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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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in siouxland treat patients with congestive heart failure. 3 3 november is saying goodbye with another blast of winter's just our second measurable snowfall of the season... and we're already more than halfway to matching our snow total from all of last winter. 3 3 3 siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell is chillin' out at the tyson events center in downtown sioux city... where the snowfall has really lightened up from earlier today.he joins us now... chad, why have we seen so much snow already? 3
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clearing and warming trend with temperatures bouncing back into the mid to upper 30s by thursday. >> 3 3 all this snow *is* proving to be good for all across the siouxland area enjoyed their first snow day of the year. they celebrated as any kids would... by building giant snowmen, snowboarding, sledding, and tossing around a few snowballs. a group of kids in the dakota dunes had scarves, clothes, and even wigs for their snowmen. it's clear by their rosey cheeks
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that they had been playing for hours... but not even the cold was going to stop them from enjoying all the snow. 3 3 3 more snow on the way, means more plowing on the streets.and as ourjetske wauran tells us, the significant snowfall of the season has kept snow removal crews and drivers busy. she joins us live from the tyson event center, jetske? 3 3 good evening guys, snow plowing is in full effect throughout sioux city, i spoke with the sioux city field services superintendent ed pickens this afternoon...he wants all drivers to keep a safe distance behind a working snow- plow.pickens adds...if there's ice and snow on the road, always take it slow and to really make sure you can see their mirrors.also, if you need to pass a snowplow do so..carefully, pickens tells me, right now there are 50 pieces of snow-plowing equipment on the streets. and
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then for the rest tonight, they'll have about 12 to 15 pieces of equipment.the crews will be out on city streets plowing snow that accumulates throughout the evening hours. 3 "and then we'll come back in the morning and evaluate it and go from there. we may end up putting all 50 pieces in the morning too, as of right now i don't know, just busy. we're supposed get more snow and if that's the case, the day crew will be going back out in the morning."crews are ready to treat icy patches that may arise, paying extra attention to intersections and streetes across the city, to ensure roads are as safe as possible given the conditions.reporting live in sioux city, i'm jetske wauran. 3 3 the heavy, wet snow causing a fair number of accidents throughout siouxland today.iowa d- o- t cameras captured the aftermath of one
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near the highway 20 exit.a semi hit a car in the northbound lanes.this was just before a tow ban was briefly put into effect for woodbury county.nobody in either the semi or the car was injured.and taking a look out from that same camera now... traffic moving at its normal pace through the construction zone.still... drivers *are* advised to take care as the winter weather warnings are still in effect here in 3 3 believe it or not... not every accident reported today can be blamed on the snow.take this one, for instance, at the intersection of west 7th and hamilton.police say one vehicle ran a red light and hit the person was injured and taken to the hospital.investigators say they don't believe weather was a factor in this accident... just human error. 3 today's heavy snow forcing the city of sioux city to delay garbage collection.residents who normally have their garbage and recycling picked up monday morning will instead have it collected tuesday.the city asks those
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affected to pull their bins off the curb so that snow plows can clear the streets.this only affects monday pickups... those who have their garbage picked up on tuesdays should still put it out for normal pickup. 3 3 and police in norfolk have arrested a man in connection with a domestic disturbance early sunday morning.police say they found several broken windows when they arrived at the house in the 700 block of west pasewalk (pass-walk) avenue just before six sunday morning.they were invited in by a woman who appead to be the victim of an assault.when officers entered, 26- year- old andrea woods-hunt of norfolk walked out of the kitchen holding a knife and threatening to kill the woman. officers convinced woods-hunt to drop the knife, and arrested him on charges of terroristic threats, obstructing a peace officer, 3rd degree assault and criminal mischief. 3 3 3 tonight there's promising news for the ethanol industry. 3 the obama administration is requiring more ethanol be blended into the nation's
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refiners will be required to blend more than 18 billion gallons of renewable fuels next year. that's compared to about 17 and a half billion this year. the increase is taking place because more gasoline is being consumed thanks to low pump prices. drivers and grocery shoppers are unlikely to see any wide price swings created by the increase. that's because a glut of corn has suppressed prices for the widely used grain. 3 today is "cyber monday"... and on special danielle nottingham reports... while its novelty is wearing off, "cyber monday" is expected to be the biggest online shopping day ever. 3 professional shopper and stylist alison kahn (con) gets some of her best buys on cyber monday.((sot: alison kahn/ "the percentages are better. 40-percent off, nobody doesn't like that. 30-percent off. free shipping."this cyber monday is on track to be the *biggest e-commerce sales day* in history.analysts expect
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consumers to spend a record *3-billion* dollars.((sot: alison kahn/ professional shopper))"i was just checking my emails, and getting blast after blast of deals, deals, deals."heavy traffic temporarily crashed some retail websites, including target's.and the holiday rush is already in full swing at amazon's fulfillment centers. (gfx -- $126.9 million 2014/ $121 million 2015 bar graph/ source: national retail federation)but the national retail federation says the *number* of cyber monday shoppers is slightly lower than last online sales become more common *throughout* the holiday season.((sot: nicholas thompson/ cbs news contributor & editor 46-51)) "you need to check price histories, and you need to be aware that the prices will probably come down in december again too." (5 sec)(vid -- 2shot danielle & alison on tablet, tight of alison shopping on tablet)an increasing number of consumers like alison are relying on their tablets and smartphones to browse cyber monday deals. ((sot: vera gibbons/ financial journalist))"the millenials are shopping via mobile. in fact, about a third of sales we've seen via (cover) online sales have been via mobile." ((sot: alison kahn/ professional shopper))"i just click on the sites, and it's just makes it so much easier cause i was drinking coffee in bed shopping (laughs)"alison says 14-years of shopping for a living have taught her -- cyber monday often saves her time and money. danielle nottingham, cbs news, redondo
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3 3 jury selection is underway in the first of six trials of baltimore police officers in the freddie gray case.the death of the 25- year- old african-american man sparked days of riots in baltimore earlier this year. now, six officers involved in his arrest are facing charges of second-degree murder.each is being tried separately.the judge presiding over the first trial hopes to have a jury selected by wednesday. protestors outside the courthouse today say they want the officers to receive a fair trial... but they also want justice for freddie. 3 3 3 president obama is joining with nearly 150 other world leaders for a climate change summit in paris.before opening the global climate summit, the president stopped at the site of one of the terror attacks to lay a white rose and pay his leaders are trying to agree to a universal climate agreement... limiting global warming to just over 3 degrees farenheit per year.
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security is tight at the summit, with france imposing a ban on demonstrations in the wake of the paris attacks.the summit is set to run through december 11th. 3 3 activists in london continue to protest plans to expand the u- k's role in the air campaign against isis. prime minister david cameron is proposing the u- k join the coalition launching airstrikes against the group in syria. currently, british airstrikes are limited to iraq.protestors held a rally outside the prime minister's official residence this weekend to lobby against the plan.parliament will debate the proposal and hold a vote wednesday afternoon. 3 the fight against isis and the american strategy is the subject of our next "your voice, your future" townhall.the one hour townhall will take place tuesday night, running from 6 until, we usually *stream* these townhalls on- line at siouxland news dot com... but this time we're doing something different.*this* townhall will be broadcast *live* on our
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2, as well as online.again, that's tomorrow night, starting at 6 o'clock, on decades channel 14 point 2 *and* siouxland news dot com 3 3 patients with congestive heart failure in siouxland have a new treatment option available. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll ask a mercy medical center cardiologist just how it works. 3 "this is siouxland news at five on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 a new device is changing the way doctors treat patients with congestive heart failure.siouxland news reporter kayla novak met a doctor to see how it works. 3 this is a cardio mems device.
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"it is a device that measures the pulmunary artery pressure." it helps congestive heart failure patients become proactive with their health. this device is usually reccomended for medicare patients who have been in the hospital within the last year. "it's a procedure where we have to go in through the vein usually the vein the fibrual area. and we go up the the right side of the heart. and we measure pressures in the right side of the heart. and then we take a couple of pictures and find what we consider to be a good location on one on the pulmunary arteries going on the left side usually and we deploy the device." a couple days after the procedure, the patient can go back to normal activity. once the device is in place, it measures and collects the pressures in the pulimunary artery, while the patient is sleeping on a specific pillow, which then transmits the data through a cell phone to a secure website where the doctors can monitor the information. this allows doctors to adjust medications accordingly to help prevent the patients from even feeling sick. this proactive routine
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35 percent for congestive heart failure patients. device could save lives and money, which is why medicare completely covers procedure costs. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 3 iowa's governor says he sees no reason to delay a planned privatization of the state's medicaid plan. 3 terry branstad says the move is something done already in more than half the states in the u- s with few difficulties. but critics continue to insist the governor delay the planned change, set to take effect on january 1st.he says the change should be smooth and simple. 3 "those of us that are in health systems, like those of us who have the state employee health plan, it's a manage care system. and it's worked, i think very effectively, and it's worked effectively in other states and i see no reason why in iowa we can't work it effectively ."critics were emboldened by a
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decision last week by a judge in des moines to cancel the contract with one of four selected management companies. the judge says the company should have disclosed legal issues it had managing medicaid in other states during the bidding process.the company in question, wellcare, says it will appeal. 3
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3 and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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see a couple more inches by the time this system moves out of the area. tuesday winds will pick up and possibly cause some blowing and drifting snow. when all is said and done, we are expecting 6 to 8 inches across most of the area. some areas could see close to 10" by early wednesday morning. wednesday will start a clearing and warming trend with temperatures bouncing back into the mid to upper 30s by thursday. >> 3 3 it's big ten championship week for the hawkeyes. but week for
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3 3 it's big ten championship week for the hawkeyes. but it wasn't long ago you heard head coach kirk ferentz (fair-rentz)'s name rumored for nfl jobs. hear why he stayed. 3 3 and if you can't beat 'em ... get 'em to join you! after the cyclones lost to toledo earlier this year, they decided to hire their head
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next in sports. 3 3 3 after the cyclones lot to toledo back on september 19th i remember thinking man, the rockets head coach is the type of guy i'd want coaching my team. apparently isu athletic director jamie pollard agreed.this afternoon matt campbell was introduced at a press conference in ames. the new head man says he could see he and his family loving their new home. 3 "well i'll say this. i'm truly humbled, honored, priveledged to be a part of this great university and this football program. it's an honor for me to be the new head football coach here. it's honestly been
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a whilrwind 72 hours. jamie kind of hit the nail on the head. it's been crazy. but as fate had lead us here. i am beyond thankful and beyond grateful to be the new leader of this football program. this is a place that's different than a lot of places that i've been. it's got great people. it's a great place. i could see us at a place like this someday. and so it's amazing that fate has had a turn like this in life. and jamie i'm thankful. i'm greatful for you believing in me and trusting in me. "the next step for campbell will be filling out his staff. college football experts say perhaps his biggest strength is his ability to recruit. and he says he'll be starting right here in the state of iowa. 3 well on that recruiting trail campbell will be going up against iowa head coach kirk ferentz soon enough. but this week is all about the big ten championship. the hawkeyes take on michigan state saturday night. a win means iowa likely plays in the national championship 4-team
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playoff. but it was the early 2000s that coach ferentz himself was considered a hot candidate for nfl head coaching jobs. believe me i know, i'm a bills fan and we hired three coaches around that time and i heard his name rumored for every one. after friday's big win over nebraska i asked him if it was moment's like friday's win that kept him coming back to iowa city. 3 "when we came to iowa in 1981 i had no idea what i was walking into. on a lot of levels. football-wise it was a magical time with coach fry, the staff, the quality of life. how could i know? i'm not from the state of iowa. so however many years it is now. 35 or 34 something like that. you know, the thing i've enjoyed the most over my time 26 years is i've interracted with a lot of really quality people."the hawkeyes play the spartans at 7. you can watch the game on our sister station fox 44. 3 former husker quarterback zac taylor has been named the new offensive coordinator for the miami dolphins. the
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the big 12 title game back in 2006. he'll have his work cut out for him as the 4-7 dolphins have lost four od their last 5 games scoring an average of less than 16 points per game. 3 3 3 3
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