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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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i'm diana castillo, larry wentz is on assignment 3 3 sioux city police say 26- year- old austin shriver of luverne, minnesota was arrested just before 1 this morning after a high- speed chase.police first tried to stop shriver at 14th and court street after the plates on the jeep he was driving came back as stolen.when they tried to pull him over... he took off... accelerating to 60 miles per hour as police chased him along 12th street, bluff street and west 1st street... where he crashed into a parked car.shriver was arrested after trying to run from the crash site on foot.he admitted to officers that he was on meth at the time.shriver is charged with eluding, reckless driving, o- w- i and 2nd degree theft.he's being held in the woodbury county jail on 10- thousand dollars bond. 3 nearly 4 dozen siouxlanders are out of a job tonight... after a local call center ends operations.the centurylink call center near the sioux gateway airport took its final
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announced in october that the sioux city center would close... with its work transferred to a center in utah. the 47 remaining sioux city employees were given the option to apply for other jobs within the company... transfer to utah... or accept a severance package. qwest communications opened that call center in 2005... before it was purchased by centurylink in 2011. 3 the omaha tribe of nebraska has gotten its day in front of the supreme court.the tribe is defending itself against a lawsuit by business owners in pender who object to the tribe's attempt to impose a liquor tax on them.they say their businesses aren't located on tribal land, so they're not subject to tribal law.the tribe and two lower federal courts disagree... saying that pender is located on the omaha reservation. the supreme court should make a final ruling in the case sometime before june. 3 3 sioux city police are looking for the person responsible for
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theft.this surveillance video shows the suspect walking into the tobacco hut and using a stolen credit card to make a purchase. police say the victims purse was stolen from a local bar. anyone with information on the case is asked to contact police immediately. 3 every month morningside college and siouxland news are teaming up to highlight a high school student who has gone above and beyond.our jetske wauran introduces us to this month's winner, a 10th grader in sioux city. 3 north high school sophomore gabriella gigaroa says she's pretty soft-spoken, but when it comes to art, she knows how to turn up the volume."it empties my mind and i don't have to think about anything." gabriella was recently awarded the "art student of the month" for her artwork."i decided to combine two pictures. i wanted the moon in the back, and i also wanted the trees and the
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teacher jean farrell describes gabriella as a go-getter, a self-starter and that her positive impact goes beyond the classroom."once a lesson is presented to her, she will take and make it her own.the talented 16-year-old student says her two passions are art and softball."yes, i'm in softball. i'm in fast-pitch and slow-pitch."with a track record like gabriella's, it's easy to see why many see that she goesabove and beyond."i see anyone who's motivated and open-minded to different things, will be a success in their lives, and i feel that gabriellais that person.""and i also want to be a regular veterinarian and go into the u.s. army veterinary corp." standard out 3 and before joining the u- s- army corp, she plans to attend western iowa tech community college.if you'd like to nominate a student, you can do
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news dot com by clicking on the "above and beyond" banner. 3 3
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campaign trail comes after the death of volunteer *braden joplin*.in a one- on- one interview with maria thompson from our sister station in omaha... carson says he will return to campaigning with a quote "heavy heart". 3 "how many times have i dealt with severe head trauma and how many times have i dealt with death? but it never gets any easier."but this time it's personal."here was a young man, 25 years old, most 25-year-olds are not trying to spend all of their time trying to change the country."the presidental candidate is talking about braden joplin who was volunteering for carson's campaign.joplin and three other staffers were driving through atlantic iowa yesterday when the driver lost control of the vehicle.he was rushed to omaha for treatment and died shortly after."it obviously has a profound effect on all of us, not only in iowa but throughout the
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make sure everybody else was comfortable...that everybody else felt good.""boy i tell you we could all learn a lot from just watching his life." carson says it's been hard on his team."there's sadness.but now there's real determination to make sure that this is not a life in vain." "it's brought us all closer together, we were doing good already but i think we're really close together now."a closer team...he says...that will help get him continue the campaign... and get him ready for the iowa caucus."they will always hear the truth, they can expect not to hear a politician.""we just have to recognize that our strength is in our unity." 3 one of tomorrow's events is scheduled near where the crash occurred.. in a statement announcing his return to the campaign trail, carson said quote "our mission going forward is to honor braden as he embodied the spirit we carry forward." 3
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failed to get enough votes to move ahead with legislation that would make it much harder for syrain and iraqi refugees to enter the united statesthe bill, called the safe act, passed the house in november and house lawmakers had been pushing hard to get it to the president's desk. our national correspondent kristine frazao brings us that part of the story. 3 on capitol hill - a sense of urgency to act.rep, michael mccaul/r-texas"we really can't afford to wait. these refugees are coming in, into this country as we speak.rep. buddy carter/r-georgia"terrorist groups have made it clear that they're going to act on the generosity of our country to try to intrude into us."the issue has been front and center in congrees since the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino, ca. as congress haggles over the vetting process, we wanted to know just how many refugees are already here . kf nat sot from briefing - "how many came in 2015?"the state department sent us these numbers:more
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iraq and nearly 17 hundred from syria just in 2015.. president obama has called for the acceptance of 10 thousand more this year.kf standup rotunda"the obama administration stands by its current policy on refugees and warns making dramatic changes to the program would be unnecessary and un-american." john kirby/spokesperson, u.s. department of state"nothing is more important to the state department and to secretary kerry than the safety and security of the american people. that's why the syrian refugees are vetted additionally and with more scrutiny than any other refugee that comes into the united states."but for those who supported a far stricter vetting process, like senator rob portman on the homeland security committee,the whole country should be concerned if the policy stays as -is.sen. rob portman/r-ohio"to bring people into this country who are not vetted makes no sense at this point."i'm kristine frazao siouxland news 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten...the u- s is making a change to its rules of engagement in afghanistan. what it means for the fight
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tonight's world wrap. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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degree mark. look for more of the same tomorrow. we will generally see mostly cloudy skies, and a slight chance of snow as another boundary slides through the region. for the most part our weather will stay quiet but get just a little bit warmer through the end of the weekend. by saturday, highs will top out in the lower to middle 30s. we will be keeping our eyes on a very slight chance of snow sunday night into monday. for now we have escaped the arctic air, so enjoy it while it
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3 coming up after the break on siouxland news at ten...tonight's terrorism alert desk update will feature the latest on a deadly attack on a pakistani university.
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3 3 the war on terror continues tonight... and for once, the focus is *not* on isis.the *taliban* is back in the headlines... after a brutal attack on a university.michele marsh has the latest details in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington... i'm michele marsh.the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack at a university. twenty people were killed, and more than 60 others injured. four gunmen stormed the
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northwestern town, not far from peshawar.the gunmen reportedly began breaking down doors to shoot at students. the man suspected of heading up this attack is the same man who led a taliban attack on a school in peshawar in december 20-14.from the 3 terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michele marsh. 3 3 the u-s military has expanded the ways to fight isis in afghanistan. 3 the pentagon says u-s forces can now pursue isis in the war-torn country.they did not have that legal authority before.under previous rules, the military could only go after isis elements that posed a threat to u-s forces in the area... or served as part of a bigger counterterrorism mission.last week, the state department designated isis in afghanistan and pakistan as a
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the designation led to a change in the rules of u-s forces can go on the offensive and actively go after isis members as a threat to the u-s. 3 as concerns about over- prescription of anti- biotics grow... it's getting more important to correctly diagnose the cause of a sickness.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... what one group of researchers says they've come up with to do just that... more accurately than ever before. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.most journalists shy away from criticizing the children of politicians. it's an unwritten rule of journalistic ethics. the washington post adheres to these rules. until it's politically convenient to ignore them.let me explain.the post was hands-off toward jfk's young children. the kids of camelot were not criticized. lbj's kids were older and out
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and ford's. amy carter was school-age when her dad became president. and the post steered clear of amy.reagan and bush 41 had grown children. teenager chelsea clinton was off-limits. apparently, chelsea has lifetime hands-off status at msnbc, . . . an ideological partner of the washington post. reporter david shuster was suspended from the network in 2008. his offense? he criticized the then-28 year old's campaigning on behalf of hillary.the post had no problem criticizing the twin daughters of bush 43. they were college freshmen arrested for underage drinking. but there was no criticism when college freshman amy carter was arrested.the post has not criticized the obama girls. nor should it.but in 2005, the paper published a rather lengthy take-down of the 4 and 5 year old adopted children of
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nominated roberts to the supreme court.and before christmas, the post published a cartoon depicting senator ted cruz's little girls as monkeys.yup. the washington post won't attack young kids. unless . . . its good politics to do comment, go to
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have developed a blood test that can tell if a patient's illness is a viral or bacterial infection. 3 as danielle nottingham reports... knowing the cause of an illness can help doctors determine the correct treatment. 3 scientists at this lab at duke health have come up with a blood test that can distinguish whether a respiratory infection is bacterial or viral. (sot dr. ephraim tsalik/lead author, asst. professor of medicine at duke)"bacterial infections are ones that are treated with typically antibiotics whereas viral infections like the common cold are typically we just treat it supportively with bed rest, fluids, tylenol."(track 2)dr. ephraim tsalik and his team developed what they call gene signatures - patterns that show which genes are turned on and off when a person is fighting a particular infection.(bridge danielle nottingham/cbs news, los angeles) "by distinguishing between viral and bacterial infections, doctors hope to cut down on the overuse of antibiotics which has led to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs."(sot dr. ephraim tsalik/lead author, asst. professor of medicine at duke) "the more antibiotics someone
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don't need them expose them to other effects on their overall health and also puts them at higher risk of developing resistance to infections later on."(track 4)so far the test is 87 percent accurate .. but the results take about 10 hours. duke is trying to create a one-hour version that clinics can use in the next couple of years. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. 3 researchers say they also expect their test to be useful in identifying viruses as more medications for common viruses, including the one that causes the common cold, hit the market, which they say is likely in the next 5-10 years. 3 3 we've got seven college basketball games for you tonight including briar cliff and dakota wesleyan, a battle of the gpac's top two mens teams. 3 3 and the lady mustangs were down late to mount marty. see if they got the shots they needed to extend their 11 game streak. chris is next with
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3 the top ranked morningside lady mustangs carried an 11 game win streak into their matchup with mount marty tonight.mount marty coming in with a 12-8 record and are 6-6 in the gpac.1) late third quarter the defending national champs down 4. tristan bowl- you with the drive and gets it to go! cuts the lead to two.3) but on the ensuing posession the lancers logan wagner from downtowns she makes it 5 going into the 4th quarter!3) in the fourth less than five minutes to go mustangs down 4. allison bachman with the layin. cuts the lead in half.4) the lancers answer. they shot nearly 50 percent from three. this ones from raquel sutera! 79-74 lancers with 2 to play. 5) under 20 seconds to play morningside down 4. on the inbounds the ball is deflected by sutera but it's off lauren lemkhul! and that would do it! the lancers defeat number one morningside 84-77. 3 number 15 briar cliff visiting number 13 dakota wesleyan! 1)
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trails by one, but mckenzie shipley finds kaylee blake, and the junior center scores two of her team-high 18 points. 65-64 chargers.2) on the far end of the floor, the tigers' amber bray ties the game with a free throw, but missed the second...3) a few possessions later, dwu is holding for one, but the pass is deflected and stolen...4) with seconds to play, tied at 65, shipley lobs the inbounds pass to blake, who banks in the game-winner as time expiredand briar cliff beats dakota wesleyan, 67-65. 3 northwestern women received votes in the latest naia top 25 poll. hosting dordt who is 5-14 this season.1. pick up action in the first quarter.. northwestern's morgan vandersloot drives and gets the layup.. red raiders up sixteen to nine.2. still in the first quarter.. dordt's alissa pollema with the three.. northwestern still up six.. twenty-two to sixteen. game was close all night.3. let's move ahead to the fourth quarter.. game tied at sixty- three with under a minute left.. dordt's kim kroeze with the drive and the basket..
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free throw.. dort up sixty-five to sixty-three.4. five seconds left in the game.. dordt up three.. the defenders intentionally foul northwestern's morgan vandersloot.. she's go to the line to shoot two..she'd make the first and needs to intentionally miss the second.. northwestern's haley birks gets the rebound and shoots a jumper to tie to but dordt's mycah hulst blocks the shot and dordt gets the loose ball and goes on to beat northwestern sixty-six to sixty-four. 3 fourth ranked briar cliff men on a 15 game win streakt visiting number 15 dakota wesleyan in the battle of the top two ranked gpac teams. 1) the chargers' austin pohlen drives and dishes to shane graves, and "2" drives and scores...briar cliff leads 34- 32.2) the home team responds...trae bergh feeds kellen barden, and the big man makes a nifty move and scores, tying the game at 34.3) briar cliff's bryan forbes gets the rebound, erich erdman hustles it up the court...stops, pops
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fourth-ranked chargers outlast dwu, 87-75 it ties a school record 16th straight win! 3 dordt received votes in the latest naia men's poll. northwestern is a half game behind the defenders for overall record. 1. dordt gets on the board first.. leighton sampson with the jumper.. two to nothing defenders.2. northwestern comes right back.. colton kooima with the nice drive and layup.. game tied at two.3. still in the first.. dordt's taylor feenstra with the nice move and the basket.. dordt up fourteen to eight.4. moments later.. northwestern's mading thok playing some d with the blocked shot on leighton sampson.5. later in the first.. watch this sequence.. northwestern's jordan baker with the nice baby hook but as he's running back on defense.. he trips and leaves his man leighton sampson wide open for the dunk.. dordt up eighteen
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northwestern wins 99-86 3 mount marty looking for their first non-forfeit victory visiting morningside looking to end a two game skid.1) and this was a big night for ryan tegtmeier! the mustangs work the ball around and the 6 foot guard knocks down the three!2) back come the lancers they go downtown too. skyler cary with the trey. ties the ballgame.3) tegmeier was just getting started. bio babolola gets tied up so he finds him in virtually the same spot! it's good!4) on the ensuing posession off the lancer turnover mustangs on the break who's that man? you guessed it tegtmeier has three three pointers in the games first minute and a half.5) and then this time its not tegtmeier but blake van ginkel open for three! the bucket makes it win 87-58. 3 after three straight losses a win over western illinois would put the coyote men back at 500.1) in the first quarter, 6 minutes into the game, usd is behehd 2 to 10 to the leathernecks. trey norris passes it to dj davis. he drives in for the shot, and the foul. he would make the
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10-5. he had 13.2) later davis hands it off to casey (kasper- bauer). he makes the 3! yotes only behind 2 now. 3) next possesion, (kasper-bauer) from the top of the key, it's good. he lead all scorers with 26.4) minutes later, western illinios is up 15 to 11. tre burnette gets in a little closer and he kisses it off the glass for 2 points. he lead everyone with 13 boards. usd wins 76-67. 3 3 3
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