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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 16, 2015 7:00am-8:59am CST

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captioning funded by cbsbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 16th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." republicans hopefuls attack each other about how to keep america safe. only on "cbs this morning," governor chris christie joins us. los angeles schools reopen this morning after a terror hoax shut them down. did l.a. officials overreact? hundreds of women sue over a celebrity endorsed hair product they sasa it caused their hair to fall out. yikes! we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he's is a chaos candidate. >> marco knows what he is saying isn't true. >> let me complain a little bit. >> is donald trump aerious candidate. >> thihiis what it's like to be
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states senate. >> the gop battles on the debate stage. >> who is talking? >> i'm talking right now. >> i'm talking. >> cruz support. >> heh campaigned promising to lead -- >> would you please get to me? >> sorry, you haven't. >> we punched the russians in the nose. >> if i'm elected we will build a wall that works and i'll get donald trump to pay for it. >> a 737 off the runway in nashville and eight people taken to the hospital. >> next thing we are getting off the road. >> students back in class on l.a. today after a terror attack that shut down the entire district. >> the fbi has said it's not a credible threat. >> a powerful storm is spreading wintry conditions across the country. >> parts of the colorado saw as many as two feet of snow. >> nearly 500 flights cancelled. >> where are you headed? >> costa reek ko. >> are you still headed there? >> no. >> fight inside to iraq's leaders.
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of emergency in flint, michigan. hundreds of people in the town could have lead poison'ing. >> all that. >> they are up to their antics again with nifty moves. >> look at that! >> i love it! >> all that matters. >> this gem comes courtesy of the cbs affiliate in rochester, minnesota. >> that is the robber that just went by, according to the bank's employee. so i got to go here and call 911. i'll talk to you later. >> that is how season three starts. >> i don't do that. >> yes, you do. >> i will dedicate my performance to you. i will say to the memory of harrison fofo. >> what do you mean the memory of harrison ford? >> no one should ever forget [ bleep ] phere. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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morning."ight back. major garrett is at the site of last night's debate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the debate was an instant time capsule. a prime time event in which the terrorism overshadowow every other tapopic. they clashed over the views but in the end offered an anxious nation a promise and one could be distilled into one word or phrase. >> we will keep america safe. >> safe. >> safe. >> safe. >> safaf >> your safety and security is safe with me. >> we are talking about security. >> reporter: the competition to
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never ended and jeb bush, running in low single digits, forced his way back into the conversation by repeatedly challenging donald trump. >> this is a tough business. >> oh, i know, you're a tough guy, jeb. >nd we need to ve a leader that is tough. >> you're real tough, jeb. >> you will never get there. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3 so, so far, i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> ted cruz and marco rubio he crashed. ted accused rubio for a path for citizenship. >> does the ted cruz ruleout ever realize that people in this country -- >> senator cruz? >> i never supported legalization and do not intend to. >> reporter: chris christie said his experience as a post-9/11 u.s. attorney general. >> this is what it's like to be on the floor of the u.s. senate.
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how many angels on the head of a pin from people who have never had to make a consequential decision in an executive position. >> after the debate rand paul told us trump's calls to shut down part of the internet to force isis propaganda and target the families of terrorists were, quote, radical and ridiculous. >> i think when people discover he wants to get rid of the first amendment to the constitutionn they might scratch their head and say, oh, my god. >> we asked trump what he valid more. security or the bill of rights? >> i have always come down on the side of security. to me, it's the most important. >> even if it means doing something to encroach on the bill of rights? >> i hate it. i hate the concept of it. are dealing with very bad dudes. >> trump ended months of speculation about a third-party
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>> i am totally committediewing polling data nationally and sees a clear path to the nomination. >> thanks, major. only on "cbs this morning," new jersey governor chris christie is with us from las vegas. governor, good morning. >> good morning. >> with donald trump and senator cruz gaining ground, is it essential now for republicans in the center to come together and coalesce around one candidates soon as possible? >> no. listen. i think what you need to do is continue to make your case to the american people and our republican primary voters about the safety and security of our country and who is best prepared, who is the most tested and is most ready to protect the united states of america and its citizens and i thought we made it clear last night that my experience as federal prosecutor and united states attorney general and governor of new jersey makes me the best
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>> last night, governor, did you make a conscious decision not to engage with donald trump? a couple of dust-ups between jeb bush and donald trump andd can you say i'm going to let this play out and stay above the fray? what was your thinking when this was going on? >> the most important thing is to remember that our hardwareaddversary was wawahing last night in hillary clinton. it's not for our country to get in the minor dust-ups that these guys get into and talking about the little petty things they discuss among each other. my idea is keep the eye on the ball and make sure we get the best person to prosecute the case against hillary clinton in the fall and i belelve i'm that person. >> governor, thank you again for getting upo early with us from las vegas. i know it was a late night for you. i want to ask you about one of the things you have gocketedadvocated
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you would shoot down that russian plane. whwh is the rules of engagement? >> very clear, if they go into our no-fly zone after we have warned them to stay out, then they would be shot down. the fact is we need to have some clarity coming from the oval office and not, you know, 16 pages of rules of engagement that a pilot has to flip through before they make a decision on what with to do. you fly an american war plane, they have very clear rules of engage the and it would be made clear to russia what those rules were and if they decided to violate them, that is what a no-fly zone means, don't fly and if they fly there their plane would get shot down. >> you indicated that that would indicate world war iii. >> like senator paul they don't realize we are already in world war iii. i said this in a town hall last week.
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where radical islamists are trying to destroy our way of life. if he doesn't understand we are already in that war it's just another example of why he is so unfit to be president of the united states. >> but if russia is our ally against isis, couldld we be shooting down t tir planes? because we are not engaged in world war iii with them. >> you're assuming that russia is our ally in -- >> i think the secretary of state -- >> that makes it absolutely certain i'm right ifhe secretary of state thinks that. the fact russia has been dealing our lunch money the entire time from the obama administration from hillary clinton's reset button to going into crimea and ukraine and propping up their puppet, assad. ssia is in syria along with iran to prop up assad. >> governor, how would you get rid of assad? >> listen.
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has got to be the product of talks between our nato allies with us and our arab allies and coalition. >> but not russss? >> listen, charlie, i know that you're obsessed with russia this morning and i'm just simply not. i don't think russia has earned the right. >> no, governor, you're the one talking about shooting down their planes. >> you asked about a no-fly zone and that is the definition of a no-fly zone. if that offends folks in the u.n. crowd i'm sorry but america needs to assert itself again and playing the weak hand this president has played with this country we have russian troops in crimea and create -- >> what has that created -- >> charlie, they are aligning with the oniansranians to create an iranian empire. >> thank you for getting up with us this morning, governor christie. appreciate it. john dickerson is in washington and he was at the
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he joins us this morning. hello, john dickerson. >> hello, gayle. how are you? >> i'm really good. you said last night's debate was about flexing muscles. in your opinion was there a clear winner last night? >> well, if it's a strength contest and it pretty much was between all of the republican candidates, with the exception of senator paul, then that benefifi donald trump. he is running on strength and promoting strength a.dhe voters have shown they think he is the strongest of the candidates. the debate took place basically on his turf. if that is the case it was a good night for donald trump. >> you're saying it might have changed something and added strength to donald trump, iff it anged anything? >> yeah. i don't think it really changed anything. he i at the top of the polls. people are looking to him for strength. that is what he has been running on. so i think it only -- it only helped him. he has disappeared a little bit in some of these debates which might have been a problem for him as voters started to think about the candidates as commander in chief.
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again, took place on his turf so it was good for him. >> jeb bush was the only one who appeared to take donald trump on. did that work for him, do you think? >> i think it worked for jeb bush but only in a limited way. so it helped his fortunes, but, you know, for the mainstream republicans who are looking for a single candidate to get behind, they have got to pick between christie and bush and rubio and kasich and would like that choice but it didn't win as jeb bush does a a little bit better, it keeps him alive so the nontrump,noncruz candidates are still -- still too many of them for the mainstream republicans. >> it probably won't win until after new hampshire, will it? >> well, that's right. therefore, it could be too late. if the other candidate has a big head of steam by that time. >> what is the most important dynamic of this race right now, john? >> well, i think there are two big dynamics to watch. one is trump/cruz. they return to their armistice
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another and both realizing they are looking for the same kind of voters. donald trump really pulling back because he has gotten some grief for going after ted cruz. the other dynamic is the split vote on the nontrump-cruz camp and keeps getting split. the better the moderate or mainstream candidates do the harder it is to finally coalesce around one. them. >> john dickerson in washington, thank you. defensns secretary asharter is in iraq for an unannound visit. he arrived in baghdad this morning. he there is talk to u.s. commanders and iraqi leaders about the fight with isis. the defense secretary will explore new options to defeat the terror organizations. carter is expected to discuss a plan to deploy a new american commando force and attack helicopters who battle isis. the faa is looking into how a southwest airlines plane rolled off a taxiway and into a ditch. this happened last night at
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the boeing slid off a taxiway as it approached a gate. 133 passengers and five crew on board and eight people taken to the hospital and one passenger had a problem with the landing gear shortly before the jet abruptly stopped. >> you could definitely feel we were going along and something happened to the wheel that caused the plane to bounce up and down vigorously until we eventually veered off the road. >> they escaped the aircraft and most of the injuries were described as bumps and bruises. hundreds of thousands of students will return to class this morningngn los angeges. a terror threat led local leaders to close all public schools yesterday in the nation's second largest district. the fbi has determined it was not credible. ben tracy is at the los angeles high school where critics are sayingnghey overreacted.
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and more than 1,000 like it have been searched and nothing suspicious has been found and the doors will reopen to student today. despite knowing this was not a credible threat, officials here in los angeles say they made the right call. >> we believe that our s sools are safe. >> reporter: l.a.'s public school system is back in business, but city officials are defending the decision to shut down more than 1,000 schools on tuesday. >> if you knew what the superintendent and the school board knew at 5:30 this morning when the decision had to be made, would you have sent your child to school? >> all l.a.s.d. schools have been shut down today. >> reporter: the decision to shut down schools impacted more than on0,000 students. the threat came via e-mail. the writer claimed he was part of a cell of 32 comrades threatening to use nerve agents
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>> i don't think it was an overreaction because i think everybody would have been really scared going back to school like knowing we had a thread. >> reporter: new york city received a similar e-mail threat and kept its schools open. police commissioner bill bratton was critical of the decision in los angeles. >> i think it was a significant overreaction. >> it is very easy, in hindsight, to criticize a decision based on the results that the decider could never have known. >> reporter: with the recent terrorist attack in nearby san bernardino, california, mayor eric garcetti said the city's nerves are raw. >> i think everybody, including our superintendent would probably rather be criticized for ovovreacting and nothing happening than vice versa. >> reporter: shutting down the schools was, obviously, a major inconvenience for students and parents, but the students and parents we talked to actually said they thought that officials
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they would rather be safe than sorry. law enforcement officials are trying to track down theerson or persoso who sent the e-mails that started all of this. >> indeed. ben, thank you very much. this morning global financial markets are bracing for the first federal reserve rate hike in nearly a decade. it is a big day. and the fed is expected to lift short-term interest rates to a range of between a quarter and a half percent. the central bank projects a series of increases over the next three years to more than 3% in 2008. jill schlesinger is here. what is the impact to our economy? >> the good news if you're a saver and suffering for so long with low interest rates on your savings, checking and cds you will see the rates creep up so great news for savers. borrower, the news is not a good. you're going to see increased costs for credit cards, auto
7:18 am
like an adjustable rate mortgage. theoretically longer term interest rates heading higher and borrowers not so good. >> the key issue in the economy is growth. will it help growth or not? >> the fed has kept rates this low for this long to propel growth. ththidea of a rising interest rate is usually something that might impede growth. that is the worry. >> or impede inflation? >> right. right now we are growing at about 2.25% annualized the last few years but the fed thinks after seven years of rates at zero it's time for the patient, the u.s. economy, to come out of the emergency room and walk out of the hospital on its own. no more help. >> yes, i don't need the chair, thank you very much. >> exactly. >> when you sat down, jill, you said this is like the super bowl in the stanley cup for me today you were so excited. why is this happening now and how can you get others as excited as you? >> i don't think i ian so let me start with that. i think the reason why it's
7:19 am
sign that the recovery process is sort of at the end. we are now entering a normal economy. not great for everyone. people still out of work but not lose onning hundreds of thousands of jobsvery month and not seeing the economy strength. it's time no normize policy and i'm excited for today. >> i can tell! thank you, jill. you look nice too. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. parents are outraged because they say a city's drinking water
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ahead, how the water a hair care line is accused of causing bald spots. >> hundred dollarswe will show you hundreds of customers who say they have sufferededrom using this product. the news is back this
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a surrogate mother pregnant with triplets refuses to abort one of the unborn babies.
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the dueling 3
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3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 a former presidential candidate was in sioux city yesterday morning throwing his support behind hillary clinton.former vermont governor howard dean talked to more than 40 people at the home of sioux city attorney tim (bo - tare - oh) bottaro. dean think hilary will do the best to help ordinary americans have good jobs... make decent livings... and make sure kids can go to college. dean has other tour stops this week in fort dodge... des moines... newton... iowa city... and cedar rapids. he'll volunteer at an organizing event today at the hillary clinton office in davenport.
7:28 am
republican republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is coming back to siouxland this week. huckabee has stops planned for thursdayat 4:45 in the afternoon at the sioux county livestock company in sioux center.then at 7:30 that night he'll be at v - f - w post 3388 canteen in estherville.friday morning at 3 8:30 he'll be at woodford equipment in emmetsburg.and at 2:45 friday afternoon he'll campaign at methodist manor in storm lake. 3 3 and ben carson will be making three stops in siouxland friday. he'll host a meet and greet at 9 a - m in storm lake at the anderson auditorium at buena vista 3 he'll head to orange city where he'll host a town hall meeting at northwestern college. 3 and from 7 to 8 pm he's hosting a rally in sioux city at the stony creek inn hotel & conference center.that's all t t time ve got for now... have a grgrt day! 3 3 day!have a great for now...
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creek inn n n >> just 24 hours ago, this bank -- what? >> robber. >> oh, that's the robber. this is live tv, folks! that is the robber who just went by according to the bank employee. so i got to go here and call 911. i'll talkko later. >> that is adam reporting for our affiliate in minnesota. a bank robbery happened and an employee just said, hey, that guy robbed the bank! officers picked up the suspect a short time later after adam called the police. adam, is a good american. >> a great american. >> forget live tv i got to call 911 and they caught the guy. >> what a way to be alert and available. >> and a decider. >> you go, adam. welcome back to "cbs this
7:30 am
coming up in this half hour a michigan city is under a state of emergency because of lead in its water supply. traces of the metal madeany children sick and ahead the cause saving measures that backfired. can a popular shampoo make your hair fall out? we will show you what some people experienced after using the product. time to show you this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports on cocoressional leaders reaching a tax x d spending deal to keep the government funded through next year. it would delay@or suspend some taxes for the affordable care act, lift the ban on exporting crude oil from the united states and extend health benefits in compensation for 9/11 first responders and victims. more time to sign up online under the affordable care act. the deadline was supposed to be lastight but the obama
7:31 am
people an additional 48 hours to enroll for 2016 coverage. this means customers will now have until 11:59 p.m. pacific time tomorrowwo s sn up. officialalsay the extension comes amid high demand on healthcare chipotle follows an e. coli outbreak and norovirus.s. their move could keep local small farms out of its supply chain if they can't meet requirements. detroit news reports on ford starting tests on self-driving cars on the streets next year. the ford was first to test a driverless car at a new michigan facility. google has been testing an autonomous car in california since 2009. "usa today" reports on customers very upset about long
7:32 am
from snapfish. angry social media posts complain of waits up to a month which means the cards may not go out in time. the online photo service blames unprecedented demand and promises delayed orders will get free expedited shipping. >> nothing like getting a christmas card in january. >> charlie had a nice card. >> the three kids wearing christmas colors. >> did you not see it? >> i'm just reacting because i didn't get a christmas card! i'm not talking about charlie wearing it but i didn't get one! >> i intentionally left you off the list this year and i wanted you to know, gayle. maybe you didn't check your mail last night like charlie did. >> norah, i'm n nlonger speaking to you! speaking of charlie rose, please continue. i did see the card. all kidding aside, the card is very cute. >> did you get my present? >> no, i didn't. this morning, the city of flint, michigan, is in a state
7:33 am
high levels of lead were found in its tap water. this week, fema sent more than 7,000 galalns of bottled water for the city's to its original water source, families here said the damage was already done. >> when i hear my son get up at night and cry because his bones hurt and there is nothing i can give him, there is nothing i can do for him to take away his pain,, feel completely lpless. >eporter: for nearly y ve months, ma lisaelissa mays and her family drank the water from their tap unaware there was lead in it.
7:34 am
her three children. convulsions and skin lesions and hair loss. >> the facac of the matter i handed thehe the glass of the water. >> reporter: last may, mays and other clint resents filed a class action lawsuit. in court papers they accuse state and local officials of not properly monitoring or sampling the splint river water and delaying and notifying the public of serious safety and health risks. they went on to call the city's deliberately false d dials about thee safety of the water deadly and arrogant. >> they continually said the water is safe to drink. >> reporter: the city's water problem started in the spring of 2014 when flint moved its water supply from a source in detroit to the flint river. the switch was supposed to save the city about $15 million a yearar but t t lead levels detected in flint's children under the age of 5 nearly doubled. according to a study by a local medical center. in october, city officials declared unfiltered water unsafe to drink.
7:35 am
switch back to the original detroit water supply. >> damage from lead is irrevers irreversible. >> reporter: the new mayor said -- >> when we made the switch to the flint water we damaged the pipes. we already have old infrastructure but no corrosion control in place. >> reporter: the world health organization delays any lead in the body unsafe and particularly toxic to young children and it may cause mental disabilities and behavioral difficulties. with irreversible neurological effect. do you feel helpless in this situation? >> the federal government have to approve her request. >> thank you, adriana.
7:36 am
mother carrying triplets is refusing a request to the biological parents to abort one of the babies. britt me appeared to be a surrogate for a couple's two federalized embryos but one split and produced triplets and twin boys and a girl. the biological parents are asking her to abort the fetus and she is refusing and 17 weeks into her pregnancy in california. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman joins us at the table to discuss. i think this is really tough, because the babies are not hers, but it is her body. what are the surge gat's legal rights here? >> what you're dealing with here you have to remember this is commercial is your gassurrogacy. >> you're saying there is a contract? >> you know i'm going to say there is a contract. not only is there a contract, there is a contract and when you're dealing with california in particular which is known as a surrogacs friendly state, that
7:37 am
must have legal representation that is separate. so each si should know what is going on. they mandate it's notarized and to make people understand the formality and the seriousness of what they are signing. what you have here is a terribly emotional issue and really emotionana >> the heart of it, can the parents force the surrogate to have an abortion? >> abin essence yes but let me finish it. they can't arrest her or bring her to the table to have an borings. ultimately psychologically and monetarily, they can, because what happens under the contract is they can stop paying, this is ramone deal, this is $30,000 for this young woman, and they could sue her for damages for raising a child. >> isn't there a provision about this in the contract? >> yes, there is. and that is where, in this case, it gets a little sticky p.m. therer is a provision in this
7:38 am
what you can do is for medical reasons. >> right. >> that the intended parents ask to abort. now here, the parents say that doctors have told them that in the event of multiple births like three that they didn't expect that you could expect developmental disabilities. the surrogate says, look, my doctors say there is nothing wrong, but we don't know that ultimately there is nothing wrong. >> she thinks she will adopt the unwanted fetus and murkying up the water? >> what happens is you have a motion against business. >> how is this going to turn out, do you think? >> i think if the surrogate carrier really wants to keep this child, she ought to get her lawyers to go into court and try to get an injunction. if that doesn't happen, you have a mess on your hands financially.
7:39 am
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this morning, a popular hair care line is facing a backlash and lawsuit. major celebrities bribing ankle li harmon and brooke shields and alyssa milano. >> wen says it's free of harsh and harmful chemicals making i it a better alternative to traditional shampoos and conditioners. the company has shipped more than 10 million products since 2008 but some customers are blaming it for hair loss and discoloration and scalp irritation and rashes. >> it was literally a completely miracle. >> reporter: it's hard to missss
7:44 am
>> wen is not an ordinary shampoo. it's something completely different. >> reporter: with a seemingly endless list of hollywood stars. >> wen is the only thing that can change everything for your hair. >> reporter: all crediting their flowing locks to chaz dean's creation. >> try wen just one time and you will have the healthiest, shinest most beautul hair you've had in your laugh. >> reporter: but jennifer molano from ft. worth, texas, says. >> i'm just now getting over the damage. i am not over it yet what it's done to me. >> reporter: the 44-year-old mom says she received the product as a birthday gift last november but soon after, felt her hair was thinning. she developed bald spots and then heard others were complaining of similar problems. >> i was just at awe thinking what is going on, you know? there is something desperately wrong. you just don't -- people's hair just doesn't drop out like that. >> reporter: other customers have vented their frustrations online. >> i've never had this happen before in my life and it's
7:45 am
>> reporter: over 200 people are now suing wen in at least two class action lawsuits claiming wen's products contain ingredients act as a costic agent and causing a chemical reaction that damages the hair strand and/or follicle. a wen company spokesman told "cbs this morning," the products are safe, saying in a statement, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support any claim that our hair care products caused anyone to lose their hair. manano splans to sue as well and she wants s e products recalled. >> there shouldn't be other people to have to go through this for something to be done before bit. >> reporter: one is fighting back and wen is fighting back and saying most of their customers are satisfied with the products and there are many reasons for hair loss unrelated to their products. now, those two class action lawsuits are now in mediation. "cbs this morning"g"eached out to many of wen celebrity endorsers but we didn't get any responses back. the question is there something in there that would make hair
7:46 am
but for certain people? are the people sensitive? pardon me. >> it can choke you up, your hair falling out is very upuptting but a lot of people use it and have good luck and other people don't. >> that's what they are saying. >> if you do, you start coughing, is that your point? >> it would be traumatic. thank you, anna. >> americans catch a billion cold every year and how you can stay healthy and how they are spread. thth underdrd basketball teamam
7:47 am
artistically even when they are announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by smithfield.
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7:51 am
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thursday will ay in the 20s with mostly cloudy skies, but as we head toward the weekend, sunshine. highs stay in the 20s on friday but bump into
7:56 am
a great day.>>3 3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your 3 icy roads might have played a part in a deadly crash yesterday morning near sibley happened just after 7 a - m. the osceola county sheriffs office says a pickup and a semi crashed on the highway 60 overpass one mile east of sibley. deputies say 33 - year - old patrick webb lost control of his pickup and slid into the path of a semi driven by 60 - year - old edward wood of north sioux city. webb was pronounced dead at the hospital. wood was *not* hurt. 3 authorities have just released a 3 series of photographs of a car that crashed into a spirit lake home this past happened saturday just before 3 a - m near the intersection of 165th street and 255th avenue.the dickinson county sheriff's office says 23 - year - old jaime leckband didn't stop at a stop sign... went through the intersection... then crashed into the one was in the house at the time and no one was hurt. leckband was arrested. she was charged with third offense o - w - i and failure to maintain control. damage to the home is estimated at more than $10,000 dollars.that's all the time i've got for now... have a
7:57 am
it is wednesday, december 16th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the republican candidate fighting over national security. we'll look at the key moment from last night's debate with gop chairman, reince priebus. first, here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> a problem for folks like senator paul is they don't realize we're already in world war ii i, it's another example of why he's unfit to be president. >> if it's a strength contest, that benefits donald trump. >> go ahead, mr. donald trump. >> so, again, i know you're trying to build up your energy, jeb, but it's not working. >> defense secretary ash carter is in iraq for an unannounced visit. he arrived in baghdad this morning. >> the faa is looking into how a
7:58 am
into a ditch. happened. did we hit somebody? >> this high school here and more than 1,000 others like it have been searched and nothing suspicious has been found. that's why those doors will reopen to students today. >> the fed thinks it's time for the patient, the u.s. economy, to come out of the emergency room and walk out of that hospital on its own. >> charlie showed up wearing my christmas card this morning. >> it's a very nice card. >> did you not see it, him wearing it earlier? >> no, i'm just reacting that i didn't get a christmas card. >> maybe you didn't check your mail last night like charlie did. >> norah, i'm no longer speaking to you. please continue. >> this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by progressive. >> i'm in the middle of war. >> no, this is the part where we sing the song -- we are a family >> it's just love all around. i'm charlie rose with gayle king
7:59 am
the candidates came out swinging in the final republican debate of 2015. the nonlnlding candidates met on stage last night in las vegas. questions of toughness and resolve dominated the evening. >> candidates threw around sharp words like feckless weakling and world war iii candidate. they called donald trump a chaos candidate when they discussed temporarily stopping muslims from entering this country. >> we're not talking about religion, we're talking about security. >> if we're going to ban all muslims, how are we going to get them to be part of a coalition to destroy isis? he's a chaos president and he's be a chaos president. >> he has failed in this campaign, it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> would you carpet bomb raqqah, the isis capital, where there are a lot of civilians, yes or no? >> you would carpet bomb where isis is. >> he has also supported a budget called the containment budget and it is a budget that
8:00 am
amount of money we spend on our military. you can't carpet bomb isis if you don't have planes and bombs to attack them with. >> marco has continued these atx and he knows they're not true. >> the middle east has been in turmoil for thousands of years. for us to think that we're going to go in there and fix that with a couple of little bombs and a few little declarations is relatively foolish. >> the middle east is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess. i wish we had the $4 trillion or $5 trillion. i wish it were spent right here in the united states. >> that's exactly what president obama has said. i'm amazed to hear that from a republican presidential candidate. >> for the russians, frankly it's time that we punch the russians in the nose. they have gotten away with too much in this world. >> i would talk to vladimir putin a lot and say listen, mr. president, there's no-fly zone in syria. you fly in, it applies to you. yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots if in fact they were stupid enough to
8:01 am
the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the oval office is right now. >> i think if you're in favor of world war iii you have your candidate. i think when we think about the judgment of someone who might want world war iii, we might think about someone who might shut down a bridge because they don't like their friends. they want to get a democrat. >> are you open to closing parts of the internet? >> i sure as hell don't want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our internet. yes, sir, i am. >> is donald trump a serious candidate? >> the reason i ask this is if you're going to close the internet, realize, america, what that entatas. that entails getting rid of the first amendment. if you are going to kill the families of terrorists, realize that there's something called the geneva convention. >> so they can kill us, but we can't kill them. >ith us now is reince
8:02 am
republican national committee. good morning, reince, good to see you. >> hey, thank you for having me on. >> we see donald trump is still the front-runner, not only nationally but in many of the leading caucus and primary states. are you now expecting a brokered or contested convention? >> boy, this is a hot topic. you know, i highly doubt it. i think most likely we'll have a presumptive nominee by mid-april, end of march, but probably mid-april. and it's because the way the primary rules are set. it's pretty difficult to get to a contested convention, but certainly if that happened, we'll bow prepared. but it's highly unlikely. >> so was there a dinner where you discussed this with a lot of other republicans about how to deal with such a convention? >> not really. i mean the idea that i would call a meeting at a public restaurant in washington, d.c., to discuss the idea of engineering a brokered
8:03 am
really do, it either happens or it doesn't, is ridiculous. and so this was a routine dinner that we do every month and i'm a part of it. and in 20 minutes in the two-hour meeting people were asking questions about primary rules, which would bore all of your viewers to tears if i got into some of it. but really it's a bunch of nothing is what it is. >> i beg to differ. primary rules, as you know, matter a great deal. you happened to change a lot of them for the 2012 election. many argue that barack obama is president of the united states and not hillary clinton because he understood the primary rules a lot better than her. >> because of what? >> because of primary rules and how to win in different primaries. >> you're saying hillary clinton lost because of their primary rules? >> what i'm just saying is you just said primary rules are not very important, but they're clearly very important. >> oh, of course. yes, of course they're really important. but people asking questions
8:04 am
all primary work and what happens on super tuesday and how many delegates are awarded on march 1st, i mean those are innocent questions that normal political people ask. it's not a meeting to discuss how we're going to overthrow the whole process and take over a convention. that's absurd. and i know you're doing the right thing by asking the questions, i'm not opposed to that, it's just that that particular narrative is just ridiculous. >> may i ask one question. is there -- >> yes. >> with some of the comments that came after donald trump made his comment about banning muslims from coming into the country temporarily, is there serious discussion among people in the party, your party that you're chairman of, who believe that he would be disastrous for the party and, therefore, they must do something to stop him from winning the nomination? how serious is that conversation? >> not with me. i'm sure -- i'm sure other
8:05 am
out how to win the primary, but i mean that's their job. that's why we've got 13 candidates up there last night and they're all trying to figure out how they're going to be the nominee of our party. i think it's early. clearly we have a front-runner, but i think even donald trump would tell you that it's early and that i don't think anyone is taking anything for granted right now. >> without talking about the timetable, are there things that come out of his mouth, mr. priebus, that sometimes you're sitting there with your mouth open shaking your head thinking, boy, i wish he wouldn't have said that. >> not particularly. you know, i've been through this -- i've been through this before as well. i mean four years ago it was the same thing. i remember -- and i'm not just saying this to skirt the question, i'm just telling you that four years ago i was in the same place and people were saying we're going to have a contested convention. then it was herman cain and then newt gingrich and rick perry. lo and behold mitt romney won. and then it was reversed and santorum won.
8:06 am
and my job is to make sure that we've got a much better, far more competent national party when it comes to the ground game, the data operation, the turnout, the registration. a lot of boring mechanics. but really at the heart of what a competent national committee needs to be, and that's my job and that's what i'm focused on. >> after the 2012 election, you called for the most comprehensive post-election review in the history of any national party. you did an autopsy of why your party lost. i went back and looked and some of the findings, specifically on demographics. your own report said it does not matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy. if hispanics don't think we want them to be here, they will close their ears to our policies. is that still a concern of yours today? >> well, sure, but part of our problem as a party was because of the way congressional districts are aligned and state senate and state assembly districts, i mean the truth of the matter is if you're not in on a daily basis in serious
8:07 am
across the country, then showing up a few months ahead of time isn't going to solve the problem. what you saw in 2014 was the beginning of a new republican party where we almost won the hispanic vote in colorado. we got 28% of the black vote in ohio. and it was a combination of, yes, being good on the issues but also saturating communities with republicans that are offering a different vision, better jobs, choice on education, and that kind of message works. that's what i'm talking about. people can write all the books in the world about messaging and how to do a better job, but if you don't actually have a conduit in the community delivering that message, it's not going to change. so that's really what that growth and opportunity report was all about. >> all right. thank you very much, reince priebus. a long way till november. lots of time to get the messages out. thank you, sir, very much. >> you bet. one of the candidates was hurt a lot when he wasn't saying anything during last night's debate.
8:08 am
completely wrong. we should -- >> prime minister netanyahu -- >> we do need our defense capabilities. >> senator cruz? >> come in and take advantage of that situation. >> on this i agree with marco. you know, this president is not trusted. >> as you might imagine, all that coughing kicked up quite a fuss on twitter. viewers called it distracting and the los angeles vegas journal kept a count. rob lowe tweeted about it and said has no one at cnn production heard of a cough button? good lord, it sounds like someone is dying up there. well, he wasn't dying but it was ben carson making most of the noise. his communications director told cbs this morning that carson is not sick, just working through this cough. and the cough is almost gone. >> did you notice the coughing? >> i actually didn't. >> i didn't either. >> i didn't notice it either. >> maybe when you isolate it that way it stands out but i really didn't. rob lowe did. >> he did. did you know a sneeze can blast 26 feet?
8:09 am
toyota green room to clear up any confusion about cold season and how one theory announcer: this portion of "cbs thor this morning's "eye opener" at 8 clonsz is:00 is sponsored by progressive, making it easy to
8:10 am
insurance. actress siscecily tyson opens up to her. her marriage to jazz great miles davis and her surprising answer of stories of a tumultuous relationship. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."us relationship. that is ahead on "cbs this morning."tion, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs -
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8:13 am
in our "morning rounds, what is causing a cold. americans catch a billion colds a year. our dr. holly phillips is how coals colds are so common. why are they so common? >> the common cold is an infection. our upper respiratory tract and caused by a virus. the reason it's common 200 strains of virus that cause common cold symptoms. interestingly, most adults don't actually get the same common cold twice.
8:14 am
different varieties, it's very easy to get two or three brand-new colds a year and kids get between eight and ten. >> they spread so easily. one is through r fill a room within minutes. even though that is gross, the main way we get colts saints through the air but from touching things on surfaces and then touching our face. >> you touch your eyes, nose and mouth and that is what introduces a cold into your system. >> how many times an hour do you think people touch their face,
8:15 am
>> summaries show people touch their faces minimum 16 times an hour. >> we don't know what we are doing it. >> right. >> the common cold is hardy. if you bring it up to your nose and mouth and latches on immediately and within 15 minutes it's in your system. one of the ways it's overlooked for prevent a cold is sleep. research finds people who sleep -- i know i'm talking to not the biggest sleepers here. but sleeping just five or six hours a night increases your chance of getting a cold by four times. compared with people who sleep seven hours or more. so seven is the critical number. try and get it and you'll fight off colds. >> that will help everybody else. thank you, holly. so nice of you. >> i know what i want for christmas. >> don't practice what i preach but that is the science. >> thank you very much, dr. holly phillips. you might be getting ready to see the new "star wars" sequel. a dozen movies are getting a new
8:16 am
we will explain next. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by alka-seltzer plus. day, cold, and flu. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella.
8:17 am
almost sixty million americansns zorro." >> you'll get this. >> we see why this made the list. this is the "shawshank redemption." of the deep friendship between
8:18 am
from cons to3
8:19 am
sunshine. highs stay in the 20s on friday but bump into the 40s over the weekend.have
8:20 am
3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 a former presidential candidate was in sioux city yesterday morning throwing his support behind hillary clinton.former vermont governor howard dean talked to more than 40 people at the home of sioux city attorney tim (bo - tare - oh) bottaro. dean think hilary will do the best to help ordinary americans have good jobs... make decent livings... and make sure kids can go to college. dean has other tour stops this week in fort dodge... des moines... newton... iowa city... and cedar rapids. he'll volunteer at an organizing event today at the hillary clinton office in davenport. 3 republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is coming back to siouxland this week. huckabee has stops planned for thursdayat 4:45 in the afternoon at the sioux county livestock company in sioux center.then at 7:30 that night he'll be at v - f - w post 3388 canteen in estherville.friday morning at 3 8:30 he'll be at woodford equipment in emmetsburg.and at 2:45 friday
8:21 am
methodist manor in storm lake. 3 3 and ben carson will be making three stops in siouxland friday. he'll host a meet and greet at 9 a - m in storm lake at the anderson auditorium at buena vista 3 he'll head to orange city where he'll host a town hall meeting at northwestern college. 3 and from 7 to 8 pm he's hosting a rally in sioux city at the stony creek inn hotel & conference center.that's all the time
8:22 am
great day!january. >> i can't wait to go. >> i think he is very cute. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, want to know what people are really curious about on google in 2016 including sports stars and singers and actor? >> daniel is here with that.
8:23 am
hi there! >> now a front-runner in presidential race, who is left behind. kennedy center honoree cicely tyson, a ground breaking actress, talks to us about some of her most famous moments on stage and screen and how she inspires a new generation of artists is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. seattle times reports on online retailer amazon is looking at reviews by activists pushing their social and political agendas and one case dozen of theorists taecketattacked a book. some of the malicious reviews were removed. >> ""star wars" opens on friday.
8:24 am
in mind when he embarked on this new undertaking. >> you new chris lick, who is also a big cheese on air, he went to see it. he gives it good reviews too. didn't you, chris? two thumbs up. >> two thumbs up. >> i want to see it too. our cbs station in minnesota reports a mom sank a prize winning half-court shot. angela ramie tossed the basketball but it fell short and she appeared to give up hope but the ball bounced up and dropped through the basket! it ran her a 50% reduction if for her daughter next year in school. tuition can top out to more than $10,000 a year there. a list show cases the year's top trending events and here is a list.
8:25 am
number four, caitlin jenner and number three is american sniper and number two is jurassic world and number one is lambarar odom. what does it tell us lamar odom is number one? >> probably not a household name before the tragic events in october. they maybe heard something and they want to be a part of the conversation and get some context and they were curious and find out what was going on with him. so we really saw that spike at that point in time. >> not like we were wondering what happened to him but when we lost him it became interesting to people. >> these are spiking, trending searches. it's not search volumes. >> is this because of his relationship true? >> you could say because he is tied to the kardashians and people might have known him from his nba playing days. we saw an amazing amount of
8:26 am
>> your list are so diverse. how does the list come together? >> a whole team of data curators. i'm the tip of the iceberg of the people who work on this. you look at the trillion of qurys$qury curries. a lot of information here that people can find. >> there is a difference between most searched and trending? >> yeah, exactly. really, we are talking about is those big spikes, you know, something happens and you want to hear about it and even with paris, we know charlie"charlie hebdo" attacks and what happened in november. people want to know what is going on. >> some of the topics including ashley madison? >> it illustrates people want to know about a topic. what is ebola and isis and what is 0 divided by z. >> that is the number one? >> well, this is something
8:27 am
media and it was tied to siri, appeal's voice rendition. people were trying to figure out what it was all about. >> politicians? >> perhaps not surprising that donald trump is on the list. some relative unknowns. >> most searched or trending or for what? >> trending. bernie sanders and ben carson relatively unknown before this political circle but hillary clinton is not on that list. >> what does that mean? >> i think it says people knew a good bit about her beforehand and maybe she didn't have a big moment in the spotlight and people turned to search for her perhaps on the benghazi hearings but she is maybe more known than the other candidates. >> what are the top trending dog questions? >> i hear you're a dog fan, charlie. they are a myth of practical and people just being curious. everything from why does a dog
8:28 am
train your puppy or anything else somebody wants to figure out and videos online to help people figure this out. as a former dog owner you're always struggling with some of these issues. >> how do you keep a puppy from eating poop? putting salt on it? >> i'm not an expert on that. i can help with you toddlers these days. >> it's a problem for some dogs. >> exactly. thank you, daniel, for coming. cicely tyson is about to turn 91 but while she is still a force in acting, one person stood in her way early on -- her mother. >> she couldn't understand why i was leaving this good, good job to go do this foolishness. oh, she was very upset and she told me, i iouldn't live there. >> she kicked you out of the house? >> oh, yeah. she said you can't live here and do that. >> kicked out of the house for two years.
8:29 am
keke cicely tyson got kicked out of her home by her mother after announcing she was pursuing a
8:30 am
and tyson refused to give up and carved out a nearly six decade career that is now celebrated with a kennedy center honor. thank you very much. we met up with cicely tyson to talk about her body of work and some of her other passions in owner old neighborhood of harlem. >> i say no and then i go home and think about it. >> reporter: you say no to everything? >> i say no to everything because i always want to make sure when with i say yes, i know what i'm getting myself into. >> reporter: for nearly 60 years, cicely tyson has been particularly about the roles that she played. >> oh, don't make no kind of a stance. big old locks like that won't sit next to a colored child? >> reporter: what is your criteria what you accept these days? what is your process? >> either my skin tingles or myer stomach churns. it's something that i feel nauseated about.
8:31 am
if i can't keep still, i get it when i'm walking around, i get the feeling, i know that's it. did you say gold? >> reporter: tyson made her movie debut in 1956. black and white film called "pair of gold." and we will have kids. we will have all of the kids we want. that launched a huge award winning career. for most people when you say cicely tyson, i remember "roots." >> give him a very good life! >> reporter: i remember jane pittman. what stands out is that walk, cicely tyson. what does that role mean to you? >> well, when i'm working, i just tell everybody, i don't care what yo see. please don't tell me about it. if it's good, i'm not going to be able to do anything about it. if it's bad, i'm not because i
8:32 am
so the next day, when i came on the set, i knew something had happened, and i simply said, please don't tell me, i don't want to know. what they were feeling from having watched it. when it was all over and people were talking about the war,lk, i said what walk? >> reporter: that walk led to two emmy awards in 1974 including outstanding lead actress in a drama. she was the first black woman to win in that category. >> when you live longer than your house and your family, you've lived too long. >> reporter: almost 40 years later, tyson's tony award came for best actress in oip the"the trip to bountsyful." she starred. >> i love vanessa williams. she said this about you. she did not miss one performance ever. she is 90 years old.
8:33 am
up when cicely tyson can show up every day! >> i have never missed a performance. never. i mean, it just never occurs to me to miss a performance. i mean, it's a job i have. right? >> reporter: do you think about aging? >> do i think about? >> reporter: uh-huh. >> no! >> reporter: you don't? >> no! why? age is a number, okay? we have the greatest gift that we could possibly ever have, okay? and it's just -- okay? >> reporter: yes. >> and if you take care of it, it will serve you well. i've never been a person who drank, who smoked, who did drugs, never. >> reporter: ever? >> never. >> because i love life. >> reporter: it's a life that
8:34 am
that includes her relationship with jazz great miles davis. he put her on the cover of his 1957 album. the two married in 1981 but divorced less than seven years later and surrounded by stories of infidelity and violence. you were likehe brad pitt and angelina jolie of your day. the beyonce and jay-z of your day. >> i don't ever talk about it. but i will say this -- i cherish every single moment that i had with him. >> reporter: they say it wawa tumultuous, that it was difficult. >> what do they know? >> reporter: what do they know, oh, yeah. >> they are assuming it was because of the kind of reputation that they perceived was this man. you know?
8:35 am
the alcoholism, the drugs, the women. >> yes, all of that kind of stuff. but that's not the man i knew. i told you! men take things! they have been taking things from women since the beginning of time! >> reporter: tyson's reputation as a pioneer for black actresses has given her a perspective on genuine and race. >> i'm going to my ladder. >> reporter: your ladder? what does that mean? >> you know what a ladder is, right? >> reporter: i do know what a ladder is. >> white man, black man, white woman, black woman. we are the rungs and we are holding on to the last rung. and those, they are being
8:36 am
still we hold on. that's our strength. that's the reason we survive, because we will not let go of that rung! >> reporter: wow. i get that. i could cry. >> i know. because it's true. >> reporter: i get it. >> because it's absolutely true. >> reporter: it's that kind of perseverance that a school was named after her. they got to see her where she is starring in "the gin games" with james early ray. what does it mean to have a school in your name and have those students come? >> i cannot tell you -- i cannot
8:37 am
look out into that audience and see those little black faces, so happy happy, to full of love. >> reporter: ania, who is 16, says cicely tyson means happiness to me. i don't think it gets any better than that, cicely tyson. >> i know that. i know that. that's my mission for life. >> i got a huge girl crush when that was over. i said could i have your number and e-mail? i want to stay in touch with you. i've ghiedadmired her for so long and respected her. i said what does this honor mean to you? it means i'm being called a dame and i like being a dame. she said, "i have more work to do." >> i've known you pretty well and i've never seen you cry. >> i got a little choky. it was a very emotional connection i felt with her
8:38 am
was saying. many women do. >> talking about the ladder? >> yes. she said you know what a ladder is but when she broke it down that way. you think about things in your own life. >> she has not only had such aan impressive career, but her inspiration in terms of her per perseverance perseverance, a strength about her. >> and not to think about age. >> 91. >> yeah. saying i'm going to do this as long as i can. you can see sislycicely tyson and all of the winners of the kennedy
8:39 am
29 gayle, that was an amazing piece. >> thank you very much.
8:40 am
be sure to tun into the "cbs s 3
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early afternoon in south dakota, while snow should taper off by mid-morning in nebraska. temperatures are going to be slowly falling today, eventually reaching 30 degrees by late this afternoon. the other thing we have to keep an eye on today is the strong nw winds gusting to 40mph this afternoon. thursday will stay in the 20s with mostly cloudy skies, but
8:42 am
we will see a return of the sunshine. highs stay in the 20s on friday but bump into the 40s over the weekend.have
8:43 am
3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 icy roads might have played a part in a deadly crash yesterday morning near sibley happened just after 7 a - m. the osceola sheriffs office says a pickup and a semi crashed on the highway 60 overpass one mile east of sibley. deputies say 33 - year - old patrick webb lost control of his pickup and slid into the path of a semi driven by 60 - year - old edward wood of north sioux city. webb was pronounced dead at the hospital. wood was *not* hurt. 3 authorities have just released a series of photographs of a car that crashed into a spirit lake home this past happened saturday just before 3 a - m near the intersection of 165th street and 255th avenue.the dickinson county sheriff's office says 23 - year - old jaime leckband didn't stop at a stop sign... went through the intersection... then
8:44 am one was in the house at the time and no one was hurt. leckband was arrested. she was charged with third offense o - w - i and failure to maintain control. damage to the home is estimated at more than $10,000 dollars.that's all the time i've got for now... have a great day! 3 3
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