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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> pelley: misery in michigan. detroit teachers stage a massive walkouou and lead poisoning flint. we have the governor. is the water in flint safe today? and the president. >> that shouldn't happen anywhere. >> pelley: also tonight, this weather system threatens to turn into a monster storm. palin stumps for trump. >> he is perfectly positioned to make americareat again. >> pelley: stocks take a dive in an ocean of cheap oil. and the reviews are in on jamie foxx's turn as a real-life hero. >> the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i can fathom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening n ns" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tale of two crises in two michigan cities cried out for the nation's attention today and got it.
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to declare a disaster in flint where lead has contaminated the water. and detroit's public schools closed today when teachers stage aid sick-out to protest what they say are descrus drus buildings. first, omar villafranca in detroit. >> reporter: hundreds of detroit teachers who called in sick today were instead protesting outside of the detroit auto show where president obama was a guest. >> i have to take a stand. >> reporter: monica tyson teaches elementary and junior high stutunts. >> my mindset is always to be there for the children toake education possible, but at the same time, we have to also stand up for their rights because they can't speak for themselves. >> reporter: the planned sick-out affected nearly 45,000 students and shut down 91% of detroit public schools. >> stand up! >> fight back! >> reporter: teachers are upset about recent paycuts and
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conditions at their schools. ese photos show just some of the problems-- heavily damaged ceilings and roofs, maggots in the toilets, mice sharing rooms with students. and at one pownt, mushrooms were growing inside a classroom. nine-year-old julia murray says the furnace at her school is broken. >> one time our teachers allowed us to wear our coat, but she wasn't supposed to but she did anyway because she was cold herself. >> reporter: because the district is $550 million in the red, schools are now run by a state-appointed emergency manager. in an interview with cbs last, we darnell earley said sick-outs aren't the right approach. >> the frustration levels are high here but at the end of thth day we still have to focus what's in the best interest of the kids. >> reporter: detroit school administrators are asking a judge for a temporary injunction against the sick-out, but, scott, teachers i spoke with today said they are planning
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thank you very much, omar. in michigan today, president obama said he would be beside himself with worry if he were a parent in flint where the city water is contaminated with lead. in an interview for this weekend's "sunday morning" program, he spoke with leah lee cowan. >> what is inexplicable and inskewsable is once people figure it out that there was a problem there and there was lead in the water, the notion that immediately families weren't notified, things weren't shut down, that shouldn't happen exwmp. it's also an indication of sometimes we downplay the role that an effective government has to play in protecting the public health and safety of people. and, clearly, the system here broke down. >> pelley: that breakdown means that flint's 100,000 residents cannot use their tap water. the silent poisoning began in
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switched from detroit's water to the flint river. the river corroded the pipes, releasing the lead. lead can cause brain damage, especially in children. last night, the governor apologized, and adriana diaz has the latest. >> did you get a water tester? >> yes, i have a bottle.e. >> reporter: this is abbey carradine's new normal-- worrying about water. today, she bottled tap water for lead testing. the state water department says she may not know the results for weeks. >> every morning i wake up, i'm-- we've been going different places taking showers, and this is our life that we live every day. un, it's just been turned upside down. ( applause ) >> reporter: at last night's state of the state address, governororick snyder took responsibility. >> i am sorry, and i will fix it. >> reporter: and he thanked private stlzs for discovering the danger that his own department of environmental quality missed. >> professor marc edwards from
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hanna-attica sounded an alarm. >> this is what was coming out of their tap. >> reporter: professor marc edwards, a water safety expert from virginia tech, alerted the public for the first time this fall that flint's water contained high levels of lead. >> there is no safe level of lead in a child. none. >> reporter: after hearing about edwards' study, dr. mona hanna-attica, a flint pediatrician, discovered that the number of children with dangerous blood lead levels had doubled after flint tapapd into the river water. >> for two years, for almost two years, they were told, you know, the water's safe. it's being tested. we meet all regulatory, you know, guidelines. you can drink water. so there's a huge loss of trust. these are government agencies, whose only job is to ensure water is safe. and they failed. they failed at every level. >> reporter: late today, the governor released e eails showing how his office handled thee flint crisis over the past two years. scott, several show that the
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as far back as february. >> pelley: adriana diaz with some of the emergency water rations there. adriana, thank you. well, you just heard the apology of michigan's governor, rick snyder. this afternoon, the governor told us there is extensive ongoing testing of the lead levels, and wewe thought the public would like to know what those tests are showing. governor, is the water in flint safe today? >> we don't want to consider it safe, scott. i think we've seen progress in terms of improvements in the water test, but until it's been thoroughly tested, including third-party verification, we want people to assume that they should be using filters or bottled waters i i the interim measure. >> pelley: so fair to say you don't know what the lead content is in the water? >> well, again, we don't want people to believe it's safe. extensive testing is going on, has been going on for some time. and we are seeing improvements in the water supply, but we don't want people to believe it's appropriate to drink at this point in time, and that's i
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guard out there working hard. >> pelley: i don't understand why you can't give us the latest testing data and what it shows for the water in flint. what is the number? >> i don't have the number at the top of my head of the very latest data. and it varies by parts of the city. >> pelley: i would think that the governor of michigan would have those numbers at the top of his mind right now. >> until they're in a range that is c csidered safe, i don't actually want to get into the issue of by zip code or by street what the particulars are. >> pelley: do you know how many children have been injured? >> no, not specifically. we do know how many have my blood lead levels inspect range we're talking probably over 100 kids. there could be others, many others, and we're assuming there's a broad universe and that's why we're making sure we follow up with good early childhood interventions, interventions during elementary
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care for years on this to make sure we're following through to do what we can to really make sure these kids get issues addressed. >> pelley:y:et's be plain.. what went wrong in the quality? >> they were too technical. rules. they didn't use enough common sense to say in a situation like this there should be more measures there, should be more concern, and it has led to this terrible tragedy that i'm sorry for but i'm going to fix. >> pelley: if the piems throughout the city are corroded, how do you fix this problem? >> you can recoat these pipes, in all likelihood, and that's why we're going through that process now. we've enhanced the corrosion controls to really put a coating back on the pipes so it can be safely used. as you know, many placein this country do have lead pipes but water comes out safely because of this coating process. >> pelley: in terms of the sick-out in the detroit schools today, what is your message to the teachers? >> i would hope you would stop harming the children. i appreciate the fact that
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different issues, but to do it at the expense of affect the school day for the children, i don't think that's appropriate. >> pelley: flint switched back to detroit's water system. many have called for governor snyder's resignation, but he told us that his responsibility is to stay and meet the crisis. in other news today, kentucky and 10 see got a few inches of snow. there were accidents. there will be ice tonight, but a much bigger storm is in the forecast for the east. eric fisher, chiefy meteorologist at our cbs boston station wbz, is joining us. eric what, do we have to expect? >> well, scott, we are all system goes tonight fair major east coast snowstorm. it wililbe wrapping up the end of this week and the weekend, the weather service getting ready with winter storm watches from arkansas, stretching to new jersey and in that lime green shading, the epicenter for this storm, washington, d.c., and baltimore, where blizzard watches are in effect.
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some severe weather possible along the gulf coast. the storm then moves to the east of the chesapeake, the snow moving into the mid-atlantic on fridid afternoon and evening, and as it really intensifies we get a textbook nor'easter, heavy snow on the coast moving inland, and the snow shield will move up to southern new england and then halt. big snow total here's. in the dark blue shadings, 1-2 feet, and local totals could exceed two feet. and there is a chance of severe storms in places like new new orleans, pensacola tomorrow. >> pelley: two feet, eric fisher, wbz, thank you. one year from today a new president will be inaugurated and a new poll shows republican donald trump is leading ted cruz two to one in new hampshire, less than three weeks before the primary. we have two campaign reports tonight. first we're going to go to major garrett on sarah palin joining trump on the trail. major. >> reporter: sarah palin helps
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from ted cruz over trump's conservative credentials but cruz and trump differ on several,including taxes, governor surveillance, and immigration. >> our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there and put those issueueon the table. >> reporter: like trying to ban muslili from entering the u.s. > we're talking about security. >> i disagree with that proposal. >> reporter: cruz instead wants to halt immigration from country where's isis or al qaeda dominate. on taxes, cruz wants a 10% flat tax for individuals, 16% for businesses. >> there are more words right now in the i.r.s. code than there are in the bible. > reporter: trump keeps much of the tax codod but cuts rates and creates just four income brackets. >> it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. >> reporter: cruz voted to curb government collection of phone and computer records to fight terror. trump wants to reinstate the
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>> i havav always come down on the side of security. to me it's the most important. >> reporter: even if it means doing something to encroach on the bill of rights? >> i hate it. i hate the concept of it, but we're dealing with some very, very bad dudes. >> reporter: i'm nancy cordes. with bernie sanders gaining steam, hillary clinton's top supporters are fanning without this message: >> i think the term "socialist" doesn'n'make it easier to win. >> reporter: connecticut governor, dan malloy, said a socialist nominee would hurt down the road. >> there's a place to carry the socialist banner. there's no question about it. i'm not so sure in swing congressional districts, the most competitive district in america, that's the banner you want to be parading. >> repororr: others brought up sanders' radicic views from the 1970s when he pushed for public takeovers of the oil, gas, even television industries. >> hillary clinton, as i understand it, was a supporter of barry goldwater.
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that was a long, long time ago. >> reporter: sanders says his positions now are right in line with the base. 68% of democrats say they support a single pair health care system, or what he calls "medicare for all." and the socialist label doesn't seem to be a deal breaker. at least not in the primaries. in fact, scott, one recent poll in iowa found that 43% of democrats there would use the word "socialist" to define themselves. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. in pakistan today, four islamic militants stormed a university and they shot and kilild at least 20 people, mostly students. soldiers and police killed the attackers in a gun fight. a suicide bomber in kabul today targeted a mini bus carrying employeees of afghanistan's first 24-hour news channel. seven were killed. 25 were wounded. the taliban claimed responsibility, apparently
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(music) what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> pelley: it was another wild ride today on wall street. the dow plunged more than 500 points but recovered nearly half of, that closing with a loss today of 249. falling oil prices have investors rattled. our cbs news financial contributor r lody hobson is with us. melody, oil clolod today at $26.55 a barrel. what's happening? >> well, oil is basically getting hit by china's shrapnel. the real story is china, and the slowing growth in that country, which has affected all
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caused a glut, which is out there, that has only been exacerbated by the fact that 've gottennretty good at oil production in the united states as well. so that's really the story, the china slowdown is the story. >> pelley: you know, the dow is off a little over 8% from the beginning of the year. what does this mean for the average investor? >> well, here i want to be a voice of caution because we're seeing these headlines that say, "$1 trillion i istock marart value lost." but leles put it in perspective. the typical person is exposed to the stock market through their 401(k) plan. the average 401(k) plan balance in this country is about $91,000. two-thirds of it is in stocks, one-third this bonds. that means, on average, the typical person has lost about $6,000 this year. that sounds a lot better than a trillion. >> pelley: melody hobson, our financial contributor, thanks so much for your insight. >> thanks. >> pelley: stay or go?
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>> pelley: county health officials said today they don't believe there will be any long-term effects from the methane gas leak in the porter ranch neighborhood of los angeles. the gas has been spewing from well since october. mireya villarreal is there. >> shut it all down! people affected by the porter ranch gas leak is swelling. officials have now doubled the impact zone, adding are eligible to relocate. mark morris is deciding whether to leave. >> it needs to stop, and it needs to be shut down, and it needs totoe shut down forever. >> reporter: to stop the leak, the utility company, southern california gas, is drilling down 8,000 feet and using a relief well to intersect leaking pipe and plug it up. crews are being very careful,
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still, soical gas announced they expect to have the leak plugged by the end of february. ngressman ben sherman toured the site. >> you've got to keep trying to seal this until either the field is empty or want leak is plugged. if it just keeps leaking, it goes for a year. >> welcome to our home. >> reporter: the eng family of eight is living out of suitcases in a hotel. >> the kids were experiencing nose bleeds and stomachaches. it was because of them that we actually decided to make the decision to move out and relocate out of porter ranch. >> reporter: state legislators want to immediately stop any new injection wells from being built near the one that is leaking in the hills that you see behind me. scott, they've also filed several bills that would tighten up these safety regulationes for the entire industry and make sure that the cost of this gas leak, which couldeach well over $1 billion, is not passed on to the customers. >> pelley: mireya villarreal
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oscar for his portrayal of ray charles. now he's wininng praise for a live performance in the role of real-life hero. here's carter evans. >> reporter: the drama unfolded monday night in front of foxx house. >> when i got hereto truck was over on its side and it was in flames. >> reporter: the driver, 32-year-old brett kyle, was stilled in. >> reporter: the man who made that 911 calll and an off-duty first responder helped foxx pull kyle from the wreckage as the flames grew. he was traed by his seat belt. >> luckily, a guy pulls up. he has e.m.t. scissors, hits the window, cleared the glaz. i climbed in and i grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seat belt, and as we pulled him out, within five seconds later, the-- the truck goes up. >> reporter: police say kyle, seen here lying on the ground
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and under the influence of alcohol when he lost control and hit a ditch, causing his truck to flip several times before it burst into flames. >> it's all teefers joy. >> reporter: the driver's father, brad kyle, stopped by the scene later to thank foxx. >> it doesnsn matter to me who it was or what they do for a living or whatever, just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i can fathom. >> i don't like tat as heroic. i just look at it, like, you know, you just had to do something. >> reporter: as kyle recovers in the hospital, his family is grateful for the unscripted act. >> you good. >> i bet im. >> comom oman. >> reporter: ...of bravery. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight.
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