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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"this is suxland news at ten on kmeg 14." 3 3 citizen concerns are bringing a temporary halt to plans to expand cell coverage in sioux city.the city council making that decision after receving a petition at tonight's council meeting. 3 3 the city was considering authorizing construction of a 150- foot tall cell tower in the 900 block of south ruston street.neighbors in that area collected 33 signatures on a petition asking cy leaders to reconsider.the resident behind that petition says she's concerned about the effect of the tower on property values. 3 "in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by homes is not the right place for a tower that is 15 stories tall"the council voted to send the tower back to the board of adjustment for re- consideration.the council also got an update on the reconstruction of i- 29... discussing the current phase of construction, which will see the nebraska street off- ramp close permanently.i- dot
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schultz led that discussion... and says it's a project that will benefit siouxland in the longngun. 3 "we're modernizing that roadway creating a three lane in ach direction, interstate system, that will serve this area for years to come."this year's work includes replacing bridges on the northbound lanes between bacon creek and floyd crews hope to open a second northbound lane in the construction zone once the weather improves. 3 mimerican energy is warning customers about another billing scam.the latest version occured last thursday when someone tried to scam business customers in le mars... followed by customers in sioux city on friday.the scammer calls utility customers and threatens to disconnect their electricity unless they immediately pay a past- due balance withth pre- paid debit card.midamerican says t ts is not its usual collection process. if you get a suspicious call you should hang up and contact midamerican and police immediately. 3 a man is under arrest after a
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bluff this afternoon.what we know so far is that the chase began just after 2 o'clock this afternoon and lasted about 5 minutes. it ended at the drug enforcement headquarters building on voyager avenue in sioux city. its fromomhe sergeant bluff police department, iowa state patrol and the woodbury county sheriff's office were involved in the arrest. so far we don't know anything about the man who was arrested or the charges he's facing. 3 3 two families in vermillion are homeless after a fire sunday morning destroyed their apartment complex.that fire broke out just before 8- 30 in a bubuding on the 12- hundrere block of lincoln streetetthe vermillion fire department says the fire was contained to two units... with a third unit ceiving heavy damage. none of the people who lived there were injured... but three pets died. the red cross is providing assistance to those families. 3 snow moves out of the area earlrltonight with temperatures ar the 20
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skies. tomorrow skies will start to clear with highs in upper 20sthe rest of the week calls for a big warm up and clearing skies with temperatures reaching the mid 40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix ononaturday.the first alert weweher team is also keeping a very close eye on the first couple days of february for our next big storm system. 3 a south sioux city native who worked as a meteorologist for *the weather channel* has died in an acacdent.nick wiltgen died in a car crash at an atlanta mall yesterday. 3 wiltgen... a university of nebraska graduate... 3 worked 15 years for the weather channel. 3 investigators are trying to determine why his car slammed
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3 nick wiltgen was 39 years old. 3 3 that blizzard has focused national attention n an impromomue church service involving dozens of siouxlanders. 3 this is a picture of father patrick behm (bame) of le mars... who is on the left... celebrating a mass for hundreds of stranded drivers and passengers on a pennsylviania turnpike. behm was among a group of about 150 high school students from sioux city... denison...le mars... and spirit lake. they were coming back from the "march for life rally" in wawaington, d- 3 "i would say in my three and half years of being a priest it was one of the more incredible experiences i have ever had because this brough together pilgrims from all over the midwest "it's estimated about 500 people from iowa... north and south dakota... minnesota... pennsylvania and ohio took part in the mass. 3 "but it was lili an amazing experiences and like so great to be apart of like when we started singing like everyone like their together.
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"the six or seven priests went from bus to bus to find enough bread they could use for the communion. 3 3 for many americans who graduate from college... struggling to find a job to pay off the mountain of money they owe in student loans is a fact of our national correspondent kristine frazao reports... it turns out the federal agency that hands out these loans is mired in controversy. 3 when the housing bubble burst - so many in this country said - never again.but the government accountability institute's peter schweizer says it *is* happening again, but instead of home beyers getting predatory loans -it's students.peter schweizer/gove rnment accountability institute "they're studying social work or they want to be a school teacher and those are very noble and important professions but the reality is you're not going to be able to pay a 200,000 student loan
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or 50 thousand dollars a year." it turns out the agency in charge of doling out those loans have been charged with inefficiency and mismanagement, according to a government accountability office report. department of education documents show that while the top bonus there was about 38 thousand dollars in 2011, in 2014 it was 75 thousand dollars - a 96 percent increase.peter schweizer/gove rnment accountability institute "y"y have students who are not incentivized to try to pay off their student loans and you have a sprawling bureacracy that rewards inefficiency.""on capitol hill, lawmakers are calling out those inefficiencies an calling to simplify the system where currently the agency gets to set its own goals and define its own version of success." virginia foxx/chairwoman, higher education subcommittee "it's clear we've allowed this system to become far too complex to serve students well."at a hearing in november the f-s-a touted improvements, like making financial aid forms easier and reducing wastejames runcie/fsa chief operating officer "we updated
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capacity and training to thosuands of financial aid professionals at thousands of schools to move to 100 percent direct lending."and there's a growing concern problems now will leaeato biggererproblems latersen sherrod brown/d-ohio "when kids graduate with huge debt they can't buy a house, they're less likely to start a family they c't start a business, they just can't get going in their lives."another bubble some in washington worry could be the next to burst.i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. 3 3 morningsgse college wants to make sure new voters and first- time caucus-goers are ready for next monday night.the school held a workshop for those groups tonight at the olsen student center on campus.participants learned what a caucus is... the difference between the two parties' systems... and when and where they should go next monday night. 3 "we're giving them an opoprtunity to practice caucusing for candidates of their choice but alsomaking sure that they have the logistical information when it comes to caucusing
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full simulation of both the republican and democratic party caucuses.if you're not sure where *you* need to go for next monday night's festivities... we've got the full list for both parties online at siouxland news dot com. 3 the stream of republican presidential candidides through dordt college in sioux center will continue this weekend... ahead of next monday's iowa caucuses.former florida governor jeb bush will speak at dordt friday night.his appearance follows events at dordt featuring ted cruz and donald trump.doors for the bush event at the campus center at dordt will open at 5- 45 friday evening... with bush set to speak at 6- 45.before the dordt event... bu will hold an ent at bev's on the river in sioux city friday afternoon.that event gets underwaat 4- 15. 3 3 the next day... kentucky senator rand paul will make a return appearance in sioux city.paul has a rally scheduled to take place saturday afternoon at the holiday inn in downtown sioux city.that event will get underway at noon on saturday.. we'v'vgot a link to r- s sv- p
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siouxland news dot com. 3 3 texas senator ted cruz is adding more campaign events in iowa this weekend... and they'll bring him back to siouxland.we already knew cruz would be at iowa lakes community college in emmetsburg on his campaign says he'll be in ida grove and sioux city on saturday.the sioux city stop will be a rally featuring congressman steve king at western iowa tech.that rally will begin at 8 o'clock saturday night.details of the ida grove stop are available in this story online. 3 3 iowa's governor is standing by comments he made *last* week criticizing cruz.terry branstad said he hopes cruz is *defeated* in iowa's caucuses next week... and says the candidate's positions on ethahal susuidies ananthe reneneble fuels standard are e d for the state's the governor said just because he's *not* supporting cruz doesn't mean he's endorsing a specific alternative. 3 "i'm not backing any candidate, i'm just advocating on behalf of my state and
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energy is critically important to the economic growth and success of this state."branstad's comments at last week's renewable fuels summit drew condemnation from cruz, congressman king and other republicans upset the governor was breaking with his traditional neutral stance. 3 3 the governor's criticism of cruz not stopping the texas senator from winning the support of one of branstad's former colleagues.former texas governor rick perry... who abandoned his own presidential campaign last september... announced his support for cruz this morning in an interview with politico.perry says cruz is "by far... the most consistent conservative" of the top tier candidates seeking the republican nomination. 3 3 that endorsement coming to late to be reflected in the latest poll numbers from c- b- s and fox news... both of which show a return to the pole position fofodonald trump. the fox poll puts trump at 34 percent in iowa... compared to 23 for ted cruz, who led the
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27.c- b- s shows trump with 39 percent to cruz's 34 amongst likely republican caucus- goers.on the democratic side... the c- b- s poll shows *sanders* taking a 1- point lead over clinton... 47 to 46. fox has s t to release numbers 3 3 still to come tonight on ten... 3 if you're having trouble sleeping and think your diet is to blame... we'll give you some advice on how to eat healthier for a better night's sleep 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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3 "first alert weather with meteorologist kayla novak." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 snow moves out of the area early tonight with temperatures near the 20
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skies. tomorrow skies will art to clear with highs in per 20sthe rest of the week calls for a big warm up and clearing skies with temperatures reaching the mid 40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix on saturday.the first alert weather team is also keeping a very close eye on the first couple days of february for
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3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... we'll let you know who marshals need your help tracking down and why.that's in this week's edition of siouxland's most wanted, coming up after the
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3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for violating his parole.waylon blackbird is wanted by the u- s marshal's service for violating his supervised release on an assault charge.blackbird is 25 years old, 3 5 feet 10 inches tall, 3 and weighs 205 popods. if you have *any* information about waylon blackbird... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in
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to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. 3 coming up after the break... if you're having trouble sleeping... your *diet* may be part of the reason tonight's healthwatch... we've got some
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getting enough sleep each siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us...what you eat can have a big effect on how you sleep. 3 just under half of the american populalaon say they have issues sleeping at nigig. mercy's clinical dieticians say that having a balanced diet can promote better sleep "so its really important to make sure you are eating several times during the day and just having a well rounded diet is going to help promote sleep too." you can start with choosing whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. some good choices for lean proteins include chicken without the skin, tofu and low-fat cheeses. "try to grill, broil or bake your meats, and try to avoid frying// if you do occasionally fry, try to choose some more heart healthy oils, maybe use olive oil or canola oil."some healthy fat sources are fish, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. whole grains can be found in breads,
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but be sure to read the ingredient label. "for example, there are some breads that maybe appear wheat or whole grain but they may just have some carmel coloring that make them appear to be wheat or whole grain but they may not be." also be aware of beverages with hidden sugars and caffeine. "well it is probably best to drink your caffeine in the morning, you know, maybe a little in the afternoon. but maybe by 2 or 3 o'clock maybe think aboutut discontinuing that caffeine especially if you are very sensitive to it." if you choose to have a bed time snack, make it small and have it an hour or two before bed. a few other things for better sleep are exposure to light, excersise and a positive attitude. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 3 marcus meriden cleghorn and remsen union are joining forces to form a new school and of course a football team. hear from one of the coaches on the transition.
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make a comeback in their top 15 battle with kansas. chris
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3 3 iowa state has won three of their past four meetings against the jayhawks. they came into their matchup tonight with a chance to become the first big twelve team to defeat a bill self coached squad four out five times.early on it was all fightin' sandwells. 1) f fnk masosothe third with the drive and the basket puts the jayhawks up 8 a little more than 11 minutes in.2) 2nd hald now off the steal the cyclones are off to the races! monte morris to abdel nader! all oop! iowa state is up 7 with a little over 8 to play.4) just under five to play george niang finds nader in the
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swish! cyclones go back up by 7!3) just over two minutes to play niang with the drive. and it's as beautiful as it is goofy! this is about the time chad went to bed i think.85-72 the final and larry wins the bet! 3 marcus meriden cleghorn is 12- 1 they visited a remsen union team that's winners of 6 of their past 8 games.1. in the first quarter.. m-m-c up seven to six and emily moser with the nice hook shot.. eagles up nine to six..2. r-u comes right back.. brianna jensen hits the long three.. game tied at nine.3. the game would remain close to the end.. move ahead to the fourth quarter.. r-u up three.. now up six after the three from dakotah owens...forty-five to thirty- nine.4. next time down the court for the eagles.. ashley hurd with the drive and the layup.. she'd be fouled but would miss the free throw.. r- u still up forty-five to forty- one.5. later in the fourth.. dakotah owens again with the big three.. the rockets up fifty to forty-four.6. m-m-c
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dreckman with the steal and the layup and she's fouled.. she'd make the free throw to pull within three.. but r-u would hold on and defeat marcus-meriden-cleghorn fifty- three to forty-seven.. 3 boys side now 1 and 15 remsen union hosting 7 and 6 marcus meriden cleghorn 1. remsen union would get on the board first.. eric west with the drive and bank shot.. two to nothing r-u.2. m-m-c comes right back.. jacob spieler with the layup and he's fouled.. he'd miss the free throw.. game tied at two.3. moments later.. m-m-c's jerome holmes with the tough shot in the paint.. eagles up four to nothing.4. later in the first.. r-u's eric west on the break and the layup.. r-u still trails ten to seven.5. moments later.. m-m-c's derek erdman with the three..the eagles up thirteen to seven,, they'd lead eighteen to seven after the first quarter and...
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3 remsen union and m-m-c will be merging to form mmcru next school year. that means the 8- man state champion eagles will combine with the rockets and move up to class "a" to take on the likes of h-m-s, sioux central, south obrien and ridge view. at today's basketball game, we caught up with mmc head coach kyle oswald who says it's nothing like a typical offseason. he hasn't talked to his potential new players yet because well, he's not even sure what *his* role is yet. 3 "i haven't had a chance yet no we kind of decided we'd wait until we were done being competitors in basketball. and it would also be nice to have an idea who's going to be coaching what. and once we can be told that we can move forward as a staff and know what our roles are going to be. that way we can relay that to the kids and there's not so much up in the air. kids need consistency and they need to know what's going on as much as we do." 3 we've got movement in the latest ap boys basketball
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1a moves from number three to number's what else we've got. sioux city east still not ranked in class 4a but they did receive four votes. in class 3a, we knew spirit lake would take a hit after falling at western christian. they did slip from 4th to 6th. bishop heelan loses to east on friday so they slip off the list despite receiving votes. they were ranked 8th. moc-floyd valley jumps from 10th to 9th. in 2a western christian grabs 15 of 17 first place votes to stay at number one. ride view jumps from 9 to 6. and pocahontas area fell to algona thursday so they slide from 6 to 7. sioux center received votes. and in the afformentione d 2a, ikm manning falls from 8th to 9th despite a couple wins. south obrien had a tough weekend losing to west sioux and boyden hull. they received votes but are off the list. ar- received votes. 3 former husker tyronn lue looking for his first head coaching win as the cavaliers hosted the timberwolves.1) 4th quarter it's looking like he
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but tristan thompson is there for the follow. ten point lead for the cavs. and it's a seven point victory.lue gets his first win. 114-107 the final. 3 3 3 3 we are back with a final check
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3 3 3 3 3 snow moves out of the area early tonight with temperatures near the 20 degree mark and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow skies will start to clear with highs in upper 20sthe rest of the week calls for a big warm up and clearing skies with temperatures reaching the mid 40s by we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for light rain/snow mix on saturday.the first alert weather team is also keeping a very close eye on the first couple days of february for
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