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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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3 right now at 10.....(pondering pools)the future of sioux city's five pools remains in limbo tonight....(cone park plans) while plans to build a multi million dollar park on this land in morningside move foward. 3 (deadly plane crash) investigators try to figure out why a small plane turned away by bad weather from sioux city's airport crashed... killing the pilot.(immigration restrictions)a northern european nation imposes new immigration restrictions.(executive decision) and... our national correspondent looks into the president's efforts to use executive power to change part of the nation's gun laws. 3 plans to make major changes to sioux city's public pools are on hold totoght... while thcity council waits for more information.thanks for joining us tonight, i'm larry wentz, diana castillo is on assignment. 3 3 and tonight the fate of the pools is new at 10. 3 3 the council was being asked to
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pool and cook pool after the 2016 swimming season and replace them with splash pads for 2017.those closings partrt of a master plalathat would see lewis pool remain open until a new pool opened at cone park... and leif erikson pool remain open until it could no longer hold water. parks and rec director matt salvatore says the delay is so the council can find out how much money is available for the plan "this reallylydoesn't impact ououdecisions. we're still going to be moving forward opening all five swimming pools next summer anyway. we'll have a little less time for planning between this summer and next summer if we want to get those splash pads installed. so we're just going to have to work diligently after the decision is made if we're going to move forward with splash pads and some new facilities. "the council also gave unanimous approval to a a project to clear trees from the site of the newewfour million dollar cone park in the singing hills area. bidding for that project will also get underway next month. 3
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hours after a swearing- in ceremony for mayor bob scott and council member rhonda capron.scott was re-elected in november after running un-opposed for a second four- year term. capron handily won a second term over tom venesky. both renewed their oaths of office this morning at city hall.mayor scott says he has big plans for the city during the next four years. 3 "continue the trails. i want to continue taking a look at the whole river front and seeing what we can do there. i think that is wha will attract business to this comunity. obviously my whole career has been working on economic develpoment and i'm going to continue doing that."scott says his goal is to have sioux city looking completely different when he leaves office. 3 3 there's a major change at the top of the woodbury county board of the board's first meeting this year... the members chose 2nd- year republican supervisor jeremy taylor to be its 2016 chairman. taylor was the board's vice- chair in 2015... and replaces democrat mark k monson, who decided not to seek a secononyear. the vote
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with democrats jackie smith and larry clausen in opposition. taylor says as chairman... he will keep putting taxpayers first. 3 "really it is coming together to do long term planning, increasing communication among departments, we are spread out ininhe coununy, and to provide excellent services for people as we budget and really keep the family budget at the heart of each decision that we make..."2nd- year republican supervisor matthew ung replaces taylor as vice- chair. 3 federal investigators are in siouxland... trying to figure out what caused a deadly plane crash in northeast nebraska last night.that plane went down sometime after 7 last night in wayne county, nebraska.....n a rural area between pender and wayne. it was heading to the wayne airport after being diverted from landing at the sioux gateway airport because of poor weather. the wreckage was found in a field a mile from nebraska highway 16... annd about 11 miles southeast of wayne. the pilot of the single- engine cessna 17 was pronounced dead at the scene.
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been released. 3 they've already been arrested once for breaking into cars. now three sioux city teens have been nabbed for doing the same thing again.marcos guthridge, kelley kuester and wiley spencer were arrested just before 2 o'clock this morning... after a homeowner in the 36- hundred block of dupont street on the northside called police e to report three peoeoe were eaking into vehicles. officers chased down n the suspspts. they are all charged with 2 counts of 3rd degree burglary. kuester and spencer are also charged with possession of burglary tools and interference with official acts. 3 3
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overnight thursday will see a wintry mix until the early morning hours of friday where ititwill switch to all snow by friday mid-morning and last model trends indicate 3-4" friday, but it's early. so stay tuned!>> 3 another republican presidential candidate is planning a trip to siouxland this week.kentucky senator rand paul a a his wife w wl be in sioux city thursday afternoon. they will be at the wilbur aalfs library starting at 1 o'clock for a "stand with rand" meet and greet event. after the sioux city stop... they'll head to carroll for another event thursday afternoon at 4. 3 3 *before* senator paul's visit... siouxland will welcome the leading candidates from both the democrats and republicans tomorrow. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton has an event anned for tomorrow afternoon at the orpheum theatre. that event is set to get underway at 2:15. 3 3 and tomorrow night in sioux center... republican candidate
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an event planned at dordt college. cruz will speak at the de yager center starting at 6 o'clock tomorrow. the dordt appearance follows a full day of campaigning... with stops in onawa and cherokee in northwest iowa. 3 3 president obama is getting ready to announce a series of executive actions on gun control.the announcement is expected tomorrow morning at a special press conference in the white house.the president met with the attorney general and directors of the f- b- i and a- t- f this afternoon to go over some of the proposals. republican reaction to the planned action has been swift... with opponents saying the president isistrying to rule like a king. 3 some say the strategy the president is using to tighten existing law is a dangerous one... and it opens him to a year of fighting lawsuits. as our national correspondent jeff barnd reports... one expert says it's a delicate balance of constitutional law. 3 the second amendment to the
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americans the right to bear arms. can an executive order weaken the second amendment? one expert says the guildlines mapped out for the use of executive power and the *interpretation of those initiatives can get murky /sot/ cato "that original gray area is far grgrer than it has evererbeen."/vo/roger peel ahn says a president's unilateral powers are hard to challenge by congress *or* the courts. thanks in part to fdr's new deal when congress gave up a *lot* of its lawmaking authority to the executive branch. /sot/cato "as a result, we've got a very unclear situation as to where the presidents authority to make regulations ends and the congress' authority is over-stepped." /vo/in wake of the 2012ass shooting at sandy hook elementary school president obama was stonewalled in congress and took it upon his own to put forth nearly 2-dozen executive orders to reduce gun violence. /bridge/"but 2 years later, president obama's most *assertive* initiatives like tracking lost or stolen guns
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checks have facesignificant obstacles."/sot/cato "almost none of those intiatives went into effect."/nat/trump " i will veto that.. i will unsign that so fast"/vo/but *how* fast can the next president undo mr. obama's gun control initiative?/sot/cato "if the president passes an executive order with respect to guns...//it will take less than a new york minute for the new president to undo what the president has done."/vo/ scholars are generally *split* on whether the president *is* over-extending his constitutional authority some say the president clearly has discretion about how to enforce a law but whether he should *make*them is still up for debatei'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 in addition to tomorrow's announcement... the president will hold a one- hour long town- hall meeting on gun control thursday night.that event will be televised... starting at 7 o'clock central time. 3 3 some bad economic news tonight... as stocks start 2016 on a *big* down note.
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half percent... or more than 250 pointstsn the first trading day of the new yearar the drop comes after major losses earlier in the day in asia and europe.there are also concerns on the oil market after new unrest this weekend between saudi arabia and iran. financial analysts say it's important for investors to stay calm and weather the volatile periods in the market. 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... as sweden impopos new immigration rules. alison starling has the latest developments in tonight's terrorism alt desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. a new propaganda video from isis features a man and a child who speak english. the man ininhe video threatens the british prime minister, david cameron.five men are also killed in the video.they are shown confessing to spying on behalf of great britain. sweden is imposing identity checks on people traveling
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and germany.sweden hopes to slow the influx of migrants -- who numbered more than 160- thousand last year.anyone wanting to cross from denmark by train, car, bus or ferry will now be refud entry without the necessary documents. and, in turkey, 9 men linked to isis were arrested trying to enter the country illegally ththugh syria.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten...the often- criticized changes to school lunches are actually *benefiting* students. details of a new study into school meals... coming up in tonight's healthwatch. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad and larry talk about today's s weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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start to pick up. overnight lows will fall into the mid ens. windsdsill stay breezy tomorrow, but temperatures should be a touch warmer as we should reach the lower 30s. wednesday will see a slight chance for light snow during the daytime with a high of 34. our next big system starts moving in thursday evening. overnight thursday will see a wintry mix until the early morning hours of friday where it will switch h all snow by friday mid-morning and last until early saturday. latest model trends indicate 3-4" are possible friday, but it's
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3 coming up after the break... we'll let you know who marshals need your help tracking down... and what they're wanted for... in this
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3 "siouxland's most wanted." 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for failing to report to jail to serve
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sentences.randon sextro is wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for absence from custody.sextro is 24 years old, 3 5 feet 8 inches tall, 3 and weighs 145 pounds. if you have *any* information about brandon sextro's whereabouts... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u-u-- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. 3 when s seone isiseverely overweight, the next step might be surgery. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll take a look at the surgical
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3 when someone is severely overweight, e next step might bebesurgery. siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us the surgical options for weight loss. 3 it is no surprise that obseity can lead to a lot of complications... "that excess weight that we carry also contributes to pain on the joints, pain in the back, contrirites to high blood pressure// acid d rereux disease
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can improve people's overall physical condition. and hopefully reduce the use of medications or pills, and maybe some further sugeries down the road."this is why doctors reccommend surgeries that can help with weight losos for patients who are 100 pounds overweight and have other health problems. "mercy and our group midlands clinic office... offer s a gastric by- pass...we offer a gastric sleeve resection... and we offer the adjustable gastric band." each surgery has its benefits over the other and you and your doctor can decide which is best for you. the surgeries usually require one to two nights in the hospital and up to 3 weeks of recovery at home. doctors also reccomend time with a dietician before the surgery to create good eating habits. but the key thing is..... "when the person is ready to change their life, when they are ready to eat differently, when they are ready to give up foods, certain foods, when
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exercising... then we can have a successful operation and people are successful with the surgery." but remember these surgies are not permenant.... when patients fall back into old habits they will regain the weight. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 3 the plan to make school lunches healthier is working - that's according to a new study led by the university of washington.the study looked at over 7-thousand middle and high schoolers in washington state -before and after new meal standards went into effect in 20-12.the rules cap calories per meal and require at least one serving of fruits or vegetables.researchers found that students are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their meals and that school meal participation did not changewhile the study did not look at how much
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they say there is no evidence that students are throwing away more food. 3 undefeatededgirls basketball teams cherokee and kingsley- pierson were in action tonight. see if they each extended their winning streak.and sergeant bluff luton welcomes woodbury central in a boys and girls doubleheader. see who came away with a dominating victory. chris is next with
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3 3 3 after starting the year 4-1 the woodbury central wildcats have lost four in a row. they faced the tough task of trying to get back to their winning ways against a sergeant bluff luton team who wants to prove they're better than their 3-4 record would indicate.those losses were to cbal, east, heelan and western christian who are e slouches. 1) and they showed they knew
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they go to chris kroll. he's good. that makes it 4-0.2) later in the corner it's connor prescott for three! it's good. it's already 11-0 sbl.3) keegan savary with the delicious drive to the basket! it's 13-0! 4) more warrior r offense this is kroll again. 18-0 to start this game.5) kroll was just heating up. 3 he hits another three. sbl was up 26-0 before allowing a couple free throws.sbl didn't allow a field goal in the entire first half. it was 32-8 then.74-25 sbl wins. 3 remsen saint mary's looking for their 5th win of the season. hosting 2-5 kingsley- pierson.1. pick up action in the fourth quarter.. saint mary's up forty-eight to twenty eight.. kingsley- pieson's jacob harvey with the jumper to cut the lead to forty-eight to thirty.2. the hawks come right back..ethan biezuns with the layup.. saint mary's back up by twenty.3. saint mary's on the break..
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layup.. saint mary's up fifty- two to thirty.4. saint mary's again on the break.. brady harpenau with the layup.. saint mary's up fifty-four to thirty at that point and they go on to win sixty-two to forty.remsen saint marys tops kingsley pierson 62-40 3 boys basketball now w erokee hosting g st sac county both teams entered the contest with two wins apiece.1. right off thopening tip.. cherokee's tyler faist with the layup.. two to nothing braves.2. east sac's coby obmann misses the jumper but sam scott is there to clean it up.. game tied at two apiece.3. cherokee comes right back.. eric peterson with the nice drive and layup.. cherokee back up by two.4. cherokee's ben lingenfelter with the nice move underneath.. braves up six to two earyl and ... cherokee wins 65-53! 3 cherokee girls are 7-0.
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county team coming in at 3-4. 1. cherokee on the break..paityn hagberg with the layup.. cherokee up sixty to thirty-two.2. still in the third quarter.. cherokee again on the break.. kaely hummel misses the layup but skylar gerdes with the rebound and putback.. braves up sixty-four to thrity-two.3. later in the third.. kaely hummel again on the break.. this time she makes the layup.. cherokeeeep sixty-eight to thirty-four.4. it was all cherokee tonight.. again on the run.. this time kylie mongan with the layup.. brave up seventy to forty-one at that point and they go on to defeat east sac seventy- nine to fifty one.cherokee stays undefeated they win it 79-51. 3 more girls basketball this is 4-5 sbl hosting 5-3 woodbury central. this one a lot closer than the boys game.1) late first half merrin van velzin finds kyle christiansen who hits the jumper. sbl down 30-27.2) then later more from the warriors. lexi sneller hits the jumper! warriors take the lead 31-30.3) back come
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offensive rebound bailey even drives and scores. but there was under ten seconds left so watch as the warriors run the floor and get christiansen gets the shot off just in time. it's good at the buzzer! 5) second half back come the wildcats back comes bailey even! she goes down low. wildcats up 34-33. sb-l would pull away in the end. they win 61-56. 3 number 4 kingsley pierson is 8-0! they played at a 1-6 saint mary's team.1. pick up action in the first quarter... k-p's addison hirschman hits allison baily for the layup.. panthers up sixteen to nine.2. still in the first.. kingsley- pierson's rachel mercer with the three.. panthers up nineteen to eleven.3. k-p's marina keck with the drive and hits bailey for the easy layup.. panthers up twenty-one to eleven.4. than bailey hits emily reinking for the layup.. kingsley-pierson up twenty-three to eleven and they go onto the easy
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win over remsen-saint mary's. k-p is still undefeated they win it 74-43. 3 elsewhere in girls basketball ikm manning over mvao 43-38.on the boys side of things ikm manning wins or mvao 54-46. lawton-bronson over allen nebraska 59-16. 3 3 we want to say "congratulatio ns" to the sioux city journal's terry hersom who's retired after 38 years as sports editor. terry's last day was friday and they had a big party for him today at the journal. congratulations terry... and job well done! 3
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