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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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robbers.but it's rare in siouxland for a shot to be fired... like the robbery that happened this morning in north sioux city. 3 3 the casey's at 13-13 river drive in north sioux city was hit by a robber carrying a revolver early this morning.he demanded cash and fired a shot inside the store to scare the workers. the robber is described as a black man who's 5 feet 9 inches tall to 5 - 11. he was wearing a dark hat and dark clothing. police say they have surveillance video of the robber's vehicle but aren't releleing it at this time. 3 3 the sioux city man convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor by a school employee will *not* spend time in prison.30- year- old erick deleon was sentenced this morning to 5 years in prison... but that was suspended by the judge.instead, delele must rve three years probation and register as a sex offender.he was arrested earlier this year and accused of having sex with a 16- year- old north high student in the summer of the time... he was the head of a program
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and an assistant soccer coachch at west high.he was let go by e district afr his arrest. 3 3 an everly, iowa man is in custody after shooting at another man during an argument.according to the clay county sheriff's office, 57- year- old michael shorey fired his 38- caliber revolver into the ground during an argument with that man sunday afternoon.he's facing charars of intimidation with a dangerous weapon and reckless use of a firearm. 3 3 sioux city fire rescue has determined the cause of a house fire in morningside over the weekend.that fire broke out just before 9 o'clock sunday night in the 15- hundred block of south patterson street. firefightersrsresponded d find a small fire in the attic.that fire was contained to a small area of insulation. investigators have determin it was caused by a faulty electrical wire.there were no injuries to the home's occupants or firefighters. 3 an improperty used extension cord is blamed for a monday morning fire in sioux city that forced a family of 11 to
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3 our jetske wauran spoke with the mother of that family... to find out what they need the most. 3 just a over day after a fire broke out at their home...the cortez family, is trying to make the most of what they have nowow"we all smelled like smoke, the babies did too so we washed our clothes. what we could grab."it all happened here, when a fire broke out in the 400th block of market street in the westside of sioux city."one of my nephews came up and screamed that we had a fire."sioux city fire rescue responded at around 5 a.m. monday morning. fire officials say the fire started in the basement, then moved up to the first floor."jumped out of bed, grabbed the kids and went outside."crews put out the fire and found an electrical cord had caught some clothes on fire. ththhome hahabeen red tagged.i have a four month old baby and she lots all her stuff the family, eds help...a go fund me account is up and running. and cortez tells me, she's received a ton of support from
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questions, they said what do you need? what other sizes? i got at lelet a huhured voicemails and text messages, facebook messages, people writing on my wall. just wanting to help."outcue: standard out. 3 if you'd like to help the cortez family, there is a benefit event taking place tonight at west middle school in sioux city. that event starts at 5-30 and ends at 7 tonight. 3 3 after black friday and cyber, comes giving tuesday a day expected to bring many thanks.the national day focuses on "giving" at the beginning of the holiday season."giving tuesday" focuses on giving back. the united way of siouxland says today is as an *opportune time to make donations.* 3 "we just want to encourage everybody to be unselfie, that's something that they come up with last year. it's kind of a cute idea, instead ofoftaking a selfie with y yr phphe, take a cture of something great or giving back
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unselfie."the movement now has 40-thousand partners worldwide and has raised more than 86 million dollars over the last few days. and you can join in on the social dia movement by using the hashshtag "unselfie." 3 3 3 it was another day of wet snowflakes periodically falling on siouxland.we're hoping for something different tomorrow chad. 3
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3 3 sioux city polili say now that the worst of the snow is out of the ea... it's time to move your cars.a local ordinance bans cars from parking on city streets for more than 24 hours... and it's strictly enforced after snowfalls. that's so city plows can clear the streets in residential areas without having to worry abououhitting parked cars.if you don't have your cars moved by wednesday morning at 10, police officers will have your car towed at your expense so that the plows can do their jobs. 3 3 a siouxland landmark is being torn down.crews are demolishing the toll both that was once used to collect fees for crossing the missouri river bridge at decatur, nebraska. it had been owned and maintained for
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county bridge commission. they stopped taking tolls two years ago when the bridge at the end of highway 51 was sold to the states of nebraska and iowa. 3 3 additional american special forces will soon head to the frontlines of the war against isis as the u- s expands military efforts to defeat the terror polo sandoval reports... the announcement comes as president obama warns vladimir putin on the dangers of getting bogged-down in syria's bloody civil war. 3 more u-s special forces are heading to iraq and syria.u-s defense secretary ash carter broke the news during his testimony on capitol hill tuesday.(ash carter, defense secretary): "we're sending, on president obama's orders, and the chairman's andndy advice, special opopations forces personnel to syria to support the fight against isil." carter says the newly-deployed troops will add to the less than 50 special forces sent to northern syria last month.
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disclosing how many will be part of this new wave, they are expected to be on the ground, playing a very active rolele(ash carter, defense secretary): "these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders."the pentagon continues to focus on small, mobile special forces and not large-scale troop deployments.the obama administratiti has come under some criticism that this strategy does not do enough to eliminate the threat of isis. (president barack obama): "i'm confident that we are on the winning side"on tuesday, president obama finished his trip to paris, where the war on isis loomed over global climate talks.the president delivered this warning to russian president vladimir putin... about the dangers of getting caught up in syria's civil war. (president barack obama): "with afghanistan fresh in the memory, for him to simply get bogged down in an inconclusive and paralyzing
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outcome that he's looking for." im polo sandoval reporting from washington. 3 the fight against isis and the american strategy is the subject of our next "your voice, your future" townhall.the one hour townhall will take place tonight, running from 6 until, we usually *stream* these townhalls on- line at siouxland news dot com... but this time we're doing mething different.*this* townhall will be broadcast *live* on our decades subchannel, 14 point 2, as well as online.again, that's tonight, starting at 6 o'clock, on decades channel 14 point *and* siouxland news dot com 3 3 it's's dangerous genetic disorder in infants that is very often fatal... called "bubble baby" syndrome. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how doctors at u- c- l- a say they
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3 days after bringing home her newborn twin daughtersalysia vaccaro could sense evangelina wasn't as healthy as her sister.((sot: alysia vaccaro/ mother)) "i had a baby to compare her to and i just knew something was wrong with her."her mother's intuition - was right.teststg revealed evangelili was born with severe combined immunodeficien cy - also called "skid" or "bubble baby"'s a genetic disorder that leaves the body without an immune system making infants extremely vulnerable to illness.even the common cold can be deadly.((sot: alysia vaccaro/ mother))"we wore mamas, we had nd sanitizer, we had raw hands from cleaning so much."the vaccaro's turned to dr. donald kohn - and a clinical ial at ucla - as a last hope.((sot: dr. donald kohn/ ucla broad stem cell research center))"it's gone from a 'one day, maybe' to a real clinical reality."that reality - dr. kohn says - is an actual cure for the disease. his treatment takes bone marrow from the patient to gather stem cells. a cloned gene is then added to correct what was missing at birth. ((sot: dr. donald kohn/ ucla
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center)) "those stem cells are given back to the patient where they can go back to the bone marrow and make the blood cells for the rest of the patient's life."so far, the treatment has restored immune systems in all 23 patients in the most recent clinical trials.that includes evangelina.((sot: alysia vaccaro/ mother))"it is a cure i know it's a cure, we're living the cure!"now three years old doctors say she's in perfect health.chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. 3 dr. kohn is s now working with the f-d-a to make his treatment available nationwide. he's also testing the same method as a cure for sickle cell disease. clinical trials for that treatment are now underway. 3 3 today is "world aids day"... and the siouxland community health center is marking it with an evenen tonight.the heheth center is partnering with morningside college to screen the movie "the normal heart" at 6 at the ups auditorium on the morningside campus.that film focuses on activists promoting aids awareness in new york city in the early 1980s.
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and know your status. the other thing is, that it hes reduce stigma with the epidemic. it helps make people aware of the updates in hiv medicine, and how people are cared for, what types of programs people have access to."tonight's event also features a digital slideshow called "radiantntpresence"... with artrtrk created by artists with aids. 3 3 the first quickie injectable bar is here, creating an anti-aging revival. even dr's and med-spa's are in on the action. now you're just a walk-in away from a new you. a customized treatment of fillers and botox may be just what the dr ordered to lift
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work in tandem to freeze, lift, plump, and soften facial lines and create a more appealing look. we all know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, totoy's injectables are touted as a preventative treatment for aging. when done on a regular basis in moderate amounts they create beautiful results without dramatic proportional changes. so walk-in and walk away to revive your look today. botox and fillers are a very popular way to soften wrinines and rejuvenate t t face. . ave we are very proud to be siouxland's number one provider of box for the past 7 years. if you would like to improve your look, come in for a free consultation at ave
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and d the
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things will stay quiet and dry
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at the tyson event center for the naia volleyball national championships. dordt and briar cliff begin their pursuit of titles today. i'll be joined by dordt head coach chad hanson and gpac commissioner
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3 "sports with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 3 hi everyone i'm live here at the tyson events center where the naia volleyball national championships will be held today through saturday. joining me is gpac commmmsioner corey westra d chad handon head coach of the dordt defenders who open up play this evening. corey, the weather has been pretty intense to start things here. how has that affected this tournament and what does
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conference?(ad-lib)3 and coach hanson your 14th ranked defenders begin pool play tonight against number 11 georgetown. 3 what a matchup tonight at 8. what is key to your girls
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(ad-lib)3 and coach what is the key to pool play? it's a different feel because you plpl a different team every night and the top two teams our of four advance to the first round. what changes about your preparation for a tournament like this?(ad-lib)briar cliff is up
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up (ad-lib)3 briar cliff is up first at 5:45 taking on number two lindsay wilson. we'll have highlights of that game night at 10. back to you in the studio. 3 3 3 3 3
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