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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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legislative proposals for the new year.(losing ground) despite capturing headlines...experts say *isis* has *lost* a good deal of its conquered territory. our national correspondent 3 3 a sioux city teen already in custody on theft charges in iowa is facing *more* charges tonight.the new charges are in connection with a string of dakota. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at 10. 3 3 19- year- old franky corral was arrested last wednesday in sioux city and charged with stealing a car and running away from police, among other north sioux city police chief richard headid says corral 3 confessed to several car break- ins in south dakota.authorities in north sioux city recently warned residents about a string of nearly two dozen car burglaries in the's not known how many of those are connected to corral.police say he matches the person seen in security video from some of the burglaries.
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3 a sioux city man is facing charges of robbing a friend in the morningside area.20- year- old justin dahlheimer is charged with 2nd degree robbery.police say he asked a friend to meet him at a home on vine street to meet with some girls.when the friend arrived, police say dahlheimer and a black man assaulted him... stealing his wallet, money and car keys.a search of dahlheimer's car found the victim's coat. he's currently being held in the woodbury county jail on 10- thousand dollars bond. 3 3 and a rock valley, iowa man in prison on drug charges.29- year- old austin mulder was convicted of possessing pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture meth.he was sentenced monday in sioux county district court to five years in prison... with that sentence set to run alongside his sentences on separate forgery and theft convictions.after his release... he will have to serve 100 hours of community service and pay nearly 9- hundred dollars in fines. 3
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over the next several hours we will see a cold front swing through the region and that will be enough to send out temperatures spiraling down through the night and most of the day on friday. when you wake up in the morning, temperatures will be around 20 degrees. we may also have seen a little bit of light snow. temperatures will hold or slowly fall throughout the day with temperatures expected to be in the low teens early friday night. from there ththgs will keep trendndg colder for the weekend with the coldest air arriving monday morning when we could see morning lows in the 15-20 chills approaching -40. as far as snow goes we may see a sunday.>> 3 for the second drawing in a row... a siouxland powerball player came within one number of winnininthe gigantic jackpot.our kayla novak went to the store where siouxland's latest millionaire bought his ticket... in the small monona
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3 (sot youre a winner) 23-year-old bryon stewart is the lucky winner of $2 million dollars. he missed the jackpot by only the powerball, which won him 1 million dollars. the fact that he opted f f the power play option won him the extra million. " i think it was mainly all the hype. all of the... everything going around you know. i just had adrenaline over it. i had to take the chance; i had to try it. and i took it and it payed out. // i just never thought i would come to this. i never thought i would be 23 years old and be a millionaire." people of onawa are very excited for him. "you know i hope they use it you know wisely and enjoy theirselves a little bit." some now think that onawa's casey's on 10th street is extra lucky. "well it sold a million dollar ticket a couple years ago too. so, it might be one of the lucky stores.. i am not for sure; i hope it is. i hope this 10 dollars here that i
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free tickets." though many are dissapointed that they didn't win this round, theywill continue to play. "you bet i am gonna buy. ten bucks today.. yeah... you bet we are going to buy again." i guess it's true what they say... you can't win, if you dont play. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 siouxland states are reporting several close calls with last night's mega iowa... in addition to the 2 million dollar prize in onawa... 3 people won 100- thousand dollars... and 3 won 50- thousand dollar nebraska... 5 people took home 50- thousand dollar prizes.and in south dakota... two players won 50- thousand dollar prizes. 3 a morning accident in morningside sent one person to the happened just after 10- 30 this morning at the intersection of south helen and gordon drive. the driver of a truck trying to turn onto gordon from south helen collided with an s- u- v... forcing the s-u-v onto the curb and causing it to roll.the driver of the s- u- v was taken to mercy with minor
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truck was ticketed for failure to yield. 3 3 earlier this week, iowa and south dakota's governors gave their condition of the state addresses... and today, it was nebraska governor pete ricketts' turn.addressing lawmakers at the state capitol... ricketts called for more cuts and changes to the state's property tax system... to help troubled farmers and ranchers affectededy lower commodity prices.he also called for investment in roads and bridges... and for government departments to work smarter to save taxpayers' money. 3 3 after his state of the state address... governor ricketts headed to south sioux city for his annual state of the state fly around.the stop in south sioux city is the first of 12 events at 11 locations in 2 ys.the governor answered questions about his proposals to close a gap in the state budget... and also his position on the debate over legalizing medical cannabis in nebraska. 3 "we have a process here in
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like marijuana, you know dangerous drugs, and usesethem for medical purposes, it's called the f-d-a and in fact their are dirivitives of marijuana right now that are going through that f-d-a process. i think that's the appropriate way for us to determine whether or not the use of marijuana as a drug is safe and effective"after south sioux city, the governor took off for events in columbus, grand island and hastings. 3 3 iowa's governor is touting sioux city's school l superintendent for help in coming up with a plan that would fund both schools *and* protect the state's water.the issue of water quality has come to the forefront recently with the des moines waterworks suing three northwest iowa drainage districts. it says the districts are allowing excess nitrates to flow into the racoon governor branstad told me superintendent paul gausman played a role in the governor's plan to extend for another 20 years the one- cent sales tax that funds infrastucture improvements for schools. and it would also raise an estimated 4 - point 7 billion dollars over that time
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3 "he talked about the need for school infrastructure. but then i put together the idea of what ififwe do that t d address the issue of water quality... and we could do it in a way that doesn't require a tax increase."the governor adds this proposal would also provide a long term... stable source of funding for both programs. 3 democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is coming back to sioux city.the vermrmt senator will hold a campaign event at the orpheum theatre downtown tuesday night.doors will open at 6... with senator sanders scheduled to speak at 7.the sioux city event will be the last of 4 stops in northwest iowa that day.before stopping at the orpheum, he'll be in fort dodge, carroll and underwood. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland nene at ten... isis has launchch another big attack on n nation's capital city. 3 the latest from jakarta... coming up in tonight's
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3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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temperatures spiraling down through the night and most of the day on friday. when you wake up in the morning, temperatures will be around 20 degrees. we may also have seen a little bit of light snow. temperatures will hold or slowly fall throughout the day with temperatures expected to be in the low teens early friday night. from there things will keep trending colder for the weekend with the coldest air arriving monday morning when we could see morning lows in the 15-20 below zero range with wind chills approaching -40. as far as snow goes we may see a little bit saturday night into
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3 3 still to come tonight... even as isis launches another major terror attack on a major city, the group is *losing* ground in its home base. 3 what this means for the fight *against* isis, coming up
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3 3 a busy day in the war on terror... as isis tries to launch another massive attack on a busy city.jonathan elias has the latest developments in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington... i'm jonathan elias... at least two killed.. and more than a dozen hurt in explosions and gunfire in jakarta, indonesia.isis is claiming responsibility for
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a starbucks... while gunmen attacked a police station nearby.the u-s embassy in jakarta issued an alert to u-s citizens in the area... telling them to stay put and avoid the area until further notice.jordan's king abdullah says he's onfident isis can be taken off the battlefield soon. abdullah says the fight against isis is part of a larger battle against islamic extremism.... and says that battle, could be a generational one.and -- a second aid convoy in a week entered the rebel-held 3 syrian town of madaya.the u-n reported finding "horrifying conditions" when it arrived on monday.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. 3 despite capturing headlines and carrying-out recent bloody campaigns... experts say *isis* has *lost* a good deal of its conquered tonight's safe and secure report, national correspondent jeff barnd examines *what* isis actually lost... 3 and what one expert says is needed *now*... to defeat the islamic state. 3 /nat/ recent strikes worldwide by isis keeps them highly-visible... but terror
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*lost* nearly 15% of its land holdings in 2015 to coalitions forces/sot/paul salem "definitely it is good news. anytime they lose territory /butt/paul salem "the more that can be closed down, the better that is" /helptrac map/ areas lost by isis a large chunk of syria's northern border with turkey, where isis smuggled jihadists and supplies over the turkish border the iraqi city of tikrit and a stretch of highway between raqqa and mosul *the* main pipeline for transferring isis soldiers and supplies./sot/paul salem"but when you're talking about such a dangerous and heinous group like isis, containing it while it's continuing to survive, is in and of itself not good news. that's bad news 1/bridge/ bad news in the sense that *despite* losing territory, experts say isis will still take some time to defeat and *one* reason for this according to the heritage foundation, the lack of u.s. advisers on the ground in iraq and syria. /sot/phillips "the u.s. needs to embed advisors with those groups to get closer to the battlefront .. to get better intelligence."
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according to phillips is *also* needed.. to cut off foreign fighters from joining isis ranks./sot/ phillips - "more than 25,000 have flowed there to join isis. so the quicker isis is defeated militarily, the sooner that flow of foreign fighters will dry up."/vo/ this loss of isis terrority may come as good news but there's still *much* to do /sot/paul salem -they're still around, they're still powerful, and they are not about to be defeated unfortunately anytime soon." /vo/ in washington im jeff barnd reporting. 3 despite isis losing *some* territory, it made some significant gains as well. last summer, isis seized several strongholds in syria 3 3 seven of the leading republican presidential candidates held their sixth televised debate this evening.tonight's debate took place in north charleston, south carolina.senator rand paul and carly fiorina were excluded from the main stage... with paul boycotting the event entirely in favor of an online town hall with supporters.the seven candidates who did take part discussed a range of policy
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shots at president obama and hillary clinton. 3 "christie, "tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama and it sounded like everything..amazing"bush, "if she (hillary clinton) gets elected will be between white house and the courthouse." cruz, "the good news is the next commander in chief is standing on this stage" (applause)"the next republican debate will take place january 28th in des moines. 3 sticky notes...spreadsheets... how do *you* keep track of *your* farm? 3 we'll meet an iowa hog farmer with a new computer program designed to help you keep your farm running smoothly. that's next... in "proud to
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3 there's a lot of stuff to keep track of when you're running a farming operation.but now an iowa farmer has a computer program he says will make that job a whole lot easier.we're heading up to derrick sleezer's family farm near aurelia, iowa this morning to check this week's "proud to be a hometown farmer.""any time you see a feed line not running, that to run out of food for a while, and we don't want that." those pigs need to eat a lot. president of the national pork board should know...derrick sleezer here...and his family...raise about 15,000
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efficient work on the farm... sometimes you need to log on to a computer."it works great on a tablet, all it needs is internet access."derrick's talking about barnvista.he helped develop it."you can access it anywhere, it doesn't take any software, it's all web-based with a log-in or password."it's kind of like a farm management system...on your brings together almost everything involved with the day-to-day operations of a farm.stuff you might not think maintenance...the things you might write down...then forget about."otherwise it'll be on sticky-notes, or voicemail or emails. this way it's all in one area that you can continually review what is out there and what is being completed and getting done." like maintenance."if you have some maintenance that needs to be completed on a facility or an area that you ahve the area to create a work order, that there's an action that needs to be taken, then hand it over to maintenance to get the
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actions are done barnvista will let you can help your operation get ready for you can relax a little bit...knowing everything you need is in one place.derrick says it's easy to start using barnvista... just log on to barnvista dot com.barnvista isn't pay a subscription fee to use it.if you think of a farmer that might be great on "proud to be a hometown farmer" tell us about them!you can nominate them on our web site...siouxlandnews. com.or you can e - mail me... at j - h hler at siouxland news dot com. 3 3 west lyon and sioux center square off in a boys and girls doubleheader. we've got 6 high school games for you. 3 and the last time these two met iowa knocked michigan state from the number one spot. they couldn't do it again at michigan state ... could they? chris is next with
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3 3 3 the rematch is finally here. 16 days removed from the hawkeyes knocking msu from their position as the number one team the two teams met again. this time in east lansing.spartants star denzel valentine's first start since injury 1) very first play of the game valentine with the three he had 14 pts, 4 rebs, 5 assts spartans up 3 2) mid 1st, iowa up by 5 jared uthoff (you-toff) shows the range with a 3 ball he had 15 pts, 10 rebs hawkeyes go up by 8 3) 30 secs later , iowa up by 8 peter jock coming off the screen and hits the three hawkeyes up 26-15 4) final 20 seconds 1st half, wait a sec iowa's up 20! off a turnover jock gets the pass up ahead for the the dunk hawkeyes up 22 at half 5) 2nd half, iowa up 19 the pride of south sioux! mike gesell (gah- zelle) keeps attacking getting ...the bucket and the
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hawkeyes up 58-376) final minute , iowa up 15 jok with the drive and the finish (jock: game high 23 pts, 3/5 from deep) hawkeyes win 76-59. 3 muskies trying to end their two game skid visiting lincoln tonight. and this is how they did it. they scored early and held on. remember they had been shut out in the past two games for just the second and third time through the season's first 31 games. goals by matt steeves and teemu pullkkinen in the first period were the difference. goalie cam gornet was terrific making 38 saves on 39 shots.muskies would add an elly tolvanen empty netter and win it 3-1! 3 sioux center just fell out of the ap top ten. hosting a west lyon team that's lost three of four.1. sioux center gets on - the board first.. tyler van beek hits the three.. warriors up three to nothing.2. west lyon comes right back.. isaac heyer inside for the layup.. warriors up one.. three to two. 3. sioux center's marcus winterfeld hits the three. warriors up six to two.4.
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center up ten to four.. west lyon's colton hage hits the three.. ten to seven warriors. 5. than west lyon's isaac heyer hits a three.. game tied at ten and....west lyon wins 73-70! 3 hinton on a 2 game skid visiting west who's on a 3 game losing streak.1) first quarter, west is up 6 zip hintonon 1000 poininscorer jay small, drives the base line for the layup. west up 4 now. 2) next possesion, brandon vondrak passes it to small, and from deep... just like that the blackhawks are down by 1.3) later hinton is up 1, cliff mccray of west gets the steal and go all the way for the layup to make it 8 to 7 west.4) fast forward to the 2nd quarter, mccray again, gets the steal and the layup extending the lead to 3.5) next play, noah mcwell steals it and mccray is open. the freshman will add 2 more points to make it 14 to 9 west. west wins 71-51. 3 ten and one sioux center hosting west lyon who's no slouch at 8 and 3! 1) fourth
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sioux center's alexis toering with the drive and the layup.. warriors up 48-46.2. sioux center on the break.. easy layup for jordyn van maanen.. warriors up four. 50-463. after that it was all west lyon.. here kate groeneweg with the nice drive and layup.. wildcats within two.4. later in the fourth.. west lyon's chaydon metzger with the steal and the layup.. she's fouled.. she makes the free throw to put west lyon up one 51-50. west lyon would hit there free throws at the end and they go on to the 69-63 victory! 3 the number one ranked team in south dakota is not exactly who you'd pick to try and end a three game losing skid to. but heelan had to try! late first half nowowheelan down 28-17. taylor ferguson with the drive and the hoop!2) second half now grace hanno working the give and go with kierrah llanos! warriors still
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check this out! in midaiw hannoh with the jumper! that was sweet! 4) late third quarter off another inbounds lexie stolen! they call her that cuz she drivevelike it's stolen! sacrafices her body on that play! ! but washington wins 60-46. 3 5 and 6 lemars visiting 6-5 moc-floyd valley.1. pick up action with less than twenty seconds to go in the game.. lemars trails by two..madison dreckman misses the three but jen schneider is there for the putback.. game tied at thirty- nine and we go to overtime.2. in o-t.. m-o-c's breana schuiteman misses the layup but morgan de jong is there for the putback.. m-o-c up forty-one to thirty-nine.3. lemar's annie ellis hits the three.. bulldogs up forty-two to forty-one.4. m-o-c comes right back and goes to de jong for the layup.. m-o-c floyd valley up forty-three to forty two and the dutch win in overtime 46-42. 3 north and east both coming off wins over council bluffs team. meeting up at north high school.1) off the opening tip rylie zyzda with the hoop and the harm! east up 3-0 after her free throw.2) north would build an 11-1 lead in the first so they went to work off
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graham with the putback! those two had 12 points each.3) next posession for east they break the press and taylor copple fights for her own rebound and puts it back in!4) north comes right back on their next posession. maycen shueth down low to graham who puts it in again. east was up 15-6 at that point.north comes all the way back! they win it 44-42! 3 3 3
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