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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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raised the minimum wage, and unlike governor branstad instead of cutting public education, we actually increased education funding by thirty-seven percent, and made our public schools the number one public schools in america five years in a row. "o'malley will also be in sioux city tomorrow morning at 11-45 at the mary teglia community house on jennings street. 3 3 o'malley's opponent, democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clintin has planned a stop in sioux city on tuesday.the former secretary of state is scheduled to take place tuesday afternoon at the orpheum theatre is scheduled to get underway at 2- 15 tuesday. if you would like to register for the event, we have the link in this story on our website. 3 last week, we told you about texas senator ted cruz's planned stop dordt college next we know he's planning on making several other stops in northwest iowa early next week as well.the stops in carroll, onawa,
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spirit lake, spencer and storm lake are all part of cruz's "cruzin' to caucus" bus tour. we've got the times and locations for all 9 stops on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 3 and turning to historical presidents...thomas jefferson was the third president of the united states, and today, kids took part in the "president jefferson's peace medal" program.that event, underway at the lewis and clark interpretative center in sioux city. each month they host a fun and educational activity. today..dozens of kids learned about the peace medals thomas jefferson gave to lewis and clark, for their vital roles in the country's westward expansion. 3 "it's a really fun activity because they learn about thomas jefferson, they learn about lewis and clark, and then they get to be creative and design their own. so it's all three in one, a really great activity to learn and have fun."the center is currently
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animatronic exhibit, that will be on display year-round. 3 a family in lawton, iowa is searching for their missing *therapy* dog. 3 dexter was last seen around 1-15 this afternoon, just one mile west of lawton on highway 20.a family member tells us, dexter plays a crucial role in giving therapy. a 2-hundred dollar reward is being offered to anyone who finds dexter.if you have any information, please call jeanine at 712-251-3806.and for more details, just go to this story on our website on siouxland news dot com. 3 well, we saw plenty of sunshine&for the start of 20- 16, but it will stay cool through the rest of this weekend kayla? 3 clouds start to move back into the area tonight bringing temperatures near 10 degrees in the overnight hours. another cooling trend with partly cloudy skies and
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upper 20s through wednesday and lows at or below the 10 degree mark. thursday night into saturday morning of next week is our first chance for snow in the new year. 3 3 people in the midwest continue to contend with massive flooding. in some areas the river is recedidi and the cleanup is underway. but in other places the water
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has the latest from cape 3 girardeau, missouri. 3 the ssissippi river is hitting record high levels in the state of missouri.but the giant flood wall that protects the city of cape girardeau is holding. outside that wall it's a much different low lying areas the water couldn't be stopped. steven cook/cape girardeau public works directordavid: "has cape girardeau ever seen almost 50 feet of water"steven: "no this is the most we've ever seen"we took a ride with public works director steven cook and found vehicles nearly submerged. water street took on a whole new meanininin this neighborhood where homes and businesses have succummed to the water. cape girardeau was devastated by the so called great flood of 1993.afterward most people in these flood prone areas took a government buyout and left.those who stayed behind are now seeing flood waters even higher than bruce rauner/illinois "this is one of the worst."on the other side of the river. illinois governor bruce rauner (r-ow-ner) s ss hundreds of homes in his state are underwater.he's urging people in voluntary evacuation areas to not take any chances and leave."a flood in the winter is much different than a flood in the summebecause hypothermia is a risk with people waiting around their house toe rescued in water." the flood water is receding in st. louis and major roadways
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people in those areas are girardeau, missouou. 3 the flood threat could last through next week.the mississippi is expected to crest in memphis, tennessee on january 9th. 3 3 2015 marked the rise of isis and a new terror was also the year that over a million refugees fleeing to europe, created what most call the worst migrant crisis since world war two.the desperate attempts of immigrants fleeing war in the mid-east and africa.. hoping to call europe home.. has created a political and economic crisis. some are calling for quick and desperate action.. or face a potential collapse of europe as we know it. 3 "so we have to tell the world that this is over. we will close our borders and we won't let anybody in now for a while."thuman: "people who disagree with you who are on the complete opposite side
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unfair"beatrix von storch: "it is very hard of course sometimes to speak out the truth, but the truth is we can't solve the problems of the world. we can't solve the problems of 3 all the poor people of the world."polls in europe put immigration as a more immediate issue than even the threat of terrorism. you can see more on the crisis, and how it could impact america.. tomorrow morning at 10:30 on full measure with sharyl attkisson., right here on kmeg-14. 3 3 despite cold weather and rough seas, rescuers and volunteers remain overwhelmed by the flow of refugees reaching the shores of lesbos in winter sets in, the crossing between turkey and greece becomes more perilous but refugees continue to attempt it. bob miller, a u-s-
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with the self-organized group platanos. take a listen... 3 "i've prevented more people from losing their life in the sea in the last month than i have in 25 years as a professional. it's heavy. it's terrifying,"lesbos has been the main gateway to europe for thousands of refugees and immigrants arriving from thth middle east and north africa. 3 earlier today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visited the scene of an attack in a bar in tel aviv, the previous day, where a gunman opened fire, killing two people and wounding several others.netanyahu spoke of the "despicable murder", thought by police to have been carried ououby a man from an arab village in northern israel. the prime minister went on to talk about how the israeli authorities were "acting aggressively" against "wild incitement by islamic extremists against israel in the arab sector". police said
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possible motives for the shooting, which came amid more thananthree months of near-daily palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldier 3 dozens took to the streets of al-qatif in eastern saudi arabia today, to protest against the execution of prominent a shi-ite cleric. saudi arabia announced earlier in the day it had executed 47 prisoners convicted of terrororm charges, including al-nimr, who rallied protests against the government.the execution of al-nimr is expected to deepen discontent among saudi arabia's shiite minority and heighten sectarian tensions across the region. 3 when we come back..with the new year, comes new laws in effect.we'll tell you about the new regulations happening across the country...including in the west coast.. how california's banning drivers and cyclists from wearing ear buds while on the road. more
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3 3 3 3 3 jetske and kayla talk about the weather. 3 clouds start to move back into the area tonight bringing temperatures near 10 degrees in the overnight hours. another cooling trend with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 20s through wednesday and lows at or below the 10 degree mark. thursday night into saturday morning of next week is our first chance for
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3 and still to come, more on *gun violence* and what president obama will do this first week of 2016.we'll tell you more about the top advisors he's meeting with to craft an executive order aimed at gun violenceand how he's set to "tackle
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3 with the start of a new year..across the country, a string of new state laws are in effect. chris van cleave has more. 3 in texas, a new open carry law allows people with concealed weapon permits to wear a holstered gun in most public places.((sot wed 0182 sgt. ryan bona - bryan police department))"it's going to be a learning process, there's going to be some growing pain here at the beginning. i'm
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that are a little startled, possibly by the sight of someone carrying openly." this as california tightens its gun laws--banning firearms in or around schools--even for holders of concealed weapons permits. bb and pellet guns sold in the golden state will have to a bright color like pink to make clear they are not real. [notes:thu0316] in hawaii new signs are posted warning of a first in the nation law raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21...the law applies to cigareettes and electronic smoking devices. a 2nd law there bans e-cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited.((sot lola irvin/hawaii dept. of heath)) "our youth survey shows that a four-fold increase happened in public high school students who use e-cigarettes, from 5% in 2011 to 22% by 2015," [notes:wtvf pkg--will be contributed later today] tennessee becomes the first state to create an online
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of animal cruelty. state representative darren jernigan supported the measure((sot wtvf pkg state rep. darren jernigan/(d) district 60/bill's sponsor in ga))"if you're gonna pull a dog behind your truck, if you're gonna burn a cat, then there needs to be some consequences to your actions,"[notes:ear buds thu0422, volunteer fire departments fri0048] among the other new laws taking effect across 3 the country--washington d-c is banning styrofoam food containers. california has banned drivers and bicyclists from wearing ear buds in both ears or resting them on your ears--closing a legal loophole. and parents in north carolina can freeze their children's credit reports to prevent identify theft... 3 as soon as next week, president barack obama may deliver one of his original campaign promises - gun control. the president could not get enough support in congress following a series of recent mass he's expected to issue an executive order. chris papst reports from the capitol. 3 going into his final year in office, president barrack obama is motivated to finish, unfinished business. president barrack obama:"in 2016, i'm going to leave it out all on the field." this week, he will meet with his top advisors to
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at gun violence. eric schultz, white house deputy press secretary:"unfortunately, congress hasn't shown the courage to do so. so that's why the president has asked his team to look at what he can do administratively." the president's order is expected to, in part, expand background checks to help close the so called, gun show loophole. by federal law, licensed gun dealers must do background checks. but a private person selling a gun - does not. and advocates say gun shows increase the likelihood of these private sales. jerry cochran: trader jerry's"it's not necessarily a gun show loophole, maybe it's a loophole in gun transactions all together. if you want to call that a loophole." what would you call it? "i would call it a right to sell your own personal property." jerry cochran is one of virginian's largest gun dealers. in 35 years, he says he has never sold a gun without a background check. but he does not feel expanding background checks in this way would help stop gun violence or prevent shootings like those in sandy hook, san bernardino and
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trader jerry's"it looks like we have some unstable individuals who have taken action. it's the slice of white-bread effect. you take a slice. you take a slice. you take a slice. and eventually you have everything." "in a statement, the national rifle association said the president is doing what he always does when he doesn't get his way, he uses executive action to defy the will of the people." in washington, chris papst 3 3 new year, new body! coming up tonight on our healthwatch..time for a fresh start! we'll show you how to keep your fitness goals on top, and how you can stay in shape this 20-16. plus, we take a look at this week's top
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3 3 as many of us make a new year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape, some others, are making physical fitness a life-long goal. dr. jon lapook has more tips, on how you can improve your overall physical health. 3 you want to look at your rate of perceived exertion (narration one)david marcus ran three marathons, but that was more than a decade ago. since then he's had trouble fitting fitness into his busy life. (sot marcus)(010330) i have a demanding job, family (narration two)now, at age 45, he is recommitting to an exercise routine. (011015) i just want to be healthy so i can be there for my kids for as long as i can (narration three) (graphic one - us physical activity guidelines) us guidelines suggest weekly: 75 minutes of "vigorous"
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minutes of "moderate" activity. vigorous activities include running, jumping rope or playing squash, activities where you can't say more than a few words at a time. moderate activities include brisk walking, dancing or biking, where you usually can talk but not sing.(sot: dr. leslie cho) exercise makes you live longer, makes the quality of your life - better (narration four)doctor leslie cho directs the cleveland clinic's women's cardiovascular center. (sot) as you age, it helps your blood pressure, improves your glucose control so you don't get diabetes, your cholesterol level is lower (narration five- graphic two) your heart rate is another way to gauge activity level. start with 220 and subtract your age. moderate activity is 50- 70% of that number. - for a 3 50 year old: a heart rate of about 85 to 120. 3 how new war tactics are affecting veterans. and new government figures show a troubling trend among heart patients. weijia jiang has some of the week's top health stories 3 new government data shows
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failure are on the rise after more than a decade of decline. the cdc says the upkick started in 2012.heart failure is now a contributing cause in nearly three hundred ten thousand deaths a year. the rate was higher for men than for women.a new veteran's affairs study finds that suicide attacks and roadside bombs may trigger more post traumatic stress than conventional warfare. but research shows higher ptsd rates in men who served during the insurgency phase of the iraq war, when gurilla tactics were used. and doctors in north carolina say they may be a step closer to a cure for als. they've been able to identify protein clumps in the brain that can contrubute to paralysis and early death in als patients. researchers hope the discovery paves the way for a drug to fight the disorder. those are some of the week's top health stories. weijia jiang, cbs news, new york. 3 3 and stay with us, kayla's got all your sports highlights, and the muskies game coming
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3 3 3 musteteers are hoping to extend their winning streak as they take on the sioux falls stampede tonight. however this season they have only beat the stampede once in five games and sioux falls is ranked second in the ushl western conference 3 if we head to the middle of the 1st... muskees winning 1-0... josh wilkins with the puck behind the net... circles around to get back in front of the net getting the shot before falling to the ground.. but stefanos lakkas with the save. later.....stampede trailing by 1 with a bit of anger....muskees pass it in... brady ferner goes for it.. but justin wells checks him into the boards.. he gets 2 mins for this penalty and 10 mins for misconduct now at end of the 1st... still one to nothing... alex steeves passes it back to teemu pulkinen who chips it up and over the
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goal! making it 2 to nothing.... eventually the sioux city musketeers pull off a win 4 to 1. 3 now onto some college basketball in oklahoma as they take on iowa state.this basket here by georges niang with the one handed jumper to make it 41 to 37 iowa stateisaiah cousins of oklahoma turns things up in the 2nd half...cousins here hits this 3 pointer to give oklahoma the lead 76 to 75 isaiah cousins (o) hits another 3 pointer that gives oklahoma the elad for good...oklahoma holds off iowa state to get the win 87 to 83 3 now purdue honors its all-time leading scorer rick mount.. before taking on iowalate in the first....kendall stephens drives, hit by mike gesel but stephens stays with it , pulls up and hits the jumper.. now 37 18 purduethen in the 2nd.. iowa claws its way back as
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fadeaway.. its now only 46-45 purduenow.. anthony clemmons finds dom uhl and splash for the 3 ... iowa's first lead at 47 to 16 now 26 second left the gaem stephens three point attempt is short...jarrod uthoff grabs the defensive rebound and is fouled...this leads to iowa's first win at purdue since 2006.. 70 to 63 3 3 3 and still come on siouxland news at 10, we'll have the final forecast right after the break.
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3 3 3 clouds start to move back into the area tonight bringing temperatures near 10 degrees in the overnight hours. another cooling trend with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to through lows at or below the 10 degree mark. thursday night into saturday morning of next week is our first chance for snow in the new year. 3 3 hundreds of volunteers spent their morning shoveling out ralph wilson stadium. 3 3 crews outside the ralph brought out big machines to
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today. but, inside it was volunteers doing the heavy's not an easy job for fans to brave the cold and clear out the seats from top, to bottom. 3 shovels in hand, they showed up early, and waited in line for their assignment and despite all of the assistance, they still think they'll be working overnight. fans say the early morning work is worth it,to make the last home game one to remember. >> aah! >> announcer: two lottery winners have already taken home the $1 million. >> $1 million! >> aah! >> announcer: tonight, one more lucky player will win a fortune. >> i've been going from store to store to store, buying tickets just to get here. >> we're gonna go for it. >> he's going for it! i love it. >> announcer: one more life will be changed forever. >> here's the moment. what do you do? >> announcer: is it possible? >> oh! >> announcer: find out tonight... >> on "monopoly millionaires' club"! [ cheers and applause ] all right. hello.
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