u.s. army for the easy pieces we have already been able to remove and some of the more
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difficult pieces wewere stananng guard.the unmanned blimp was still being tested . it was anchored ba an inch thick tether designed to withstand hurricane force winds. several months ago, captain villa told cbs news there was a one in a million chance of that tether breaking. but wednesday s just a aaverage windy rainy muncy, pennsylvania. 3 the blimp's remains are in trees along a ravine in a hard-to-access area with no roads leading directly to the site. 3 3 more and more american kids are being diagnosed with didietes... and it's impacting e levels of participation in sports. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch...what diabetes experts say parents can do to keep their kids active... without worrying
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3 3 exererse is beneficial for eryone. but it's particularly important for young diabetics not only because it can help stabilize blood sugar levels -- but also because of its potential to help ward off complications of the disease.but some diabetics worry about participating in sports, because of the possibility of low blood sugar. in tonights health watch, jim morelli got some advice on how to minimize the worry. 3 shinguards cleats shorts and socks standard issue equipment for soccer.but 13-year-old daniel biundo needs one more thing to play an insulin pump. daniel has type one diabetes.a condition in which the bodydyceases to produce means a lifetime of carefully monitoring blood sugar levels and then takingthe proper
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certified diabetes educator, massachusetts general hospital "what happens to the blood sugar really depends on the type of exercise the child is participating in the intensity of the e ercise, the duration of the exercise."no matter what thehesport the main goal is always the same to prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. which, when severe, can be prevent hypoglycemia, diabetes experts recommend athletes check blood sugar levels before, during and after games or activitieshave high- carbohydrate snacks or sugar tablets on handand know the symptoms of hypoglycemia. michael biundodaniel's dad "typically signs of low blood sugar would be shakiness, pale, sweaty.despite the precautions, neither father nor son wants diabetes to take center stage in soccer."the teamwork. that feeling of competitiveness. sportsmanship. at the end of the game when they're shaking hands and appreciating each other and having fun." 3 3 the state of south dakota's poultry producers are still trying to recover from this spring's bird flu outbreak... which is still taking a toll
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ststte.according to the u- s- d- a... south dakota chickens only produced 36 million eggs last month... down from 65 miion in september of 2014. that number comes from 1 million fewer birds... as the state's largest egg producer was forced to euthanize its entire 1.3 million hen flock this spring and has yet to fully re- stock. 3 3 obamacare premiums will increase an average 7-point-5 percent for the benchmark silver insurance plan next year.that's according to a new report on the 37-states using the federal obamacare exchange. the department of health and human services released the findings late monday. the benchmark silver plan is the second lowest cost plan among obamacare options. the steepest increase is in oklahoma... where users will pay about 36-percent more for the plan in 2016... while folks in indiana will actually pay 13-pepeent less for the silver plpl compared to this year. 3
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3 chad, diana 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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in the upper 20s before slightly rebounding around sunrise.e.throughout the day on friday, we will see the cloud cover picking up again and by late in the afternoon we could see some showers that will linger into the early morning hours on saturday. highs will top out in the lower to mid 50s. don't worry, rains will move out very early on saturday and conditions should nearly perfect for trick or
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3 3 the nebraska high school football playoffs begins today. we've got 2 siouxland teams in action as we speak. we check in to see how the randolph cardinals are doing. 3 3 and 19 siouxland teams advanced in the iowa playoffs last night. hear where they're
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chris is next with sports.3 3 3 nebraska high school fotball officially got under way today. we start in randolph where the cardinals hosted the eagles of johnson brock. 3 you fight all year to get to this point! 1. on the opening kick.. randoph's landyn anderson finds ththhole but can't quite make it totohe endzone. takes it to the johnson brock 3 five yard line.2. two plays later.. grant brunssen powers
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his way into the endzone.. two point conversion good. randolph up eight to nothing. 3. later in n e quarter.. randolph's drew loberg takes the screen pass and he is gone. another cardinals touchdown. two point conversion good. sixteen to nothing randolph4. next randolph series.. loberg takes another screen pass untouched from the ten yard line. two point conversion good. randolph up twenty-four to nothing other action emerson hubbard ... 3 nebraska takes center stage 3 the next two night. let's take a look at the rere of the
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e 32 teams in each for d1 and d2. for our purposes we're looking at the siouxland halves. in d1 we've got a pair of siouxland teams squaring off in a great 9-8 matchup. it's pender and nelly oakdale. guaian angel central catholic will be favored to at least make the semifinals in this bracket. we'll have highlights of their first round matchup with the other half howells dodge was ranked at one point in the year they'll try to upset high plains community. creighton is favored to make the title game as the two seed. we'll have that game for you tonight at 10.on the d2 side of things oneill st. mary's has the tall task of beating number on humphrey st francis in round one. osmond is the nine seed headed to osceola. we could see a randolph emerson hubbard matchup in the second round but that would take an epic comeback by the pirates.ananon the other half of d2 lyons decatur will have an upset mindset against lawrence nelson. we'll be
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palmer tonight at 10. 3 the sales folks in charge of knowing our exact viewing area tell me 19 siouxland team advanced in the in the iowa high school ayoffs last nighthtcongratulatioons to all our kids and the adults who support them. enjoy this moment. you can't do it for long though because it's a short week of preparation as the playoffs continue monday night! 3 here's the lineup for our sioxland teams they're all playing on monday. boyden hull rock valley visits 4th ranked webster city. sergeaea bluff luton hosts carroll. in class 2a central on george little rock heads to east sac county. estherville lincoln central heads to third ranked spirit lake.then in class 1a number 9 hinton heads to number 3 underwood. pocahontas area goes to number 8 western christian.ridge view plays at number 5 south central calhououakron-westfield plays at number 4 logan magnolia. lawton bronson visits hawarden for a rematch with number 3 west 8 person ar we va
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takes on number 3 mmc. number 8 gtra heads to top ranked newell fonda.and west bend mallard is at number 5 janesville. 3 other news from today moc floyd valley shooting guard christian korver has signed a letter of intent to stay in orange city at northwestern. iowa state's george niang has been named a first team all- american. and isu head coach paul rhoads has hired former washington state head coach paul wulff. no word yet on his exact title but he will be a volunteer assistant. 3 3 3 3 sunshine returned in full force this afternoon, and after seeing temperatures in the mid 30s this morning, we warmed up into the lower 50s today. for tonight with clear skies temps will cool off pretty quickly. look for overnight lows to bottom out in the upper 20s before slightly rebounding around sunrise. throughout the day on friday, we will see the cloud cover picking up again and by late in the afternoon we could see some showers that will linger into the e rly morning hours on saturday. highs will top out in the lowerero mid 50s. don't worry, rains s ll moveveut very early on saturday and conditions should be nearly perfect for trick or treating saturday night.>> 3 3 3
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>> pelley: more than 100
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people rush for the exits as a jetliner bursts into flames as it's about to take off. also tonight, rubio on the rights, bush on the defensive. >> it's not on life supportrt >> pellele and debate moderators under fire. >> how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> pelley: in a controversial trial, a prep school graduate hears his sentence for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman. and the house on morse avenue, where the eve of all hallows breaks loose. >> reporter: is it scary? >> no, it's just really cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it was a frightening few minutes today that must have s smed like hours for more than 100 people aboard a boeing 767 jetliner. the plane was about to take off from fort lauderdale, florida, for caracas, venezuela, when an
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passengers and crew raced to evacuate, and david begnaud is in ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: these are some of the pictures of dynamic airways flight 405 on nier after the pilot aborted takeoff. this cell phone video captured huge black plumes of billowing smoke as the plane's pilot frantically radioed for help. just minutes earlier, a pilot on an aircraft taxiing behind the dynamic plane reported a fuel leak to air traffic control. >> dynamic, out of the left engine it looks like it's leaking a lot of fuel. yeah, it's fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: all 101 people on ard were evacuated, usingng emergency slides. >> the pilot didn't say anything. >> reporter: camilla diaz was in seat 1"g." >> i was completely asleep, and when i woke up, i was hearing
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