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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  November 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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year's siouxland sleep out at lewis and clark park. 3 3 3 a police chase through sioux city ended with one person being flown to the hospital. thanks for joining us. i'm larry wentz. diana castillo has the night off. 3 3 3 the chase began when police tried to pullover a pickup in the 24-hundred block of 7th street. the chase wound through sioux city and up hamilton boulevard. it finally ended in plymouth county near k-22 and highway 3 when stop sticks were used to puncture the tires. the pickup went into a ditch and hit a culvert. there were two teens inside... a male and female. the male driver wasn't hurt... but the female passenger was airlifted to mercy medical center with non-life threatening injuries. deputies recovered some items thrown out of the truck during the chase. they say they're drugs. charges are 3 3 we now know the name of the man who sparked yesterday's 9- hour standoff in cherokee.51- year- old james
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goslar of cherokee surrendered peacefully just before 11 o'clock last night... ending a standoff that began just before 2. officers were originally called to the house by goslar... who was threatening suicide. they saw a gun in his home and called for backup. officers from the iowa state patrol and their swat team... as well as cherokee county sheriff's deputies and police... were on the scene.goslar was taken to the cherokee regional medical center for's not yet known if he will face any criminal charges. 3 3 a new airline might be serving sioux gateway airport next spring.united airlines is now competing with the current provider american airlines for the right to operate 13 weekly flights to and from chicago's o'hare airport. both have submitted bids to the federal government for subsidies under the "essential air service" program. american airlines is asking the f- a- a for one point two million dollars. united is asking for a little more than 300 thousand. the airport's director says he's
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3 dir. mike collett "and that we will be analyzing what they proposed and probably have an official comment within the next two weeks or a month."if united wins the bid for flights to chicago... the company says it will also seek to add flights to denver. 3 president obama ended years of political wrangling today when he pulled the plug on the keystone xl pipeline project. as mary moloney reports... the decision came less than an hour after he received a recommendation to do so from his secretary of state. 3 the keystone x-l pipeline project - connecting the u-s and canada - is not moving forward.( sot: president barack obama )"america is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change, and frankly approving this project would have undercut that leadership"president obama announced the decision friday -- flanked by vice president joe biden, and secretary of state john kerry -- who, just an hour beforehand, had met with the president to recommend rejecting the deal. the pipeline would have crossed 6-states -- moving
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more than 800-thousand barrels of petroleum every day from canada -- to the gulf coast. (nat) - protestsit's triggered protests -- and political debates. many democrats spoke out against the pipeline over environmental concerns. many republicans supported it -- calling it necessary for energy security and job creation.( sot: president barack obama )"while our politics have been consumed by a debate over whether or not this pipeline would create jobs and lower gas prices, we've gone ahead and created jobs and lowered gas prices." new house speaker paul ryan issued a statement, calling the president's decision, quote. "sickening."he went on to say, pr esident obama "is rejecting the will of the american people and a bipartisan majority of congress."transcanada has spent more than 2-billion dollars so far on the project. the new canadian prime minister -- justin trudeau -- says he's disappointed by the decision... but, he echoed president obama when he said -- the relationship between the two countries is much bigger than any one project. 3 3 iowa's senior u- s senator issued a statement after this
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morning.chuck grassley calls the decision "completely non-sensical"... and says that the pipeline would have helped meet american energy needs and reduce dependence on foreign oil. grassley adds that the administration's own environmental reviews found the project would have no significant impact... and that blocking the pipleine won't stop the oil being produced and sent to market through other means. 3
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for you over the weekend.>>3 3 imagine not having a warm bed to snuggle up in when it's cold.some siouxlanders are putting themselves in those shoes... the shoes of the less fortunate who *live* that experience.our jetske wauran joins us live from lewis and clark park where the annual "siouxland sleepout" gets underway tonight. jetske. 3 the annual "siouxland sleep out" is underway here...what a great event...aiming to raise both money and awareness... by inviting people to camp out in these makeshift shelters... at lewis and clark park.there will be live entertainment, a
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more...3 homelessness is a problem, it can happen to anybody, and there's always donations always help.if you want to help out...go online to reporting live at lewis and clark park, 3 larry back to you.
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3 3 sioux city is making it easier for military veterans to get around town next part of efforts to recognize and show appreciation for the service of our men and women in uniform... sioux city public transit says active-duty soldiers and veterans will be able to ride for free on veteran's day next ride for free... a vet t simply has to tell the bus driver that they are a veteran of a branch of the armed forces... and when they served.the free ride on veterans day started in 2010... but veterans with a service-related disability ride free *every* day. 3 3 there's a change coming to this year's downtown holiday lighted parade.the annual event at the end of november traditionally kicks off the holiday season in sioux city... including the lighting of the city's christmas tree. this year's parade is sponsored by the international brotherhood of electrical workers... and is now moving to the weekend. this year's papade will be sundaynovember 22nd. the
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year's parade is available online at downtown partners' website. the three best entries will receive a cash prize. 3 3 and just a few days after the holiday parade... downtown partners is welcoming back holiday shoppers to the many locally-owned businesses in sioux city.saturday november 28th is the date for 2015's "small business saturday." the nationwide effort to drive shoppers to locally-owned stores traditionally takes place the day after ack friday. several of sioux ty's downtown businesses and restaurant are planning to offer special deals to shoppers on that day. maps and a list of businesses taking part will be posted online next weekend. 3 3 the sioux city art center is teaming up with local dedegn firmrmto honor a legendary sioux city businessman.t. s. martin founded the t.s. martin company department store in 1890. his granddaughter... margaret ann martin everest... helped build the art center's current facility. now... the art center is displaying some of the 80 works of art
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donated by her family in imaginary store window displays pioneered by t.s. martin. in addition to the window displays... more of the artwork will be on display in a traditional gallery setting. the art center has also worked with historians to createte book on t. s. martrt's lelecy and impact. 3 sioux city's press club is looking to help deserving college students who are majoring in journalism or mass communication s.the karen a. luken memorial scholarship offers a thousand dollars to a junior or senior in one of those majors at one of 7 qualifyfyg siouxland qualify... a student must be full- time...with a minimum 3.0 g-p- a. they also have to fill out the scholarship application and submit a short essay.the application deadline is december can find the full details on our website at at siouxland news d d com. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at expect the f- b- i and the a- t- f to have swat teams... but the e-p-a? more
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federal agents is coming up at 10-20. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentnt diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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warm southerly winds. early next week we will continue to see plenty of sunshine with afternoon highs nudging into the 60s after chilly morning starts/ another front is headed our way late wednesday into thursday that could bring us a slight chance of rain/snow mix into thursday morning. we'll be watching it for you over the weekend.>>
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3 weekend.>>the for you over 3 the weekend.>>3
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continues to draft *children* into its armymy 3 what's driving e recruitment of younger and younger
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break.3 3 3 3 residentntin the iraqi cici of mosul say at least 12 children were brutally executed this week trying to escape from an isis training camp... where the terror group teaches them to slaughter, torture and conduct suicide tonight's safe and secure report, national correspondent discovers 3 why the islamic state's use e children as weapons of war. has gotten horrifically worse. 3 at-from video//vo/ you're looking at children weaned on terror to fight for isis no chance to play *only* a chance to kill or *be* killed /sot/paul salem ftp dc broll---- :25 what they're establishing is ilt on a complete re- wiring of peoples understanding of society and religion in the state in order to build this caliphate" 33 /sot/bill braniff ftp dc broll - ":36 "they need foot soldiers and unfortunately
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cannon fodder given the kinds of tactics that they use. " :42 /josh graph/ the syrian observatory for human rights says these children *now* number anywhere between 3000 and 4000 in syria and iraq. that's a rough increase of 1000% since the beginning of *this* year/vo/ impressionable young minds who are promised money, women and if they die in battle glory /s/s/ paul salem :33 3 "s"sit makekesense to take kiki with thth when they're little to brainwash them completely d to produce citizens who believe in that." :39/josh map/ isis still holds large areas of land in syria and iraq where junior jihadis are used to cover adult losses from recent clashes and turkey's border to ththnorth has beenen tightened making it even harder for *adult* isis recruits to get through (source cnn) (oct. 2015)/vo/ terror experts say that's one of *many* reasons why children are now being recruited in record numbers /bridge/ often these children are kidnapped, others are taken from their homes with the family's permission as long as the families are aid off leavin the child to fht for a cause they often can't comprehend.
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the age of 15 is a war crime under international law. but terror experts say the law is immaterial to establishing their caliphate./sot/paul salem - 1:42 if you get a fighghr and he's very yoyog , if h hcan survive for a few years , then he will be with you for life 1:46/vo/ andhat fighter has 2 choices, victory or death i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 3 you might be surprised to know how many federal agencies whose missions n't normally include police work are arming up at taxpayer expense.some are beginning to ask just why so many agencies have tactical units.. swat teams. 3 even the environmental protection agency-epa-has armed agentstoday, at least 40 federal agencies h he their n armemeunits. that includes: the agriculture departmentthe office of personnel management the consumer product safety commission andretirement board. 3 "they've acquired the power to make arrests, the power to
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raids.itit been proliferating over the years and we don't really have a full accounting of how many of these agencies and units are out there. and now they've now acquiring militarized weaponry and equipment."those armed federal agents ve been involved in raids and acacons in several states, leading some lawmakers to question both the costs and the overstepping authority. more on this story this sunday on full measure with sharyl attkisson, at 10- 30 here on kmeg 14, right after face the nation. 3 we're e ading baba out to lewis and clark p pk for another check in with jetske wauran from the siouxland
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3 tonight is the 11th annual siouxland sleepout... where people are getting ready to brave frigid temperatures to bring awareness to homelessness in siouxland.our jetske wauran joins us once again from lewis and clark park.jetske, you
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3 yes, larry, i'm cold!but thankfully cold!but thankfully there are more than a few fires going to help everyone out here keep warm.that includes mr. nicholas kleve of south sioux cici's lewis and clark elementary and his two kids.that's a wrap from the 2015 siouxland sleepout from out here at lewis and clark
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you, larry.33 3 3 15 siouxland teams take aim at state semifinal berths tonight. 3 sergeant bluff luton picked up right where the left off monday when they scored 70 points. see how they're running back dominated on the
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sports. 3 3 3 tonight 15 siouxland teams played in quarterfinal matchups with state e imfinal berths on thth ne. we start in sergeant bluff. 3 the warriors were taking on the 13-0 webster city lynx.
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one of only three undefeated teams left in 3a.1) 1st drive for the warriors it's time to get your heart pumping. ma- thew-george! 58 yards down to the 1!2) the very next play colby laughlin plunges in. it's 7-0 sbl! 3) same score next drive for sbl they decide to shift gears. drew gears! pulls out a little stick of dynamite from the backfield. 50 yards to ththhouse! the s s line dominated this game. 14-0! 3 touchdowns for gears! 4) but back came the lynx with their big fast paced wing t offense. this is gavin dinsdale rumbling down to the 1 yard line. 5) then the very next play dinsdale is in for 6. they cut sbl's lead to 14-7. 6) but by george! it's matthew george gain getting the rock on third and 3. he goes 14 yards for the touchdown. he had 349 yards and 3 tds in this game. sbl is headed to the dome they're 2 wins away from a state title. 55-5-35 your
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3 central lyon george little rock fresh off a 28-0 playoff win over east sac county at undefeated third ranked spirit lake.1. first quarter, lions in possession... cj roths breaks up the middle all the way into the endzone! lions are the first to get on the board, 6-0.0.2. 4 minutes left in the first, it's the indians' turn now... tyler jenness takes the handoff... touchdown indians! they go up 7-6. 3. second quarter now, lions lead 13- 7... but pete menage over throws this one right into the hands of jeremiah eldridge... interception!4. just a few plays later... 1 yard and goal... jenness pushes right on through for the touchdown! they will get that extra point and go up 14 - 13 just before the half. spirit lake is headed to the dome they win 35-13! 3 8th ranked weweern christn hosting 9th ranked hinton in a rematch of the only loss of hinton's season.1. first quarter.. hinton's jay small
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the ball.. western christian takes over.. no score in the game.2. ensuingngwestern christian drive.. tyson kooima hits dustin marra for the first down.3. hinton's defense tightens up.. joel kirwan with the sack..western christian would turn it over on downs.4. ensuing hinton drive.. adnrew hassselquest takes the handoff for the first down.5. second quarter.. hinton going for it on fourth down and jay small's pass is incompleter. the game would remain scsceless through the first half but. things got interesting in the second half! western christian pulls away. a late hinton touchdown was not enough to close the gap. 14-7 they win. travis kooima's wolfpack is headed to the dome! 3 also in class 1-a a also in class 1-a a heartbreaker for south central calhoun as they drvie down to the van meter
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get the next play off in time. they fall 28-26. 3 akron-westfield 's only loss in the last 10 games is to this team. number three and undefeated west siouxuxgetting up action in the third quarter.. akron westfield up twenty-five to fourteen. west sioux tries to run the option but the ball gets away and the westerners recover.2. a few plays later.. cal eskra hits austin allard for the eighty yard touchdown. extra point no touchdown. extra point nono good. westerners up thirty-one to fourteen.3. west sioux makes a comeback. portern hummel; hits kezden blankenship for the touchdown. extra point good. west sioux trtrls thirty-one to twenty one.4. after a akron westfield interception. west sioux again in scoring position and hummel keeps it himself and spins into the endzone. extra point good and the akron westfield lead is cut to three. thrity-one to twenty-eight and.. the westerners move on!
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shock the falcons 45-34. it's time to hop on the westerners bandwagon. it's heade to state! 3 and in class 8 the defending champs newell fonda win 49-0 over colo nesco. they will attempt to defend their title at the dome. west bend mallard puts up a good fight against marcus meridan cleghorn but the eagles win 21-14. they are headed to the dome!! 3 and in nebraska football we start in class a where norfolk's seon is now over. they fall 40-7 to the top seed bellevue west. 3 and at least one norfolk team is moving on. the knights of norfolk catholic defeat bishop neauman 42-21. the move on to the sesefinals where they will face the number threeeeseed boys town on friday the 13th!in class c2 number one battle creek wins over doniphan trumble 49-7. they will play number 5 oakland craig in the semifinals who beat gibbon tonight 27-7. 3 there's cocoh rady! we'll be talking about tonights matchup with omaha wednesday at 5 for the muskies coaches show like we do every week1) shameless plug! and this was shameless
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with the muskies up 1-0 in the second josh french finds brannon mcmanus! the power play goal ties it at 1. 2) then someone got mad about it. is is the muskies logan jestro fighting nick rivera of the lancers. both were ejected. 3) and then with under two minutes to play in the period the lancers were on another power play. another french to mcmanus powerplay goal! those fenchies! it's 2-1 at the second intermission. the lancers would add a couple more and win it 4-2. 3 3 3 and win it 4-2.3 3 3
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