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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at 10 on kmeg 14." 3 a potentially dangerous situation avoided today at a sioux city middle school... as a student is caught with a gun on school grounds.thanks for joining us tonight, i'm diana castillo. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at 10 3 3 the school in question is north middle school in sioux city.sioux city schools spokeswoman alison benson says the district got information that a north middle student was bringing a gun to school this morning.when that student arrived... school staff pulled him aside and searched him... turning up an unloaded this time... staff don't believe the student intended to harm any students or teachers.benson says "the district will follow board policies and the district's student code of conduct regarding this incident. 3 we are very thankful that in this case someone who saw something or heard something, said something, allowing us to quickly take action." 3
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moving forward with two development projects.a plan to replace a large hangar at the sioux gateway airport severely damaged by windstorms in 2014 got final approval tonight. that plan will replace the one large hangar with 10 smaller, single- plane hangars. construction will begin as soon as weather permits.mayor bob scott says this project is a start. 3 "we have never built real t- hangers for small airplanes, and so we are building ten of them to see how successful we will be and this will...if they are successful and the rent is justified we will probably build more in the future."the council also giving formal approval to a tax credit for a newly expanded sioux city business. curly's foods just off lewis boulevard added 30 new jobs this april... as part of a multi- million dollar expansion.scott says tonight, the city signed off on its part of an economic development deal with the plant's owner.
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is about a 6 million dollar deal. and a lot of additional employees and they are entitled to some credits but they needed to get us the paper work and get it done so thats what we're doing today,"the expansion also recieved some tax credit assistance from the state of iowa's economic development authority. 3 3 northwest iowa played host to several presidential candidates today.the first candidate to stop in the area was former pennsylvania senator rick santorumhe made a stop at the pizza ranch corporate headquarters in orange city, iowa. he talked about his plans to stop isis, fix the economy and bring back manufacturing to the us before taking questions from the public. 3 3 fellow republican longshot carly fiorina made a stop of her own tonight in siouxland. at a town hall event at bev's on the river in sioux city... the former hewlett- packard c- e- o discussed her blueprint to "take our country back". that plan includes simplfying the tax code, repealing obamacare, defeating isis and securing the border.
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voter, because when i started this campaign i was 17 out of 16, and now i'm 6th nationally, and that's in no small measure because the people of iowa take their citizenship seriously. "the latest quinnipiac poll has fiorina receiving the support of just 1 percent of likely caucusgoers. 3 3 and finally tonight... it was a packed house in le mars for retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson... who was planning to hold *one* town hall at the blue bunny ice cream parlor. instead... so many people showed up he had to add a *second* event.the one- time republican frontrunner talked focused on his healthcare plans. 3 "dr. carson discusses his plans to repeal and replace
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crowd that despite recent turmoil in his campaign... he still feels like he can win come caucus night. 3 "dr. ben carson talks about his standing in the polls, and where he expects to be on february 1st"the le mars events capped a day of campaign stops in northwest iowa... including a town hall in denison this afternoon and a pastor's roundtable in sioux city earlier tonight. 3 3 the hillary clinton campaign is making *another* campaign stop in sioux city this week... and while hillary herself won't be here, she's sending someone just as well- known.her husband, former president bill clinton.the 42nd president of the united states will be at morningside college friday to campaign for his wife.doors for that event at the olson student center will open at 11- 15 friday morning.president clinton is 3 3 florida senator marco rubio will be in siouxland this weekend.the republican presidential candidate will speak at dordt college in
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doors for rubio's event will open at 5- 30 saturday at the campus center.the candidate's speech will begin at 6.rubio is currently polling in 3rd place in the latest quinnipiac university poll released today. 3 a popular sioux city restaurant remains closed this evening after a fire this morning.that fire broke out at sneaky's chicken on gordon drive just before 9 - 30.when firefighters arrived, they found a lot of heavy smoke coming from the back of the building.there were some employees inside the restaurant at the time, but they all got out safely.the fire was quickly found and contained inside a storage area in the back of the restaurant.the fire marshal doesn't know what started the fire yet.sneaky's owner says they'll keep their fans updated on the restaurant's status on social media. 3
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chance for snow on friday with another arctic surge over the weekend into the first part of next week. stay tuned!>>
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3 we're just 3 about 22 hours away now from president obama's final state of the union speech where he'll unveil his goals for the rest of his time in far... one team of political scientists say less than half of obama's proposals have become a reality. chief politcal correspondent scott thuman shows us the hits and misses. 3 the president's wish list has been a long one over years- --but do those dreams, ever become reality?(obama-2009) "you don't need another list of statistics to know that our economy is in crisis."in 2009 he promised measures that would bring unemployment down & the stock market up. delivering on both fronts. a year later, he vowed to hunt down terror leaders and... osama bin laden is dead.but historians will tell you, *most state of the union promises* have fallen flat. (professor -325) "if you did an analysis of every promise, every proposal since thomas jefferson//you'd probably find the success rate being pretty
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in 2013) "gabby giffords deserves a vote, the families of newtown, deserve a vote." congress though, didn't agree with that 2013 mention & obama's had to resort to watered-down, executive actions. in almost *every* state of the union he's demanded college affordabilty. again--a tough sell. tuition rates keep rising and student loan debt, above the one- trillion-dollar mark for more than 3 years.his push on immigration, also, underwhelming results in congress... and is now tied up in these bully pulpit speeches are becomming based more on lingering hopes, than actual likelihoods. (professor-815) "they are remarkably the same in saying, 'look at all we could do if we unite as a people' and of course, we don't unite as a people."(scott/tag)"so with a republican dominant congress, the president's state of the union may focus on outlining what he *can* do--executive orders...realizing big ticket items may be left to his successor.on capitol hill,
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3 you can watch the state of the union followed by the republican response right here on kmeg 14... starting at 8 o'clock. 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... with new images of one of the paris attack suspects. jonathan elias has the latest developments in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias.we're seeing new images of one of the suspects in the paris terror attack.french tv station, b-f-m-t-v released surveillance images from a gas station near the border of france and belgium.salah abdeslam is the terror suspect who is still on the run, and he's seen with suspected accomplice, hamza attou.police believe the pictures were taken the day after the november 13th terror attack. we're also learning more about the man killed while trying to attack a paris police station last week.german investigators say he had lived in a german shelter for people seeking asylum.after a search of that
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doesn't appear any other attacks were planned.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten...what a local *hospital* is doing to help those most affected by our recent cold weather... coming up in tonight's healthwatch. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris neyenhouse/" 3 3 3
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3 chad, diana 3 and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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snow on friday with another arctic surge over the weekend into the first part of next
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3 coming up after the break on siouxland news at nine... how many more fugitives are off the street... plus this week's featured fugitive, coming up in this week's edition of
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3 "siouxland's most wanted." 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for burglary... but first we have two additions to our capture count to tell you about.lucas daniels was featured last month on most wanted... wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for failure to appear for a probation violation hearing.he was arrested in nebraska... thanks to a tip from most wanted viewers.his arrest makes him capture #420 since most wanted began.dustin lesline was featured back in july on most
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woodbury county sheriff's office for delivery of meth.he was arrested last monday by u- s marshals in farminton, new mexico... where he was staying with relatives.his arrest makes him capture #421 since most wanted on to new business... domonick tribble is wanted by the buena vista county sheriff's office for burglary.tribble is 28 years old,6 feet 4 inches tall, 3 and weighs 180 pounds. his last known address is in pocahontas, iowa. if you have *any* information about domonick tribble... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put
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3 committing to a complete lifestyle change can be difficult. but it's not something you have to do alone.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how you can get *help* to keep you on the right track in your weight
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3 after folks have weight loss surgery... they need some help to make sure they don't
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siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us how support groups can make the transition a little easier. 3 bariatric surgery is a complete life style change "we look at weightloss surgery as just a tool it is not a quick fix. or an easy way out. so to really help the patients be successful with this tool, the educational program is really neccessary along with the support group." the educational program team includes registered dieticians, registered nurses, psycologists, and bariatric surgeons. "and so we really work together as a multidisiplinary team to help the patients not only physically but emotionally mentally prepare for the life style changes that they will have to make." doctors also reccomend these patients join support groups to help them through these major life changes. "if you are on a typical diet, you have the decision of either following your diet that day or not, they dont have that decision any longer because weight loss surgery is a permanent change to your body." each group includes 10 to 30 patients and
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habits and avoiding bad habits. "so we really try to teach them not only alternatives of things they can do other than rewarding with food but also coping mechanisms to not use foods for comfort or to cellebrate or to mourn. but to try to rely on some other things." though the midlands clinic is one place to find a weight loss support group, you can also find other groups in the community and online. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 "healthwatch is brought to you by dunes surgical hospital, in association with mercy medical center." 3 3 and our recent stretch of frigid temperatures has sioux city's mercy medical center taking action to help those in danger from the cold.mercy is opening its cafeteria and providing free hot drinks between 7 a- m and 7 p- m on days where the temperature dips below 10 degrees.the program is designed to serve those without adequate shelter or heating in their homes or apartments during the night... those in danger from the cold can spend the night
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3 the cherokee girls put their undefeated record on the line against hartley melvin sanborn tonight. see how one team scored more than 100 points. 3 3 and south sioux city crosses state lines to take on bishop heelan in a metro battle. chris is next in sports.
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3 south sioux city's boys basketball team came into their matchup with 5th ranked bishop heelan at just 2-8. but they're playing a tough nebraska class "a" schedule. and heelan was without the services of leading scorer deandre was the third game in four days for the crusaders. 1) to the pit now! 4th quarter heelan up 43-31. they get it
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it's a 10 point ballgame.2) a few posessions later denton porter drives the baseline and puts it in! still a ten point game with 2 and a half to play. 3) let's hit some big stuff like a big three from the little guy silas brown! cuts the lead to 7!4) so heelan's gotta break the press and they do. ryan moore finds bryce reynolds for the layin.5) then tanner christiansen misses the three. but if at first you don't succeed try try again! he hits it! heelan would make their free throws though. they win it 52-41. 3 south o'brien trying to improve to 9-1 playing at a 3 and 4 mmc team.1. third quarter now south o brien up 71-40. m-m-c's ben specht with the nice move to the baske. wolverines extend their big lead!2. still in the third.. south o brien's cody johanson with the three. wolverines up
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away.. ben specht, one of the state champion football heros with the short jumper off the glass... he broke several records in game!4. move to the fourth quarter.. south o brien's johanson with the high finger roll.. he's fouled. he'd make the free throw.. south o brien up 74-44 and they go onto beat marcus- meriden-cleghorn a final of 82-46. 3 elk point jefferson trying to end their two game losing streak and get back to 500 hosting viborg hurley!1) 1st quarter no score this is a steal and a basket by zeke robinson. he's good on the layin.2) then midway through the first this is a three pointer from michael murphey. epj up 5-0.3) a low scoring affair thanks to plays like this. *pause for nats* aaron koupal with the rejection down low! 4) end of the 1st wuarter now robinson with the miss but connor henze puts it in! huskies up 7-4 after 1.5) and then the huskies went running. presston kolbaum finds henze again! it was 11-6 in the 2nd quarterepj goes on to win
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3 hartley melvin sanborn looking to improve to 7-2 playing at cherokee who is 4-6.1. h-m-s gets the scoring started early.. brian perez inside for the layup.. fire up the scoreboard!2. cherokee comes right back..ben lingenfelter with the strong move inside.. he's fouled.. he's make the freethrow.. that gives cherokee the lead.3. lingenfelter again with the physical move inside.. layup's good.. 5-2 braves.4. later in the first.. h-m-s on the break and brian perez finishes with the finger roll.. cherokee up eight to six early and....hms wins it 74-65. 3 nobody's come closer than 8 points to cherokee during their 10 game win streak they've started this year on. hosting h-m-s1. pick up action in the second quarter.. makenna carver hits the three.. braves up 34-18.2. still in the second quarter.. cherokee's paityn hagberg on the break.. makes the layup
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braves.3. h-m-s trying to keep it close.. erin streit with the strong move inside.. count it!4. then the lady hawks regan shockley with the nice drive and the layup.. cuts the lead to 38-24.5. but too much braves brianna sleezer with the jumper.. cherokee would lead 45-24 at that point and they go onto beat h-m-s by a final score of 102-58. 3 marcus meriden cleghorn hosting south o'brien on the girls side.1. pick up action in the first quarter.. m-m-c's sarah dreckman misses the jumper but rachel meehan gets the rebound and the basket.. two to nothing eagles.2. sarah dreckman gets the loose ball and the layup.. four to nothing eagles.3. still in the first.. sarah dreckman hits the three.. eleven to one eagles over the wolverines.4. south o brien trying to keep it close early.. amanda luka with the layup.. fourteen to
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quarter and...mmc wins 55-37 3 more boys basketball scores now. west monona over river valley 69-42. the spartans tyler westendorf had 25 points to put him over one thousand for his career congrats to him! and gtra over sioux central 71-51. 3 and over on the ladies side in nebraska randolph tops allen 46-26. 3 3 3
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