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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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(driver arrested)and... a man is arrested following a chase that started in sergeant bluff this afternoon. 3 3 one e n is under ararst after a brief chche through sergeant bluff this afternoon.that chase began in sergeant bluff and ended near the sioux gateway airport. 3 3 what we know so far is that the chase began just after 2 o'clock this afternoon and lasted just under 5 ended at the drug enforcement headquarters building on voyager avenue in sioux city. units from the sergeant bluffff police department, iowa state patrol andndhe woodbury county sheriff's office were all involved in the male suspect was taken into custody after the far... his name and any charges he's facing remain unknown. 3 3 we *do* know tonight that two families in vermillion, south dakota are homeless after a fire sunday morning destroyed the apartment complex they lived in.that fire broke out just before 8- 30 in a building on the 12- hundred block of lincoln street in vermillion.
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says the fire was contained to two units... with a third receiving heavy damage.none of the occupants of those apartments were injured... but three pets were killed.the red cross is providing assistance to the affected families. 3 3 fire also destroying a vehicle this morning.crews were callll to the e n- o- s office on outer drive just after 8 o'clock for a reported car on fire in the parking lot.they found a fire underneath the hood of the car... and had to break open the driver's window to unlatch the hood and fight that fire. 3 "responded to a car fire here in the parking lot. got on scene fully evolved compartment fire, engine compartment fire. "crews were able to quickly put thatatire out.t. but the r received heavy damage from the blaze.nobody was injured. what exactly *caused* the car to catch fire is still under investigation. 3 midamerican energy is warning customers in siouxland of another attempted billing scam.the utility says it first heard about the latest version of this scam last thursday
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mars... followed by y customers ininsioux cici on friday.the scammer will call utility customers and threaten to disconnect their electricity unless they immediately pay a supposedly past- due balance with a pre- paid debit card.midamerican says this is not its usual collection process.anyone with suspicions should hang up and call midamerican and police immediately. 3 3 poor weather conditions are getting the blame for a series of accidents in siouxland this morning.sioucity police responded to 10 traffic accidents this morning...with another half- dozen accidents reported by the woodbury county sheriff's office.our photographers saw several cars which had gone off the slick roads this morning... including one that ended up on its roof near the highway 20/ highway 75 intersection in sioux city.most of these incidents took place before any snow even started to fall from the skies. 3 3 3 obviously... some very slippery conditions area this are things looking for tonight kayla? 3 snow moves out of the area early tonight with
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degree mark and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow skies will start to clear with highs in upper 20sthe rest of the week callllfor a big g rm up and clearing skies with temperatures reaching the mid 40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix on saturday.the first alert weather team is also keeping a very close eye on the first couple days of february for our next big storm system. stay tuned!3 3 at least 36 people died in the blizzard that moved up the eastern coast this weekend. 3 today, as craig boswell
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washington, d.c.... it's the big dig out, as cities struggle to return to normal. 3 nats snowblower snowblowers nats shovel shovelsnats bulldozer and bullllzers are a nenessity in the nation's capital monday to clear paths through about two feet of snow. nats truck wheels turning some vehicles still couldn't make it through.nats wheel turning residents helped this truck driver get back to work.sot mos: "we're almost there. we're moving."standup: (craig boswell/washington dc) "huge mounds of snow are piled next to roadsconditions are still so treacherous that government offices and schools in washington closed again monday."sot: (mayor muriel bowser/district of columbia) "we knew that we would have- with 2 2inches of snow in the district a a very cold temperatures throughout the week- several days of cleanup ahead of us."nats dropping snow the piles are just as big in new york city.where almost 27 inches of snow fell- the second largest storm since 1869.sot: (joe paladine/sanita tion worker) "considering it's 48 hours after, people are able to get around, i would say that's pretty good."new york's mayor urged resisints to leave their cars parkekeall week- if you can even figure
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shovel but some new yorkers needed to begin the backbreaking process.sot mos: "it's going to take a while but i'll get through it."nats snowblower it was not an easy monday for millions.craig boswell, cbs news, washington. 3 more than 12- thousand flights were cancelled weekend. airports in the affected areas are starting to get back to normal... but officials say it could take a few days before all affected passengers are 3 3 that blizzard has focused national attention on an impromptue church service involving dozens of siouxlanders. 3 this is a picture of father patrick behm (bame) of le mars... who is on the left... celebrating a mass for hundreds of stranded drivers and passengers on a pennsylviania turnpike. behm was among a group of about 150 high school students from sioux city... denison...le mars... and spirit lake. they were coming back from the arch for life rally" in washington, d-c. 3 "i would say in my three and half years of being a priest it was one of the more incredible experiences i have ever had because this brought together pilgrims from all
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"it's estimated about 500 people from iowa... north and south dakota... minnesota... pennsylvania and ohio took part in the mass. 3 "but it was like an amazing experiences and like so great to be apart of like when we started singing like everyone like their together. celebrating jesus it was awesome i had goosebumps "the six or seven priests went from bus to bus to find enough bread they could use for the communion. 3 3 the stream of republican presidential candidates through dordt college in sioux center will continue this weekend... ahead of next monday's iowa caucuses.former florida governor jeb bush will speak at dordt friday night.his appearance follows events at dordt featuring ted cruz and donald trump.doors for the bush event at the campus center at dordt will open at 5- 45 friday evening... with bush set to speak at 6- 45. 3 3 the next day... kentucky senator rand paul will make a
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city.paul has a rally scheduled to take place saturday afternoon at the holiday inn in downtown sioux city.that event will get underway at noon on saturday. we've got a link to r- s- v- p in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 3 texas senator ted cruz is adding more campaign events in iowa this weekend... and they'll bring him back to siouxland.we already knew cruz would be at iowa lakes community college in emmetsburg on his campaign says he'll be in ida grove and sioux city on saturday.the sioux city stop will be a rally featuring congressman steve king at western iowa tech.that rally will begin at 8 o'clock saturday night.details of the ida grove stop are available in this story online. 3 3 iowa's governor is standing by comments hmade *last* week criticizing cruz.terry branstad said he hopes cruz is *defeated* in iowa's caucuses next week... and says the candidate's positions on ethanol subsidies and the renewable fuels standard are bad for the
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governor said just because he's *not* supporting cruz doesn't mean he's endorsing a specific alternative. 3 "i'm not backing any candidate, i'm just advocating on behalf of my state and recognize that renewable energy is critically important the econonic growth and success of this state."branstad's comments at last week's renewable fuels summit drew condemnation from cruz, congressman king and other republicans upset the governor was breaking with his traditional neutral stance. 3 3 the governor's criticism of cruz not stopping the texas senator from winning the support of one of branstad's former colleagues.former texas governor r rk perry... who abandoned his own presidential campaign last september... announced his support for cruz this morning in an interview with politico.perry says cruz is "by far... the most consistent conservative" of the top tier candidates nomination. 3 3 that opinion not shshed by
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s moines register and oux city's own jourl have come out in support of florida senator marco rubio to win one week from tonight.citing rubio's strong conservative positions lanced with a "realistic" approach on several important issues... the journal says he is better positioned than any other gop candidate to expand the republican base and bridge the political divide in washington. on the democratic side, both papers also agree hillarar clinton is a better choice than bernie sanders. 3 3 those endorsements coming to late to be reflected in the latest poll numbers from c- b- s and fox news... both of which show a return to the pole position for donald trump. the fox poll puts trump at 34 percent in iowa... compared to 23 for ted cruz, who l the lala poll two weeks ago o with 27.c- b- s shows trump with 39 percent to cruz's 34 amongst likely republican caucus- goers.on the democratic side... the c- b- s poll shows *sanders* taking a 1- point
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fox has yet to release numbers from its poll of democrats. 3 3 coming up after the break... if you're having g trouble sleeping... your *diet* may b b part of the reason why. 3 in tonight's healthwatch... we've got some advice on what to *eat* to guarantee a good night's sleep. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 a lot of folks have trouble getting enough sleep each siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us...what you eat can have a big effect on how you sleep. 3 just under half of the american population say they have issues sleeping at night. mercy's clinical dieticians say that having a balanced diet can promote better sleep "so its really important to make sure you are eating several times during the day and just having a well rounded diet is going to help promote sleep too." you can start with choosing whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. some good choices for lean oteins incncde chicken without ththskin, tofu and low-fat cheeses. "try to grill, broil or bake your meats, and try to avoid frying// if you do occasionally fry, try to
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oils, maybe use olive oil or canola oil."some healthy fat sources are fish, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. whole grains can be found in breads, crackers and evev popcorn.. but be sure to read the ingredient label. "for example, there are some breads that maybe appear wheat or whole grain but they may just have some carmel coloring that make them appear to be wheat or whole grain but they may not be." also be aware of beverages with hidden sugars and caffeine. "well it is probably best to drink your caffeine in the morning, you ow, maybe a little in the afternoon. but maybe by 2 or 3 o'clock maybe think about discontinuing that caffeine especially if you are very sensitive to it." if you choose to have a bed time snack, make it small and have it an hour or two before bed. a few other things for better sleep are exposure to light, excersise and a positive attitude. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 still some flurries out there
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big warm up is ahead. i will have more details on that just
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3 3 3 3 kayla, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecastst 3 snow moves out of the area early tonight with temperatures near the 20 degree mark and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow skies will start to clear with highs in upper 20sthe rest of the week calls for a big warm up and clearing skies with
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40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix on saturday.the first alert weather team is also keeping g a very close eye on the first couple days of february for our next big storm system.
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3 3 the cyclones try to make history tonight when they host kansas in a battle of two of the big 12's best basketball teams. see how *recent* history is on their side. 3 and after two more wins this past week the hawkeyes are rewarded with a big boost in
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has the details next in
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 here at kmeg our chief meteorologist is a jayhawks fan, our chief photog bleeds hawkeye black and gold. and larry here knows the cyclones like ththback of his hand. so where do i start? all three have reasons to be pretty pumped this week beginning with tonight's matchup of number 14 iowa state hosting number four kansas. 3 it's the first meeting between these two since last year's conference tourney finale and pits two of the big 12's top three scorers against each other when the cyclones george niang faces the always well dressed perry elels of kansas. the jayhawks have lost heir last two road games too. 3 3 3 3 history is on the line tonight because the cyclones have won three of the past four
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the most recent being that big 12 championship game. and no big 12 squad has *ever* beaten a bill self-coached team four out of five. 3 now are yoyoready for a world ere the hawkeyes men's basketball squad is the third ranked team in the country! cuz *that* is the world we are living in today! the new ap poll just released has black and gold one slot ahead of the afformentioned jayhawks thanks to another big time win against now 21st ranked purdue last night and rutgers last week. next up for iowa is a trip to 8th ranked maryland thursday. following the win yesterday east grad adam woodbury and south sioux city alum mike gesell talked about what it's taken to get to 7 and oh in conference play. 3 "i think we have a very mature team in that respect. we know we're in the drivers seat right now. we know we're playing very well. but at the same time we're not even halfway done with the big ten. so it doens't really mean anything yet. our ultimate
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championship so we're just going to continue to work hard and try to get better every single day and let that affect the play on the court.""it means a little bit now but it will be more later. we're excited too to get to 8-0, 9-0 and further on so right now it just means one game at a time for us. we're not really looking too hard at our record. just trying to take it one at a time."gesell: "yeah and you know, i think we bring a confidence to the team that is very contagious. we know what it takes to win and are confident every single game that we can win it. and even when we're down we're going to keep plugging along and try to build it back one piece at a time. and i think we've been leading this team very well and then the young guys are really, really stepping up." 3 nebraska high school basketball rankings are out now courtesy of nebraska preps. norfolk still not ranked in class "a" after falling off the list last week. in class c-1 pierce moves up from 8th to 7th.
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still number one in c-2. guardian angels still at 9th. ponca back in the top ten. in d-1 randolph drops from 5 to 7. walthill and osmond stay at 8th and 9th respectively. 3 3 3 3 3 snow moves out of the area early tonight with temperatures near the 20 degree mark and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow skies will start to clear with highs in upper 20sthe rest of the week calls for a big warm up and clearing skies with temperatures reaching the mid 40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix on saturday.the first alert weather team is also keeping a very close eye on the first couple days of february for our next big storm system. stay tuned! 3 3 3
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