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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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wauran, thank you for joining us on this..*very chilli* sunday night. definitely a reminder that we are in the heart of winter. 3 meteorologist kayla novak joins us kayla, when is siouxland getting a break from these bitter cold temperatures? 3 wind chill advisories for most of siouxland are still in effect until moinday morning. make sure to bundle up! actual temperatures will be near ten below zero with wind chills between -20 and -30 degrees tonight. another chance for snow will move in late monday night through tuesday. after that things seem to be quiet and dry with a small warm up. 3 a midnight house fire has claimed four lives in boone county, iowa. 3 3 that fire broke 3
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house fire has a midnight 3 a midnight house fire has claimed four lives in boone county, iowa. 3 that fire broke out around 12:45 am today in the town of boxholm. boone county sheriff's office say the entire house was fully engulfed in flames. the fire so fatal, they requested help from surrounding fire departments in the area. when firefighters made it inside the home, they found the bodies of four victims: 27-year-old amber sorenson 9-year-old riley sorenson 6-year-old autumn sorenson and 4-year-old brayden sorenson. they were
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examiner's office in ankeny. state fire marshal says, the cause of the fire remains under investigation. 3 iowa's governor is asking the legislature and courts to come up with a more fair justice system for juveniles and minorities. 3 governor terry branstad is proposing a couple of changes. *major* offenses committed by juveniles would still be a matter of public record. but it would be up to the judge to decide whether information on *minor* offenses would be made public. 3 "and then the problem is once you get labeled a delinquent, then you have a criminal records. it's difficult to get into college, it's difficult to rent an apartment, it's difficult to get into the service, and that haunts them the rest of their life."the racial disparity in iowa's corrections system is also the highest in the nation. blacks make up about 3 percent of the state's population... but about 17 percent of the corrections
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3 "and the courts are working on this too make sure we have diversity in the jury pools, so that when we have a trial and we have a minority person that they are truly being tried by their peers."branstad adds he meets quarterly with the leadership of the n-double-a-c-p to try and address the problems facing minorities in iowa. 3 3 the sioux city camera club hosted their siouxland images presentation this afternoon.the event took place at the lewis and clark encounter center. a gallery has been set up for the sioux city camera club, which has been in existence for a hundred years. the exhibit features 34 images depicting unique landmarks and characteristics of sioux city. 3 3 3 ahead of the iowa caucuses on february 1st, new jersey governor chris christie held a town hall meeting in sioux city today.that townhall was held at a packed buffalo alice restaurant and bar in downtown
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off talking about his political experience as governor of new jersey, and then took questions from the audience on a number of different topics including, what to do with syrian refugees, changing legislation to put less violent drug offenders in jail..instead putting them into rehabilitation facilities. 3 "this is way iowa and new hampshire are so great, because you all show up. and you listen. and you ask really good questions. and your minds are open, and then you are going to decide. every pollster and pundit who thinks they have you figured out just isn't right, you've surprised a lot of people before."during his stop, christie also spoke about how to address mental health issues in the united states. 3 meanwhile, another republican presidential candidate also in sioux city earlier today. dr. ben carson made an appearance at sunnybrook community
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the moment and, for many, unexpected. carson knew he would be in town on a sunday and asked to attend a service at sunnybrook.the republican candidate also took time to take pictures with congregation members after the service was over. 3 supporters for democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders, gathered for the democratic *debate watch party* at the holiday inn on gordon drive.before the big debate, volunteers played trivia games, took photos in a mock bernie sanders' photo booth and held a mock caucus. 3 "we want everybody to know what they're doing, so when they go in to caucus they know how to talk to people, they know how to delegate, they know how to say hey, you know what, this is what my candidate is offering. this is what we are offering to you, and this is what he's going to provide. "for those interested in learning more about the caucus system, or volunteering for the sanders campaign you can visit their sioux city office at 1918 pierce street.
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3 taiwan has elected its first female president.psy- ing-wen will lead her opposition democratic progressive party into office, after 8 years of the pro-china nationalist party. china is already warning of what it calls "grave challenges"kristie lu stout reports. 3 stella han works in shanghai as a consultant.but she flew back to taiwan just to cast her ballot for change.(stella han, taiwanese voter) " i am already working in shanghai for 60 years but election year is important for taiwan and i still want to feel connected to taiwan."she is one of scores of taiwan citizens who have returned home for the vote.many pinning their hopes on this woman.a landslide victory for tsai ing-wen, of the opposition "democratic progressive 3 party" or d-p-p.she is known as "dr. tsai" after completing a phd at the london school of economics.dr. tsai is staring down an array of challenges:a stagnating economy...and an
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work with china, while asserting taiwan's own identity.many voters were angered by this viral video... a taiwan pop star forced to bow and apologize after waving the taiwan flag at a recent performance.(hung-wei lee, 26 year old male voter, dpp supporter) "because the election is very important for taiwanese -- we want to come close to china or we want to be taiwanese. i want to be a taiwanese. that's the reason why i voted dpp for the president."(kristie lu stout, cnn correspondent) "i talked to many voters today and they say they have the right to say they are taiwanese and to wave the taiwan flag. how do you plan to assert taiwan's identity on the world stage? (dr. tsai, taiwan president) this incident serves 3 us a reminder to me that the most important thing for taiwan is the unity and strength us only through strength we can gain more respect and protect our people and our democratic way of
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sentiment has fueled a rising youth movement.the "third force" parties had a strong showing at the parliamentary polls.they are led by, among others....huang guo chang, an occupied the parliament building in 2014...and death metal rocker freddy lim. colorful candidates in a boisterous election that's in sharp contrast to the one-party state next door. taiwan is a vibrant democracy. and it's a young one. 2016 marks 20 years since taiwan after casting her vote, stella han flies back to shanghai on sunday.3 she says it was well worth the trip. 3 still to come on siouxland's called "america's most wasted runaway spending" highlighting 51-examples of taxpayer an exclusive interview, our correspondent sharyl attkinson sits down with senator john mccain as he
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3 wind chill advisories for most of siouxland are still in effect until moinday morning. make sure to bundle up! actual temperatures will be near ten below zero with wind chills between -20 and -30 degrees tonight. another chance for snow will 3 move in late monday night through tuesday. after that things seem to be quiet and
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3 and when we come back, president barack obama makes a statement on the progress of the united states-iran he's championing the use of diplomacy for progress and the beginnings of improving relations between
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3 3 in this week's follow the money on full measure a new report "america's most wasted: runaway spending." it highlights 51 examples of taxpayer waste, adding up to 27-billion dollars-as identified by senator john mccain who spoke with sharyl attkisson about his findings. 3 sharyl attkisson: the national endowment for the arts awarded $25,000 in a grant for garbage art for something called "something rotten"? sen. john mccain: it's a garbage art is what they were, happen to be
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various depictions of garbage in certain locations and certain views of it, you know, remarkable.sharyl: the national endowment for the humanities awarded $600,000 for a two-hour film on walt disney?sen. mccain: well you know, walt disney isn't well known enough in america, as you know. after all, we, my generation and later generations, we grew up on walt disney. so why you would have to spend $600,000 to further educate the american people? we all love walt disney, i mean after all. sharyl: the national institutes of health awarded $51,000 to study drunk zebra finch birds?sen. mccain: the zebra finch birds. first of all i'm not familiar with (what) a zebra finch is, but i mean it's hilarious to see if they've changed the tone when they're under the influence. well i, my tone, well
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it makes you laugh and it makes you cry. sharyl: and about those zebra finches. the study did find that birds loves booze and when they're drunk, they tend to sing off key. shocking. and we paid over $50,000 to find that out. i'm sharyl attkisson for full measure. 3 a historic weekend as some key economic sanctions on iran were lifted.this as several americans detained in iran finally make their way back home.karin caifa reports. 3 (president obama) "the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all of our differences with iran. but still, engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues." president obama on sunday hailed the powers of diplomacy in dealing with iran and its nuclear ambitions.years of isolation may now be a thing of the past as some crippling
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lifted.iran's president hassan rouhani said the deal -- in exchange for checks on its nuclear program -- was a tool for the progress, growth and development of the country. (hassan rouhani / iranian president / translation of: ) "today is a historic day, an exceptional day as well in the political and the economic in the nation of iran."saturday, secretary of state john kerry met with iranian foreign minster mohammed javad zarif in vienna - after a u-n agency verified iran had completed the necessary steps to restrict its nuclear program. and just after that meeting, u.s. officials confirmed that iran has freed five american prisoners -- detained in separate cases, some as early as 2011.four were part of an exchange, including washington post journalist jason rezaian charged with espionage in december 2014 following 5 months in detention.the plane carrying the americans.. one
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soil.(president obama) "to my fellow americans, today we are united in welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who in lonely prison cells have endured an absolute nightmare." 3 3 still to come on siouxland news tonight...if you see more older women giving birth..there's a reason for that.we'll show you details from a new study about first- time motherhood..and how the impact is has on women's health. coming up. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.3 throughout my life, i've inadvertently called a "ma'am" a "sir." and a "sir" a "ma'am." i've called my children by the wrong names. a few times, i've called one or more of them "sophie." sophie's our dog. mistakes happen. that's life.but make that mistake in new york city and you could be slapped with a 125,000-dollar fine. but only if the subject of the error is a transgender. or - as city officials refer to them - "gender non-conforming
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commission on human rights has released guidance on gender identity. it warns employers, . . . landlords, . . . business owners . . .and even the general public they could face astronomical fines if they violate any of the commission's political correctness rules.if the commission deems your behavior is intentional then fines skyrocket to 250,000-dollars. there's more.there's no limit to the amount of compensatory damages the commission may force the offender to's not just for referring to a "him" as a "her". other violations include failing to allow transgenders to use whatever bathroom or locker room they choose. or for imposing office dress codes. and not providing health benefits that cover gender- affirming care - whatever that is.each year, more people leave new york than move into the state. this . . . may help explain comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.
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3 a new reason to exercise and a national task force offers its final recommendations on breast cancer screening. kenneth craig takes a look back at some of this week's top health stories. 3 the us preventive services task force recommends women get a mammogram every other year starting at age 50.the
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effective for women in their 40s, but women should make a decision with their doctors. the american cancer society recommends women start getting yearly mammograms at age 45. (wipe vo)a woman who died in sierra leone has tested positive for the ebola virus. the results came just after the world health organization declared an end to the deadliest ebola outbreak .the ebola virus has killed more than 11-thousand people, mostly in west africa.(wipe vo) (tues)and researchers in australia say regular exercise may reduce lower back pain by about 35-percent. doctors looked at more than 30- thousand people and found patients who exercised and also added back pain prevention education had even better results.those are some of this week's top health stories.kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. 3 new data shows women are waiting longer to become mothers.the c-d-c says its been rising for the last 15- years.andrew spencer has the details in today's health
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3 the average age of women having their first child has risen to 26.that's the word from the centers from disease control and prevention.back in 2000, it was just under 25-years-old... by 20-14... it had risen to 26.researchers partly because there are fewer mothers under the age of fact, the teen birth rate has hit an all-time low.economic factors also play a role... with an increased number of women putting off motherhood for higher education or a career.this also has ramifications for the u-s population.having children later in life means fewer child-bearing years, and therefore, fewer area of concern, doctors say older women having children increases a mothers risk of complications... like gestational diabetes, and passing on genetic defects.for today's health minute, i'm andrew spencer. 3 and when we come back, kayla's got all your sports
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