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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  November 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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son in a house fire.(pot proposal)members of a siouxland tribe vote to legalize pot."majority of our elders were against the marijuana, and our younger population was for it."but will the tribal council follow through?(sentencing questionon) omaha cops are appalled... after a woman whose gun was used to kill a fellow officer gets probation."purchasing is the number one cause of a lot of thfse prohibited people having guns in their hands." (mental health reform) and... privacy concerns could derail an overhaul of the nation's ailing mental health care system. 3 3 one of siouxlxld's most wanted has died in the high speed crash of a stolen car.thanks for joining us tonight, i'm larry wentz, diana castillo has the night off. 3 3 3 police say that accident happened at 25th and morgan when a stolen, speeding car driven by 34 year old jonas rouillard stuck another vehicle that was backing out onto the street. rouillard was wanted for violating his
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intent to deliver meme. his passenger... 28 year old autumn flowers of sioux city ... was also killed. none else was injured. 3 a storm lake family is now facing drug trafficking chargein two states.49- year- old abel medina rios and his two children, 25 year old abel medina and 28 year old raquel medina were originally arrested last month in utah... after troopers found 55 5 pounds of maririana in eir car. after that arrest, storm lake poli searched their home and found more drugs and guns. now... they're facing charges in iowa.all are charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver marijuana.they're being held in the buena vista county jail on 5 thousand dollars bond 3 3 the siouxland man who admitted earlier this year t t vandalizing a a metery in hoskins will spend three years on probation.that's the verdict of a judge in wayneafter 32- year- old michael svatos pleaded no contest to charges
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of ciminal mischief and reckless damage of property in september.svatos and an accomplice inflicted 12- thousand dollars of damage to the hoskins cemetery. 3 ththomaha tribe of nebrbrka voted in favor of three ballot measures yesterday... supporting legalizing recreational as well as medicinal use of marijuana. and the growth of hemp for industrial use. those votes were non- binding, but as our jetske wauran reports after speaking to tribal council members... they're not exactly ruling it out. 3 (**take pkg**)the omaha tribal council approved three e referendums in favor of legagazing the recreational use of marijuana:the first, use of marijuana for adults ages 21 and older, medicinal use of marijuana, and the growth of industrial hemp."my philosophy as chairman, is i believe hugely in servant leadership and regardless of my personal opinion, if the people want this, i'm going to take the lead to what people want, because i'm here to serve the people.""majority of our elders wereregainst the
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populion was for it."council officials say...about 50- percent of the omaha tribe are under the age of 28."so that's kind of reflective of being a younger tribe and being a lot more progressive and how they view those opportunities to pursue."the vote paved a way for the council but did not legalize marijuana use the reservation, at lelet, not yet. secretary jeff miller says the omaha tribe needs more education on marijuana."as a counl, we need to pass ordinanc resolutions to make it legal."vernon says, he's cautious but optimistic about taking on these issues....and they will be seeking help from legal entities as they press forward."i'm here to serve the people and if the opinion of the people was supporting medicinal, industrial and recreational, thth i'll take that guidance, and i'll do what they want to do.""i'm ready to tackle whatever situation is going to benefit the tribe."in macy, nebraska, i'm jetske wauran, siouxland news. 3 a benefit fundraiser will take place to help the family of a three year old boy who died in a sioux city house fire last
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died in the fire at 1414 center street. his parents... david torres and jennifer fuentes.s. were unable to rescue a silent auction and craft showcase will held saturday novemb 14th for his family.the event will run from 12 until 6pm at st. michaels church on indian hills drive.folks are urged to come to the church because some of the auction items won't be available for viewing until that day. donations can also b bmade to the nico torres fununmemorial fund that's been set up at siouxland federal credit union. 3 3 police in omaha are angry.. after a woman convicted of buying the gun that killed a fellow officer is giving probation.officer kerrie orozco was killed in may when marcus wheeler opened fire on officers who were trying to arrest him. wheeler was killed when police returned fire. his girlfriend... jajata johnson... admitted she boboht the gun in georgia on behalf of wheeler who was a convicted felon. johnson... who was also sentenced to community and house arrested.. could have gotten up to 10 years in
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prison and 250 - thousand dollar fine. 3
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the year means winter will soon be knocking on our doors. tonight... our kayla novak is asking local experts *when* we should start getting ready... and *what* we need to buy to be prepared for winter weather. 3 (sound of lug nut removal) owner of square tire scott eldridge.says drivers should get their car checked now. "we are tting close enough to cold weather now and a lot of it is that it is not just snow. it's the cold weather and it's very easy to get your anti-freeze checked and see what temperature it is good to; it's very easy to check the battery starter, the alternator and make sure they are running right. it's very easy to check the belts and the hoses to make sure they are not likely to break you can never knowthat's not going to happen but you can kind've get a good idea whether they are going to last or not."so the car might be up to speed, but are the roads? the iowa department of transportation recommends that you check your 511 app or go to in order to check road conditions.(sound of paper)the department of
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transportation also workrkhard to keep all nearby sioux city roads clear and safe. "so last year 3 was a bad year for snow plow strikes in the state of iowa." (dakin schultz-district transportation planner) plus, the construction will continue throughout the winter, making snow removal a challenge and roads more hazardous. so, this year they have added blue lights to their snow plows to make drivers are morereaware of their presence. . state opper john farley also suggests slowing down all together in these situations. "always want to make sure people are driving correct for the conditions. just because the speed limit might say 70 miles per hour, doesn't mean that we have to drive that speed." but we all know accidents do happen. "but, we always encourage people to makekesure they have their cell phones ready and charged // make sure you always have some extra blankets or warm clothing. obviously have some bottles of water, maybe some energy bars." other things you may want to carry in your car this
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shovel. kitty litter for tractionan ice pick.. and a first aid kit. kmeg is stocked and ready for the winter, are you? kayla novak, siouxland news 3 3 two local groups have started work to make the home of a wounded warrior more accessible. 3 the homebuilders association of greater siouxland and the projects for patriots board have started remodelling the home of todd landen. landen was woundedeby an i -- - d in aq. they'll be widening the hallways... adding pull down cabinets... and even an elevator. 3 "i'm kind've getting anxious too see how much more independent i can be you know. // i wont have to see him you know in pain going up the stairs and that what i just just... i cacat... i'm just excited i can't t wait,."they hope to have the project finished by february first.meanwhile... a fundraiser for "project patrt" is taking place tomorrow at the orpheum theater.they'll be showing the movie "the hornet's nest"
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which features landen and his elite army unit during their tour in afghanistan.the doors will open at 5-30 pm for a social. 3 the movie will be shown at 7- 30.a question and answer seseion with the filmakers will take place afterwards. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten...why iowa's junior u- s senator is celebrating what she calls a victory over the
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3 3 3 chad and larry talk about today's weather and the
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for sunday and 3 monday.>> 3 3 the first proposed overhaul of america's mental healthcare system in decades is facing a roadblock over *privacy* concerns. 3 which lawmakers are objecting
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3 mounting concerns over privacy now threaten to derail an overhaul of the nation's ailing mental health care our national correspondent kristine frazao reports... opponents say changes to the current law
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could make it even more difficult than it already is for people to get the psychiatric care they need. 3 the first overhaul of america's mental health care system in decades and there's now pushback coming from 19 of the 23 democratic lawmakers on the house energy and commerce committee.that's where the bill is being debated [rep. jan schakowsky (d) illinois] "everyone knows that we need to do better when it comes to mental health services." represenative tim murphy's's bill written in the months following the massacare at the sandy hook elementary school connecticut in 2012 had enjoyed bipartisan support. it's waning now because of proposed changes to hippa privacy laws -- that would give family members and caretakers of a mentally ill person more medical information n [rep. jan schakowsky (d) illinois]"we want to make sure peoplfeel they can go in privacy to get the help they need and to ask for whatever they need to resolve their mental illness." [kristine frazo standup] "democrats say if 'hippa' is changed it will deter the
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mentally ill from seeking help. in other words, defeating the very purpose of reforming mental health care." about 10 million people in the u.s. have a a rious mental illnesses like schizophrenia or biopolar disorder.acrding tothe national alliance on mental illness or 'nom-ee' almost half don't get psychiatric treatment now for many reasons including homlessness, incarceration, and too few hospital beds. [sot ron honberg]"we rarely if ever focus our attention on the broken mental health system until these mass tragedies occur. so, maybe it is the silver lining."nami's ron honberg [pronounced=h ahn-berg] hates to conflate mental health care with mass shootings, because he says not all perpertrators have a mental illness. but he believes murphy's bill has the potentiaiato eliminate some mass shootings in the future. [sot ron honberg]"you can't help but ask yourself had there been more agressive intervention available under thescircumstances could the tragedies have been prevented in the first place."i'm kristine frazao siouxland news.
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3 iowa senator joni ernst is celebrating a small victory against the e- p p a tonight.a resolution of disapproval of the agency's proposed "waters of the united states" rule introduced by ernst was passed by the full senate 53- 44.the controversial rule would give the e- p- a and the army corps of engineers control over much of the nation's waterways and the land they run through. it's the subject of court challenges in 31 states.ernst's resolution now will be considered by the house... but the white house has already threatened a presidential veto. 3 3 most people think strokes are problems only suffered by the elderly... but they can even happen to *kids*.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how one seattle boy is on the road to recovery... aftft suffering a
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3 3 when you think of a stroke patient, you probably picture someone who's elderly.many
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can have strokes, too.reporter molly shen introduces us to a mom who learned about pediatric stroke - when it happened right in front of her. 3 (sound from home video) 9-year old dillon trepanier is learning to walk again. he's learning to eat again.. and to write again. it started with an unbearable headache.("my voice started going out, then my leg went out, my arm went out.") they are classic signs of a stroke that his mother - a nursing assistant - has seen before. but only in elderly peoplele("evev at the hospital they were very questionable of if it was a stroke because he was 9.")("everyone who would come i i would tell them. i think he's having a stroke. i think he had a stroke.") caroline's insistence that dillon be treated for a stroke might have been key in his fast recovery. doctors say the symptoms could point to stroke - or another diagnosis. ("meningitis, an abscess, a tumor that's bleeding. child
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abuse. all these things can be in that differential so it's much more complicated than the 85 year old man with a bunch or risk factors that walks into an emergency room.")("try to carry that..") his stroke confirmed, dillon is now under lifelong restrictctns to avoid activities that risk damage to his head or neck - which means he can no longer play football. but a dance his football team uses to celebrate on the field. (whip nae nae)is also his celebration as he leaves the hospital. a blood clot in the brain could have left him more severely injured. but thanks to early intervention and care, dillon.. (bop, bop, i'm out)gets to go home. 3 3 top ranked western christian and central lyon needed one win each to make it to the state volleyball tournament. see if they got it. 3 3 and lawton-bronson came back to tie number 2 unity christian in their finals match. see if they could pull e upset and head to state. chris neyenhouse is next with
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3 hello. i'm mark 3 hyman.congress passed a budget that will rein-in spending. so they's the reality. republicans and democrats busted through the budget caps they set two years ago. after busting through the ones they set in 20-11. the promise is always the same. we'll overspend now. but we'll save money later. later never comes. republicans won control of the house in 20-10 campaignininon their r ledge to a arica" they would cut "at least $100 billion" the first year. they immediately backed-off that pledge after taking office. eventually, they cut a miniscule $352 million.two years ago, house republicans offered a plan totoalance the budget in 10 years. house democrats offered to do so in 30. the senate didn't have a plan. and president obama said balanced budgets didn't matter.
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senate leaders mitch mcconnell and harry reid and house leaders nancy pelosi and john boehner worked together time and time again to raise the nationon debt iling. which drdres the u.s. deeper in debt. the national debt was $10 trillion when barack obama took office. today, it's more than 18 trillion. more debt will be created during his presidency than in the previous 220 years.there is a minority in congress who vote against over-spending.g.t they a a ppished by party leaders, . . . attacked by the media . . . and made fun of by late-night comedians.we're in a heap of comment,
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net.i'm mark hyman.3 3 tonight seven siouxland teams fought for the right to head to state next week and compete for a championship. we start with number 12 lawton-bronson tatang on number two unity ristian in a battle e two of the winningest teams in our
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knights are 35-4. eagles sitting at 34-5. something had to give tonight.1) we are tied at 1 set each. this is the third. the knights set up a pretty good spike. but brooke hunwardsen is throwing a block party. it's 2-0 eagles.s.2) later in the set lawton bronson up 5-2. back come the knights. anna kiel with the kill. it's 5-3. 3) off the ensuing serve allison timmermans with the nice set for kiel. it's 5-4 now. 4) next serve lawton bronson not looking to give up the lead. jaecee kamm to autumn fluent and d i verzani lowers the hammer! 6-4 lb.5) it's 6-5 now when timmermans decides to tie it up with an ace! 6) and then finally unity christian took the lead for good. paige vischer with the throw down. 7-6 in the second set. they win it 25-15. they win the whole thing 3 setstso one. unity christian is headed to state for the 17th time! 3 number one western christian facing okoboji in their 2a region one title game. 1. pick
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up action in the third set.. western christian won the first two sets. okoboji's brenna mccabe with the spike but western christian's kaira moss with the block.. wolfpack up eleven to five.2. later in the third set.. kaira moss looks like she is going to spike it. places a nice touch shot for the point.. western ristian up fifteen to five. 3. kra moss again.. this time she does kill it. wolfpack up seventeen to five. 4. next western christian point.. karsyn winterfield with the kill.. wolfpack up eighteen to five.5. kaira moss continues to be a presence.. another kill.. western christian up twenty to five.6. move ahead to match point and western christian's emily van ginkel with the kill.. western christian sweeps okoboji three to nothing and advances to their fifteteth straight state tournament.t. 3 number 8 gehlen taking on george little rock in their regional final up in sioux cent.1) we start in the first set. kayla mayer ... she's a playa! gets the tapper for the first points of the game.2) ensuing serve kaley
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was emotiti in this building tonight.3) later in the set it's 4-3 gehlen. mustangs setting up a nice attack. but katie peters says no trespassing! 5-3 jays. 4) later it's 8-4 jays. back comes george little rock. mariah terhark touch the sky! it's 8-5. 5) this was just back and forth. peters gets up on this one. it's 9-4 jays. 6) and then the mustangs do the same thing. that block goes out of bounds. point by mariah leemkil. this one goes all five.gehlen wins it 3-2. it's their 7th straight trip to state. 3 number one central lyon aking on bishop garrigan in hartley for a shot at a state berth.1. central lyon's mattie knobloch with the spike.. bishop garrigan tries to block it but it falls for a point. lions up three to two in the first set.2. later in the first.. the lion's carly snyder with the deep kill. set tied at four.3.3.entral lyon's faith henrichs with the kill
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in the corner.. central lyon up nine to five in the first set.4. henrich's again with the spike.. central lyon up ten to six.5. later in the first.t.central lyon's hope e rasmussen with the spike.. central lyon up seventeen to thirteen in the first and it 25-22 and 3 sets to none overall. they're headed for state! 3 wynot hosting lawrence nelson in a nebraska playoff action. the raiders planted their flags at the fifid.1) let's see if it helped! 1st quarter now wynot caps their drive with this jalen wiseler qb sneak. it's 8-0 blue devils.2) then check out this baller ve by wiseler. fakes the pitch and hes in for another td on fourth and goal from the 2. it's 16-0 late first quartete3) blue devils s gegeing it done ononefense too. check out this hit by dawson sudbeck. forces a raider punt. 4) and then the next raider drive in the 2nd quarter jerret bruening lassows the qb for the sack.5) and that lead
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to this. this is an 80 yard pitch and catch from wiesler to cody stratman. he is a special player. wynot ran away with this thing.they win it 38- 0. they'll face the 2 seed exeter milligan in the next round on tuesday. 3 in d1 nebraska football neely oakdalte falls 42-7 to number one bds. and guardian angels central catholic will play bds next after they beat bloomfield 74- 6.and two seed creighton tops 7 seed clarkson leigh 52-12. they'll play six seed high plains community on tuesday.and randolph's season is over. they fall to falls 3 3 3 chad's back with a final check
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break.3 3 3 3
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