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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a gun before being shot. the officer was cleared. police were searching for angel after responding to a domestic violence call at his home.he was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder in the case. a judge sentenced him this afternoon to 25- years in prison. 3 south sioux city's long- time police chief is officially "off the clock" ford joined the south sioux police force january 22nd, 1974... and is leaving 42 years to the day. today... the south sioux police department threw a retirement party for ford.he became chief in 1989.. and says he's ready to pass the baton. 3 "we always try and maintain in this department the feeling of family and i think that's probably what's going to be the hardest to walk away from. like i'm losing part of my family or walking away from my family."our jetske wauran was
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she'll have more from the chief tonight on siouxland news at ten. 3 3 nearly two dozen local businesses are teaming up with briar cliff university and the sioux city growth organization for entrepalooza 2016 next month.the 10- day event will kick off february 15th at briar cliff with a lecture from gateway computers co- founder ted waitt.the festival will include a consulting fair, entrepreneur's pitching contest and this year's innovation market. 3 "we want to bring the entrepreneurship culture to thishole community so if you start off with the kids and you follow and mentor those kids all the way up you can keep that entrepreneurship culture in this community "entrepalooza 2016 will wrap up on february 25th.all events are free and open to the public.for more information... including a full schedule... we've got a linknkn this story on siouxland news dot com. 3 people come up with a lot of unique ideas to raise money. but a sioux city fundraiser may *top* them all... so to
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3 people may get to pay for the privilege of rappeling down the 12 story howard johnson hotel in downtown sioux city. it's a fundraiser that big brothers big sisters of siouxland is trying to pull off. you have to raise a a thousand dollars to reserve one of 90 spots for rappelers. rocky welker of big brothers big sisters says the goal is the raise 95-thousand dollars. wells enterprises is the main sponsor of the event... which will take place wednesday june 15th. i bet that'll be a traffic stopper! 3 "i think that this is going to be a one of a kind event, thth is going to be like a once in a lifetime experience that you can have in sioux city, and it's only going to be through big brothers big sisters."a team of experts will be in town next thursday to make sure the checkout the building. we'll let you know what they decide. 3 3
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today.what are the 3 prospects for seeing it this weekend chad? 3 3
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causing mayhem for people in the south as it moves up the east coast. 3 as craig boswell reports... washington dc is preparing to get the brunt of the snow storm. 3 (truck nats )a monster snow storm created treacherous driving conditions during the morning commute from georgia to virginia. (nats snow blower) people used snow blowers and small plows to clear the sidewalks in north carolina. (sot mayor muriel bowser, washingtgt, ) "we have a forecast that we haven't hadad 90 years."this satellite image from nasa shows juststow enormous the historic blizzard is from space. it's expected to sit over washington, dc for the next 36 hours dumping up to 2 and = feet of wet and heavy snow.officials are concerned about 50 mile per hour winds toppling trees on roofs and powerlines.(sot chris geldart, dc emergency managent agency )"this is a life threatening type of storm."boswell bridge: "with the potential for 3 inches of snow an hour, district officials are making main
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routes their priority."(sot lorenzo miller, ddot driver) "get off the streets, be safe, let us handle our business." air travel has been challenging. a united airlines plane skidded off the runway at o'hare in chicago. no one was injured but other airports in the east are suspending service as a prereution.along the jersey shore, it's not the snow but a lunar h hh tide that has residents worried about coastal flooding. while new yorkers are bracing for up to a foot of snow. (david bryfman / park slope resident) "i'm an australian guy buying salt because i'm scared of the blizzard."officials say 50 million people are in the storm's path.craig boswell, cbs news, washington. 3 so far there ve been 5 weather related deaths from the storm. 3 3 the ripple effects from that massive storm being felt all across the country... even here in the midwest. 3 more than 200 flights into and out of chicago's two airports have been cancelled... with others delayed by at least an hour.because of the scope of the storm... most major airlines are allowing passengers whose flights are affected by the weatehr to re- book for free.they advise you check the status of your flight *before* you head t t the airport, if possible. 3 if you're driving in iowa, you might see some bnking blue
5:06 pm reporter vanessa peng shows us... those lights are actually *sensors*... that are being tested by the d- o- t to make the roads safer in the winter. 3 a car totaled after hitting a patch of ice on iowa roads tuesday. a 25-year old ben carson campaign staffer dies in the accidentntthis is the type of crash the iowa department of transportation hopes to help prevent in the future.willy sorenson, iowa dot special projects engineer "anything that we can do to prevent crashes ice related crashes is our goal."for the dot it starts with this small solar powered sensor...called the pateye.willy sorenson, iowa dot special projects engineer "we want to be able to detett it and i ially tell the public, motoring public that hey there's ice forming be aware."the dot is the first in the nation to test pateye warning systems. they have two in one of their ames parking lots.special projects engineer willy sorenson says the devices sense when the temperature is 32 degrees or below and there is moisture esent. that's when the
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peng/reporting"sorenson says in theory these flashing blue lights are a great idea, but in practicality there's still a lot of work that needs to be done."sorenson"they flash too often right now as you see right now actually this one is flashing we just did a temperature measurement it was right at 32 degrees however there is really no moisture around here that can freeze so it's really not a dangerous situation." but that doesn't mean they're giving up. sorenson says s the dot is talking to pateye who is receptive to their feedback. "we're always looking ahead we want to be proactive on our ice fighting skills." 3 3 3 at least 20 people are dead following an attack on a popular restaurant in somalia's capitol.that attack began last night when al- shabaab terrrrists set off a car bomb and stormed the restaurant. witnesses say women and children are among the dead. somali army troops ended a seige of the restaurant this morning.they say of the five attackers... four are now dead and one is in custody.
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activity in somalia in recent weeks... previously targeting kenyan peace- keeping troops. 3 3 a student from the university of virginia is under arrest in north korea this evening... charged with "plotting to destroy north korean unity." otto warmbier (worm-bee-air) was wrapping up a five- day trip through the country when he was detained earlier this month before boarding a plane to china.his arrest comes as washington and its allies are pushing hard to slap tougher sanctions on the country for its recent nuclear test. 3 3 3 dr. ben carson's election campaign returns to sioux city tomorrow... just three days after a campaign volunteer died in a car accident near atlantic.carson will take part in the "revive 7-1-4" event at the orpheum theatre tomorrow at 1.his campaign says the event is a pause from normal campaigning "to put the focus where it should be"... on what god can do for america. 3 "i don't know of any other
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something like this. and just bringing a group of faith leaders together in the community together in unity, i think is so, such an awesome thing to do."the event is hosted by actor kirk cameron... and features a performance by musical group casting crowns. if you'd like a free ticket..we have a link in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 authorities in sioux center have a warning for anyone planning to attend donald trump's event at dordt college tomorrow morning: leave early.the amount of people who rsvp'd to the event online actually exceeds the amount of people who can fit into the authorities are implementing a first- come, first- serve entry policy for people with tickets to the event.the secret service will beandling security for the event... and atndees should expect to pass through metal detectors and have any bags searched on their way into the event. 3 3 coming up tonight on the cbs evening news... reporter steve hartman's "on the road" report
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siouxland connection.tiffani johnson is a young woman with down's syndrome... who is moving to denver this summer to live with her boyfriend.he currently lives in new mexico... she lives in sergeant bluff.we spoke with her this afternoon about their journey. 3 "the best thing about tim.. after he asked me to be his girlfriend, when he asked me, i felt like.. wow! my heart was beating miles per minute, my head was spinning and because i just love the guy and everytime i see him i get emotional because i just love the guy."you can learn more about tiffani and tim's love story tonight on the c- b- s evening news with scott pelley... immediately after this newscast. 3 3 many hospitals across the country have surgical robots that do well on procedures
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abdomen... but what about more delicate jobs? 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll meet a team of doctors in pittsburgh who think they've created a new tool for the task. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 doctors in pittsburgh are performing new, cutting-edge surgery using a new kind of robot. it was initially approved in europe and now in the dr. maria simbra reports... experts say it's changing recovery time for patients. 3 surgeons at the univererty of pittsburgh medical center are the first to use a flexible robot to perform head and neck surgery.(sot dr. umamaheswar duvvuri/upmc) "the concept of flexible robotics is going to be the next revolution , in surgical advancements, surgical science."(track) krista kauffman was one of the first patients to be operated on with the flexible robot. she had a growth on the back of her tongue. without this new tool, she wowod have had a large incisisi in her neck, which uld involve reconstruction and a longer recovery.(bridge) "more rigid robots have been better suited to work on joints or in the abdomen and chest, where there can be more space. but, in the head and neck, the structures are smaller, curvier, and flexibility is a distinct advantage."(sot dr.
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"tumors of the back of the tongue, of the tonsil, even of the larynx or voice box region, can be addressed wiwi thisflexiblelesystem."nats "how is s ur swallowing?" "good." (track)krista is glad surgeons were able to remove her growth with this new less invasive technique. (sot patient) "i thought it was cool.""there's going to be a crater in the back of my throat for a little while. it's going to fill in, and everything's going to be pretty normal."researchers say additional flexible robots are in the works that can be used for other surgeries.dr. maria simbra, cbs news, pittsburgh, pa. 3 researchers from the university of pittsburgh medical center worked together with carnegie mellon to develop the flexible robot. 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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mid 30s.heading back to work and school next week, we may have to deal with a decent chance for some snow on monday. looks like we may see another litttt warm up by the end of next week. highs could reach the lower 40s by next weekend. >>
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3 some iowa state students camping outside hilton hopefully will decide to wait in line a little closer to
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3 3 briar cliff kicks off their big hall of fame weekend with several of their all-time greats in town. 3 it comes on the weekend where the mens team could break the all-time record for consecutive wins. hear how impressed the great players of charger past are with this years squad. chris is next
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 3 game night is back tonight and we are just past that midpoint in the season for most teams
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schools with postseason asasrations.and you could say no game isismore intriguing than class 2a's number one ranked team western christian hosting 3a's number four ranked spirit lake. these two teams went to the unidome in football this past year. and they're looking for a deep run on the basketball court too.all records courtesy of quikstats and maxpreps. and oh yeah, we get the ththd ranked boyden hull squad hosting g st lyon who's just a tick below 500. so we get all three fop four ranked iowa siouxland teams in one night.and 3a's 8th ranked bishop heelan travels to 4a's east who's off to a 10-3 start in an intense rivalry game! west heads to north in another metro showdown.and over in nebraska what a matchup as class c-1's 6th ranked o'neill visits 2's 9th ranked guardian angelslsoakland craig hosts north bend central.on the ladies side here it is again! number 8 spirit lake and number one western christian. hull is the place to be tonight. and wes
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well.remsen union travels to gehlen catholic and spencer pays a visit to le nebraska guardian angels puts eir perfect 16-0 record on the line against oneill. and what a game ast oakland craig at 12 and 2 hosts north bend central at 11-2.and homer welcomes walthill to town. 3 briar cliff's hall of fame weekend comes at a special time indeed. several of the greatest players to don a charger uniform will watch this year's m m's squad try to break the all time recod for consecutive victories when briar cliff hosts nebraska wesleyan this weekend. liz grider, the 2010 naia national player of the year, alex few- ne, a 1993 graduate finishing top 11 in scoring, assists, steals and games played, as well as mario butler from the classof 1979 and the famous panama pipeline that had huge poststeason ccess will all be inducted. butler and fellow hall of famer rolando frazer talked about their late coach
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inducted and what it's like watching this year's dominating team. 3 "that's nice. records, everyone's always trying ot break it. so it's nice of briar cliff doing a good job. because the years i was at briar cliff we were always on top. that's nice.""coach nacke taught me personally to be the best you can not only as an athlete but as a person. and to have two personalities as a player and as a person. everything he said on the court you couldn't take it personal."here's a look a the festivites this weekend. the alumni social will be held at mccarthy and baileys at 7 tonight.tomorrow the women's game against nebraska wesleyan is at 2. 3 the men try to break that record against nebraska wesleyan at 4. butler, funes and grider will be enshrined at halftime. 3 and a reception will be
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7.there will be a memorial service for the late great coach ray nacke sundayat the newman flanagan center. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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have a great evening. >> pelley: the snow's coming down, the warnings are up for the blizzard of 2016. >> they said it's coming. i'm trying to get out of here. >> pelley: also tonight, a new air bag death, for the first
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the recall expands by millions.
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