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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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here we are going eon very busy with the same as fe last summer she eye has a husband tribe showed a similar design before and it was ridiculous how fast it sold out so if you love the necklace i'm wearing recurrence of the color catcher eye or crawlers you want to have your four japan ever be ready to register said triple zeros we're moving on congratulations are a time to wind down and get ready because the law lore mcginnis this error that's bad very high in love that psalm fancy who seek work that department store that has all the tags certain even if you have to ask you probably can afford it and it's back carnival were already a forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents this will come to the beautiful gift boxes well to begin this summer for
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get this a gift package as you do without creature their dlc were already really need to be twenty nine dollars ninety nine cents trust me when i tell you this folks who do not what awaits. ok this is a designer inspired necklaces that celebrity cut a necklace now under twenty dollars per space under twenty but on a day like today when everything's over three dollars and one tiny something is going to be a little less than that some nineteen dollars and this is not working on some of this gorgeous overturned i watched as we get the darks over channel. oh i know rain very very edgy size seven eleven thorite fourteen hours nine cents special belo or malaysian gentleman was two months and now the fried rice from as fe time so it's one of the triton is the next one
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dollars and cents saul and for the survey said the opal marie is shipping and handling and here's my little brat reasonable one knockout surprise when the girl is not thereby become eye coming days by eleven ladies and gentleman and iui went through the system this is brand new. nobody's had a chance to get it until right now i knew couldn't get over your choice of colors this overturned the darks overturn that right of the goals of your choice of colors under ten dollars with free shipping that's why i'm saying by news that by all that by all gypsies over thirty nine dollars and ninety six inch up and diamond shipping inhaling i don't care if you buy one or tara or twenty or fifty get as many as you get your hands for their crime rate you
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afternoon i don't know you know i chinese and we had a lot of let's be honest with you i tahitian that when i don't really have enough to get to this afternoon so you this may be one and done. ok this is the one that i'll most more than smithsonite amazing. oh my gosh i was invited two of them really hot mash sleeping you also have this faceted matter what this is literally a braided design ok these are all separate braided pieces they come around to a very substantial in cat's and here's how you can address it now it's twenty to twenty four inches. i'm actually wearing it with my class about right here see here were deliberate lie everywhere little bit shorter but this is that necklace that you wear when you got that very important job interview on this is the question where we go out with the girls and i think euclase or get that nice little pear pencil family genes are beautiful skirts
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papyrus or sad you're good to go and tell you anybody sees this they're never even imagine that you got this from lesson ten dollars as i've always said when i pick something from my house because because i wanted for myself already own something like this or i'm gonna give it to somebody is against and so that's my criteria that oh my gosh i saw this lis is mostly yes i'll let these necklaces because eye for the fan of welo vs reality shows out there and show some real housewives of us i mean this is searle is also hand out dotting eye drops three it figures garnet necklace today because it had a brand name on its aura are actually my husband in his black card and i bought it oh no oh no i think of several of demantoid conquered many fears reality
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tribe the oc for the first time crystals fine jewelry it's not so serious it's under ten dollars it's not a genoa naples this is beautifully made piece of jewelry andalusite back and show you the side by side in miami the really large arm as far as the diameter need to measure the diameter for you to aventurine shady side by side you really get an idea the color know what to make a and bold if you want to layer it you absolutely can layer these babies are really thick this john darks over to tso so excited this is the kind of guy said has it has an edgy look to it where would you tie backs for now we're into charcoal gray. this is what i'm wearing in this is the at the golden so i'm telling you they're all beautiful. as far as the measurements are like one inch wide so big and bold three hours and thirty three cents cat's in one of igi so here's the thing that oregon
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yourself well under twenty dollars in the budget de mookite the designer mash to have a gorgeous kind of fascinated chain as well with those flat sides and what a great way to tribe you'll see the first time so i get one has been when you get free shipping on beers sanders and i can get free shipping on anything else alyssa's a host fe mr gregg retired become tribe dlc for the first time i mentioned earlier everything today's under thirty dollars i wanted something under ten for you today not genoa necklace not a deficit should never be under ten dollars because look at me seriously saul is a department store i don't give a prime example and i were shopping at santo de story before but the hosts were shopping is a group a little competitive research wood walked into a very high in store that stichtite does trunk shows and major designer trunk shows and de lights is the cutest thing she looked into out the case there is very wide bracelet
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over brass had swarovski crystals and she asked how much was it was three hundred and ninety five dollars three hundred and ninety five dollars so far some tourney win it this far indicates that this one behind glass do not expect to see anything like this under ten dollars oh my gosh fifty dollars i think it's very conservative i would be more like sixty nine seventy nine ninety nine when a designer name on it under ninety nine free shipping as well so for those of you who are stocking your fancy cut you have an online store mabe you have the vocal in seeking like a really hot tourist area. oh my gosh ladies do realize this isn't as much you can double or triple the price of in your neighborhood you can get fifty painted this when she
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not have fun with it. now we the city could circle i'm getting so many funny things the mayor right now just so for no reason princess eon that ladies and gentlemen here's the thing if you're sitting there whole going ok anahi the publisher these neckline each individual and i agate a beers very recently this be a lot faster this was all but here's the bank de lima dichroic need to wear something else but this job if you're sitting at home say i've never shopped at the oc before howlite shot. well there's the phone or the bottom screen one eight seven seven eight nine nine zero zero nine nine k call that number even if you've never shopped there before that's okay i'll listen very carefully defensible walking through how to play shorter few industry took asa to represent the first two or three is that right. ok so i'm just a reaction to sell the property exactly what you need if you get stuck we will send you to cross a
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shipping information or contact information. this is one inch wide on elisa when it's why this very very sick be in caps are coordinated shall continue holding these apatite sure what i mean by that with eon cat's o this is one already wearing never mind the cold and the excited right now this is when my baby you know knowing isn't a baby off to school sky like that feeling because you know we're similar in the citrine republican princess some eon figure dichroic data color like that let the devil we don't have an aisle for a levy that i really want a lower price points and i'd like something new that they'd never seen before which i evoke something about a lot of criteria going through my head when picking something in them and ultimately would have lis of several things the big okay which one of these about one thing in this lis which would it be that with this one so that's the best the process that i go through when i pick
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because sometimes i'll pick something and i'll actually put a request afforded my husband and i actually get it going now so they don't start over again so take it agate for me it's a great way to try as he went to get home you say it's not for me. well guess what folks you still have the money back guarantee even in the garnet free shipping you know even now when you're getting back to pay three dollars and thirty three cents on the show chain in caps they are color coordinated soldier during a dark sort o this is the media kept a really nice and sturdy yet very easy as lobster claw clasp. this azurite center chain twenty two twenty four inches and i love this because this is actually a little darker luigi are such two colors already learned since rolo nano where less than eighty in the one i'm
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ought to cat's enough times how silver toned arms or told the tri town or the gold tone less than eighty in each of the news and i know how many we started with so that tells me a line of the ladies or get more than one hour mission to get a gift box to test showing this is the marxist gonna come and it'll actually be wrapped around the this is our classically box so for the guys i'm gonna become a solid estimate boulder for that but after the guys that are buying is the gift this is the gift box to pop a little bow and here he is seeking to give back. there's nothing in this sluggish showing you this is the box that is going to come in seoul nine dollars and ninety nine cents free shipping and handling. and if you're in the area where we don't charge sales tax book bonus because intergrown doesn't apply to everybody so tiger's is to let me say this is the one to try color that i was wearing in this one you can see this from across the room. imagine you have
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or have a charity event a very special valentine's day of implant you papa sava the little black dress blokes can be high and this just a simple little cargo fe is a beautiful little gold stag you can wear this with anything little bracelet maybe or a thing agate does this your goal to this one and the one that i was wearing the zoisite to the most popular have affiliates because the goal color because gold is so hot right now however i am mohs for this one because oh look how fabulous that is why i love the way you think coral on her lis and jesse getting several in making of ballots why nots. why not really coral i diamond ensure that suggestion pearls sometimes i
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vending machine journey to say that again you know i don't know i do not know that we got a question do we have in eon matching bracelets my best recommendation is the current eye personal shopper. oh i love eye warning this board blue the shining ametrine i also chop it sunstone if you wear a lot of black eye this looks much better on this is the bill's favorite anahi where a lot of our time lights for now this will be beautiful it eye bikes now but it's going to pop again skinny color even if you do a lot of black lis silver sapphire be fabulous with this is how so's ya cat's gorgeous so i say she's demantoid into my history presentation just let you know that right color try amber sanders is kind of yellow but think they should have seen and this is my
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have some this afternoon i came partnership home. ok so some else is probably not eye taipei something that i thought ahead enough to do presentations this morning this afternoon the best cat's oh my gosh okay the hills you guys lose much as i do posts please with them basically leslie got less than three hundred eon to say that less we don't have the total quantity less rain less than three hundred right now. all total title and so i'm telling you folks that is less than a third over twenty eye all just niassa the eye fi pick something that was so plentiful we had so much of it but oh my gosh eleven as much as i do see what congratulations everyone has already picked this up under ten dollars this overtimes option number one the tarps over ten ups never chain you just know this you're paying zero shipping and handling
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ten dollars it's a look that can easily cost you fifty dollars seventy dollars ninety dollars i mean it could cause you so much more elsewhere you know that miss margaret eye a king imagine if this were gold. i really wanna think about how many thousands of dollars this would fe has a very cleopatra look to it doesn't really topaz and free shipping free asia minor you're saving two dollars and ninety nine says don't you think about garnet is less than ten dollars then you're saving chain getting that when you buy one or fifty or a hundred you can handling and that's the beauty of a house pay here's the sad news though they're going to sow and amber have to go back to the drawing board find something for this afternoon i wasn't about to happen was that this could happen but
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that was causing it to get to their worst problems absolutely zany get you you get orchid states that a yes on the web to find something else for the sentiment bead campaigns while they last again this gorgeous overt role might draw beautiful eye really i'm struggling with what to wear i didn't know what i was even aware this morning i pick the tri color consultant were popular a camera tubers ruby though they're all beautiful and i actually hand selected each one because they're all listed separately the system and so i look for four different colors for eon and add the zoisite eye fair and they're just starting some nine dollars and ninety nine cents while they last were getting ready to go belo hundred and twenty on the screen back and show you even niassa bill said i checked to see we had even more in the warehouse and at that point we have less than point they so watches only without less than two hundred fifty iaf has a really bad math skills said ok it's amber town and i irritates
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better call your de lis one hundred caesar with it because you know what happened my last month hosted last week you are both in love with with the little butterfly. yeah no yeah so it's interesting. oh my gosh i love is mono beautiful tiny this when i don't have a dark silver tell it like this at home so this is option number two i guess overturn his option number one the most limited right now the tri color and the gold sound on the note you can use hebei eyelash and thirty nine dollars and ninety six cents that's all for helping upping a diamond shipping handling yes ma'am okay here we go just go with everything we have ok and here's what
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word with the care and you know baroque as i saul clearance chain going chrysoberyl in the first once again i found lights so here's what we have done that swanson stock with one hundred and eighty six that's all we had hessonite between all four colors i just let you know how popular this has been we had almost nine hundred to start with we did on sunday something we hadn't asked that's obviously not where glass and twenty in this one. ok so if you want this one we have less than twenty minutes going to be going ok so fluorite so this one is the next ago probably i'm eon another eye depressed try to go first and then got boulder now does the dark sojourner neck and neck. this one we have the most but honestly at this point i mean all i love this one oh sorry
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three cents on a budget fe so here's the thing of using a bio washing keep in mind that thirty nine ninety six com if you use butter fe that divides that thirty nine dollars ninety six incident three and you actually have two more months to pay off a thirty nine dollars ninety six cents just to name saul which is calling it a favor please don't hesitate to phone numbers right there one eight seven seven eight nine nine zero zero nine nine first option one if you want the gold so that what this one or the tribe color shoes that firsts ok button and select the quantity the easiest way to do is that by all because it has grabbed all of them at the same time you can actually do five miles i think i mean you can do multiples in the by all that's a quick way to grab a big big chunk of time but now we're down to lessen hundred fifty solat working rutile is a color igi novak unfeeling self and fourteen laughter and try color a noun and
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gentleman i am definitely going to give a different mystic forty this afternoon i'll have another win in the new tutu time sine i don't even know what is going to be at saul hears oregon do we get thorite which is not particularly long jace and i could show you i mean this is the same all around it's very flexible i din even say that this is very flexible it mims with you about how incredible is this and that's the goal town this is optional for the chain to this very smooth very picky about stuff like this if it's not comfortable distance mabe the pietersite host a eye minnesota back and saying no no not for my ladies and so please know that so that's the gorgeous goal to hike her dysentery go by the fabulous so this is for lazy like me to say i don't know which one i can just meteorite has all the colors that saul has all
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amber is gone now the bio was the choices garnet you can still get all the three remaining one three the automated eye shadow i'm okay with it right so here's what's on it so here's what's ohkay whatever the clock up or down to less than a hundred cut this point she emits are sell outs on civilians actually keeping a close eye if anybody cancels one ruby mining releases one she's going to grab a mystic american they're so pure in the ordering system begins you that trying color is an option grab it fast because if she finds one or two or three mystic america right now so have to be trying toe i mean i just cut sew through for you i really opal who know what these looks can cost you even if you're shopping from another network and they had a special special guests a special designer out there and they said oh this is my fall fall fall collection. you know it's eye hundred and seventy
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out there who would spend that to get this because it's from the paul paul paul collection and they would pay for shipping handling banded and you know so keep in mind you're getting you're getting kagem crystal how some not only is it under ten dollars granted by the hundreds of dollars into three payments of three dollars and thirty three cents to your home zero shipping and handling how much fun is that a six course as you thank you so much i appreciate that and tom hodges would have something very special world valentine's day to do nowhere to that office job i worked in corporate america for years and i'm telling you there so snooty people in corporate america saying that everybody is saying everybody is there's a snooty people out there you know they expected address and such a manner and where certain things they can get very very
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but tulsa get out the sunstone oso ok so here you three choices that are left but you know you don't have to spend a lot of money to look great and that's the whole point behind this post pic you can look beautiful you can wear jewelry that looks expensive but doesn't have to be expensive and diamond because again somebody on the phone lines we've got seventy three remaining from just gravel gravel honey because oh my gosh congratulations on an anti eye ghana mission karat earlier seen the names lore is getting hers as well chain iraq how lillian and oh my gosh mussolini and so whether to laugh at and what you're using hebei all surprised if you ever decided why not yes or lis is next to me
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was not plugged in or maybe it is okay but you literally you touch it three times has three different settings and i can tell you this reminds me of when i was growing up i wish we had a lava lamp to go with it but we don't think this crackle glass is great here it's the best in the coming opal isn't coming up. ok ok fluorite so we have one more item after eon the host the presentation in those last saul becoming upset you were really cute home decor item less than thirty dollars it's a great touch lamp so you don't have that you have any dexterity issues or anything like that many souls are coming with a broken arm or whatever the situation you literally just happen it's going to come on i'm sorry okay octagon by her bedside because sometimes you wake up a new kind of out of it what i can find that controls the can coral coral says
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when you're living in the cafes that sell fewer caduceus and you know it was so funny yes that she sissonville fissure cap wise woman turns it on opal this color kid when astros and can style was going to mean that arches like you know filled and i need some light ammolite on ladies in genoa we have gone below fifty we have forty nine laps as they don't have any is anybody can cement right so she can say ok ok the dark sword showed this one is the warmest gear ready to go bye bye next so again this is that very edgy litter that biker chick. this is the perfect combination. i don't peanut is ametrine and it is sparkles this on yet so semana sparkles how gorgeous is this some nine dollars and
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raise available three dollars and thirty three cents but this year there's something about walking into the sunlight even a dark silver tone is going to sparkle so this is the next one to go on try topaz been gone for awhile suppose keeping an eye she's keeping an eye if any money in there sorry people canceling zircon said in surprise. here's the goldstone fissure they sparkle like mad one each in the dark in the goldstone dolomitic office thirty seven total. so thirty seven town nowhere does the word slips out folks in telling you how many colors null and void but eventually they got like this karat this one the yellow wood has an iridescent to it it's almost like the aurora borealis lexus color rainbow color limited pink some things like that and that that color snow and we have the blooming of the yellow and all colors are now gone except for the silver toe next saul knows about
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to get the gold sound seville found for four years during the ordering process you probably get first dibs on those because the call right now they're probably going to go in and shot two birds overtones. ok so that it takes a lot of work to do that so pink usable for doing that she's actually monitoring via the canceled orders you're getting what she says she's good carpal tunnel but they're hidden buttons trying to keep the oratory and fresh for you but you know hey if you get what you want that it's working so we are triple zeros and i do want to just label it has governed since about resurrecting you ever going to let those spinel thirty two but behind the scenes congratulations ladies and don't diamond hope you love this as much as i do and our nurse next very
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aventurine large wheel pointy noses secret service says the coral i've never heard the saying telephone telegraph co hosts now there you go i rest my case notes only thing you know me repeat ok so now we have a starting sable still dangle this is and with kagem zambian emerald and insinuated diamond who has yeah this is so nice to how many grams and the twenty nine grams hessonite stainless steel which are going to get that nice hefty feel to it were already less than fifty dollars radiant wood nineteen carat glass in the rough kind of pearls and i like the outcome either very refined sparkle with the rough cuts so you know it
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right. twenty seven dollars and ninety nine cents but i got this big guy back here the artists on the news that so we're already know hawk's omega de beers because the strada record eon nobody's tried it at twenty percent off said twenty percent off and i we're all radiant phenomena price again everything today until midnight tonight is going to be under thirty dollars this pin drusy down an additional two twenty two dollars and ninety nine cents seven dollars and sixty seven cents get santo but a budget fe edges which was a very large examples of her kagem zambian emerald chain my eight millimeter opal buttons and are calling about is the other buttons and i bean you're also getting simulated diamond so a chain though similar diamond center have
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prong set salute lights easy sphene. yes ma'am for aly wow so scale says the least expensive eye ringling soul with a rough cut emerald like this was nine dollars and ninety nine cents nearly five out of five beautiful rough cut emerald is a kagem zambian emerald city i like the way the refined its dot simulated diamonds here and the kagem zambian emerald or what age they can or lore them is something all know it's your color race that i'll do better than story filled race that cut yes out
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that you know i tell you folks know what you know right now today is my friday and i've got two weeks off so de lis is say they are trying to hold it together when today is my friday and i'm sure we saw the thorite knowledge the sound change issued as soon and welcome in the oc for one have been fine this morning my name is mccall and your shopping this morning disabilities producing coral is directing the case is not obvious and dot lara collins crying now doing eventually dot of your crime lore is your floor coordinator lori are de lara and it's sometimes i have to think a minute before it meets lara she says that she appreciates that baddie
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nine cents get this gorgeous person i want to consider all of the mabe abc have anybody born the month of may chain together before and you know maybe they're really they're typically are casual maybe everytime you see the current dress in cute little jeans or shorts or you know they don't really have an opportunity to get dressed up the preferred not to get dressed up like to layer with laughter and they were a lot of leather and raffia natural type of ginseng is a sleepover for them. in addition it surgical grade stainless steel so it's very very eye break resistance treacherous ascent when you do have cat's eye krakow okay for how many minutes the clock with that congratulations ladies and gentlemen. ok niassa time for the lamps the us is so cool rites. so how cute are these and amazonite when i saw
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oh these remind me of something similar de lis i twisted eye it looks like wimps that the job that i grew up with the safety testing of the kids two kids going off okay i guess since zoisite works his eye eye is stop saying things outloud better in my head that's that's so cool what's this i mean every time i know my in my inside my head boys two stockings. ok so eighty nine dollars and ninety nine cents how awesome are these that this was the point paraiba do that but i just wanna show you actually has three different settings okc literally just happened and so you do have someone you know who shot a little bit mabe to have dexterity issues they cat's to have an arthritic condition i can actually use the little control as many of us rubellite coral when you wake in the morning and you're out
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which this can be perfect for you waste hours under thirty dollars actually spend or twenty dollars nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents but also a suggested two vintage decor like that nineteen seventies vibe very very hot. how perfect would this be what you can also modernize it enough you have home decor that is sava the black and white with little bit of hope for something like that which one and pops of color using accessories are lamps and pillows and things. this is a great way to do it hunan a bookshop in on a desk banded so if you love that the tiffany style lamps. this is going really really fit in nicely with those as well. i that i boyaca like that tiffany style lamps in the past this will go with one of those the idea of what igi is nephrite a wiry cut was that so very cut three
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be really really perfect for electric candlelight dinner and of the great point because look at how different is just the perfect size is not a really big slam the door vacation i just have to do that so brownback a promise so airy go four zero five says i have three of these lance and i absolutely love on the ice on the odds you know something about it um eye lighting can really really affect your mood and i love is nephrite i get up early in the morning because of this job i get up very early the laureates about ten half inches tall just let you know so sky that medium sized am not too big not too small but jess writes by the way congratulations to marilyn who was one of the first to get into this gorgeous let your choice of a blue rodeo and the blue is a really
7:36 am
reminds me of looks like my wood russian eon apatite really dies if you have that really vibrant color it's not in a new blue time it's not a amazolite or even somewhat malachite topaz sleeping touching or to see me literally just tap it on the havoc rolo lights adding her to accept authors alike there's the highlight beers off so three different settings and then there eon but this is very much the color of mold russian eon apatite if you look through it this way this is that fiber beautiful sunny yellow and mention this earlier this has this chain your pet aurora borealis it's almost like a metallic wood is this stunning mint how gorgeous is that time soaps hand and a half inches on the heights of you if you are someone who likes to have a low lights for your dinner so he likes to have a live in that
7:37 am
opportunity for you to do something like that they are seeing the reflection off the table because i actually have a light shining at work this is the idea saul when color oh my gosh how pretty is that this eye crackled glass to me and doesn't live in two genoa does that eye hebei seventies but how many of you and i actually had what they refer to scale the japanese love winter and our final hole the sicily chino but you know the ones that the light would actually cause these little fans stichtite for to make a go around these beautiful scenes little hassles i igi got that for me when i was a little canola to turn all the lights off and just have that one little lip aside the bad things here one by one rubellite just for little glow right next the bed. this is the perfect congratulations ladies gentlemen we are debating on and don't forget we had cl be coming out of it sava
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this thing you know there's a holiday coming up on in april i received sable sometimes it's march but with easter howlite you do easter egg hunts annual lights for some of those in the ads for little girls happy with that they already want to use those for igi birthday party for party favors maybe have a little girl who just got her ears pierced and unm kind of expand her jewelry wardrobe that's me a great opportunity for eon i can promise you all those earrings in less than thirty bucks because that's the theme of the day ok not coming up next your gonna get three rings three rings and yes they can either be worn together or they can be separated as matter fact there's a little clip. this actually keep those together for thirty three dollars and ninety nine cents lis rolo
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left and beautiful drusy twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents is not really replace you have the forests you have a copper peaking havoc blue twenty four dollars nine sisters of anchor eight dollars and thirty three censoring know what's this you see that's this so this is a little clip that's actually going to come with its almost like a little classes use an abrasive basket to hold them together but you can actually open that up if you want to win the support of the personnel policies of this i opened it i took a huge open at night that three sufferings suffered as the saying you know i can resell resell those who could absolutely cut eight dollars and thirty three cents and so if you put this in your winter showcase of the buttons on your website uses genoa drusy hessonite by seven boulder but quartz drusy how much would you sell that for rope sent to you or if you prefer
7:40 am
peanut sphene recalling that the copper peak i gotta tell you that is bayne the peak is not pretty sure this will go well with what was santo goes for two thousand sixteen is called rose quartz. this is that power is this a beautiful baby color we also have a titanium cobalt blue and that's the pick up all your different turquoise and things like that this is gonna go with the other santo color because there chain offia pto cols for the year two thousand six chain that would bean serenity so you know you're getting all three all three rings you also get this little piece there literally is going to hold them together somewhere stacked up you absolutely do that but here's where to go just to the side by side who were chain together for like a mystery but the beautiful thing is you have the option where and how everyone two with just seven minutes ago just to let you know here in rock county for seventeen
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specimens are left drusy i remembered recently it was first being cut inner city ministry it was presented to a lot of designers and designers alike not so much now they can't get enough of it i'm seeing drusy and high end designs i river the first time i saw at the tucson gem mineral show which by the waves coming up in a about a week or so exactly but i remember when i signed it into something very first time ever to the case and i ask the price minus the wholesale show but i was in the case i asked the price and dom with a topaz like pearls k thank you so much because you know you look around when you look around what is this whole social wood and i wandered around to its no wonder the ruby is so spinel for ladies and gentlemen we are meeting on
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some gorgeous stitched eye earlier in the show now we have once again another sense it's another set of three readings show coral really. alright ladies and gentleman tasmania since tights following you know what that's actually two rings on the left side so you know issue jade you realize you're getting a ring garnet there until getting a solitaire ring right now you're you're you're basically channel in spring or if you like that if alexite is basically fifty dollars per lead or hebei just twenty dollars for everything nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents and the this is so watches you literally have a little ring guards on either side which you can do the do have
7:43 am
put this around. i mean how gorgeous is issue where like this if you want to know you can actually stack them up whatever you prefer doing it under twenty dollars and i haven't mentioned this is all sterling silver on sterling silver platinum overlay uganda four hundred calories six grams total of sterling silver i should mention and that is a very rare exotic in san cut tasmanian stitched right from the island of tasmania in the western portion of australian beautifully done it's actually a combination of two different you have the purple which is the actual cinched tight to me you also have the green which is the serpent eon or the serpentine people fer colors i love purple and green i was putting together amethyst and emerald years ago back in the nineties i just love the color combination. imagine finding me how incredible you can make some red diamond s
7:44 am
that that is natural color tasmania sixty eight you can wear this beautifully with your amethyst with your paraiba with your russian diopside but don't be afraid to mix and match it with blue yellow was rather nice just starting signing tim so everyone is unique everyone is different just know this when you get home you can look down at and know that no one else in the worlds has a so it looks like yours how much fun is that you know mother nature pulls on her canvas and she painted a beautiful picture accomodation always gorgeous greens the gorgeous purples most exciting new art into a garden use of the sea of green leaves of these beautiful purple roses bean that's what it looks like mother nature paints the picture for you you have the only one in the world you always have the only one of the world that looks just like yourself take a business opportunity or twenty dollars congratulations ladies and
7:45 am
electrically topaz coming up next to the hearing oh my gosh how much time biwa before cargo so an hour and fifteen minutes on getting some really bad jokes and recently opened she writes this is a big stone folks nine minus seven millimeters two point two five carats is accented with white topaz alongside you i love about this this is the perfect ring to be many of persevering are youself person rings like this in retail like each night they were at least what i mean we had like little displays hundred forty nine dollars if you wanna get gold is going to close nineteen ninety nine three hundred dollars last ansar doesn't really have a baker's dozen that's about it between all three sizes that you see you know it's going to thirty box sterling silver genuine
7:46 am
dollars and ninety nine cents and budget fe is available as well alexite when topaz is kind of at the diaspore didn't mean it really as it's also called um it's it's sometimes referred to as swiss blue so if you are if you're familiar with from swiss blue topaz is kind of insane color seven states ensure the sizes available twenty eight dollars nine cents i love the way they diamond cut the way topaz massai has thirteen total germ cells keep that in mind not really so ammonite wayne avenue wayne. um there's a sale on another network and they're showing a assailants of tens and nines and diamond thomas forty two dollars bets with the additional fifteen percent off while on this and this is chain doing topaz
7:47 am
topaz accident with her white topaz rails on the side. it's classic it's elegance here this is what you get your daughter that you get your granddaughter is all sterling silver platinum overlay as well especially she's in that age she's discovering genuine jewelry real gemstones you know i was a change probably write eleven years old i know that a lot of ladies are maturing a lot earlier that's the idea so curler that some great suggestions color mention that i'm you know that's the set of three drusy rooms that we have to have a little clip you can also use that little clip on the stitch i said that's a great idea to carla for that work for us mike and austin it's a great place to land which even when we're down here in case you didn't notice yet when i'm down with you some money with a
7:48 am
that's a great idea nine dollars and sixty seven cents cat's and someone about debates is sold out and evidently according to our creature we have some super cute caring sky de next domino fleur new rules the flower of life seven eye five millimeter ovals the exact same color this is actually referred to as a lecture blue topaz as well try let fleur de li's and they have been high in fashion jewelry for several years now but honestly these go back to royalty is a very regal symbol you see no harm if you ever go to europe and visit the flowers the flowers thank you yeah fleur lis flower of life if you visit any of the eye of the old architecture the cathedrals the palaces things like that you will see fleur de li's i sava all over florence italy and biwa ambience agate hot
7:49 am
sterling silver platinum overlay and oh my gosh are under twenty dollars the merry go nineteen dollars nineteen uncensored excuse you know you can set you so cat's said style used to belittle posts by the way there saul in the back and then you also saul appears warning us about little touch of blue when reena give your bridesmaids to wear maybe that allegedly topaz ring for your daughter your granddaughter knew what to get this horse well it's almost half an inch from top to bottom about five eight seven inch approximately chain is on the really quickly actually see puppies and surprise surprise it's only then again when i sang it so sava village actually size in inches over half an inch chain is on my yearly quickly and tell us that when women around the clock and i know we women rutile
7:50 am
because valentine's day i'm a huge fan of valentine's day which by the way com this sunday is the sunfire visit that was the seventh next sunday so the seventh which is the sunday there's a pretty big football game going on comes around every year pear down do you realize that a week from that football game is valentine's day so no pressure folks are gearing up for the big game or what you're doing it for the game but valentine's days a week later and alexite i checked the monitors on email services and things round sunday sava got back yesterday. if you're shopping for valentine's day is not necessarily and you know always levers or girlfriend boyfriend or significant others or anything like that became your best friend jake amir mother camille has an unique in your grandmother you know what i was growing up my next door neighbor would get my brother in eye
7:51 am
valentine's day my mom gave us gifts for valentine's day by the wayside opal these earrings that we have some quartz of work or just sharing some of the top of the hour ten minutes away from your two days ration value and they are precious but right now we have a stunning sterling silver chain. now you're saying ok it looks like three change history chain is our choice of when it is all three chains move this is nice scenery is so layered look. i like this alot river greenway seven point six grams and this is the mere curdling chain so we're under ninety nine dollars ninety nine cents right now by the way this is also italian sterling silver just when i threw that out there you know it's interesting eye of
7:52 am
our dal italia show the other myself i was looking mighty words or eats fluorite like this when thomas omega even more by the way twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents this gorgeous chain know what to say the class really quickly russian really compared that because we all ok so curly girl and sigh liquidationchannel dot com she says she's a sinner as me over sin over and there's only color website liquidationchannel dot com the eight dollars and thirty three cents on a budget fe love love this class mookite say that class i so's retail for twenty five dollars in the house slowly gets me is beauty and opal all the strands that is currently and you have these three different layers that you never were in chains in layers of your niassa
7:53 am
especially well sometimes gabe leona ice cream fe says i can morganite my mental voice he's part of my mouth anyway sunstone gets neolite on the wind especially when you layer chain i have a lot of long chains and eye to wrap around two or three times but sometimes one of the little shorter than the other you know and sometimes we want is her scale sometimes with his perfect layer let this fissure perfect layered look and you don't have to try and look at how pretty this is following in his class but behind its gonna look beautiful all day long is color perfectly all day long and so pear cut into that i was a color fun shwe and shwe no perfect spacing perfect mabe for latino teal ocd when everything in its place actually absolutely perfect this week reaching for you i
7:54 am
very very elegant going to give you a lot of movement it's eight dollars and thirty three cents on a budget and now dolomite energy doesn't it. but things coral wood school heist delinquencies are twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents gotta love hd but we know why it's funny fe for parts of botswana mabe de texas i get my packages faster that's not always the case i don't say more about that final color change congratulations and we're looking better today salutation value right now yellow opal earrings ezra freshwater pearls and the gorgeous diamo stimulus has come to the top of the over under thirty dollars
7:55 am
mojave turquoise said oh no i've got two hours after he saw some sites say seven eight nine inch and purple mojave joe thank you i actually have a comparison or this so you know what we can take it down a little bit let me say this before we two nishapur before redoing the seriousness i turned twenty nine when beers is actually on sale for one hundred seventeen seventy four current wood figaro one seventeen so the seventy four cents. you know it's going amber thirty right mojave turquoise sterling silver look at the resell value it was one fifty six now it's on sale for hundreds seventeen seventy four that bean sadr's
7:56 am
nine cents handcrafted surly sober i know i saw that the series was hillcrest to take her concerns over twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents mojave turquoise for mojave county arizona kingman arizona specifically is where the turquoise is mine and i agate say this is a nice heavy rains a lot of surly so on this one as far as the size of the gems a calorie eighteen by thirty millimeter bean long dated question cut a look at how pretty this is a massai you or someone will upside down hearts i love the regulation all the way around this amber sava ledge on the other back to the ring awfully finish a lot of throwing sober once again as i mentioned earlier this is very labor intensive not this one fits reassigned to do it you know that's as true to size order whatever size works best for you but you know they literally start out with a piece of sheet metal and some wire and this azurite for a piece of sheet metal and some wire and they put the little wire pieces on
7:57 am
around the edge even if alexite beats watches the lecture attention to detail but those little beads on there and so i had a conversation one day i know i've been like this since i was young i've always had a fascination with the with the mail system. i mean i for the us postal service at one time i am a neolite maybe it was part of pony express at one point ammonite my topaz is what i don't know but i had this conversation with a gentleman of the post office one day i was working the post office and he let his holy saturday because i'm sava about how fast things get delivered and things like that he said. honestly sometimes i was in tennessee the time sometimes when you mail something saying tennessee is going to get to california faster than we get to say georgia but cries he goes by airplane to california and because my truck to georgia as i said sometimes he wants a longer
7:58 am
get there faster because it goes by air so you know blue texas may not speed up the process but i totally get what you're saying because you know it's never citrine out those were the seals restocked the mailman and yes i do that from a lady i should say there's nowhere you know the male person charoite the matter. so yeah i've been opal look up the window isn't here yet is there yet know i know quite chapel and i don't two that's spinel we had that promote with chris our director in it so how stunning is this i've never seen this design before it's also handcrafted bali island of bali in indonesia indonesia not bali inspired actually made in indonesia for twenty nine dollars no nonsense we've met our criteria how gorgeous know this is the perfect size uses a charm bracelets how pretty thorite when the influences
7:59 am
actually the flowers and the local vegetation so doesn't support a beautiful flowering plant to mature vines growing up on its own twenty two dollars and ninety nine cents beers the back of the peas and once again they've made that hedge bets him a look at how pretty the baylor's they could de beers simple bale didn't do that this is a chain by thirty millimeter caps on as well so it's the same size as the piece on the ranges in opal and secretion cut all that doesn't work very very nicely done with the measure for yearly quickly now so that you are my agate neckline so top to bottom are looking to mention a quarter inch in the quarter and then side to side about half an inch wide. if you love rope opal mojave turquoise which was a little bit different eye this is a little bit different than what we typically show you is so handcrafted still has all that embellishment but i've never seen this design before it so pretty pear if you do have a too long not that you have aborted or with those
8:00 am
it's a bracelet or necklace you realize that you can actually use this on that even if you only will forever be in cat's of the hazards of closure you can usually put this over that hump style and actually handle like a pen that sellout beautiful piece congratulations to believe movie i love that name town from virginia beach congratulations cu to gail gail cut become busier she star is warm down there sante is warm and i love that area by the way i vacationed there several times that they the tampa clearwater area love it it's beautiful down there. here's oregon ever leave this open letter to continue to shop ard till his next ever tell you all about sante fe style coming up in this timeslot tomorrow
8:01 am
back. eye eye. good morning everyone welcome hbo see my name is not calling or stopping this morning was a bill carle and lara we got one hour left in the show that the under thirty dollars budget tiger's all day today
8:02 am
what's in the box because you may have been thinking heeren to choose between all these gorgeous earrings are going reassure you who know this is your presentation after giving this is a gift when they took the lead off a layout that is what ruby getting for thirty dollars so let's say something because of the look of this nineteen de this map we know we're going to be under thirty dolla you got five pairs of earrings and you're looking at sixty six dollars a pear oh and by the way there in sterling silver sparkly so juicy lapis at the top those are cubicle canyons same god sees a nice camera zircon county as in sterling soren you also have genuine freshwater pearls saul would you spend six dollars on a gorgeous pair of steady rains
8:03 am
and pearls are wood oh and by the way seville these have o o lis they just threw something out there because you know i use and sell this early so relax for five dollars apiece at retail so we've just begun. sorry we need to solely done right about now i'm one of the cheering in my finger because honestly unis are so many over a year caduceus also re injure myself so princess were under twenty dollars nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents sterling silver post sterling silver backs jade unc z's one of these colors is gonna be great with the add the rose
8:04 am
year monte this this moment here when the line they get the pearls face so now under twenty dollars soren are twenty dollars folks the wait and do the math i do the math three dollars a pear yes the room. ok ladies and generally get all easy now because here's the thing about it from green dollars for pear marrying this better in cesar freshwater pearls getting sterling silver posts and sterling silver backs or the case of the seasons are spring summer settings i mean how amazing is that the company gift box are nickel free sterling silver so if you're worried about
8:05 am
wood you don't have to worry about that. so as i mentioned earlier. do you have any especially band teacher planning that we have a little birthday party maybe you have an easter egg hunt something that you're planning what reagan was the party favors. do you realize these are twenty dollars per pear what can you buy for three dollars welo show you what you can show you what you can mine for thirty five dollars to paris so few of the shop here you can as you can get freshwater pearls studs and cubans are courteous that's in sterling silver you can spend thirty five dollars for us to cover today's liquidation value can spend six years the omega
8:06 am
and omega matheny well here are some great math all pear out here forget about it beers reality folks jade with freshwater pearls the seas they don't have a millimeter size only sleeping get a general idea of that's where thoughts are six millimeters six millimeter rounds the pearls probably a bit larger than that and the other pearls are like about a seven millimeter out sixty nine around seven millimeter and parsley are going freshwater pearls but jade acumen to crimea raising of the fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents no way he sees dolomite here because they are stunning. think about your bridesmaids ladies had her bridesmaids gifts when you're gonna get free eye your daughter for her birthday or anniversary omega should have so much fun with this you can actually split this up you realize this is this five months of guests every day on the same day you give her another pair of earrings the energy you know
8:07 am
the guys to look at the park that is the perfect size cited six millimeters can insert cody as to look like a diamond i actually have i have three pairs of stuff cubic zircon earrings i've got you i know that eye warm and yes the other day as a matter of fact i bet some emerald cut was i got here boc i wore them just the other day because sometimes just one little spark or hear how sometimes you don't be too overly done this is one of the best stories they drusy all day long he just sphene it takes one quick phone call two or toll free number one eight seven seven eight nine zero zero nine nine call that number because that is pear beers attorney for three dollars not only do you have stirling solar powered ships earlier in the back as i mentioned earlier i solis packs retail for five dollars rubies even the three dollars apiece here still doing great because you're literally in a paperback sitting there doing for free which ever way you
8:08 am
other pink keshi the pain your pain when she bean inhaling rate for five super gifts i watches remarked this is the thank you gift for someone who does something very sweet mabe you go to local restaurants and there's a server that you just love it she has the cutest little thing but you get this clear nail technician radiant orchid one parent has spread around it is not uncommon tsavorite the singer to booking other to become a table that you creature many in the ruby earrings they're leaving little notes you know you anahi that set you know they'll appreciate cash is always appreciated to put the tip and they're saying and you banded you been serving our family been waiting on me for so many years i just want say thank you so much mabe she let slip that it's her birthday her birthday's coming up we know happy birthday here's a little something extra special for you those gorgeous freshwater pearls always work always made him someone who just got her ears pierced or a lot of ladies
8:09 am
forties fifties sixties never have beers peers sava said they sante himalayan spears has been it's been too long over do it well guess what earrings can be expensive this is a great way to get three are actually five different colors if you have double piercings well guess what you can mix and match these i love the pink and the white i love about the eye white with everything and welo you know the combination of the pink in the epi cut pearls is absolutely stunning know the one you haven't seen a mature adult thing to see which may have seen fancy peach fissure peach the mayor fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents get five pairs of earrings whole house early so oregon those are simulated diamond six moving around some simulated diamond some excuse or coney a de the sparkling flash that you expect to see unifying quality diamond obviously at a fraction of the price or the gigabyte seriously if you're just cut the ccs i
8:10 am
to lucy z's for six dollars we tried over fourteen eye but i'm telling you to lucy z's for six bucks cut good luck with that red peach less than ten seconds ago fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents congratulations elizabeth to mary ann johnson chain jean to all the ladies and gentlemen of the phone lights once we get one very going seven for zeros freehold today seventy three years young wall you know what happy birthday jerry cut seven four zero tourney seventy three years young entrant looking to treat yourself to something today we picked a really really nice a de that smoky find that perfect gift for yourself treat yourself to more than one you know limited to one of us over to birth a month that's what i do after forty fancy turn
8:11 am
that out there right now we have a very large piece of green opal eventually know what our mission is unisex and she thinks the bill on february eight or nine guys this is a bench or in quartz that's actually a seven welo started scale and then you have abalone shell on the shoulder or chain is too because it's nice and osaka dome underneath its benefit riverside you might even have a little bit of it she ran in there if you're red knuckles have a tendency to swell ladies if you have probably northern taught me cut creature knuckle under their teetering on definitely true to size three dollars and thirty three cents guesses on a budget fe or nine dollars niassa is going to pay for in full dissented surgical grade stainless steel ammonite desk i mean it's a chance about ten karat approximately on this one and the new measure for you because we don't have measurements lis is free for the ring itself is about
8:12 am
seventy seven it's very comfortable license mabe and i've gotta say this work is very difficult to do first of all shall show studies is that is genuine abalone shell and find creature getting this in stainless steel which is not an easy mettle to set gemstones and it's gotten easier they really become very technologically advanced other for long term they really struggled with during manufactures struggled with setting gemstones insane was still they've really come along way but the fact that you garnet all sat around the edges that's nice and smooth murano prone to catch on anything i like the cut a low profile great glass three i know that it's very forgiving very cold in some areas another lot of you're snowed in some areas if you are i hope you're staying warm and hope to kick back relax watching elsie were set with eon we open the show you know it's me and i love it if you can treat yourself to something if you could pick up something from the show but the honest honest to goodness watches like having the company don't
8:13 am
and what you think i can see you can see i can eye can see you eye nose at their watches somehow beers kickback opal is enjoying the show have a great day by the way manny was nicole if you just met me nicole richards and we have stability coral and lore also in the house than happy to say happy to ruby tuesday for those of you just tuned in to my nano saul called a hallway under thirty dollars on everything but you pay on everything and thus owes a great day to shop for yourself it's a great way to treat yourself or someone you love to have valentine's day gift which spinel education and no valentine's day is two weeks from this sunday final congratulations you know i was the same thing it seems like christmas just past
8:14 am
valentine's day is actually up to easter sunday coral ladies make sure you get yourself some for valentine's day yawning away to somebody else get you anything it's nice that they do question why must you sable you know i always know today would sable sneezes because she sneezes pretty much every day we're together that's a good sign if creature sees the move. ok this stunning artisan crafted this is australian chris appraise crystal presents very much like jade but this has lore her blue terms what their share price twenty seven dollars ninety nine cents for those you don't know artists and crafts it is our line of jewelry is handcrafted for you in india they use many of the same techniques that you'll see on the island of bali this pretty little probably been the prongs there was like little ten girls to see that
8:15 am
beautiful embellishment on the bail on you can actually put this on a pretty pretty heavy chain because of the large male that you're getting your measure free weekly updates on the neckline and also is very slender very long pendant their works like a man in shaughnessy you sure coral into half and nine dollars and thirty three cents on a budget by one mint inside niassa go star what you got bad closer. ok so nine thirty three creature look at this eye which i really think about the same bus with a bunch of raiser to help you out especially by multiple things today it's not absolutely necessary to replace twenty nine dollars and twenty seven dollars ninety nine cents by all
8:16 am
your shopping a budget it's also a great way for new customers kind of tribe the lc aventurine just put something on a budget fe doesn't cost an extra diamond is interest free money back guarantee saul you have to place an order here plc is called the toll free number that we have twenty seven seven eight nine nine zero zero nine nine and mayor sante going sure i'm gonna watch a little bit more lis suggests you go ahead and get registered. you don't have to make a purchase or register it's it's fast it's free it's easy bali news called emergency on your tv screen one eight seven seven eight nine zero zero nine nine price option three will get you took asa representative go get your information you receive a welcome kit in the mail and in their carat you'll get a five dollar off coupon good for your first order so give us com to register anything can be very happy very glad you did
8:17 am
mabe eon congratulations know this botswana of seville tsavorite rings of the show because just as happy bright sunny yellow color and this is also drusy drusy quartz markers collection twenty by fifty millimeter with opal see z's on the side sours six seven eight nine ten as far as size of a look how pretty is this i love this color by the way this looks like it looks like a puzzle in candy to me twelve dollars and ninety nine cents for thirty three and a badger peanut characters you don't know is actually platinum or gold or no either went over bras this is actually both a little bit of eighteen karat yellow gold you have platinum it's over brassy gives you the look and feel of solid platinum or so ago without the price in
8:18 am
drusy right here and i love sato this as another metallic coating on its what you do get that beautiful sparkle based chain records in the center and this feels amazing by the way you get the full in a gallery it was amazing monte desperate resize all sizes currently available eleven this ability to get a lot of you figaro sob so congratulations about seventy seven inch wide beautiful profile amiss when southern we are beautifully there about about a diamond they haven't started scale this is quartz this entire church of course yours might be a little bit different as far as the shape of the internal part and when you get a santo have fun with it if you have a limb or a microscope or magnifying glass i want to look at this eye under magnification because i'm telling you it's like a hole in the world if you want me to science
8:19 am
science fiction outer space by the way sable you see my facebook page i found another planet. oh yeah they found another planet. maybe maybe outside of outside of toledo they think that from another planet. anyway so i love anything science in geology and support that when you look into this it's like being on another planet de dos in this one actually was a little sugar crystals a little saul crystal cinnamon sprinkled on top of the tiniest form of crystals that you can find and it is beautiful quartz was a great shot that this little crystals how cute beautifully done eon their shares easy and our four dollars and thirty three cents on a budget they are twelve
8:20 am
final call on congratulations o all is any money on their way to accrue to us or perhaps they're getting ready to go to some tropical warm place with caramel bold and lore orange available in these necklace as they're all danburite shall what'd they do the owl so wait a minute weren't nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents and oh my gosh you look at those i love the feel of this beautiful genuine shall this very nice quarterback to a lobster claw and it's nine dollars and ninety nine cents guess what
8:21 am
the summer but due to the thorite worry was that their dollars are now much better we can get. i really just say that the cut cat's eye hundred dollars bond funds the ladies gentleman whom were under four seconds later this beers going on not doing it is asking for price approval deadline to match. o ladies and gentleman i can say is his call sante fe was nine dollars and ninety nine cents and we spun fifty
8:22 am
to get the computer two weeks cat's the price let me chain is and out while she works on that larry sadism the neckline i don't think they respect omega rolo fifty percent danburite another item allow the south you wanna see this tired sia. i know i have beers at the e small lis this isn't the smallest weight how fabulous is this and you know this is the kind of thing if vivianite cruises uganda florida that you've been in the island somewhere and you kind of wonder off the beaten path and if lucy to have something like this on a beautiful display its forty nine dollars it's twenty nine is thirty nine ladies and gentleman our regular price on this necklace is nine dollars and ninety nine sante a mission right now to make sure she's not even the city
8:23 am
find somebody to help her with the computers going on so yeah the computer is actually oregon simply have more of these as well and beautifully done so that your gorgeous caramel it feels amazing and had to tell you genuine shall and kozma sleeping can find some more caramel for eon concert pearls thanks loads. what a great shout by the way amber thirty seven minutes left ruby this morning and ign eon corey a mahenge and santo or we got some savvy buyers silvio o welo are not okay to me and more and more it's not going allocates not
8:24 am
separated in may the troops don't know where seville spain or in one day i know showing sold out right now i'm somebody somebody came in and grabbed a big ol' bunch of them i can sante blaney how fabulous is this again ladies and gentlemen we have literally seville in separate rooms but they're trying to get this done for you because i don't think when the prices that ninety nine that they they thought it would hit fifty percent. obviously they don't know me well because if they can be done i will find a way to do and i mean i have no control over this but as luck would have a deeper sense blue snow thank you very beers so no wait a minutes tonight to see him but didn't pay a dollar and sixties surf and diopside i'm sorry ma'am we have reached a
8:25 am
now ridiculously good time i have because folks it's four dollars and ninety nine cents it's four dollars and ninety nine cents pear can you imagine how long it took to string the showers a mile away their knots in between each one non santo i love the orange okay lis on my cool if you're de maxi giraffes maxie jurassic and little adam will anything to his colleagues agree with everything and budget fe get the dollars he says that whatever dollar sixty seven tube into your local fast food place senior verdite peridot sixty seven the more i guess if you're not the dollar menu within you know i mean this is eye eye
8:26 am
never say i've never seen a budget fe belo ever i can honestly say now i have and you probably won't see them very often that's true that's less than a black coffee that's less than a copy the convenience store that's less than pearls hotdog in the vending machine that heats the murdering glad to make glad the publication are just a oregon even two minutes or sellout because these are flying folks and again that there was option number one the blue resumption amber to the orange that i was just wearing is option number three and again four dollars and ninety nine cents a that employees figaro took a picture of your tv screen right now because i don't know that this will ever happen again. i don't think hebei actually anticipated that this would happen but as luck would have been wearing the building before one of
8:27 am
all this stuff was planned yesterday and you know we just nort only when they said well peridot there at nine dollars ninety nine cents a spin the wheel and see what happens is i spend the willey of fifty percent off so the bow great but now they've saved my dance for posterity the awsome and so you go one minute to grab a spokesman for the executives come into the building hawk's there's nothing we can ruby were just what we were told that they were selling niassa for nothing i can i just tell you that there are some things in the show i'm not saying that this is one of those shows
8:28 am
cost. sheesh i want i won't say it's what you're looking at on the screen but here's the reality folks in iowa peanut got a closeup look at this i mean honest to goodness for for this kind of a price of the kingdom by the materials. this is all shall end this is a very very beautiful beautiful layered necklace the story ends not only that he's one of these pieces that show has monotony twain i mean how amazing is that even look at this very beautiful chords like a satin covered court. the lobster claw clasp that lobster claw france. i mean all of this literally for five dollars i mean you know again if you chain some delays at qb if you make your own story eyesore suggests getting these for supplies topaz is that only happens in that case i guess when it's warm sellout so just getting folks can say that pearls oregon girls cut had the iq euro
8:29 am
own jewelry blue is now gone bean you know what grabbed rose makes some beautiful jewelry give them a scans have fun with them opening a boutique wine amazing amazing opportunity i can say i've seen it done. anybody ever says the two bead on site you can be done one remaining congratulations and himalayan check after reno quartz of a personal shopper cpd the spotlight and inventory the price is only good for the day folks. oh now this is quartz i saul them actually recording the shot and leave me with because these are cds the other is this overkill but it looks expensive sigh six seven eight and nine fissure classic attorney madison's go all the way around. you can wear this as a pendant or what you think about that you can actually lore this is the summary if
8:30 am
it's gonna be a bouts would seem very millimeters us to measure the millimeters lis because it's about eight millimeters wide. so eight kilometers wide and about three sixteen seven inch wide four dollars and thirty three cents gets in on a budget they are twelve dollars nine says that the saul sees isa once again ate half of the most hardened scale is that not most gorgeous color of red as i mentioned that when chain led the court where his opinion because regardless of how it turns you have gorgeous town somewhat ambling out a beautiful bead strands many winnable and a beautiful strand of pearls you can actually slide this over austrian a pearls twelve dollars and ninety nine cents or four dollars and thirty three cents on a budget that gets at home. this is the most is this is fine if you have one of those days where you don't you know what is where alot of expensive jewelry mabe you're going on a trip watches cut like a little something replace her wedding band prime example to
8:31 am
who are maybe expecting their first child or their third child or whatever how many children you know it's it's it's the facts that ladies have a tendency to retain water color the game a little bit of weight my my best friend actually had this problem is that i can wear my wedding ring you know and maybe this is weird maybe this is old fashioned but i really wanna have a wedding band on and so she bochy butter kind of what contemporary wedding bands just until she could actually go ahead have the baby and then lose the baby weight she wanted to have something on her left hand and so you know maybe this one have somewhat tennis am taken from mabe you wonder well where we're going after the girls or whatever said nope sorry honey you know i appreciate appreciate compliments but i'm so taken in whatever the situation pietersite red and white mature july baby really is your first out of you are getting very durable jensen's very scratch resistant and i
8:32 am
five sixty five jim so just the setting charges rolo sixty five jensen's would be quite expensive so we are at the final com congratulations ladies and gentlemen we're going emitting on seo we are at the bottom of the hour chain now it's time for your bodily or style auction howlite actual se ri cat's sterling silver and black onyx hunan ham and cheese between the earrings the penny you're getting both fissure cute sauer twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents but you know worry worry over thirty so we can stop right now getting chain pieces of jewelry so at this
8:33 am
twelve dollars and fifty cents yoplait cut this unhappy pretty awesome even lower so five dollars a year for justin that we're really doing this again. alright so five dollars for the prehnite five dollars for the airing of queries wood michigan immigrate eye love with the rigid and with that hair would look all the way around very geometric. this is a great show great size of a tentative quartz uses the term a bracelet three dollars and thirty three cents cat's and only measure the rose welo had them on my hands and i were about an inch in action sixty but guess i should say the chain sixteen the circle the top is about cut three eights of an inch wide. that's a solid piece of onyx is let you know santo by the way home beers your back that's really sava about this coming welo with
8:34 am
there were sterling silver here for less than ten dollars so he chain his hearing on the really quick when i say that the decline the little comparison to share with you oh you know but that's about the uber compare snowing here for thirty three dollars lemming incense peanut that creature peridot inbox opal you have no choice tweezers or tell de lis opens a fabulous weekend i love that though because you know what take the other half on treat yourself to jury the jury does not have to be expensive to bead beautiful mommy doesn't have to take spencer to have fat free to have fun wearing and how cutesy little bit of movement and that's a thirteen by ten millimeter black onyx eon three of those three thirteen eye tourmaline or shows any strokes over backs on earrings chains
8:35 am
about this jasper earrings ok sterling silver yes these are bit of a different style with a thirty three dollars and ninety nine cents overlooking are saving money because they were that they would have been a hundred and twenty nine ending ayers a one twenty cut twenty that's the thing though you think vicious but really circle quit sky congratulations to cheryl into howlite and tuna stephanie antigen me about karat relatable ace the final cut we're moving on oh katie who now lis actually listens pink or channel i think they did that i think it's because cut technically this would be rose quartz but this is some of the most transparent material i have ever seen. so
8:36 am
doesn't really look like rose course cuz it's just it's transparent psychology peanut the bottom line is this rose quartz ok and it looks like a gorgeous pink crystal ball notice that you have to play mary all the way around three thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents for bali legacy collection has over four grams of ninety five nickel free sterling silver and there's a price twenty seven dollars and ninety nine cents nine eleven talking about this but i want everybody to know because when the fascists are coming out for spring and summer actually already coming out now the endzone color there to the shift to the sixteen is one of rose quartz they actually called it rose quartz the other is serenity eye which is a really really beautiful but somewhat wider than the jacket i'm wearing it's actually like a baby blue. i mean they literally what happened to pantone colors on my facebook page or my facebook friends radiant said zircon announcement for a baby shower because it was like a baby blue baby pink with those of the colors for
8:37 am
those colors and only that this is some really sopping so it looks great on every skin tone northern asana rose gold chain it would be stunning. also this is the perfect size for a bracelet quartz but the sun you too long not on your orchid or the planetary hour sante point that out the car eye as the primary a flower is indigenous to the island of bali but you know it's also the same flower that they use to make the hawaiian leis and have so few are celebrating an anniversary a few that you aspire to go to hawaii someday those are the flowers they make the ladies from everyone for those who don't know this rose quartz and overhauling its core demographic systemically rose quartz the image of a logical name and ensure that rose quartz does two things according to metaphysical community it's a person promotes self love and it's also supposed to help bring us the love of your life into your life so if you're celebrating this
8:38 am
the day i spent several valentines days by myself think there's been a great many have about blue snowball of your favorite adult beverage or coffee or whatever your beverage of choice is bigger stronger boxed chocolates iolite edge of the story i went to her she's joining beauty good dishwashing detergent and the head of the same now with the valentine candy oh goodness sake pink this fe which creature cell place creature sante gorgeous story on the basis of the spinel of your life into your life and what saul speaking of the love of your life that's coming up sante that's awaiting said the vessel sterling's overseas ease if memory serves me correctly noting both reins the solitaire and the matching grants lobos become another love of your life lesson tanzanite and this design is so pretty it
8:39 am
cuts that look like a leaf or feather if you prefer to azurite thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents on sleeping because that's a conservative price because he's really nice color in eight of them they tell a carat thirty six watches apart couture is a carat thirty six with two diamond accents included the chorale lis and that's a four or five cents instead of saying i'm taking are a married to sandra for kids that'll scare him away because i guess according to them people in your wedding rings these days burmese odi kids ran around in there and so funny for kids i dolomite what many say my boyfriend has four kids
8:40 am
know i didn't reynolds' another in a different state which helps but anyway that's the stuff for kids is something you know what the more the merrier. that's a lot eleven then house so ten dollars on a budget by jade adularescent business this is under thirty dollars under thirty dollars and tanzanite tanzanite in diamond eight opal gemstones in the tanzanite a marquise cut actually five eye tonight millimeters and once again on a dryer change for the color knitting sterling silver platinum overlay fully finished center gallery shows a stunning wringer once again because this is i can actually put the beautiful eat going out were torched oregon which overlooks pear islam or long getting to the finger because occurred roz the eye outs were the fingertip twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents or one payment on budget paying ten bucks gets a whole this might be your first tanzanite ring if it is i can tell you sunstone your last it's one that's a little bit
8:41 am
diamond such a pretty gemstone one source only coming from the finales of mount kilimanjaro in tanzania and its relatively new it's kind of a baby moonstone world because this kagem so that really has only been available in the market since nineteen sixty seven in response to the world by tiffany company they actually named it tanzanite tanzanite because of where was found here's the thing to think about too because for many years. we're kind of spoiled her and us you know tanzanite was pretty readily available amber christmastime be out of the sale catalogs from the jury chain to come out ruby tanzanite tanzanite tanzanite you see all the pages right have you noticed lately when you see this elk red lodge you'll see that tanzanite anymore. that should tell you something spinel collies and german were moving on congratulations sir you're looking for their sats that her great valentine's day
8:42 am
around this gorgeous policies and iolite to let you know that because i wood enormous stimulus or if i can tell you that ate half of the most hard scale they are meant to simulate diamond so for those who don't know eye simulate is anything that looks like something else regardless of what it's made of it it looks like a diamond they can use anyone for diamond the specific stimulus for ccs the six millimeter red one of the center the heart cut and forty five whites creature coney is that we're already in bed where we need to be under thirty dollars seventy nine or the size they lis ninety five nickel three strokes over you could have the signs that he needed to how about fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents that pearls is down to seven dollars and fifty cents erring lights pay for a full fourteen igi or it's also a budget by five dollars five dollars to get this at home how sweet is this you know a
8:43 am
wedding band. why not. there is no rule that says you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for diamonds and rubies on a wedding said if you wanna do this is to get started. many would give the summary is a promise ring you know whatever the situation how sweet is this ring now this is what i would refer to as the days niassa beautiful solitaire ring you don't have to wear his engagement ring to get back or just ring and then the bands that's a separate piece they look at how they nestle citrine nestle underneath because you have like that little platform siempre un have the edge that comes out this is the fine bridal set really really is all sterling silver precious sterling silver medalists gorgeous easy zircon to look like diamond consider this scene with a little banded uterus would have the size up or down fissure clustering or their short summary and then you can wear this eye solitaire separately or whatever you choose to do fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents we have
8:44 am
congratulations to those retraining herself for getting us maybe for that little daughter for their little granddaughter megan got a little daughter her granddaughter she's a girly girl she loves red teal as chain she loves hearts. she loves sparkly things. how sweet is that i'm invention so adorable and i've even seen i've seen kewl cute little clips and things on facebook where little girls they wanna get married and so they they marry their teddy bears and things like that or they chain that they marry their dog whatever palm beach crystal third dog in my head like a little little place for chain wedding or something. how sweet would this be able to give to her and say here's your future waiting remarried is really can all dream right. five dollars gets in on a budget by five local word meaning congratulations on fifty minutes left in the show before the fabulous nosed eon
8:45 am
accuracy i'm sorry for the county limits eyes open batgirl i came again this morning she thought she had this shifts so she's been here since it's like before i got it for dinner since four thirty this morning she's coming up a nine or so these eon are okay because bless her heart she's she's a trooper our ladies and gentleman take a look at this gorgeous ring data surgical great singer seal austrian crystals and that this is actually the combination of laboratory created opal and a resin type of material unless the senate has a little bit of a snake look a little bit of color that science fiction look like a science fiction like it's like we just cut peter price to finish at fourteen dollars and ninety concealing to win it morganite the planet was something orbiting around how
8:46 am
of elongated eye nature of it somewhere in your index finger your middle finger can be very very generous once again you can actually wear it wear either way but the portion up here but i love the way just loops around and also the fact that it's a stainless steel which means it's not going to tarnish its not going to rest on its very very scratch resistant and is first and measurement would see its own ascension happens about an inch and creates wide fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents for something very very different it does have that very much about cars likely to it but that's really cool very thick bama back to just introduce eye zoology know that much to have a nice big fan of that if you wanna do something different i mean i've never seen anything like this before so this opportunity is something kind of kind of funky kind of cool ads will pop of color. here's the way the back of dismay there's
8:47 am
beautiful crystal ball of color a nice fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents or five dollars gets on a budget fe if you haven't yet picked up the phone what are you waiting for the thirty day money back guarantee. yes this is real jewelry or effort in eon here you don't have any of you know it's easterly skeptical because i can tell you if i were sitting at home if i've never worked at the oc if i'd never shot a teal see i can see how someone can sit at home or white man's that's less than fifteen dollars what's wrong with this what's the catch there's no catch the reality is we have a pear company that's been sold or eon gemstone so the rest of the industry for forty years they also sell glass we get a printed family discounts await is and so we buy from the supplier its own story to other folks who honestly because they buy at higher price so we didn't have to mark it out and hire person was selling for shielding phenomenal deals here just
8:48 am
people are shopping at the right place as several firsts as bean me up. that's borobudur guys those are my favorite shows the kid fido crores untenable we are meeting i actually still is fe which hosts the eye like the classic eye kohl school went okay so now and someday knowing the top and into chain retro how something baroque and knew this isn't your climber ladies and gentlemen were due one price one was disco all the eon like the way this one has turned these are seven dollars and ninety nine cents on the reason why is because this actually has a really nice little cushion i'll say exactly how these fit because its varied looks like a beautiful piece of fringe below showing how the spinel
8:49 am
these are actually done with the posts of the bottom saying are we doing what the whole house with ac holier climber school we niassa at thorite auctions yeah so what you have is opposed to the bottom and then you have this little clips out here. ok so this actually creature in the top of the year okay so when ammonite is the watches the little hook the curvature of the top of the year this time she's going to hold it nice and snug and so that way it's not going to go anywhere fluorite solution into a mature really quickly and round tiger's holder that i liked this show you how kind how it would be himself stichtite and book i'm sorry my hands the way i see the bat so how cool is this just to show you houses that were eye when you're wearing a thing as beauty and opal fringe rained out so for a french is very afridi has
8:50 am
accessories and shoes and boots and everything clothing of our friends i'll tell you that overcharging the one thing we're climber which are seen the look of sante nephrite of york somewhat similar late night talk shows the celebrities come out this immature person at the das and have one fabulous b hearing on the many little stutter will heap on the other side because that would be fabulous hearing now like the idea. oh i don't know that there are many laughs were going to the left your right to getting to unease is not going to get into the zircon orchid saul for the left ear so final call congratulations are in the living room so we have some more tanzanite in the image chain snow we've had this morning for under thirty dollars but again it pays to have connections know this is what fe were designed so we get from bali because chain me. he reminds me of lily of the valley which is
8:51 am
was born a generous amount due tsavorite resumes well apatite said the cut so you know all the months have flowers this issue with the swelling no i don't know all the flowers of all the mats bags you know it from a it's lily of the valley of sorrow and some size five six seven eight and nine are the sizes available niassa seven millimeter cat's eye know one thing to note this is under thirty dollars and that is a two karat cash on what we know it's under three dollars sable are no surprises today well actually russian say that there are quite a few surprises today the twenty seven dollars and ninety nine sante once again during handcrafted sterling silver from indonesia specifically the eye little bali and to karat it is not going to love about is how
8:52 am
even your teal so we don't a lot of cash ons this mix of berries nowhere with glass but as i mentioned see the vines like i said i don't think it is really about wood it just reminded because the wake rose bowls little ten girls as i mentioned earlcer they are very much influenced by the local flowers and fatah in just a disease where rain under gloves it's another one of those pieces that you don't have to try very hard to even the little box in the dresser if you interfere peanut it's a great deal considering it's also a great green to give to somebody say you know i just rutile something the kind of perk after having a bad day maybe their birthdays in december and you know maybe this remind you for whatever reason maybe this remind you of them gorgeously fares well that's a seven millimeter camera shy rich color in this one chain and all of them for twenty seven dollars ninety nine cents or a budget fe of nine dollars and thirty three cents and have vietnam then it's fast free and easy to register registration does not require a purchase of
8:53 am
japan never have your information or system you're ready to pull that trigger color toll free number right there press option three will get chalcosiderite presented to the blog if you register you'll receive a welcome kit with a five dollar off coupon good for your first purchase the mint go and get this straight you and get this straight press option one to listen carefully across a lot throughout replace the first order you probably received your rain before you're welcome kit because we learned in a recent meeting that i guess the welcome kit comes from a third party associate the jewelry out to you and then you'll probably get a welcome cut after that makes relate to that too because you also get a five dollar off coupon good toward your next purchase of the lc and hunan italia is as inexpensive large orioles five dollars goes a long way as we seemed so final thirty seconds or so remaining congratulations everyone has already picked up treasures this morning. don't forget sante nine o'clock hour truce over to the very fabulous ms
8:54 am
keshi has been here since four thirty this morning she thought she was working my shift hopeless or heart and the genoa she's a trooper she's here to sear the five six seven eight nine are still available congratulations ladies and gentlemen. ok so now we have since starting freshwater pearl earrings i have some areas like this collection actually drop style these are convertible though because you have a style and you also have a drop knowledge and think about something if you have a skinny little hoops at home you're eligible those little drops on the hips as well see there a lot of different opportunities in addition did you happen to notice that you're not choosing a color and also ensure that these are non surgical grade stainless
8:55 am
about allergic reactions paraiba sterling silver doesn't work for you guess what you have the opportunity now that's a vote you have the opportunity to look at this time talking and it is that this is the same tide twelve dollars and ninety nine cents i would say with this deadline so insane with us as a whitening you also have mookite these little drops hurt these kids even know her you get actually you're gonna get three sets of earrings because you get three sets of suds in the gray the wind the black man. each pair of size has little drops with it by the way because you have a little as circle at the top
8:56 am
circle of the mural of people talking because you belo circle or topic and actually put this over his beer is four dollars and thirty three cents welo ky demand. i'm not even notice the price for hours and thirty three cents under budget by twelve dollars and ninety nine cents and you're heading three pairs of style earrings iolite koster saul lieberman should be doing this oh my gosh glass concert show in the zone near the fence chain is still it's a lucio again surgical grade stainless steel watch not like i said i have a pear white areas like this festering boulder night when i can do anything other than wear them but they are this gives you so many different options amber make a suggestion you realize that you take the peacocks dads wear them with beatrice over drops of bead can change the colors that chain so you can make some mercies or different colors and ollie here's another situation to any other stud earring that
8:57 am
these pearl drops too so think about all bead of course the day you just sillimanite figaro all the different options we have diamond says no now sante got a white pearl drop tomatoes diamond stats you have to say whole night there will pearls drop the chicken add to this as if you wanted to let me say what you can do with the white drop of the peacock your makeup black and white combination you gotta black and white combination. oh my gosh that's somewhat spread out so much from these i'm not kidding. so hindu again maybe just pierced her ears her mind surgical grade stainless steel works for everybody regardless of the alert to situations you might anticipate having
8:58 am
it's so cute. yes ma'am. i'm so say all that. so anyway the approval mystic wonders on demantoid color guard two minutes. um i just wanted to know we recently switched to full hd format i guess some of your having trouble trouble viewing s on hbo this fissure combination your black and white folks are mabe isn't here it's that swims chinese say you red sonja different possibilities you can mix and match the colors you could add a little pearl drop sather said he already had you were de lis us all by themselves in there so many different ways you can mix and match the so have fun with it yet this is a gift for someone i mean howlite you know if you have a valentines they get the chain endeavor somebody twelve dollars and ninety eye center all these beautiful freshwater pearls all these different options are going sphene with two backs on these as well just take advantage of it but again we ditches are full of full hd
8:59 am
viewing or programming if you have a newer tv on tv don't know how to do this creature grandchild i'll be doing okay i mean seriously um but you can format you can format on the remote and operational yet so the right outright hd viewing format or again you know like me if you have a heavy someone younger in your life and you're having trouble figuring out your phone or your computer princess esther great. well ladies and gentlemen all this is zambian for me we have about forty five second trailer cut get these because i'm telling you to all of these freshwater pearls three different colors of sad three different colors of drops you can mix and match the colors where the sides by themselves but the drops another study arrange ruby byzantine periods as well. they're really really just a mohs a limitless number of possibilities in these gorgeous earrings so get for their guy and i diaspore say thank you for hanging out with me this morning thank you for having myself nicole richards them eye crew


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