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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:28pm CST

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around us... visibility is bad for the public and bad for us"the worst of the winter weather isn't expected until mid-afternoon tomorrow.stay tuned to siouxland news for the latest on this first winter weather. 3 3 downtown sioux city has a new gas station tonight.kum and go opened its new facility at the corner of gordon drive and virginia streets this morning.the new store has a wide variety of fuels available... including e- 15, e- 85 and both regular and biodiesel leaders say the new site was strategically chosen. 3 "i know with the road construction gordon drive and with the new interstate coming through this was one of the locations we thought would be a great spot for a new store. "as part of grand opening festivities... the store offered its first 99 customers this morning a coupon for a 99- cent whole pizza.and tomorrow... drivers who fuel up between 10 and 2 will have
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for just $1.15 per gallon.the new store is one of just 120 stores nationwide that offer e- 15. 3 3 and more business development is taking place in sioux city's bridgeport industrial area. 3 the city celebrated the grand opening of a new spec building in the park this afternoon.the building is 50- thousand square feet... available for any type of development a buyer is also strategically located... right across the street from the new seaboard-triumph pork plant. 3 "the future of sioux city. the ability to attract business out to sioux city and out in this area. but we have a lack of space, we have had over the last two years business looking for space that couldn't find it. "mayor bob scott says the city is always hearing from businesses looking for available buildings like this one... and is glad the city now has it available for sale. 3 3 big brothers big sisters of siouxland is kicking off its
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annual holiday tour of homes.this year's fundraiser for the group will take tour groups through 5 homes in dakota began this morning... and will continue through saturday.the five homes were decorated by four interior design groups.big brothers big sisters says the annual event is a great way to support siouxland kids. 3 "it just shows how big of a support system we have there are a lot of people here in siouxland that really care about the children in our community. and they all come together to help donate to our agency through the silent auction, through tickets sales. and we could be more grateful or thankful for everybody contribution and everything everyone puts into this event. "some tickets are still available for tours this can find out where to buy them in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 3 a local wealth management firm is making the holidays easier for hungry families in siouxland.efs wealth management in sioux city
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presented the food bank of siouxland a 5- thousand dollar check this afternoon.that donation came at an open house for the firm... which is continuing their donation drive at its office. 3 "the impact of a gift like this is just because not only does it give us the financial where with all to go out and buy additional food which we so desperately need "the food bank says that money will help them buy 50- thousand meals for people in need this holiday season.if you would like to donate non- perishable food items... efs has a blue donation bin in their office on sunnybrook drive in morningside. 3 the suspected architect of the paris attacks is confirmed dead, but at least one other suspect is still at large. as kenneth craig reports... parisians are wary, as the government takes steps toward increasing police powers. 3 ((narr-1))french authorities confirmed the suspected ringleader of the paris
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attacks was killed during a raid early yesterday morning. a fingerprint made the match to abdelhamid abaaoud.((sot jessica laurent/resident )) "we feel a bit safer.. but it's not finished."((sot fleur toulat/resident ))"there might be other people who want to attack us."((narr-2))fugitive salah abdeslam is still on the loose.(nats dutch message) belgian police posted a video message, warning the public he's dangerous - and likely armed.the daily mail obtained this video showing a gunman opening fire on a restaurant during the one point - he aims his rifle at a woman....and then walks away. ((standup bridge: craig/cbs news, paris))the senate will consider a measure friday to extend the state of emergency here for three more months. the lower house of parliament has already given it the green light.((narr - 3 ))the measure would expand police powers, and allow authorities to restrict people's movements. (nats singing)((narr-4)) residents and tourists are still gathering in central paris.this group of iranian women came to show support for the french - and condemn the attacks:((sot elaheh azimfar/tourist from london)) "what happened in paris last
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week has nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with islam." ((narr-5))france and belgium are asking their european neighbors to tighten border security and gun laws.kenneth craig, cbs news, paris. 3 the english premier league says the french national anthem will be played ahead of all soccer games this weekend - in a show of solidarity. 3 3 an iowa climate activist walking across france toward paris ahead of this month's un climate conference says he's been encouraged by the french response to the attacks.ed fallon says his partner on the walk from normandy to paris had his wife and child in a hotel in paris near the site of the attacks... but they were thankfully far... fallon says the french are responding with determination. 3 "the thing i got was, you know, we aren't going to quit living; we... are going to continue to do what we do every day. to go to work, to enjoy our families, to drink our coffee, to eat our baguettes. you know, they made
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these points, that they are not going to live in fear, they are not going to cower, and i think that is a very encouraging response." 3 fallon is detailing his walk across france on his website. you can find a link in this story on our website... siouxland news dot com. 3 the resettlement of up to 10- thousand syrian refugees in the u.s. has set off an intense battle on capitol hill. as craig boswell reports... the issue is whether the vetting process is sufficient... as the recent attacks in paris have only intensified concerns that terrorist may try to pose as refugees to get into america. 3 (nats of vote)the republican led house approved a bill to put a syrian refugee resettlement program on hold. (sot: rep. bob goodlatte/(r) virginia)"there is a very real possibility that a terrorist, particularly one from, or claiming to be from syria or iraq, will attempt to gain
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a refugee."republicans say the new restrictions will pause the program until the vetting process of refugees from war-torn syria is secure.(sot: rep. trey gowdy/(r) south carolina)"we don't have sufficient information to appropriately investigate and vet failed nation states."many democrats call it a knee jerk reaction.(sot: rep. nancy pelosi/(d-ca) minority leader) "it slams the door on desperate mothers and children fleeing isis' unspeakable violence."(standup: craig boswell/cbs news/capitol hill) the bill now moves across capitol hill to the senate chamber where it can only pass if it gets support from some democratic senators.(sot: sen. harry reid/(d-nv) minority leader)"who are these refugees? they're not our enemies. they're expelled from their homeland by the same evildoers we're fighting." (sot: sen. mitch mcconnell/(r- ky) majority leader)"it simply makes sense to take a step back for now to press the pause button so we can determine the facts."president obama has threatened to veto the bill if it passes.craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. 3 about 23-hundred syrian refugees have been allowed
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years and administration officials say the vetting process can take up to two years. 3 coming up after the break on siouxland news at tonight's healthwatch, we're looking at a way to treat depression... that's as simple as lacing up
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3 millions of americans suffer from depression - and many have found relief from the symptoms by using antidepressant medications.but in today's healthwatch, reporter jim morelli talks to an expert who says many cases of depression can be treated effectively with something as simple as a pair of running
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shoes. 3 dr. jane erb is director of the depression center at boston's brigham and women's hospital. she says researchers are learning more about the power of exercise in treating depression - a therapy that, in some cases, can even take the place of antidepressant drugs.(jane erb/brigham and women's hospital) it's really just been over the last couple of decades that there's been more focused sort of clinically validated trials that have established that there truly are appreciable effects that go well beyond's well known that exercise causes the release of chemicals in the brain which bring about feelings of euphoria..the so-called runner's high. but there may be other physiological things happening as well. a recent study, published in the journal "cell," found that mice, specially bred to contain high levels of a chemical released during exercise? seemed resistant to depression brought about by stress. the important thing, doctor erb says - even for
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is to try to keep moving.(jane erb/brigham and women's hospital) anything one can do to try and counter the forces of depression, when the depression is just getting bigger - and particularly if medications aren't working - the more it can kind of help keep reins on that vicious circle. 3 3 and a reminder to everybody taking part in "movember"... unity point health st. luke's is holding their "man up against prostate cancer" event tonight.that event got underway at 4 o'clock at the atrium at st. luke's.and a hot- wings- eating contest will get underway at 6 o'clock. 3
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finally leaving the area early 3 "first alert weather with
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meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 chad and diana talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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3 with tomorrow's first big blast of winter weather... we'd like to take the time to remind you that many kids here in siouxland don't *have* a winter coat to keep them warm... but you can change donating to this year's coats for kids drive. siouxland news is partnering with davenport cleaners and the salvation army to take in gently-used coats, clean them and distribute them to kids in need.if you want to donate... you can check the "coats for kids" page on our website siouxland news dot com for a list of donation sites.
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live from the uni-dome in cedar falls, ia, where two of siouxland's four teams competing for a championship have played the 8-8-n game, 3rd- ranked marcus- meriden-cleghorn would have to get past number 2 don bosco for their first state title since 2012... in their last chance as an 8-man team as their upcoming merger with remsen-union means they'll be playing 11-man ball next season.while ininlass-a, unranked akron-westfield was trying to cap a cinderella season by taking the scalp of yet another ranked opponent in 7th- ranked gladbrook-reinbeck. 3 mmc had to try find a way to score on a don bosco defense that hadn't allowed a single offensive point to number one newell fonda last w wk.1) rly second quarter r ey're dodo 14-0. and this'll work! quarterback ben specht finds jacob spieler for the jump ball. cuts the dons lead to 14-7.2) and that combo had it working! later in the second quarter it's specht to spieler again! tchdown point conversion. mmc has the lead 15-14!3) then late in the 2nd quarter specht finds jake hunter for the touchdown! mmc scores 22 straight points to take a 22-14 lead heading into halftime!4) so alright we have a new half but the same ol story specht dropping back
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again! the touchdown makes it 29-14!5) later ininthe third quartetespecec going deep. wanna make a guess who he's throwing to? spieler is open! a 55 yard strike! mmc scored 43 unanswered since falling behind 14-0!6) but it got tight at the end. it's 57-52 with under 2 minutes to go here's the onside kick recovered by mmc.7) and then they needed this first down to icecehe game. specht just barely moves the sticks. and m-m-c has their first state championship since 2012 3 $$ score bug 57-52in a game that set or tied 16 different 8-man records including most points and most touchdown passes with 7. that honor goes to specht.$$akron westfield vs. gladbrook reinbeck super akron-westfield trying to win a class "a" title against gladbrook reinbeck in the dome. 1) 1st quarter though it was the rebels and they were running. eric stoakes breaks free and goes 80 yards to the house. and just like that it's 7-0 gladbrook reinbeck.2) after a a westernersrspunt this is
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finding a hole and he goes 42 3 yards to the house. already 14-0 rebels early in the second quarter.3) gladbrook reinbeck really contained the scrambling ability of class "a"s top ranked passer cal escra. the next drive leles to a a nt and this 48 yardrdd run by human. it's 21-0.4) and schuman could flick it too. here he finds erick knock for six more. it was 28-0 less than ten minutes in. that was the score at halftime. 3 and a-w falls to gladbrook- reinbeck by a final of 52-20. we'll have full reaction from m- m- c's victory and a-w's defeat coming up tonight on siouxland news at ten.and the weather having an impapa on these championships... with tomorrow's forecasted snow postponing the class 2a and 1a championships until monday.for now, from the uni-dome in cedar falls, i'm chris
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>> pelley: the f.b.i. says it's following dozens of people capable of carrying out a paris-style assault in the u.s. also tonight, the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks is a threat no more. he's dead. americans whwh helped liberate iraq are returning to fight isis. >> we didn't fight and die for nothing. >> pelley: and some reflections on the beaut of a city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley: the terror attacks in paris and the isis video threat of an attack in new york city have a lot of americans worrying could we be next? well, today, the nation's top law enforcement officers gave us their answer, and here's homeland securityy correspondent jeff pegues. >> we are not aware of any
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and we have seen no connection at all between the paris attackers and the united states. >> reporter: f.b.i. director james comey tried to tamp down fear today. he said terrific tasas forcece across the country have bebe ordered to ste up their surveillance of potential suspects. comey says the f.b.i. is investigating dozens of people deemed high risks for carrying out a copycat paris attack. he vowed to cover them luke a blanket. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch: >> we take all threats seririsly. we're acting aggressively to defuse threats as they emee, and we are vigorously investigating and prosecuting those who seek to harm the american people. >> reporter: u.s. officials remain concerned about lone wolf attacks inspired by those isis videos. comey says the propaganda influences what he calls troubled souls. when two isis-inspired extremists tried to attack a mohammed cartoon contest in
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