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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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dakota lawmaker urging iowans to register their cars in *his* state.(21 car burglaries) 21 car burglaries spur police in north sioux city to issue a warning... and advice to drivers.(i-29 in 2016)we'll give you a peak at all the bridge work they'll be doing in sioux city this summer as part of the i-29 oject. (shariricreep) and... is sharia lalacreeping into parts of american society? our national correspendent takes a look. 3 3 it appears the hunt for a man who stole an officer's gun in north central nebraska is over. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at 10. 3 authorities have been hunting for 25 year old davidid hoffman since he assaulted a niobrara police officer who was trying to arrest him yesterday... stealing the officer's gun.tonight the f-b-i confirmed there's been a shooting on the santee reservation that took place 3 after federal and tribal officials were trying to take a person into custody.they say the person refused to surrender and
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taken to the hospital in critical condition.while not identifying hoffman as the suspect... an f-b-i spokesperson did stress that residents in the area were no longer in danger. 3 a spencer teen is facing charges of arson tonight after a fire tuesday morning destroyed a home.that fire broke out just before 3- 30 tuesday morning at a home on 3rd enue west in spencer.18- year- old bianca watkins is charged with 2nd degree arson and 2 counts of animal abuse... accused of setting that injuries were reported... but the home received heavy smoke, fire and water damage. 3 3 the battle between iowa and south dakota over sioux city's speed cameras is 2014... south dakota passed a law that blocks the company operating those cameras from accessing information on south dakota's drivers. however... sioux city police were still getting that information and sending out tickets. now... even that
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dakota officials say iowa officers will still be able to get information on drivers who are wanted for a crime e involved in chases. 3 "we ve given them and will give them access to our south dakota state radio dispatch. we indicated in our letter that we sent out yesterday, we'd hope to come to a resolution on this issue and restore sioux city's full access to the database."meanwhile... the former south dakota lawmaker who led the charge against those cameras... is now urging iowa drivers to register their cars in *his* state. on his facebook page... dan lederman (leed-er-mun) of dakota dunes... is even offering to let them use his south dakota mailing address. however... both states say that's against the law.... and vehicle owners woululface a fine. 3 siouxland volunteer fire state regulators.the iowa department of public health's "bureau of
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is issuing a citation and a warning to hornick's volunteer fire and rescue. in the citation... the bureau says an on- site inspection in october of 2015 found deficiencies... and ofofcials were given 30 days to make corrections.the agency says the department failed to do so... leading to the citation. the warning puts the service on notice that further failure to make those corrections could lead to more punishment... up to and including the loss of their program's service authorization. 3 3 one lucky person out there could be the winner of the powerbrbl jackpot tonight.. 3 that jackpot was up to 524 million dollars for tonight's 10 o'clock drawing.tonight's winning numbers are 47, 2, 63, 62, 11 and powerball 17.if you won...
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odds of 259 million to 1.if not... better luck next time. 3 3 a string of auto burglaries in north sioux city has police warning people to keep their car doors locked.there were 21 reported burglaries in north sioux city just this papat weekend. so far... police say theyeyave no leads on any suspects.they're urging everyone to be proactive when it comes to keeping your vehicles safe. 3 "the biggest thing that we want to stress to the public right now is: the police can't be everywhere at a single time. the biggest thing we want to stress is you guys are your first line of defense. do not make yourself a victim. make sure that you're taking the two seconds to lock your vehicles, close your garages, secure your property."if you see anything suspicious, you are urged to call police immediately. 3
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day, and as another system starts to push in n om the southwest bringing moisture, we could see patchy freezing developing by the end of the day.thursday night snow will continue, with snow likely on saturday. before all is said and done we could see inin the i-29 with lesser amounts to the west.once the snow clears, our first push of arctic air breezes in for the end of the weekend into early next week. prepare for wind chills between -20 and -30.we'll be tracking this storm system of days!>> 3 a former congressman who once represented parts of northwest iowa is now fighting cancer.tom latham retired from the u- s house in 2014... after serving one term as
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southwestern 3rd district... and after 17 years representing north- central iowa in the e d 4th district.this afternoon... he announced on facebook that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma.latham says he's confident the planned treatment will succeed... and he'll be back up to full speed soon. 3 3 the wife of former arkansas governor mike huckabee made a stop in sioux city this morning."bang bang"janet huckabee's visit to the yards shooting range was her third visit to a shooting range in iowa. in between firing rounds... she told us her opinion of the president's gun control plans that were announced yesterday. 3 "we really need to focus on those who have mental health problems, i think that's important but to just you know to do what he did i don't think its reallys going to have a bearing.// don't think it'll going to help
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the law anyway, it just makes it harder for those are already law abiding citizens."huckabee thinks the president's actions will only cause people to buy more guns and ammunition. 3 3 2016 will be a busy year for work on interstate 29... with several bridges undergoing construction through the downtown area.this year also will see pavement reconstruction on northbound 29. the multi- million dollar project will take about two years to complete.the bridges in question will cross floyd boulevard... virginia street... pierce street... and hamilton boulevard. work will also continue on the 4- lane expansion of highway 20 between correctionville and early. that's expected to be done in 2018. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... 3 3 congress has finally managed to pass a bill repealing obamacare. but does that mean the law is dead? that, still ahead. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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neyenhouse/"3 3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today'y'weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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we could see patchy freezing drizzle with some snow developing by the end of the day.thursday night snow will continue, with snow likely on friday lingering into early saturday. before all is said and done we could see in the range of 1-3" possible east of i-29 with lesser amounts to the west.once the snow clears, our first push of arctic air breezes in for the end of the weekend into early next week. prepare for wind chills between -20 and -30.we'll be tracking this storm system closely over the next couple
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3 still to come tonight... concerns about the influence ofofharia law in america continue to grow. 3 3 coming up after the break... those concerns rising even american muslims admit sharia law *is* here... and it's
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3 a human rights activist has a warning for americans about complacency and political correctness about islam. 3 as kristine frazao reports... this sunni muslim believes sharia law will continue to creep into the united states...*if* americans don't pay careful attention. 3 most of the world's one-
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favor sharia law, according to the pew research center. the data is from a massive 2013 survey of muslims in parts of asia, africa and eastern europe...the us and western europe were not included. the survey found muslims have varying support of different aspects of sharia. but, those who hold firm to all of sharia's precepts believe stoning women for adultry, cutting off the limbs of thieves and killing those who abandon the faith -- are still acceptable forms of punishment. "to have sharia as institutionalized law, as governance, is very dangerous. so, yes, if there are sharia courts being implemented in the united states, you should be worried."author raheel raza is among the most outspoken sunni muslims in the western
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such sharia courts in the united states.but raza says sharia is seeping into everyday life in america. "there are imams who are performing 2nd and 3rd marriages for men under the shia system, they are doing muta. which is temporary marriage, none of this is legally being done, it's done under the table."and raza says it's happening right here."the concern is there, the concern is legitimate."zainab al- suwaij [pronounced al-sue-waygh] is the executive director of the american islamic congress.she believes americans' fears of sharia embeding into our society are largely overblown. "we have boundaries, we have laws and regulations that can stop these kinds of practices wherever they start.""it's prompting some to ask if american laws and the constitution is strong enough to prevent sharia from becoming an acceptable practice in our society and in our courtrooms?""it's happening under the table. we need to have surveillance, we need to know what is going on." i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. 3 3 the committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in
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this time to interview former c-i-a director david petraeus. 3 the house select committee on benghazi was created in 2014 to try to find out more about those attacks.part of their investigation included an 11 hour open-door testimony by former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary's questioning of general petraeus took place behind closed doors. the committee's chairman says there are about a dozen more witnesses and the investigation should wrap up by mid february.former defense secretary leon panetta is scheduled to appear before the committee on friday. 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... as the paris magazine brutally attacked last january prepares to mark the attack's 1- year anniversary. 3 alison starling has the latest developments in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling.tomorrow marks one
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on charlie hebdo magazine in paris and today a special edition of the magazine was released.the vatican and others are protesting that edition because it shows a bearded figure of god carrying a rifle with the title "the killer is ststl out there". charlie hebdo's editor spoke about how the paper has dealt with the past year."we've had to rebuild the newspaper, we've had to rebuild ourselves, confront our pains. so it is in the one hand a personal struggle, it was a personal fight"meanwhile the dutch foreign minister has called an international conference next week to discuss the fight against t terrrr.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. 3 3 it's a new cosmetic treatment available right here in siouxland. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how it burns *fat* and improves the appearance of a patient's
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3 hello. i'm mark hyman. presidential candidate hillary clinton made a n0w-regrettable statement in the final democratic debate of 2015. she claimed isis was using donald trump in a recruiting video. afterwards, there was a mad dash to find proof. no such luck. no evidence of isis using trump turned up.however, we did find a prominent isis recruiting video. this one was posted around thanksgiving. according to published reports, it was released in several languages. including be honest, the video is expertly and professionally crafted. it's filled with powerful animation and graphics. it's easy to understand why it wouldldhave appeal to those who believe the entire world should be subjugated to islam.donald trump is not featured in isis recruiting. however, other prominent politicians are. including president obama, . . . george w. bush . . . and clinton's own-husband, bill.
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isn't just a recruiting video. isis taunts america to "bring it on." it claims the u-s military fights for the interests of politicians, . . . liars . . . and fornicators. bush is featured among the liars. bill clinton is the prominent fornicator.isis isn't resp0nding to any military actions, . . . or political . . . or cultural events. isis argues it's compelled to fulfililislam's prophecy. its mission: to defeat non-believers in an epic battle signaling the end of comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.
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3 3 there's a new treatment to melt away "double-chin fat"... and you don't have to go under the knife for it. 3 the (k-eye-bella) kybella procedure is an f- d- a approved non- surgical injection, which eliminates fat below the chin. midlands
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(shab-ruh)chabra is one of the first dermatologists in siouxland to offer the *fat removing* treatment. 3 "the product works by dissolving fat cells and releasing the fat, so it works in a permanent mannnn. so the number of injections really depend on the degree of submental fullness. how much fat there is underneath the chin. so it varies person to person. in this patient, it was 20 injections."the procedure costs around 5-thousand dollars. chabra says his patients experience visible results around their chin and areas around the neck. 3 3 in washington today, the republican led congress passed legislation to repeal obamacare.the house of representatives approved the measure 240-181. the senate already passed it before the holidays, so now for the first time legislation to gut the affordable care act heads down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. not surprisingly, presididt obama is expepeed to vetotot. 3 rep. al green/(d) texas: "i
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because it benefits americans and i will remain with him on it because it still benefits americans."the bill also defunds planned parenthood. republicans don't have the votes for a veto override making it a symbolic move they hope will help on the campaign trail. 3 3 the briaiacliff men's basketball team goes for their 12th straight victory tonight. but they'd have to beat morningside for the first time in the program's last9 attempts. 3 and on the ladies side it's a battle of ranked teams as the mustangs and chargers meet. see how this one turned out. chris is next with sports.
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3 3 during the current jamie sale era the morningside women's basketball team is 27 and 2 against briar cliff. but up until the latest rankings came out a couple days ago this was a battle top 5 teams. and it's still pretty good even though the chargers slid from
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poll.south sioux city's girls basketball team fresh off their big win at a very good west team last night attending the game. 1) morningside got off to a big lead in this one. audra corbit adds to it with this "and 1". morningside up 64-42 in the fourth quarter.2) chargers not givininup though. emily kay for ththe. she's got it!3) then off the corbit miss heelan record setting goalie tristan bowl-you with the putback! they're grooming her to be their point guard!4) more threes needed for the cliff. jessi corrick finds kay for another from downtown.5) but just too much mustangs. brandan tie nails the jumper. morningside wins it 80-60. 3 morningside's won 8 straight in this rivalry on the men's side but briar cliff came in having won 11 games in a row during this season.1) and the first pots belonged to the chargers. and that is just unfair when you're that big and can drive like that. austin homan with the layin.2) morningside answers right back. using the pick effectively blake van ginkel gets the hoop. panther pride baby! he went to dakota valley. 3) then off the steal by bryan
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it's good!4) then check out heelan grad shane graves split the defense and make that shot looking over his head! briar cliff opened things up early. 5) morningside comes right back this is brodie van ginkel nice move for the hoop! 6) and then this is forbes again for two. briar cliff would go on to win 78-73. 3 dordt and mount marty men tonight over in sioux center. 1. pick up action in the first half.. dordt's nathan rindels with the drive and layup. defenders up two to one.2. still in the first half.. dordt's austin bykerk with the short jumper.. defenders up five to one.3. later in the first.. dordt's rindels with the tough move inside. defenders up seven to one.4. mount marty trying to keep it close early. taylor millay with the jumper.. cuts the dordt lead to seven to three.
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for dordt.. grant harkness with the turnaround.. he's fouled.. he'd make the free throw.. dordt up ten to three at that point and...dordt goes on to win 78-57. 3 northwestern hosting the fifth ranked dakota wesleyan woman: 1. pick up action in the second quarter.. northwestern' s haley birks with the drive.. northwestern up twenty-six to twenty-four2. next time down the court for the red raiders.. renee maneman with the drive and layup.. northwestern up twenty eight to twenty six.3. later in the second quarter.. morgan vandersloot picks up the loose ball and scores the basket.. red raiders up thrity to twenty nine.4. with just under a minute left in the half.. northwestern's kassidey dejong with the layup.. northwestern now trailing dakota wesleyan thirty seven to thirty two and.. northwestern falls just short of the upset. 73-70 the final. 3 not an easy task for
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13th ranked dakota wesleyan tonight either. 1. pick up action in the second half.. northwestern's nathan wedel with the turnaround.. red raiders up sixty-one to forty-eight.2. next time down the court. it's bryce moss with the nice move inside.. red raiders up sixty-three to fifty one.3. later in the third quarter.. northwestern on the break.. colton kooima with the layup and he's fouled. he'd make the free throw.. sixty-seven to fifty- three red raiders.4. later in the third.. jordan baker hits a cutting nathan wedel for the layup.. nortwestern up sixty nine to fifty five and... northwestern pulls it off! they win it 102-96! 3 3
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