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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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repairs.our kayla novak spoke with the owners today... kayla, how much longer do they re- open? 3 3 larry, diana.... the sneaky's chicken restaurant on gordon drive has been closed for less than two weeks... but they are already 60 percent done with reconstruction. 3 the fire was confined to the back shed... which has now been completely removed. the store's owner says they're lucky they only found smoke damage to the restaurant itself... which means a quicker reopening. 3 "my aggressive goal is a week from this coming monday, which would be february 1st. a lot of it will depend on the next three or four days to make sure we are ok to bring food in and get everything started, prep work. "employees and other local companies are helping with the repainting and reconstrustion process. but sneaky's is excited to welcome the community back through its doors. 3 "the community has been crazy involved in this process through so many different
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just been really cool to see how much our little place really means in the community and its affected a lot of people and they are very anxious to get back in and we are very anxious to serve them." 3 sneaky's will also keep some of their iconic signatures on the wall... like "blue collar comedy tour" member ron white's... through the so looks like we will be able to see sneaky's new look in just a couple weeks. back to you. 3 3 tax season just got a little less stressful for a sioux city woman.that's because roberta montanez (mahn-tuh-nez)... seen on the right of your screen... won a thousand dollars as part of an h- and- r block sweepstakes. the tax preparation firm is giving away 1- thousand dollars to a thousand people every day until february 15th. to be eligible to win... all you have to do is file your taxes in a participating office. 3 "it is so exciting to know that we have a local winner here in sioux city. our tax pro was really excited when we
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they actually won. a thousand dollars a lot to everybody we are just really excited for her and her family. "sioux city's winner says the prize comes at a very opportune time for her and her family. 3 "i am going to be giving some to of it to my sister, my dad, my mom, my kids, and also renewing my plates and hopefully fixing the windshield on my car (laughs)"again... this 15th. 3 3 a long- time siouxland lawman is getting ready to retire.south sioux city police chief scot ford has been on the force in the city for more than 40 years... nearly 30 of them as chief. ford will officially retire from the job tomorrow (friday)... 42 years to the day after he joined the department. the south sioux city police department will hold a retirement party for him tomorrow afternoon... starting at 3:30 in the city- county law enforcement center on west 29th street in south sioux. 3 3
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gray?is it going to stay that way chad? 3
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3 3 former arkansas governor mike huckabee continued a campaign swing through northwest iowa today.huckabee held an event at the siouxland center for active generations in sioux city this morning.the former arkansas governor focused on social issues... and says he plans to make 150 stops in iowa this month... hoping to get people to the caucuses on february 1st.his stop in sioux city was attended by about 3 dozen people... including at least one undecided voter. 3 "i have been trying to see as many candidates as i can i am regardless of party i have caught some of the democratic candidates and caught some of the republican candidates. i wanted to hear mister huckabee what he had to say to help me make up my mind. ."huckabee also made stops today in le mars, sioux center, rock valley and sheldon. 3 3 hilary clinton supporters in sioux city got a chance to hear from another high- profile supporter of their
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today.the president of emily's list... an organization that supports pro- choice women politicians... stopped by hillary's sioux city campaign office this afternoon.she says she's supporting the former secretary of state because she is the most qualified candidate... who will fight for women and families. 3 "but to see that first woman president of the united states of america not just as an organization as emily's list but even personally i sort of get butterflies in my stomach."after the event, supporters talked about hillary's growth since her last campaign and how they can get more people to caucus for hillary on february 1st. 3 3 3 an iowa senator has failed in her attempt to block more federal control of streams and small waterways.iowa senator joni ernst led the fight to block the proposed "waters of the united states" rule... implemented by the obama administration. ernst argues the rule would give the e- p-
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all land and waterways in the state of iowa. the president vetoed a congressional resolution of disapproval. and now democrats in the senate have blocked republican efforts to override that veto. meanwhile... the rule has been temporarily blocked by federal courts... who are reviewing states. 3 3 iowa's senior u- s senator was blocked vote.calling the rule an attempt by the e- p- a to stretch the bounds of its authority, grassley lamented the filibuster tactic used to block the veto override attempt."unfortunately," he says in a statement, "political theater has ruled the day, and the democrats filibustered a bipartisan resolution to override a presidential veto and end this massive power grab by the e- p- a." 3 3 nebraska senator ben sasse and oklahoma senator jim inhofe are asking the justice department to investigate the e- p- a over what they call a "propaganda campaign" to support the waters of the u- s rule.the senators cite a
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office report's finding that the agency broke rules on spending taxpayer money on things not approved by a letter to attorney general loretta lynch... they say e- p- a staff are refusing to follow the law and identify the people responsbile for the initial violation... and request an independent investigation of the agency. 3 3 tonight there's word the f-b-i temporarily ran one of the internet's largest child pornography websites... in an effort to catch users. 3 for nearly two weeks last year... the agency says it allowed users to download thousands of illicit images and videos from a government site. it's the third time in recent years the f-b-i took control of a child porn site... but left it online the site had more than 215 thousand users... and 23- thousand sexually explicit images of children. 3 3 thousands of people in the u- s are on waiting lists for organ transplants... and the most in- need organ is a
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3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how a washington man found *his* new kidney... in the office. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 it's a life or death wait when someone needs an organ transplant. a western washington man was in dire need of a kidney, when he received an unexpected email. as reporter molly shen found, his life saver was just upstairs at work. 3 (chatting)steve han and marc eriksen have known each other for 15 years, first meeting in their training class for the social security administration, then settling on different floors of their auburn office building.steve transferred to san diego - and fell ill.[sot steve]"i was not able to walk anymore. anytime i tried to walk a few steps, it made me short of breath." his kidney was failing, putting steve on dialysis - and a 10 year waiting list for a transplant.the wait is a bit shorter in washington, so he moved back, but the men didn't reconnect.marc was on his own
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process to donate a kidney. [sot mark]"at least try. it will make a huge difference in someone's life."when marc learned that 'someone' could be steve, he made an offer in an email.[sot mark]"i said, do you need a kidney? i put an emoticon in there with a smiley face. and you know, turned out he did."(doctor greeting)through the organ transplant program at swedish medical center, the men found out they were a match.of the 121-thousand people waiting for an organ transplant in the u-s, more than 80-percent need a kidney. [sot doctor]"there are people dying every day because they're in need of a kidney. whenever these altruistic donors come forward, they're just neat people."but marc says it's not about's seeing the difference in steve.[sot mark] "it is amazing to see the transformation for him. i just wish i could do it again. i'm keeping the other one. my wife
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3 the surgery was on november 2nd, and both men are doing well. marc says he's completely back to normal - self. 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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pretty darn nice with afternoon highs both saturday and sunday expected to be in the low to mid 30s. heading back to work and school next week, we may have to deal with a decent chance for some
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3 a top high school softball player signs with her college team today. we've got the details.and the explorers re- sign a player who was an mvp-candidate much of last season. chris neyenhouse is
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 last year the x's roster looked like a who's who of the american associations top players. today they announced they got one of those big time bats back for the 2016 season.the club has re-signed of michael lang for a 4th season with the x's and 5th season in professional baseball. with him and shortstop noah perio, last years league leader in hits , the x's have now secured two of t tir top position players back from their record breaking 2015 team. the 27 year old mvp candidate from a year ago finished in the top five in four offensive categories despite missing 19 games due to injury. 3 lang starred for rutgers so it's natural we talk about them next. they're the next opponent for the hawkeyes men's basketball team. now i've learned pretty quickly since i moved to siouxland 8 months ago that it seems you either love em or hate em.
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get around is that the ninth ranked team in the country has a distinct siouxland feel to it. the leading rebounder, adam woodbury used to crash the boards for sioux city east. the leading assist man mike gesell, was setting up south sioux city cardinals before the hawkeyes. tonight they take on a rutgers team that comes in having lost 6 in a row including a loss by 50 on monday against purdue. gessell and woodbury talked about not losing focus as they try to extend their own 7 game win streak. 3 "it's tough to communicate it in words. i think we've learned a little bit from experience even with augustana in pre-season. you know, this is a very good team still and you could lose to anyone on any given night. expecially in the big ten. top to bottom its the best conference in college basketball. you cannot take a night off especially 3 on the road.""like i said that's an anomoly. that probably won't happen to them again the rest of the season. we've got to be prepared for their best shot." 3 that game will be televised
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3 all the hard work put in by lawton-bronson star pitcher lexi binder paid off today as she signed with iowa central community college today. binder has been the eagles ace since 8th grade and has struck out 12-hundred 45 batters in four seasons. the tritons talked about the player they're getting. and the eagles are proud to see her continue her career. today lexi thanked the people who helped her get to this point. 3 "it feels great. i mean it's just nice to know that i accomplished a lot to further it in college and stuff. without my teammates and without my coaches i don't think i'd be here today. " "it's really awesome to see lexi get this opportunity. she's worked really hard i know. it's awesome to see somebody who has worked this hard get rewarded and to get this chance to continue playing.""just really powerful. she also works the zone really well, has a lot of nice movement. really just the
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3 and if you know a siouxland athlete who's signing soon please give me a call or an email. we love going to these and try to get to as many as we can. to the nfl now the top two seeds in each conference square off with a super bowl berth on the line. it's manning versus brady as the pats visit the broncos. its time now for our puppy picks brought to you by c&k comfort systems in sioux city we've got a very cute and adoptable puppy from the siouxland humane society here to make the pick. here is diana with more. 3 thanks chris,welcome to this weeks puppy picks, joining us now is christy along with betty from the siouxland humane society. christy you have good news to tell us about skyler who was featured last week. "yes, she's been adopted."that is great news and you were telling us that all of the dogs so far that have been featured on puppy picks have found a loving home. "yes"well, will you tell us a little about betty and you told me something that just surprised me because i thought betty was about two years old. "she's ten."she's ten and you should see how much energy she has, she's just been running around, so, she's very
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very smart."she is."can you talk to us a little bit about the adoption process if maybe someone at home wants to adopt her."um, it's pretty simple. just come down to the shelter, spend some time with them. make sure it's the right fit for you. fill out paperwork application and possible take them home."yeah, so she's, so she's so adorable so hopefully we can her a nice loving home. all right betty, well now it's time to decide who will be the a-f-c champion. will it be the patriots or will it be the broncos? so let's set her down and so let's see who she's going to pick this week. the broncos! oh maybe go the other way. she took the bacon that's what it was but she did pick the denver broncos. so there you have it , you can catch the a-f-c championship game bwtween the patriots and the broncos on sunday. kickoff is at two-oh-five right here on k-meg-fourteen. larry, chad,
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guys to make your picks and by the looks of it chris is beating all of us and is three and oh. back to you guys. 3 3 you just saw betty chose the broncos over the patriots... i'm going with her and taking the home team... chad who are you going with? chad is also going with the broncos. diana is going with the patriots and chris who is 3 and 0 is picking the patriots...c and k comfort system this week is going with new england, they are 0 and 3. and the puppy is 2 and 1. remember betty is up for adoption at the siouxland humane society. we have the adoption information on our website siouxland news dot com. 3 3 3 3
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hours. look for overnight lows to bottom out in the upper teens. for friday temperatures will be a touch cooler with highs in the lower 20s. we should see partly to mostly cloudy skies most of the day, but clearing out by the weekend. the weekend looks pretty darn nice with afternoon highs both saturday and sunday expected to be in the low to mid 30s. heading back to work and school next week, we may have to deal with a decent chance for some snow.>> 3 3
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>> pelley: d.c. deep freeze going nowhere fast in the ice
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stocks up for the blizzard of
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