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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  November 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the brine. all the trucks are filled with salt and are ready to go as soon as the roads become slick. 3 "the biggest thing is that they realize the snow plows are going at a lower rate of speed and to give us a little more room and more time to get around us... visibility is bad for the public and bad for us"as you just heard... the worst of the winter weather isn't expected until tomorrow can stay tuned to siouxland news for the latest on this blast of winter weather. 3 3 an accident in morningside this afternoon sent one person to the hospital.just after 3- 30 this afternoon... emergency crews responded to an accident in the 2- thousand block of south nicollet street in morningside. they found one car had rolled over... with one person inside. that person was freed and taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.two other people in a separate car received minor injuries... and drove themselves to the hospital after police arrived. 3 a sioux city man accused of robbing a taxi driver earlier
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prison.38 year old daniel zentz pleaded guilty to first- degree theft, assault while participating in a felony and o- w- i today in woodbury county district court.he received a 20- year prison sentence... and must serve at least 5 years before he can receive parole.he was accused of robbing a cab driver at gunpoint on gordon drive on september 13th. 3 3 and a sioux city man charged with *stabbing* a friend in the chest earlier this year is *not* receiving any jail tme for that crime.35- year- old paul verbeski recieved a 5- year- suspended prison sentence and probation after pleading guilty to assault causing serious pronouncing that sentence, judge jeffery poulson says verbeski needs mental health care... not prison. 3 3 downtown sioux city has a new gas station tonight.kum and go opened its new facility at the corner of gordon drive and virginia streets this morning.the new
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store has a wide variety of fuels available... including e- 15, e- 85 and both regular and biodiesel part of grand opening festivities... the store offered its first 99 customers this morning a coupon for a 99- cent whole pizza.and tomorrow... drivers who fuel up between 10 and 2 will have the chance to buy e- 15 gas for just $1.15 per gallon. 3 3 and more business development is taking place in sioux city's bridgeport industrial area. 3 the city celebrated the grand opening of a new spec building in the park this afternoon.the building is 50- thousand square feet... available for any type of development a buyer is also strategically located... right across the street from the new seaboard-triumph pork plant. 3 3 sioux city's camp high hopes has named its 2016 smiles ambassadors today.that program picks one
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of the 12- hundred who spend time at the camp each year. they're asked to represent the camp at events across siouxland.this year... 9- year- old jenna dejong of alton and 41- year- old kyle kellen of le mars earned that honor. 3 "we honor them and then we ask them to provide a small service to us and the community by representing camp high hopes and what we stand for."you can look out for kyle and jenna this sunday... as they make their ambassadorial debut at the holiday lighted parade in downtown sioux city. langseth says their goal is to display the camp's values... as well as have some fun while doing it. 3 3 no- shave november was celebrated tonight at unitypoint health st. luke'ssiouxland news at sunrise anchor jacob heller took part in this year's celebrity facial hair contest...he didn't win, but
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it was established that his facial hair was less *creepy* this year.doctors at st. luke's were also giving prostate cancer screenings. 3 "i think finding cancer early, early detection and appropriate treatment is really important. so if you can do screening test even without seeing doctor it's nice to know what your base line is and follow that over time. if there are increases that make it seem concerning then to get further testing done."this year's event also included a hot wings eating contest.sioux city musketeers' captain joe snively placed second in that. 3 3 big brothers big sisters of siouxland is kicking off its annual holiday tour of homes.this year's fundraiser for the group will take tour groups through 5 homes in dakota began this morning... and will continue through saturday.the five homes were decorated by four interior design groups.big brothers big sisters says the annual event is a great way to
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3 "it just shows how big of a support system we have there are a lot of people here in siouxland that really care about the children in our community. and they all come together to help donate to our agency through the silent auction, through tickets sales. and we could be more grateful or thankful for everybody contribution and everything everyone puts into this event. "some tickets are still available for tours this can find out where to buy them in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 3 a local wealth management firm is making the holidays easier for hungry families in siouxland.e- f- s wealth management in sioux city presented the food bank of siouxland a 5- thousand dollar check this afternoon.the food bank says that money will help them buy 50- thousand meals for people in need this holiday season.that donation came at an open house for the firm... which is continuing their donation drive at its office. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at
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advocate is walking through france ahead of this month's climate conference in paris. how he's seen the nation react to last week's terror attack.. coming up. 3 "siouxland 3 news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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3 first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell. 3 3 3 chad and diana talk about today's weather and the
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3 3 with tomorrow's first big blast of winter weather... we'd like to take the time to remind you that many kids here in siouxland don't *have* a winter coat to keep them warm... but you can change donating to this year's coats for kids drive. siouxland news is partnering
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with davenport cleaners and the salvation army to take in gently-used coats, clean them and distribute them to kids in need.if you want to donate... you can check the "coats for kids" page on our website siouxland news dot com for a list of donation sites. 3 3 a shift in strategy from isis may mean many different things.we'll investigate some of the possibilities in tonight's safe and secure report... coming up after the break. 3 they're long, skinny, made of rubber...and always fail right when we need them most: i'm talking about windshield wipers! doesn't that drive you nuts? that smear? the streak that's right across your line of sight?!! and while the simple answer is to put new wipers on once a year...there's new compounds that wipe your windows much better than wipers from just a few years ago. automatic wipers only turn them on when necessary, increasing wiper blade life. and there's work being done now to use ultrasonic waves to clear your windows...imagine that; clear
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3 as the united states remains on high-alert after the paris attacks just how strong is the islamic state? in tonight's safe and secure, national correspondent jeff barnd talks to experts 3 who point to recent attacks that *may* reflect *desperation* on the part of isis. 3 the bombing of a russian passenger jet. the recent bombing in lebanon and now the paris attacks *all* attributed to isis. but to some experts, the "style" of
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these attacks *could* be a sign that the strength of the islamic state on it's home turf is waning./sot/"the paris attack is especially surprising to me at least if only because it is an attack commited so far away from lands that are under the control of isis//it's pretty clear that they have lost momentum."/vo/ terrorism experts at the university of maryland say isis has lost roughly 25% of it's territory since last summer . in another setback, turkey has tightened its borders into syria making it harder for *adult* isis recruits to enter.. and leaving anywhere between 3 and 4000 children to take their place on the battlefield./sot/ braniff "it's certainly a rational if not deplorable way to round out your human resources issues."/bridge/"no doubt isis has a slick propaganda campaign with the clear intent to instill fear. and to remain *relevant*."/sot/ tinsley "the message if you
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will of perpetual victory . has to some degree been strained."/vo/ isis is also getting pounded by u.s., french, egyptian and russian airstrikes. one took out the face of isis progranda jihidi john. also the man suspected of leading the paris attacks was killed in a major police raid.. where a suspected *female* isis recruit. blew herself up..../sot/tinsley "it is interesting that isis would begin to use suicide bombers that were females. that is atypical of this organization." /vo/ isis losing ground in iraq and syria is good news for the allies but as the isis region shrinks terror experts say *every* isis recruit will carry out their twisted orders i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 3 an iowa climate activist walking across france toward paris ahead of this month's un climate conference says he's been encouraged by the french response to the attacks.ed fallon says his partner on the walk from normandy to paris had his wife
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near the site of the attacks... but they were thankfully far... fallon says the french are responding with determination. 3 "the thing i got was, you know, we aren't going to quit living; we... are going to continue to do what we do every day. to go to work, to enjoy our families, to drink our coffee, to eat our baguettes. you know, they made these points, that they are not going to live in fear, they are not going to cower, and i think that is a very encouraging response." 3 fallon is detailing his walk across france on his website. you can find a link in this story on our website... siouxland news dot com. 3 3 what can a group of goats teach a young farmer?we'll find out as we head to bayview farm in storm lake. that's next... in
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3 this week for "proud to be a hometown farmer,"man getting an with his agricultural career.we're heading to storm lake this meet zack brown...and the his tribe of
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four - legged friends.(nats - bah)he's only 15...but zack brown's got a whole tribe keeping him busy here at bayview farm."yeah, very busy." (nats - boy goats)a whole tribe of goats.that's what you call a group of'em.this freshman raises mostly nigerian dwarf goats."they all have their own personality, and they're all just really fun and they're easy to take care of. they're better than the chickens, the chickens don't really like you very much."(nats - chicken opening) he started with six chickens a few years ago."some lay one to two a day, some days they won't lay any."but his group of animals has grown to include the goats...geese... "they're very... uh... protective."even a bird called a guinea."they've really helped keep the ticks down." but the goats are his favorite. that's why they have names. "it's ethyl and gurnsey, she looks like a gurnsey cow."you can learn more about them... online.the bayview farm facebook page...and website."i can see how many people look at it, and it's about 390 a week."but what's next for this young farmer?"they're dairy goats."that's right...he's going to start milking them... after they have kids this spring.more work for a busy young man...but these animals...(nats)are helping him learn a few life lessons. "so it's a lot of balancing and time management."if you
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think of a farmer that would be great here on "proud to be a hometown can nominate them to be featured here!just go to our web site... slash sunrise...or you can e - mail e - mail address is j - heller at siouxland news dot com. 3 "i'm chris neyenhouse here in cedar falls. where both akron- westfield and marcus meriden cleghorn went for state championships. one team set several records. hear from the coaches and players behind
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3 3 i'm chris neyenhouse here in cedar falls where both akron- westfield and marcus meriden cleghorn went for state championships. one team set several records today and didn't know it until someone told them after the game.:13 mmc vs. don boscommc had to try find a way to score on a don bosco defense that hadn't allowed a single offensive point to number one newell fonda last week.1) early second quarter they're down 14-0. and this'll work!
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quarterback ben specht finds jacob spieler for the jump ball. cuts the dons lead to 14-7.2) and that combo had it working! later in the second quarter it's specht to spieler again! touchdown and a two point conversion. mmc has the lead 15-14!3) then late in the 2nd quarter specht finds jake hunter for the touchdown! mmc scores 22 straight points to take a 22-14 lead heading into halftime!4) so alright we have a new half but the same ol story specht dropping back looking and he finds spieler again! the touchdown makes it 29-14!5) later in the third quarter specht going deep. wanna make a guess who he's throwing to? spieler is open! a 55 yard strike! mmc scored 43 unanswered since falling behind 14-0!6) but it got tight at the end. it's 57-52 with under 2 minutes to go here's the onside kick recovered by mmc.7) and then they needed this first down to ice the game. specht just barely moves the sticks. and m-m-c has their first state championship since 2012 1:17 score bug 57-52in a game that set or tied 16 different 8-man records including most
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points and most touchdown passes with 7. that honor goes to specht.1:29 kyle oswald, mmc head coach"i thought as a team we played well. nobody was counting on anyone too hard. ben's got a record but he'll tell you too he doesn't care about that. he cares about the fact that the team won. and it's such a blessing to be hear it's awesome."1:46 ben specht, mmc senior qb "i didn't know it until someone came up to me after the game and told me. not much of a passing quarterback but our guys went up and got it when they needed to. and guys got open. they just performed for us. 1:56 jacob spieler, mmc senior tight end"somebody told me we were on a 43-0 run and that's crazy and then they started coming back with their passing attack. and what was going through my head was that we're going to lose this game. but it turned out we didn't. i'm the pessimist so i kept thinking oh, we're going to lose it. i mean we had it last year. had it, had it, had it. and lost it right at the end. good grief that second half took forever. goodness gracious we had them in fourth down so many stinking times. and the
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resiliency of the kids. that last onside kick recovery by a sophomore who has shown up at times and other times not had the greatest time so for him to cover that and finish it. that was our word of the week is finish. and that's our legacy now, being able to finish.2:42 akron westfield vs. gladbrook reinbeck super akron-westfield trying to win a class "a" title against gladbrook reinbeck in the dome. 1) 1st quarter though it was the rebels and they were running. eric stoakes breaks free and goes 80 yards to the house. and just like that it's 7-0 gladbrook reinbeck.2) after a westerners punt this is quarterback jake schuman finding a hole and he goes 42 yards to the house. already 14-0 rebels early in the second quarter.3) gladbrook reinbeck really contained the scrambling ability of class "a"s top ranked passer cal escra. the next drive leads to a punt and this 48 yard td run by schuman. it's 21-0.4) and schuman could flick it too. here he finds erick knock for six more. it was 28-0 less than ten minutes in. that was
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the score at halftime. akron westfield falls 52-20.3:31just before the end of the akron- westfield game word came down that the ihsaa had postponed tomorrow's slate of championship games. that mean the 1a, 2a, and 4a games, they're all going to be played on monday instead of friday. they also will not be shown on our sister station kpth fox 44. i spoke to spirit lake head coach josh bolluyt. he said his team hadn't left yet so it didn't effect them as much. but i spoke to travis koima. head coach of western christian. he says they were 20 minutes outside of waterloo. planning on staying at a hotel tonight. instead they stopped, had dinner, and they're headed back to hull for the weekend. in cedar falls i'm chris neyenhosue siouxland sports. back to you. 3 3 thanks chris. one other game we've got tonight is the wayne state women's basketball team hosting york.1. pick up action early in the first period and wayne state's paige ballinger misses the turn around but anna
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rebound and put back. wildcats up two to nothing.2. wayne state's sadie murren with the steal and she takes it herself.. wildcats up four to nothing.3. later in the first period.. paige ballinger clears space and makes the nice turn around. wayne state rolling early up sixteen to three.4. then freshman maggie lowe hits the three. wayne state would lead thirty-one to nine after the first period and they would go onto to beat york one-twelve to forty-eight. 3 3 chad's got a final check of our snowy friday forecast
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