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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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authorities say it's unclear abaaoud where he and his cousin, the french suicide bomber were hold up. police are focused on hunting down suspected terrorist salah abdeslam. on thursday, french authorities confirmed the apparent ring leader, abdellhamid abaaoud.
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a woman said she saw him social yiz yizing on the streets. >> my sister said, isn't that the guy? weweust said hello to him the other day. >> reporter: french officials thought abaaoud was in syria. until they received a tip that he was back if france. as the hunt for the terrorists continues, isis released new videos threatening attacks in france, italy, and the u.s. the fbi says it's not aware of y credible threat of a paris-style attack. >> we're acting aggressively to diffuse threats as they emerge opinion. >> reporter: in malaysia, president obama arrived overnight. authorities issued an alert thursday warning at least tenen suicide bombers affiliated with abu sayef are in kuala lumpur. more than 100,000 police and
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troops are on guard across fans against another attack. and u.s. officials are warning americans this morning that terrorists could be planning further attacks inntaly and the capital. there was some gunfirir authorities are securing the area. in this country, a bill that would block syrian and iraqi refugees from entering the u.s. without passing strict background checks is on its way. 47 democrats defied the white house and voted for t t asure. don champioio is herer in new y yk with more. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the bill is a response to the
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terrorists attacks in paris. it puts on hold the president's plan to admit 10,000 syrian refugees to the country next year. the house bill would create thehe stricteses screening of refugees ever in the u.s. >> let me explain why we passed this bil in two days. >> reporter: speaker paul ryan called it an urgent matter. to make sure something like what happened in paris doesn't happen here. all but two of his republican colleagues agreed. >> there is a real possibility that a terrorist, particularly one from or claiming to be from syria or iraq will attempt to gain access to the united states as a refugee. >> reporter: the bill requires strict new fbi background checks. three high-ranking officials would have to sign off on each applicant before any refugee from ear ya or iraq can enter the u.s.
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desperate mothers and children fleeing isis' unspeakable violence. >> reporter: attorney general loretta lynch says the imposed screenings are impractical. the measure faces an uncertain future in the senate. harry reid says there's no way it will pass. >> more of these refugees. they're not our enemyiesenemies. they're expelled from their homeland by the same evildoers we're fighting. >> reporter: and the rhetoric is even louder on the campaign trail. speaking in alabama yesterday, ben carson compared syrian ref rue gees to rabid dogs. >> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you probably are not going to assume something good about that dog. and you probably are going to put your children out of the way. >> reporter: and donald trump who suggested closing mosques and increased surveillance on muslims now says he would create
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a national database to register muslims living in t t u.s. >> i wou certainly implement that. absolutely. >> reporter: >> reporter: conservative house republicans say they will not support the government's spending bill that congress has to pass by december unless it includes the stricter refugee language. the senana is expected to take up theeasure afterhe thanksgiving break. hillary clinton says it's time for a new phase in the fight against isis, including ground troops. clinton laid out a more aggressive approach in her plan to defeat isis, including a no-fly zone, expanand intelligence, and more air strikes. she says that will not be enough. >> we should be honest that air strikes will have to be combined with ground forces actually taking back more territory from isis.
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>> clinton says she's not proposing to put 100,000 americans on the ground. but it's clear that regional forces will need help. coming up on "cbs this morning" a look at american veterans who have yoined is tight against isis. an american teenager was 1 of 5 people killed in attacks in israel. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was delivering food to israeli soldiers on the west bank when a traffic. at least seven others were wounded. the migration of mexicans to this country is reversed. more mexicans are leaving than coming to the united states. the pew research center found more than million mexicans and ththr families left the u.s. for mexico from 2009 to 2014. that includes american-born children.
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during the same period, 870,000 entered the u.s. resultings in a net flow of 140,000 to mexico. one reason, an improving economy inexico with greater opportrtities for work and educatatn. coming up on "the morning news" a record drug bust. we'll take you along as authorities seize tons of cocaine at sea. and late ir, facebook offers a new feature to help the heart broeken. this is the "cbs morning news." ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus.
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a candlelight vigil is plplned outside a minneapapis police station. protesters demonstrated for a fifth day thursday. they're calling for a federal investigation of gentleman mar clark's death. >> we've been on the ground. we've talked to witnesses. we have serious concerns about the nair tifrs that are out there that are inconsistent. with what many witnesses inhe community say happened. >> the minneapolis p pice union says clark grabbed an officer's gun during the confrontation. and two teens and a 21-year-old are behind bars this morning, accused of killing a southern california police officer. fellow officers lined up thursday to honor ricardo galvez.. he wasashot and killed d his car on wednesday. police say galvez was many plain clothes. it appears to be a botched robbery. still to come, the singer adele goes offline. she drops her new album today
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developed genetically modified salmon for public consumption. i think we have a picture of the genetically modified fish. there it is. there you go. >> that's not right. on the cbs "moneywatch." more on what some are calling franken-fish. first, adele goes against the flow. go morning, hannah. >> good morning, anne-marie. as expected. adele decided not to stream her hot new anticipated album "25." i must have called a thousand times >> "25" will be released today. expected to be the biggest seller of the year. streaming issues of royalty payments and control. adele is one of the few artists popular enough not to stream their material. u.s. stocks closed slightly lower yesterday. down four points.
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the first genetically altered animal cleared to your table may be there soon. the salmon grows twice as fast as normal salmon. the fda says there are no relevant differences between that and gnash ral sal mom. and facebook wants to ease the pain of breaking up. facebook is offering a new feature in the u.s. designed for people who want to avoid seeing their ex-partner's post and pictures on their feed. after changing your relationship status, you can remove your maim from past posts linking you to your ex. the feature is designed for people who won't want to make the final move of blocking an ex-lover from their facebook network. >> how will you cyberstalk in the middle of the night when you have had too much wine?
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>> it's a gleszing in disguise. in sports, the golden state warriors looking to remain unbeaten. when things are going well, stuff like this just happens for you. harrison barnes sinking a shot while falling to the court. things get better for golden state. despite trailing by 23 points. warriors rallied to beat the clippers, 124-117. they're now 13-0. the jacksonville jaguars have the first winning streak in more than two years. a big punt return by green late in the game sets up bortless' touch crown pass. jacksonville tops tennessee, 19-13. it's unananous. bryce harper receiveve all the votes for national league mvp. he's the youngest unanimous mvp in baseball history. toronto's josh donaldson took home the award for the american league.
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health. a judge sentenced former subway pitchman jared fogel to almost 15 years. he pleaded guilty yesterday. and traveling across state lines to have commercial sex with a minor. josh minkley responded opinion. >> no sentence will give back the lost innocence of the
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no sentence will reports new york city police say the increasingly popular hoverboards are ill legal in the city. many new yorkers use the self-balanced scooters to get through streets. but riders risk a $200 fine. the nypd says they're not street legal.l. > d the walal street journal reports theeecond largest diamond ever was discovered this week in botswana. it's more than i 1100 carrotkarats and the size of a tennis ball. coming up, sal kahn. founder to the kahn academy. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." mastering irresistibly smooth. the lindor truffle.
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an alligator getting pretty comfortable at the university of florida student picnic. the gagar crept up to the blanket. grabbed a sandwiwi. before the picnickers shooed it back into the lake. witnesses say the gator was not aggressive, just a little hungry. who doesn't love a picnic? a 12-foot alligator caused a scare at richmond, texas, at a richmond, texas, golf course. on wednesday, a woman known as gator girl was called in to wrangle it up. ace white of our houston affiliate khou met her on the job. >> hey, big boy. hi, sweetheart. >> reporter: there is no fear. >> people are like, a girl? they sent you to get it? it's okay. >> reporter: a little hiss doesn't scare this gator girl. >> they always kind of doubt me until we have them taped up like this. then they're l le, oh, my gosh, you'u' my hero. >> repepter: and this call was no different. >> he's 12 foot. probably close to 700 pounds. >> reporter: chrissy helped haul this guy in.
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brazos river with all the rain. >> reporter: the gator squad had to use a tractor to get him off the 17th hole at the river point golf club in richmond. that's pretty cool.l. >> i wouldn'n'do it. >> i mean, why not? boys get to have all the fun. we should, too. >> reporter: it's not her first rodeo. she helped wrangle this one at a shopping center in sugarland. >> i'm trained. we're licensed to mess with alligators. >> reporter: who runs faster, me or these guys? >> well, you would probably outrun 'em. >> reporter: but i learned quickly. just a minute.e. sorry. holding a gator is not just for any girl. >> good boy. it's okay. good boy. >> reporter: but it's thrilling enough this girl says she's now quitting her day job as a dental assistant. >> it's okay. we're going take you to a new place. you're going to be just fine. we're just your ride. >> reporter:r: ride that keeps this gator girl cocong back for the next adventure. >> dental assistant? that was grace white reporting. a broadway legend making the trip to the ed sullivan theater
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last night. composer andrew lloyd weber joining stephen colbert. on "the late show." he's the man behind classics like "cats" and "phantom of the opera." with lloyd weber on piaia, colbert sang a aew bars of the famous opening number of "jesus christ superstar." at last, i'll do well i can see where we all soon will be >> you gotta go for it now. jesus [ cheers and applause ] you've e t to believe the things they say of you >> lloyd weber was on to promote his new musical, "school of rock." come lg up after your local news on "cbs this morning" the battle between tech companies and the government over encrypted information. > d maureen dowd on
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>and online education star sal kahn joi us in the studio. that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday.
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have a great day. "siouxland news at sunrise starts now"
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3 we're expecting a few inches of snow across siouxland... we'll check in with the iowa department of transportation to see they're ready.downtown drivers have a new place to fuel up now. 3 and the city of sioux city is celebrating a new development in the bridgeport industrial area. 3 good morning, and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise!'s 5 o'clock.m jacob heller.i'm meteorologist cat
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with us on this xxx 3 morning. 3 winter storm warnings are out for the entire area, as we are expecting the season's first snowfall. we can expect widespread of up to 6-8" saturday. the storm will start impacting the area early this morning with the snow finally leaving the area early saturday. with the onset of snow look for temperatures to be greatly impacted. friday's
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highs will only be around 30, and with fresh snowfall things


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