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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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siouxland elementary 3 children sing the praises of doctor martin luther king. 3 3 it's been nearly 50 years since his murder in memphis... but dr. martin luther king junior's impact continues to be felt in sioux city celebrates the civil right's leader's birth... and works to continue his legacy. 3 "...i'm going to let it shine." 3 second-grade students at morningside elementary school kicked celebrations this morning with a concert dedicated to dr. king and the civil rights movement.this morning's concert is part of a monthly series at the school... but it was special because of the theme of the music performed. 3 "i hope that they learn that he was pivotal in our history
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his message was to people. so that it will give them a better understanding of acceptance and rights for everyone. "the students held a second performance of their concert this afternoon. 3 the city of sioux city's official observance of martin luther king junior day took place a few hours later at bishop heelan high school.our kayla novak joins us now. kayla... what do city leaders hope everyone takes away rom the day? 3 3 the city wants to continue showing support of the importance of martin luther king day. which is why they held a reflection ceremony at bishop heelan. 3 during the ceremony council member rhonda capron announced this day will become a city holiday starting next year for members of the city's largest workers union, cultural dancers and mime a ao members spoke about their lives as biracial persons and students spoke about what they are doing for others. mayor bob
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is important for remembering that everyone has rights and the ability to be something. 3 "so, i hope that they gain that we need to get along in this country something that seems to be lacking right now. but we need to get along and we need to understand each other and we need to work towards harmony. ."the celebrations of dr. king's life and legacy will continue later tonight... with a concert at the mount zion baptist church on west 7th street.that event 3 3 elsewhere in siouxland... students at morningside college getting involved in the service aspect of martin luther king day. 3 as part of the martin luther king "week of service"... students are taking part in projects to benefit the "support siouxland soldiers"'s project : a blanket- tying event... hoping to creat dozens of blankets for local veterans. 3 "the blalaet tying is just a good project that we can offer for on campus where students can drop in, do a five, ten , minute or an hour or however
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just to contribute back to our local society here."on wednesday... students will put together meal packs for veterans ahead of a "thanking siouxland soldiers" event on fririy. 3 police in norfolk are looking for the suspect in a non- fatal shooting this weekend.just after 3 o'clock sunday morning... officers responded to a reported shooting at a home on logan avenue. they found the remains of a party... and witnesses claiming an unknown person had come into the home and opened fire.doctors at faith regional health services then notified police they'd treated a man who'd sustained a gunshot wound to his foot.the victim's account backed up the witnesses' claims.police *have* recovered the shotgun used in the attack... but have not yet made any arrests. 3 3 and on the topic of guns... president obama's executive orders on gun *control* are the subject of our next "your voice, your future" town hall called "guns in america."this one- hour roundtable will stream live
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com... and be broadcast over the air on our decades channel on channel will take place tomorrow, tuesday, january 19th from 6 until 7 o'clock in 3 3 sioux city fire rescue says they stiti don'n'know the cause of a fire this weekend on sioux city's northside.the house in the 33- hundred block of morgan street caught fire around 5- 30 saturday one was home at the time... but firefighters did rescue three dogs from the home's basement. because of severe smoke and water damage... city officials have red- tagged the home. 3 3 a norfolk home is believed to be a total loss after a sunday night fire.firefighters were called to a home in the 26- hundred block of west benjamin avenue in norfolk just before 11 o'clock.they found the two- story home with fire and smoke coming from the back.all the home's occupants had escaped safely before firefighters took crews an hour totoet e fire under control... a task made more difficult by fririd
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an electrical short in the home's attic caused the fire.. 3 3 investigators in the central iowa town of boxholm think they know the cause of a fire that killed a woman and her three children this weekend. that fire broke out saturday night... and took the efforts of firefighters from 9 separate departments to extinguiui.while the state fire marshal continues to investigate the fire... the local fire chief says he believes a space heater is what sparked that deadly fire. 3 3 3
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mix on 3 sunday.>.>3 3 3 we're two weeks away from the first-in-the-nation caucuses in iowa.they happen february first.since it's been at least four years since anyone's taken part in the process... siouxland news anchor jacob heller has a refresher course on caucusing. 3 on february 1st iowa has a first-in-the-nation chance to tell the rest of the country who we want as our next president.if you've never been
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how it've got to be a registered republican or *can* register that night.just go to your polling place with a photo i - d and proof of where you live...a utility bill or bank statement will work.and you've got to be 18-years-old by election day... that's november 8th of this if you're only 17 now, but will be 18 by then... you're good to've got to be in that rerestration line or signed in by 7 o'clock that night.(kevin) "that's the most tedious thing, we want to get people through and get started by 7 pm."that's when the fun starts.the first thing that'll happen is the presidential preference poll. that's just what it sounds'll pick the presidential candidate you support.and it really shows the candidates who you *don't* support.(rick) "the main function of the caucus is to tell you who can't win, who won't be able to put combination of supporters and issues and momentum that it takes to win the presidency." republicans and democrats do this a little bit differently. democrats have you stand in a
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(rick) "you will literally get up and go stand with the other folks that are pporting your candidate republicans have sort of a ballotot(kevin) "we'll hand out pens with the ballot, you'll write out the last name of your candidate, and then just turn it in."the results will be figured up... then sent to your party's headquarters in des moines.but the night doesn't end after that.both democrats and republicans will elect members to the local committees and decide what issues...or "platform planks" will be brought to the county convention.that happens later this if you *are* going to go out on the first to've also got to remember...republicans and democrats caucus at different places...and it might *not* be in the same place as your voting precinct...the place you normally go to vote.we've got the tools to help you find out where *you* caucus...on our web siouxland news dot com. 3 and if you're still undecided who you plan to support on february 1st... several candidates are planning last- minute campaign stops in siouxland.that list includes
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2008 iowa caucus winner mike huckabee.he will be in northwest iowa on wednesday and thursday of this week.his itenerary includud stops in cherokee, sioux city, le mars, sioux center, rock valley and sheldon.for the full list of times and locations, check this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 british lawmakers held a tense three hour debate today to discuss whether presidential hopeful donald trump should be banned from the jonathan vigliotti reports... that debate comes after thousands of people signed a petition calling for the ban... because of tmp's remarks about muslims. 3 tempers flared as members of parliament debated whether to ban donald trump from britain after he proposed a ban of his own last month."donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims enteting the united states..." more than half a million people across the uk signed an online petition accusing trump
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hate speech" -- and urging the government to keep the presidential contender out of the country."his words are not comical, his words are not funny. his words are poisonous.""you're talking about a candidate for the presidency of the united states. isn't it up to the american people to decide whether his views are objectionable?"trump has threatened to cancel over 1- billion dollars of planned investments in golf courses in scotland if he's banned. "the heated discussion in the halls of parliament was more symbolic than anything . there was no official vote. but petitioners hope it will send a strong message across the pond that trump went too far." "to have someone come to our shores who demonizes all of the muslim community would be fundamentally wrong.""i want to see donald trump to come to our country. i want him to get a sense of the fury and the frustration with his xenophobic remarks."prime minister david cameron called
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stupid and wrong - but said he should be allowed into the uk. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. 3 the leader of britain's labour party said trump has "weird" views - but invited him to visit a london mosque. lawmakers also debated a trump counter-petition signed by 40-thousand people urging the government to "mind its own business." 3 3 the needs of the elderly and disabled in siouxland don't go away just because the weather is bad. 3 coming up after the break... how providers and staff at mercrchome care work to make sure care is available... no matter the conditions. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris neyenhouse."
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3 people in siouxland rely on home care year round... and that need doesn't stop when the weather gets bad.siouxland news repepter kayla novak shows us how mercy with the elements. 3 weather conditions might get bad, but mercy home care patients still need assistance. "there is a whole list of medical reasons why we
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counting onons even when the weather is threateng. so our clinitians do all they can to safely get there." home care nurses are placed within a 60 mile radius of mercy medical center to minimize risk and travel to their patients. before stroms, they will prepare their patients for scheduling changes and the possiblility of a day without home care. "basically what our clinicians do is they prepare for our patients like they would prepare for their own families. not only with
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you have your medications; 3 do you have the supplies that u need? do you have enough food in the home? do you know how to contact people if you did have a problem? " the clinicians will also make sure each patient has enough food in their home and all their communication devices are charged.during storms, clinicians will wear yak- tracks for traction on the ice and salt walkways to the patients home. "many times they get there and they can't get to the door. they have been known to do shoveling and everything else to get to our patients. but the salt i i really a nice safety factor because it not only protects our workers but it protects everyone that goes in and out of that 3 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the
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mix on sunday.>>
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3 3 iowa state dips in the lates mens basketball poll. hear from the coach and his team as they prepare to face number one oklahoma tonight.and iowa is now raraed in the top 10. hear from head coach fran mccaffery on how veteran leaders like mike gassell have propelled them.
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 3 somebody break up the hawkeyes! seriously they beat the team many pundits expect to see in the final four this year, michigan state, *again* last week. and the people who rank the men's basketball teams has taken notice and moved iowa into the top ten.they're raraed 9th to be exact in the latest ap poll. after their latest win, and 82-71 win hosting michigan saturday night, coach fran mccaffery talked about what the veteran leadership has meant to his team. 3 "well here's the thing. everbody keeps talking about the experience and obviously those are our key guys. but we wowodn't be sitting where we are if we weren't getting unebelievable play from uhl,
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baer, and before that neil jones. i still have confidence in christian, i didn't get him in today. i can still go to andrew fleming. but christian was huge in the mimiigans state game. so yeah, it's great that we had four seniors and a junior. but i said from the beginning we would not have success this year unless those young guys came through for us." 3 after a loss to texas and a win over kansas state this past week iowa state moved down from 17 to 19. they'll face the new number one okalahoma tonight. sure that's tough, but it's a chchce for e cyclones to get the type of win that would propel them back up this board. head coach steve prohm and his players know they have to step up quickly. 3 "all great teams go through some type of adversity on the way to something special. i know god's got a great plan for me and this basketball team. i know that in my heart. and so we'll get it fixed." "next game. i mean that's really how you have to think about this league. i mean you're playing the best teams
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is a great opportunity. i know we've got a great coach. we've got great guys in our locker room. and we're going to fight. like i said we've got winners in this locker room so we're going to find a way to get it done." 3 nebraska improved to 11 and 8 saturday with a big win over illinois. the huskerer outrebounded the fighting illini 42-24 en route to the 78-67 victory. husker toughness was not lost on the opposition. 3 "i thought they were tougher, i thought they were smarter. i thought they played more unselfish than we did. i didn't like our quality of posessions offensively. we have no excuse we just did not t it done.""they outtoughed us throughout the whole game especially on the boards. that's inexcusable. we've got to hit, we've got to gang rebound. we've got to do a lot better than we did. they outrebounded us and outplayed us this game." 3 nebraska preps ranks are out and norfolk was number four in class "a" but their loss last week at home to 6-7 lincoln north star boots them off the top ten's some other
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teams. pierce drops from 3rd to 8th in class c-1. still undefeated winnebago stays at number one in c-2. laurel concord coleridge jumps from 10 to 7. guardian angels is your new number nine team. and lutheran high ne falls o o the list. in d-1 randolph, walthill and osmond are still in the top ten. 3 3 3 3
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