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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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hearing into his mental competency last month... but that hearing was postponed. it's now been rescheduled for december 11th in le mars.the body of esther neunaber was discovered in her rural akron home in july of 2014 and her death ruled a homicide.her husband donald's body was found at the same time... but he was determined to have died of natural causes. 3 3 sioux city is getting millions of dollars to helplpuild and improve roads to the new new seaboard-triumph pork plant. 3 the iowa department of transportation granted the city's request for more than four-and-a-half million dollars.the money will be used to improve access to the site... which will employ more than a thousand people. this comes after the city completed a 63 thousand dollar traffic study that focused on what improvements and changes would be needed. the road construction costs are projected to be about 6 million dollars. the city and seaboard-triumph will split the remaining cost not covered by the grant.
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investigating a shooting death in calhoun county.just after 2 this morning, the calhoun county sheriff's office responded to a shooting at a home in pomeroy.those deputies found the body of a man with a fatal gunshot wound.the d-c-i is now working with the sheriff's office on the death of yet, no one has been arrested or charge with any crime in the autopsy will be conducucd by the state medicaca examiner in ankeny.the victim's identity is not being released at this time. 3 3 3 here's the november weather we all know and love.and you're saying there may be some snow in the air tomorrow, chad? 3
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wednesday afternoon into the evening could gust up to 60mph at times. we will continue to see rain into the early evening, and at that time we will be seeing temperatures cooling off pretty quickly and that could lead to a few snowflakes mixing in with the rains. little to no accumulation is expected as ground temperatures will still be too warm. for thursday and friday, look for mostly sunny skies but the winds will stay pretty strong, and the temperatures pretty cool.>> 3 3 with veteran's day upon us tomorrow.... today the international association of fire fighters honored their members who've seseed... or who are serving their country. 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll was there. 3 with the veteran's bridge as the perfect backdrop, iaff local 7 recognized veterans and active duty military who still currently serve their
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"collectively, on our membership currently serving we have about 25 percent are veterans. we have about five of them who are still in the military in some capacity and collectively about 300 years worth of service." fulfilling their service to our country, to now risking their lives for our community... it's just another extention of the close-knit "brotherhood" only they can understand. "noboby understands the concept of "brotherhood" quite like firefighters and veterans do. it's an alliance, it's a friendship, it's relying on one another. we've all experienced that in some form or another with serving in the military and we get to live it every day too on our job." "with the military it was always a brotherhood, when i was deployed or in germany away from your family or friends, so you got really close. then, in the firestation we're away from our families for 24 hours so it's really close and it's another brother/sisterhood, i guess." whether they currently wear the uniform, or wore it decades ago, veterans have given the highest of form
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service to our nation"it was nice to recognize people who have service in the military, especicily those who no longer wear the uniform."as well as those returning to a similar calling... by risking their lives everyday as firefighters. "as firefighters we've been called to serve and we've served our country. we want to come home and serve our community as well." in sioux city... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland d news. 3 3 over 200 veterans and members of military families were well-taken care of at the operation engage america event today at the american red crossoperation engage america is a non-profit organization started by a couple who's son committed suicide from p- t-s-d. the group teamed up with support siouxland soldiers to help veterans learn about symptoms and options for help with p-t-s-d. 3 "it's all about them. it's about the veterans and that's what we're here to do, is to help them. know that we love them, we care about them, and we have a moral obligation to help them."
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3 numerous of local organizations teamed up to help offer a free meal, oceries, coats for kids, and even hair cuts and massages for veterans and their families... a kind gesture, but a gesture that some are still getting used to. 3 "it's great right now because when we came home we were not welcomed home. until a few years ago, nobody said thank you to me until about three years ago." 3 although so many of the veterans were eager to show their appreciation... they are the ones who deserve all the gratification. 3 3 gehlen catholic high school in le mars held its annual veteran's day prayer service a day early this morning.the keynote speaker was marine colonel jeffrey hagan... a siouxland native and graduate of kingsley- pierson high school and iowa state university.each branch of the armed forces was represented at the service... with a presentation of each branch's flag.
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service and very honored to have spent an entire career serving my nation and then to come back to see that other people appreciate what i do, it's fantastic."colonel hagan's nephew also took part in the service... singing the marine corps hymn as the marines' flag was presented. 3 3 gehlen catholic also celebrating their volleyball team's trip to the state volleyball tournament.the school held a sendoff party for the team this morning as they head to cedar rapids.this is the seventh straight year the lady jays have advanced to the tournament... though they're still looking for their first title. 3 "it's a great feeling, we're really excited sometimes i have to pinch myself that a we are really doing this many times in a row because a lot of teams a lot of players hope to go once we're been very blessed to go so many times. "gehlen will take on central lyon wednesday night at the u- s cellular center in cedar
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3 last night we brought you a story about the nebraska line of duty death response team, a group dedicated to honoring fallen firefighters. 3 tonight, siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll sits down with a local family who was helped by this special team. 3 "we lost a brother and it was very hard to get over and it still is after six months. we'll honor andy very much and we will always honor and remember him and carry his tradition on." 3 to see the full story, tune into our sister station fox 44 at 9 p-m or right here on kmeg 14 at 10 p-m. 3 3 republican presidential candidates are set to take part in their fourth debate. after criticisms were raised in the last debate, there will some changes tonight. 3 reporter mark leland joins us live from milwaukee with a preview of what we can expect. 3 "we're here the milwaukee theater in downtown milwaukee with the main debate set to get underway at 8 central
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time. since the last debate the candidates have been campaigning and some complaining about how the debates have gone so far. so to address their concerns, this time around we'll be hearing more from the candidates."preparations to turn the stage at the milwaukee theater into a television studio are complete. this time around only eight of the republican contenders made the cut and will appear together when the curtain goes up in primetime."certainly easier to contain eight rather than 10 or 12 or 14 but will wait-and-see. i think it's going to be a good debate i think the folks are committed to a real good debate and that's what we want."donald trump and ben carson will be front and center , carson facing attacks recently plans to change the focus. "i will simply indicate what is really the most important thing or i thought we were here to talk about economic issues that affect all americans that affect the future of our children."candidates will now have a minute and a half for their answers--up from 60
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double from 30 seconds to a minute.fewer candidates will also give those on stage more time. "if a person's been campaigning for four or five months and they're at zero, or one, or two percent they should get out."trump hot off his saturday night live appearance taking aim at candidates like new jersey governor chris christie who didn't make the primetime cut. christie and others are firing backcko stay in the spotlight. be careful of candidates that tell you what they think you want to hear.the focus of this fourth debate--jobs, taxes and the economy--airing on the fox business network.>"even with frontrunner donald trump appearing on a comedy show this past weekend, the campaigns acknowledge the race is getting more serious. they hope that shows in tonight's questions and answers, with the presidential election is now less than a year away. in milwaukee, i'm mark leland, back to you." 3 3 millions of americans struggle with high blood pressure... and that number's about to grow even more. 3 coming up break in tonight's healthwatch... why doctors are
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*lowering* the target for healthy blood pressure... and what effects that change will have on patients.
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3 new details released today from a landmark study could lead to changes in blood pressure guidelines. 3 as brian webb reports... those changes are aimed at getting people to live and eat healthier. 3 you'd never guess mary zhep-ski was once *near death* with complications blood pressure. (sot: mary rzepski/patient) 'i am now at sixty-nine much healthier than i was in my 40's.'thanks to medication and lifestyle changes she's reduced her
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blood pressure significantly. now a landmark study from the national institutes of health shows clear benefits to reducing blood pressure below 120 for patients over 50 at risk for (sot dr.suzanne steinbaum /lenox hill hospital) "with this lower blood pressure, there was about a 35 percent relative risk reduction of cardiovascular disease.. and that's tremendous."(brian webb on cam bridge)"the study also found a 43 percent reduction in heart related deaths. in fact the results were so encouraging researchers stopped the trial early." currently guidelines recommend patients keep the top bloooo pressure number under 140. doctors say these findings may change that.(sot dr.suzanne steinbaum /lenox hill hospital) "we really need to be more aggressive about getting the blood pressure down.. and this study is showing us how important it is."mary says with her blood pressure at 119 she has more energy now (sot: mary rzepski/i/tient) "i go to the gym, take yoga classes, i walk an hour a day seven days a week." and she volunteers to help educate others. brian
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3 the study of close to ten- thousand patients did find a one to two percent higher rate of *adverse* effects from lower blood pressure - such as fainting and kidney failures. 3
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3 3 chad, diana and larry talk
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upcoming 3 forecast. 3
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will be seeing temperatures cooling off pretty quickly and that could lead to a few snowflakes mixing in with the rains. little to no accumulation is expected as ground temperatures will still be too warm. for thursday and friday, look for mostly sunny skies but the winds will stay
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temperatures pretty cool.>>3 3 chris neyenhouse is live from the u.s. cellular center in cedar rapids, where bishop heelan high school is getting ready to open state tournament play. we'll hear from their head coach, coming up after
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3 3 chris talks with bishop heelan head volleyball coach mary miller about the crusaders' season and their upcoming state tournament matchup.
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on waverly-3 shell rock tonight at 6 in the u.s. cellular center in cedar rapids.chris will have full
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on siouxland news at ten. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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>> pelley: a private jet has careened into an apartment building. a number of people have been killed. also tonight, prosecutors say they've arrested hackers who pulled off the biggest theft ever of american consumers' financial information. she lost an olympic medal to two russians who are now accused in a massive doping scandal. >> at the end of the day, they're thieves. >> pelley: and 150 years later, the story of the man who sent alice into wonderland. >> he's an elusive figure. he's like a blob of mercury. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we start with breaking news tonight.
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late this afternoon, a business
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