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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 8, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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10.....(reward offered)a reward is offered to find the men who roughed up and robbed a morningside family in their home... at gunpoint. (school district sued)the conviction of this man for sexually exploiting a student leads to a federal lawsuit against the sioux city school district. (passport fears)there are new fears that terrorist from syria may be able to get their hands on valid passports."we certainly have a vulnerability to the 45 million stolen, lost or forged passports around the world."(still on track?)and... it's faced challenges. is the expansion of c-f industries in port neal still on track? 3 a thousand dollar reward is leading to the arrest and conviction of the men who robbed a morningside family in 3 3 3 just after 2- 30 monday morning... two masked men kicked in the front door of the home on south alice street. they were armed with a handgun and a crowbar. they tied up and assaulted a 19-
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needs... while holding his mother at gunpoint... and forcing her and a younger brother to watch the assault. afterwards, they stole tvs, game consoles and a cell phone. 3 "i think that not neccesarily just because this incident took place that people should always be vigilant to their own safety and well being and always keep their doors locked; and take home security into consideration. and lighting, locking the doors. everything should always be taken into consideration cause you never know when something like this could happen. "anyone with information is asked to call the crimestoppers hotline at 258- tips. 3 3 3 police are also searching for the person or persons who vandalized a popular comic book shop in sioux city.about 6pm saturday employees of acme comics heard a crash and discovered three of their windnds were cracked. when taping up the windows they found rocks that apparently had been used to crack them. so far there are no leads as to who may have done this. they will press charges
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3 "we would appreciate if anybody does know. either letting us know or letting the police department know. we have done a report.... done a police report for it. just to replace the windows, , is going to be over a thousand dollars so this is a rather big expendature that we were not looking forward too "for now, it's business is as usual. mcgarry says though the windows might not be fixed, they are welcoming customers to stop by to meet a very friendly snowman who likes warm hugs this saturday between 11am and 3pm. 3 3 meanwhile, police in storm lake say a man they believe is responsible for stealing more than 30 *thousand* dollars is in custody.25- year- old simon telefay is being held without bond in sioux falls... awaiting extradition back to iowa on charges of 1st degree theft.storm lake police say two friends of telefay reported the theft t nearly 35- thousand dollars sunday... and advised that he was tryg to leave the arrest warrant for
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departments in neighboring states sunday night.he was arrested on monday. so far... the stolen money has not been recovered. 3 3 the sioux city school district is being sued by the mother of a student who was sexually exploited by the manager of an after- school program at north high.the federal lawswsit llows the conviction of erick deleon for for sexual exploitation by a school employee.deleon received a five year, suspended prison sentence... and was put on probation for three years.the suit contends the school district... and the program for at risk children that deleon worked for at north high... called "i- jag"... 3 did not provide proper supervision to prevent deleon from having sex twice with her daughter *aftft* school hours.the suit seeks damages for a variety of claims including...intentional inflection of emotional distress... pain... and past and future medical expenses. 3 3 sioux city fire investigators say *fried chicken* is to blame for a monday night fire that rendered an apartment building unliveable.that fire broke out
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rivervrvw apartment complex in morningside just before 10 last night.sioux city fire rescue says it was started by a pot of oil frying chicken on the stove igniting.that fire quickly spread, burning two apartments and causing smoke and water damage to 10 others. 20 people were displaced by the fire... but are being housed in empty units elsewhere in the complex. nobody was injured in this fire... but sioux city fire rescue wants to remind *everyone* not to leave their cooking unattended. 3 3 an old elevator is getting the blame for a fire call to the old st. luke's hospital on sioux city's northside this crews were called to the building in the 28- hundred block of douglas street around 11 o'clock for a report of investigation revealed no fire... and eventually it was determined that the alarms were triggered when a rarely- used elevator in the building heated up. 3 3
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overnight look for a few clouds and lows to bottom out at around 30. for tomorrow we are going to sesepartly cloudy skies and highs will reach the middle to upper 50s. for thursday, the weather looks pretty much the same with highs reaching,the mid 50s once again and winds becoming much stronger. friday cools off a little bit before our next weather system pulls through over the weekend bringing the chance for a rain/snow mix satuday into sunday.>> 3 3 in other news tonight... the 2- billion dollar expansion to the c- f industries fertilizer plant in port neal remains on track.officials with the plant say construction on t t expansion should be complete by the middle of next year. when its finished... the expansion will add 250 permanent staff.right now... 45- hundred people are working
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officials say the weather has been the biggest obstacle so far. 3 "the weather, obviously, in this part of iowa and the timing of some of the construction is a factor. getting the resources in that are needed for a job of this scale has been a factor. we have people from about forty-six states and several countries working here at the site. a lot of challenges. logistics of getting all the materials, the large equipment here up the missouri river was a challenge but you just continue to face those and find ways to over come them."overall... deroos says he expects the expansion to have a positive impact on the siouxland community. 3 3 sioux city leaders and state lawmakers are setting goals for the upcoming legislative session.the city council and staff held their annual "legislative day" this morning in council chambers.the goal is to let lawmakers who represent the area in des moines know what the city's interests in the coming session are. 3 "we've seen income climb over
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sioux city, we've seen our population also increase but knowing that there's so many new construction jobs, new plants that are going to be coming online in the next few years, we need to continue to work on housing and make sure that we have a place for those families to settle."this year... the city is focusing on developing trananortation and recreational infrastructure... with more recreational trails in addition to continuing work on i- 29. 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... 3 we'll look at how one local non- profit and a group of students are getting into the holiday spirit... by helping kids in need. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, didia castilil, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 33 3 3 chad and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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next weather system pulls through over the weekend bringing the chance for a rain/snow mix satuday into
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3 as politicians from both parties condemn donald trump's
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3 security experts are raising questions about the security of syrian *passports*.how congress is responding to
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after the break.3 3 they're remarks that have sent shockwaves through the campaign trail, and reverberated ound the globe. but as karin caifa reports... republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is not backing down from his call for a ban on all muslims entering the united states. 3 criticism and outragefrom republican leaders -- "w"wt was proposed yesterday y not what this party stands for." from the white house --(josh earnest, white house press secretary) "what donald trump said yesterday, disqualifies him from serving as president." and from around the world. "this statement clearly shows that he is not eligible for the leadership of a superpower nation."the day after donald trump proposed a ban on muslims entering the united states, the republican
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refused to waver.(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "they want our buildings to come down. they want our cities to be crushed. i am saying that until we figure this out, we should have a ban."many g-o-p rivals have reacted forcefully, like senator lindsey graham of south carolina.(sen. lindsey graham, (r) presidential candidate) "and you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go hell." senator ted crcr of texas, in second place behind trump inin many polls, had a more measured response.(sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate) "i disagree with that proposal. i like donald trump. a lot of our friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump. i'm not interested in doing so."many of trump's supporters, said they support the proposal."i don't want 'em here.""that's a very prudent idid, and i think he's done due dililince."and so, , he republican party faces a dilemma, once more.(doug heye, former rnc communications director) "the past few months with donald trump have been an outrage du jour, and republicans have spent a lot of time condemning him."the most recent cnn/orc poll of republican voters nationwide found trump with a twenty- point lead over his closest
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two months to go, before the first 2016 contest, in washininon, i'm kakan caifa. 3 trump's comments just one part of a heated debate about protecting the u-s from terrorists, as our scott thuman reports... there's a new fear of terrorists from syria getting their hands on valid passports. 3 it's still not clear how some terrorists involved in pulling off the deadly attacks in paris in november obtaineded papaports.the authenticity of those documents coming out of syria is now racheting up concerns on capitol hill over america's visa waiver program. sen. richard blumenthal"we certainly have a vulnerability to the 45 million stolen, lost or forged passports around the world."sen. jeff sessions"i don't think we have any confidence that we can ididtify bogus passports effectively."thousands of phony passports have circulated in the middle east for years.but the ones of most
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emerson ipt]"these are real passports, they pass all the credential and biometric tests."how did terrorists get there hands om real passports? [emerson]"there were probabab around 7 cities considered consular cities that issued passports ad in those cities they had tens of thousands of passports that fell into rebel hands."steven emerson with the investigative project on terrorism says government sources have told him there's no way to gurantee the true identity of people coming outt of syriaiawith passports in hand and lawmakers have the same impression. [sen. blumenthal]"that's the reason the visa waiver program needs to be drastically scrutinized." i'm scott thuman reporting. 3 3 in bipartisan fashion the house of representatives today voted to tighten restrictions on the visa waiver program. 3 that program lets residents of approved countries to visit the united states without a visa. among the changes if you are from an approved
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syria or iraq in the last 5 years you will now be *denied* the waiver. 3 ((rep. joseph crowley/(d) new york)) "any step we can take to help prevent a terrorist from entering the country by using that program we need to do ((rep. xavier beccerra/(d) california)) "what we a a trying to do is go after the real problems in allowing people to come into our country who mean to do us harm."((sen. jeff sessions/(r) alabama)) "we have a myriad of programs that people can come under other than just visa waiver so there is a lot to be done and we are not close to up to speed."the house bill has support in the senate, but no vote has been scheduled yet. it's been a month since chipotle closed dozens of stores in the pacific northwest over an e. coli scare... but now *more* sick customers are blaming the chain *across the country*coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... what *chipotle* is blaming for its latest
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3 another chipotle location is under investigation after more than two dozen people got sick in's unclear if the illnesses are related to a nationwide outbreak of e. coli at chipotle hena daniels reports, chipotle is blaming *norovirus* for the latest incident. 33 workers clclned surfaceceat a chipotle restaurant in boston after thirty boston college students got sickincluding at
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school's basketball team.sot: (stephanie lord/boston college student) "one of our friends was in the infirmary with a concussion and she said when she walked out there were like ten people in the waiting room, all with buckets, all throwing up from chipotle." boston college says the common factor among all the illnesses is that the students ate at the chipotle restaurant near least one student from boston university says she got sick too.sot: (sara safranek/got sick) "i just went to eat here this past weekend, and i got really sick yesterday, so this is the first time i left my house. i was wondering what was happening over here."the massachusetts department of public health is investigating. this is the first chipotle in massachusetts to report a problem.9 other states have linked more than 50 e. coli cases to chipotle restaurants. a restaurant spokesman says there is no evidence so far to tie this new case to the nationwide outbreak- and blames an outbreak of norovirus.for now, the boston restaurant remains closed.hena daniels, for cbs news.
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today's latest revelations have caused chipotle's stock price and in- store sales to drop. 3 it was a busy night on the hardwood across siouxland this evening.we've got highlights and scores from around the
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3 3 3 sergeant bluff luton and bishop heelan met tonight in a battle of teams expecting major improvements from a year ago. 3 1) picking up action in the 1st quarter heelen loses the rebound, while jackson wright of sbl is right there to put the ball back in for the first points of the game.2) but on heelen's next possesion deandre burnside throws up the 3 and nails it... its 3 to 2 bishop heelen.3) its a back and forth battle when sbl's
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the 3. the warriors take the lead 5 to 3. 4) later in the quarter its 12 to 10 sbl is up. savory passes it to jacob shultz... from the top of the key... he drains it. 15 to 10 warriors5) next play... jack boever passes it to elijah hazekamp... he shoots it over the defender and into the net. 15- 13 sbl. neither team is giving up.the warriors would take a 7 point lead into the 4th qtr but heelan gets a tip in at the buzzer from kyrese peck to steal the win 66-64. 3 3 9th ranked heelan also taking on the warriors1) this is the 3th quarter bishop heelen is up 35 to 31. allie cooke passes it to gace hanno she takes the open shot and gets the three points. 38 to 31 crusaders.2) later in the 4th on heelen gets a rebound but sbl steals it easy pass to kaitlin savary and she gets the 2 points.3) after recieving the rebound the crudsaders pass it down the court. hanno is ahead of the pack and gets the easy layup. that makes it 42 to 36 heelen. 4)later heelen is up 55 to 38.
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nissen passes it to abby wisecup. as she falls she makes the 2 points, draws the foul and later makes one of the 2 free throws. but it wont be enough.59-46 heelan the winners. 3 3 north visiting sioux city west tonight....1) north jailen billings for three points 2)west off the rebound james king for two points3)three point shot rims out north tavian williams dunks the ball for two points4)west jalen roseland for two points5)north darrion collins for three pointsnorth beat west 75 to 68 3 3 hinton playing host to south obrien.1)south o'brien damon
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truman schmitt passes to andrew hasselquist for two points3)hinton off the rebound hasselquist again for two points4)south o'brien damon struve for two points5)hinton jay small for two pointssouth o'brien wins 56-51 3 3 same two teams on the ladies' side...1)hinton casie hoefling passes to hannah treweiller for two points2)south o'brien savanna sickelka for 3 points 3) o'brien again courtney rehder for another 3 points. 4)hinton kaliey burke with two points5)o'brien amanda litka for two pointshinton wins 48 to 36 over south o'brien 3 3 lawton bronson girls visiting their archrivals woodbury
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1)eagles brooke hunwardsen passes to anaa dreesen for two points2)eagles ali verzani for two points3)eagles lexi binder for two points.4)wildcats keely steffan passes to kelsey smith for two points5)eagles andee martin for two pointsl-b rolls to an 88-63 win over the wildcats 3 3 other scores girls' action, unity christian tops harris-lake park 82-33 akron-westfield girls over le mars gehlen 48-28maple valley anthon oto girls over o- a- b- c- i- g 51- 38okoboji girls over central lyon 58-29west sioux over h- m- s 51-48west lyon over boyden-hull 56- 44cherokee over spirit lake 72-
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66-53remsen-union tops remsen st. mary's 58-54storm lake st. mary's tops g-t/r- a 43-35ridge view tops river valley 48-40and sioux center over sibley-ocheydan 59- 25and on the boys' side, unity christian over harris- lake park 60-53western christian over le mars 60-44g-t-r- a over storm lake st. mary's 65-27boyden-hull tops west lyon 85-61central lyon tops okoboji 74-63remsen s s mary's over r remsen-union 81-33alta-aurelia over sioux central 62-52westwood beats kingsley-pierson 51-45ridge view over river valley 77-40and sheldon over rock valley 70-50 3 3 finally tonight... sioux city's teddy bear toss is coming up this weekend atathe tyson events center, and d canada is throwing down the gauntlet.
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between the calgary hitmen and the swift current broncos... the 19- thousand fans in attendance when calgary scored their first goal threw a world- record *28- thousand, 815* teddy bears onto the took arena staff 40 minutes to pick up all the bears... whichch will be distributed to *50* local agencies this christmas season. 3 we'll be right back with a
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after the break.3 3 today volunteeers of all ages joined with a group called "lucky leprechauns for kids" at sioux city ford to wrap gifts for needy children in the sioux city area. 3 local teachers put together an anonymous list of students in need for the event. monetary donations were made by local companies. and the organization recieved grants to buy clothing... books... and toys for t t children. while some gifts will be distrubuted by the teachers... the others will be handed out byanta this saturday at sioux city ford. 3 that's all our time for now.
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