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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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her cell phone before running away.police have so far been unable to find him.he's described as a black man standing 6 foot 4 inches and weighing around 180 pounds.he has a tattoo of the name "nick" on his left arm, and a skull on his right arm. if you know where he is... you're asked to call storm lake police. 3 3 the new year is less than 2 hours away, and the woodbury county sheriff's office is taking part in the national crackdown on drunk driving.thousands of law enforcement officers across the country will be on the lookout for impaired drivers, hopipi to cut down on the number of drunk driving fatalities both in iowa and across the ed keane's "safe ride" program offers rides to those who shouldn't drive home.tonight until 3 a- m... 3 siouxland taxi will take you within a 15 mile radius of sioux city's downtown to your home.e rides are free of charge, courtesy of
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taxi at 277-0000 for more information 3 3 it's been a great end to 2015 for the food bank of siouxland. 3 earlier this week... the agency received a donation of 10- thousand dollars from the union pacific the woodhouse auto family donanad 78- thousand dollars to support the food bank's backpack program.staff at woodhouse chrysler in sioux city raised money all month prior to this morning's donation. 3 "it's an awesome feeling to be able to give back, you know we all do well here and be able to give some of that back to this community through the foodbank program is just awesome."this is the third year for woodhouse's backpack challenge.the backpack program serves 16- hundred students at 6 area schools each week.each sack of food given out costs 4 dollars to make... and provides kids with food to eat at home during the weekend. 3
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for its members.the nebraska indian community college's office of tribal outreach held a pow-wow at west high in sioux city this addition to a presentation on healthy lifestyles for the new year... the event hopes to provide a space the celebrates native cultures and a more healthy lifefeyle.organizers also put on a new year's party this evening to give native pple a healthalternative to alcohol to celebrate the new year. 3 3
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from the first alert weather center, have a aafe and happy 2016.>> 3 3 u.s. authorities arrested nearly five dozen people this year in the u.s. for helping to support isis...the *largest* number of terrorism- related arrests in the country in a single year since 9/ tonight's safe and secure report... national correspondent jeff barnd takes a look at the surge in isis-related arrests stateside.
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arrest of a rochester man accused of being an isis sympathizer and planning to kill patrons at an area bar on new year's eve december 2. san bernardino california a husband and wife kill 14 people and injured scores of others. authorities say the wife pledged her alleigance to isis the *day* of the carnage among the chief topics of discussion at a town h hl meeting entitled "terrorism at home"at our sister station wbff-tv in baltimore /sot/ tony shaffer sbg all wbff_townhall 9:13 "to ignore the overseas locations will only precipitate more domestic attacks so we have to look at this as a whole. 9:17 /bridge/ 71 isis-related arrests have occurred between spring 2014 and this december on us soil. experts say.. the e i has ready made arrests in *21* states /kosta's map/ those arrests stretch from california to massachusetts. the study says new york state has the *most* fbi arrests with 14. minnesota comes in second with 11./vo/ one solution to these increases
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*previous actions*.. not race nor religion./sot/shaffer 18:48 "screening your mother's best friend who plays bridge in an enhanced way when she lives in minot north dakota is not going to get you any additional security! 19:04/vo/ several world leaders say islamic radical idealogy *is* a threat to global citizenship which prompted this exchance with re-heel raza a sunni muslim..and .. president of the council for "muslims facing tomorrow"/sot/ 25:52 ms. raza.. are you muslim? yes i am.. those statements are not offesive to you? no.. its not.. why not? well, if you're telling the truth why shoul it be offisenve? but would any other kind of radicaliztion be a threat to anyplace else? today, we are not talking about any other kind of radicicaliaztion. today we are talking about islamic radical ideology that's all over the world 26:11 /vo/ the panel says agrees as s ng as arrests are made *before* the fact another catastrophie stateside *can* be avoided. in washington... i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 3 we're under an hour to the ball drop in times square as new york city gets ready to
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tell us what the weather has in store for the first day of 2016... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell neyenhouse/" 3 the average daily driven car in the us is nearly 11 years old. since those cars were made, there's been some incredible new technology. today, i want to point out a few of the latest items making new cars so incredible. up first; touch screens: just like your phone and tablet, the dashboard of your car runs a lot of systems...these units make navigating from the ac to the stereo to the gps much easier. lots of cars now have collision avoidance technology; it uses sensors to see if you're closing in on a car too quickly and can apply the brakes automatically! and one of my favorite new
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cruise control; it regulates your car's speed to maintain a safe distance between you & the car ahead; on the expressway it's really trick! you can learn about these, and other new technologies when you visit our trusted car care pros here in town!auto matters brought to you by arnold motor supply. you can find everything you need to get your car running it's best and you'll receive the best service that you deserve. "service is the difference we get it." visit one of our
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of your car care needs.3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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with lows bottoming out near 10 degrees. we will see plenty of sunshine for the start of 2016, but it will stay cool through the weekend. temperatures will remain mostly in the 20s and 30s for highs with single digit lows. from the first alert weather center, have a safe and happy 2016.>> 3 2015 was a year of major
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2015 was a 3 2015 was a year of major developments here in siouxland.coming up after the break... we'll take a look back at the year that was in
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3 2015 was a busy year here in siouxland... and as we get ready to move ahead into 2016 tomorrow, we're looking back at the year that was.our jetske wauran has a look back at some of the top local stories of 2015. 3 2015...winter storms kicked off the new year...setting off a sight rarely seen in siouxland - a sinkhole. residents of the 2800 block of macomb avenue say they heard a loud blast... on the night of january 5th.the result: holes in the ground nearly ten feet crews blamed the
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by large amounts of water. january 9th..deputies were called to a house in the southwest woodbury county town of sloan when a dog sitter fond the body of 29- year- old dustin wilder.29- year- old timothy (shrow- der) schroeder is awaiting trial on murder charges in the february, we traveled to shawnee, oklahoma, covering an exclusive story about an iowan farmer and president of bless you inc, duane drost, who gives trailers and refurbished rvs packed with food, and all sorts of household items, to families who were hurt or affected by disasters all across the united a unanimous opinion, the 7- judges on the iowa supreme court upheld a lower district court's ruling... deciding sioux city's traffic cameras are constitutional. the city is still fighting with the iowa d- o- t on where those cameras can be placed.april- a boy who went missing on april 6th, was later found on april 10th.six year old lincoln hilt fell off a dock at riverside
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fishing with his family on easter sunday.despite a widespread search... his body was found about 100 yards from the dock.autopsy results determined his death to be accidental.april 17th...sioux city police lost one of their own. sergeant jay fleckenstein was found dead at his home. fleckenstein had d en with the department sisie the time of his death... he was a supervisor of the k-9 program. sioux city police and paramedics responded to war eagle park... finding 4 high school students who they believe were smoking synthetic marijuana.the teens were taken to the hospital where one of them.... 18- year- old austin mccloud... a senior at t st high school... died.later in april, the bird flu hit iowa. some of the state's largest poultry farms... right here in northwest iowa... had to destroy millions of hens and turkeys because of a highly infectious bird may...the iowa economic development authority board approved an assistance package
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triumph pork plant.the 269 million dollar plant will get just over 13 million dollars in investment tax credits... sales tax refunds... and job- creation tax credits.the plant is expected to open in 2017 and employ more than 1- thousand early june... the body of thomas bortvit was discoverer in rural emmet county.18- year- old lee christensen of estherville was arrested in minneapolis... and returned to iowa to face charges of 1st degree murder in bortvit's death,...june 10th...two former sioux city wastewater treatment plant employees lost their licenses after an investigation into the plant's emissions.two supervisors at the plant permanently surrendered their wastewater operations certifications as part of a settlement with the iowa d- n- r.they had allegedly manipulated equipment at the plant on days the city's water was being tested for e- coli bacteria.a milestone for siouxland's most
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correctionville had beenn the run since 1999... when he failed to appear for trial on 2 counts of sexual abusing a minor.meyer was featured in a special edition of siouxland's most wanted... bringing dozens of new tips to u - s marshals. one tip put meyer in mexico... and with the help of mexican federal police... it led to meyer's arrest on june 29th.he became the 400th fugitive to be captured since the beginning of siouxland's most wanted in july... more than 30- thousand ragbrai riders kicked off in sioux city, in high gear.. to fort dodge.thousands of riders from across the country, embarked on the 7-day bike journey across the hawkeye august... a major employer in the crawford county city of denison announced it was closing.the tyson fresh meats beef processing plant first opened in 1961... and employed more than 400 people at the time of its closing.also in august... two sioux city teens were arrested and charged with conspiring to rob the security national bank branch in the
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store.heaven zevenbergen and angelica perez both accepted plea deals in the case.they will be sentenced in february. in october- we introduced you to the uss sioux city... under construction in marinette, wisconsin.the littoral combat ship is the first to be named for sioux city.she'll be launched january 30th and officially join the navy in 2017.finally, in decembera beloved spencer, iowa teen dies after a wrestling tournament...18-year-olol austin roberts collapsed on the mats...he was later pronounced dead at spencer hospital.standard out. 3 after today... 20 - 15 won't be anything but a memory.we're taking a look back at some of the incredible ag experiences we've had this year. that's after the break... in "proud to be a
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3 after today...20 - 15 won't be anything but a this morning in "proud to be a hometown farmer"...from an award winning a giant bee...we're taking a incredible ag experiences we've had this march we met harold lee at meadow hill."we're a 374 bed maternity hospital."in december '13...the porcine epepemic diarrhea virus was introduced to this just seven days..."all the baby pigs i had in the farm were killed by that virus."so harold wrote a diary... eventually published in national hog farmer magazine. with all the gruesome details...the deaths...the
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animals.and now - a - days... some of the bio - security he started then is still part of this pig business.harold won a "master pork producer" 3 award for that work.then we met tim schmidt...and his award winning hobby herd. toggenburg goats...milked... twice a day...every day.tim really gets to know'em...the young ones..."apple red rodeo, she's a yearling milker." especially the goats that've been around for 7 or 8 years. "her name is high society rose (rooster crowing).""she knows she's special, she's treated that way, and she certainly lives up to it. if she decides she's not going to want to be caught, you're not going to catch her that day."winning least for
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the animals competitively. "that was our first national show win, so of course we remember it."and in may...we had to do a double - take.for a bee...-and busloads of students buzzing into spirit lake...transforming six acres of iowa land at pure fishing, inc."this was just a grassland before."by sowing seeds. planting...eight species of prairie help give bees...kind of like this...a place to live."we're talking native bees, and we're talking all different species of butterfly as well as monarch, all of those species are needing some more habitat." three stories...just a small taste of agriculture in siouxland. next thursday... we'll have part two. and finish our look back at "proud to be a hometown farmer" in 20 - 15. in the meantime... if you think of a farmer that might be great on "proud to be a hometown farmer" tell us about
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on our web site... or you can e - mail me... at j - heller at siouxland news dot com. 3 3 it was a packed house at the tyson events center as the fans filled the arena for the new years eve matchup with omaha. 3 and the muskies strike early against the lancers. see if they could hold the lead late. chris neyenhouse is next with sports.
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3 the 3 musketeers are in a logjam in the ushl's western conference standings. entering tonight's matchup with the lancers there were six teams within 6 points of each other for the third seed in the western n conference. at e head of that line: the lancers. right in the middle the musketeers.a win would be very helpful to climb that ladder! it was a packed house on this new year's eve! 1) less than a minute in! matt steeves drops it off to connor valesano who lights the lamp! and just like that the fans get what they
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of the game! 2) then the muskies had another opportunity. it's a 2 on one! but elli tolvanen's shot is saved by skog zackarius.3) back come the lancers on the attack! but cam gornet is there to make the save! gornet. 4) and then about five minutes left in the period gornet comes up big again. he had a perfect first period. 1-1-0 after onemuskies go on to win 4-1. goals by tolvanen, wisocky amd wilkens. and someone won 5 grand hitting from winnavegas hitting a shot at first intermission too! 3 iowa and nebraska in women's basketball action in lincoln! both teams receiving votes in the ap poll but unranked.1) 2nd qtr now - alexa kastanek with the 3 hawkeyes up 29-18. 2) end of the 2nd qtr - iowa - ally disterhoft 3 to beat the buzzerhawkeyes go into halftime up 42-283) 3rd qtr -
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huskers down 9 and look it's the new year's baby already! 4) on to the 3rd qtr - jess shepard with the bucket down lownebraska though still down 7 at that point. they needed a comeback. 5) and in the 4th qtr - under 20 seconds to go... natalie romeo hits the 3 huhuers down 3.but the hawkeyes hit their free throws down the stretch iowa wins 74-68 3 "i think our team withstood the momentum swing that they had in the second half. and when we got to three i thought we handled that situation really well. this is a good team that's done that all year. they've made second half comebacks all year. but again i think this is a great way for iowa to start big ten play with a road victory. just extremely proud of the women who are up here on the bench with me." 3 orange bowl it's clemson and oklahoma.1) 1st quarter
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for 1 yard touchdown! oklahoma is up 7 - 0! but in the 2nd quarter trickeration from clemson! fake punt! the play always works in madden and it does here too. punter andy teasdall passed to christian wilkins for a 31 yard gain it leads to atd! 3rd qtr-- now clemson down one. wayne gallman. the gall of this man! it's a 1 yard touchdown 23-17 emson! and clemson is headed to the national championship game thanks to plays like this! deshaun watson to hunter renfrow for the 35 yard touchdown 30-17 at that point! clemson wins 37-17 they are headed to the national championship game. 3 bama and michigan state for the right to play clemson for the national title. mark dantonio (msu) talking to tom izzo (msu head basketball coach) beforethe game. 1) no score in the 2nd quarter alabama's jake coker goes 50 yards to calvin ridley down to the michigan state 1 yard line
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henry 1 yard td run 7-0 alabama 3) in the 2nd quarter it's 10- 0 alabama. sparty's connor cook is intercepted by cyrus jones of the tide. it was only 10-0 at the half. but this one has been all alabama. the score is 38-0 they're in the fourth quarter. 3 iowa fans are like hey we could have done better than msu right there! well they get to try and prove it tomorrow in pasadena tomorrow at the rose bowl. they'll take on a stanford team that's the pac 12 champs and had aspirations for a national championship themselves this season. but firs the hawkeyes are making the team took a break from practice to hang out with the kids at the foster home five acres in southern california. they played catch and signed autographs. as you can imaginethe kids loved it. 3 child: "they signed my helmet. they signed my football. and we get to throw passes around." reporter: "are they pretty good?"child: "yeah they're cool."reporter: "are they
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"probably." 3 3
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