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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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victim of a crime."(norfolk robbery)an armed robbery at a hotel in norfolk leads to the lockdown of two schools. (removing immunity)and... therers a move in shington to let shooting victims sue gun makers and sellers. 3 3 a historic sioux city restaurant building is back in business tonight.the former green gables... once known for its jewish fare... is now home to a barbeque restaurant. 3 3 crazy bob's r-b-q celebratat its grand opening today. the green gables had been a sioux city staple since 1929. but it closed in august of 2014. the new owners didn't change much of the exterior... but inside is a different story. however...there are still a few mementos left over from "the gables." this is the 5th store in the "crazy bob's" chain that already includeses restaurants at inwood... alvord... hartley...and peterson. 3 3 the le mars police department is trying to make online transactions a little safer.they've come up with a
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transactions through sites like craigslist... can have a spot to receive them safely. they can either meet outside the department headquarters... or go inside the lobby. sergeant jay king says there is an important reason for what they're calling "project safe place." 3 "we are out there to make sure people stay safe, we are out there to make sure that they are not becoming a victim of a crime and if we can put a place for them to come, have a place where they feel safe, i think it's going to work."the department can also check to make sure the item someone has purchased is not illegal or stolen. 3 police in norfolk are looking for a man who robbed a hotel... a robbery that lead two schools to go on lockdown this morning.about 10- 20 this morning... police were called to the hampton inn on south 20th street in norfolk for an armed robbery. a man carrying a gun entered the hotel and left on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. a search of the area found clothes, shoes, gloves and a weapon believed to have been
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elementary and middle school went into lockdown during that search... but were able to dismiss on time. anyone with information on that robbery is asked to call norfolk police immediately. 3 police are looking for a 26- year- old man who walked away from sioux city's residential treatment facility.jacob petty is serving a 10- year sentence for a 2008 robbery conviction.he was transferred to work release in october... and placed on escape status after failing to return to the facility tuesday night.he is an african- american man who stands 6 foot 1 inch tall and weighs approximately 250 pounds.he has tattoos on his upper left arm and right calf.anyone with information on his whereabouts should call police immediately. 3 3 siouxland area taco john's restaurants are giving back to the community. 3 this morning... owners presested proceeds from the chain's annual nachos navidad fundraiser to special olympics iowa.this is the sixth year restaurants in sioux city, north and south sioux city,
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spencer and storm lake took part in donating proceeds from the seasonal dish to the special olympics.this year's fundraiser brought in more than 21- hundred dollars for the group. 3 3 a sioux city group gave a big "thank you" to area military members and veterans this morning. 3 support siouxland soldiers held a "waffles for warriors" breakfast event this morning at their headquarters on indian hills service members and veterans were treated to free waffles and coffee... and also received a brand new hand- tied blanket made by students at morningside college. 3
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stay tuned for details on that as the system develops.>> 3 it's been years in the making. this saturday the u-s-s sioux city will be launched from a shipyard in northern wisconsin.... and siouxland news will be there.our jetske wauran will return to marinette, wisconsin where the u-s-s sioux citytyas been undnd construction since june of 2013. a delegation from sioux city will also be on hand to watch the launch of this new class of combat ship. again... we'll have coverage of this weekend's events friday and saturday right here on kmeg-14. 3 the number of presidential candidates planning last- minute campaign events in siouxland continues s rise.the e test addition to o the list is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum.he will be in le mars saturday night at 6- 30 for a
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bunny ice cream parlor... followed by an 8 o'clock house party in sioux city.the next morning... santorum will attend services and speak to the congregration at cornerstone world outreach church in sioux cici. 3 3 dodot college will host *two* republican candidates this weekend.former florida governor jeb bush will speak friday evening... then on saturday afternoon dr. ben carson will address students and community members.carson's event will take place at the campus's scheduled to get underway at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 3 3 florida senator marco rubio will also make a stop in siouxland saturday.rubio is holding a rally with local supporters at bev's on the river in sioux city at 9 a- m that day.doors for that event will open at 8- 30 a- m.we've got a link to r- s- v- p online at siouxland news dot com. 3 3 and republican frontrunner donald trump will also make a last- minute stop in sioux city this weekend.the billionaire e businessman isis planning an event at sioux city's orpheum theatre downtown.doors for that event
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afternoon.trump is scheduled to speak at 6 o'clock. 3 former secretary of state hillary clinton says she did nothing wrong sending or receiving e-mails on her private server during her tenure as cretary of state... an action that's caused a controversy over *how* our governme agencies communicate.our national correspondent jeff barnd talked to 2 experts about how government secrets are classified... and how mrs. clinton's case seems to have more questions than answers. 3 this executive order signed more than 5 years ago by president obama lays out guidelines of how all fededel employees decide w wt dodoments get classified."the original classification authority determines that the unauthorized disclosure of information reasonably could be expected to result in damage to the national security." /s0t/kim holmes "any information that's in those documents is by definition "classified".. so, you're not supposed to convey that information through a non- classified source or mediumum ananaccording to dr. holmes
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state under george w bush unless a federal agency pursues a complex *declassification* process the data remain marked and classified. but mrs clinton maintains the emails in question on her personal server were *not* marked assified./sot//hillary "it doesn't change the fact tt i ner sent or received any material *marked* classified." dr holmes says an unclassified email can *later* be classified after being sent-but its *rare* when the information threatens national security --- he says if the documents *were* marked classified and *markings* disappeared during secretary clinton's tenure they were *likely* deleted./sot/holmes "that does not mean that the original formation was not t classified."the intelligence community has many levels of highly classified e-mail systems.. including a pentagon-run network of secret and "top secret" communication s../bridge/"all systems are *air-gapped * meaning you *can't* e-mail from one level to the other yet more than 1300 emails on secretary clinton's home server reportedly contain classified
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/s/s/lt. col. tony shaffer "to transer information between the 2 systems, you have to physally take documents, stick 'em into a computer and transfer them or s#an them in." mrs. clinton is forging ahead just days from the iowa caucus. she says she's answered every question and will continue to do washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxlxld news at ten... we've got the latest developments on that wildlife refuge takeover in oregon. 3 what the now- jailed leader of that militia group is telling his followers tonight... coming up at 10- 18. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologisischad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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storm set to arrive here monday night into tuesday. stay tuned for details on that
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3 3 still to come tonight at's a new push in congress to make *gun makers* liable if their products are used to kill people. 3 3 we'll tell you who's pushing
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after the break.3 3 nebraska's governor is unhurt after a car accident this morning.governor pete e ricketts was a passenger in a van being driven by a state trooper 3 when that van hit a pickup that ran a stop sign in downtown lincoln this morning.ricketts' office says neither the governor nor his
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accident... but the driver of the pickup was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 3 "......." 3 3 an eighth person is in custody tonight in connection with the armed takeover of an oregon wildlife refuge.police in arizona arrested 32- year- old jon ritzheimer this afternoon on charges of supporting that occupation.yesterday... one militant was killed and 7 others, including occupation ader ammon bundy, were arrested by the f- b- i. today... bundy's lawyer read a statement outside the federal courthouse in portland asking those still occupying the refuge to stand down.the militants initially occupied that refuge january 2nd... protesting the extended prison sentence of an oregon rancher and his son on arson charges. 3 3 democrats say they want shooting ctims to be able to
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3 legislation introduced today would repeal a 2005 law that grants the gun industry immunity from civil lawsuits. sponsors say they want to crack down on negligent sellersand hold industry accountable for better product safety. 3 sen. chris murphy/(d) connecticut"the standards of negligence are the same, whether you're coming after a negligent gun dealer or a negligent automaker. we're not asking for any special treatment for the gun industry. we're asking for the special treatment they enjoy today, the immunity they enjoy, to be removed."opponents of the repeal say they believe it will lead to frivolous manufacturers. 3 3 there's a new treatment for bone cancer being offered at select hospitalalin the u- k. 3 coming up after the break... how this *new* treatment uses *currently available* technology to treat patients' pain. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.chicago
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of lawlessness and corruption since at least the days of al capone. many people today think nothing's changed.yoyove heard about laquan mcdonald. he's the unarmed teenager who was shot 16 times. chicago police officer jason van dyke was charged with his murder. but not until 13 months after his death. van dyke was charged hours before a court- ordered video release. prosecutors now say this video shows an unjustified shooting. there were allegations of a police cover-up.emails just released under an open-records request support these suspicions. the office of chicago mayor rahm emanuel, the police department and an independent review agency coordinated actions.created by the city council in 2007, the independent police review authority is supposed to be just that: independent. its website includes all the usual phrases about transparency, . . . public accountability, . . . and building trust.but emails released to several media outlets suggest
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associated press, mayoral, police and agency officials "closely coordinated their actions."internal records reviewed last year by a news organization raised questions then about the i-p-r-a's independence. last summer, an investigator was fired after refusing to change findings that several police shootings of civilians were unjustified. it's easy to see why some chicagoans see the system as comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.
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3 british scientists say they have found a revolutionary new therapy to relieve bone cancer pain. 3 as tina kraus reports... they hope to now target the cancer cells themselves. 3 nats....moira rogers says she's found new w strereth in her battle with breast cancer. (35:25)"i'm amazed how i don't really feel anything now. i feel very little pain." when the former london teacher was diagnosed nearly two years ago - cancer spread quickly to her bones and caused unbearable pain in her arm.nats up"here is the surface of the bone where the nerve endings are." specialists at the institute of cancer research used high-intensity fofosed ultrasound to blast cells in moira's bones that were triggering her pain. (sharon giles/radiographer, the royal marsden)"the heating that comes from here is what relieves the pain - it burns the nerve endings and kills the pain."moira was the first of 9 patients treated with the
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clinical trial. (sot - dr. nandita desouza/institute of cancer research, royal marsden hospital)"these patients have usually had all forms of other treatment and nothing is working." while doctors targeted bone pain instead of the cancer itself - they hope to eventually use hifu as a tool to kill prostate and breast cancer cells.(sot - professor gail ter haar/institute of cancer research)"we can try and burn away their cancers too." nats up"good boy - come on let's go."moira says, while she doesn't know what the future holds, she's thankful researchers gave her a chance to live life pain-free.tina kraus, cbs news, london. 3 scientists say once they perfect the ultrasound it will be able to precisely target the tumors without harming nearby healthy tissue. 3 3 the morningside women's basketball squares off with dordt in a gpac clash in sioux center. 3 and briar cliff goes for it's 18th straight victory after setting the school record over the weekend. see how they did against the red raiders. chris
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3 3 briar cliff has already set the school record for consecutive wins with their 17th straight over this past weekend. tonight thth tried to extend it to 18 agagnst hosting a northwestern team coming in at 12-9 overall this season. also at stake, clay hareld, the gpac player of the week is nine three pointers shy of tying the school record for three pointers in a season. and bryan forbes is just 11 points shy of becoming the 40th charger to join the thousand point club.all of this should be no surprise when you watch the fast pace of is top scscing offense in the country!1) i had enough highlights to do a show in the first minute. like this layin high off the glass from colton koima! red raiders knew they had to match power with power in this one.2) chargers go down low austin lefler drives and feeds austin homan for the layin.3) back come the red raiders koima feeds his big man jordan baker as northwestern going shot for shot with the chargers.4)4) briar cliff is just so o ick. shshe graves with the drive from the top of the key. and
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5) and then lefler driving he is fast! less than two minutes in we are tied at 6.6) then they put herrald in the game! and he creates his own shot! that's the first three for him! 7) then northwestern coming back. ends up with a chris borchers layin. hes from sioux center!briar cliff f ns 99-91. harreld gets 3 3 pointers, 7 points for forbes so we will wait for their milestones. 3 number two morningside visiting dordt. number two lexi ackerman came in just 22 points shy of 1000 for her career! had foul trouble in this one though only 5 points. 1) starting in the 3rd quarter, morningside is up 35 to 30. dordts mycah hulst grabs the rebound and puts it back up. 35 to 32 morningside. 2) next possesion, jamie gesink takes it down the court and all the way to the hoop for the layup. 35 to 34 now. 3) later on the inbound morningsides lauren lehmkuhl makes the shot to make it 37 to 34.4) a few plays later,
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the court for the layup. its good, 39 to 34 mustangs.5) minutes later morningside is up 42 to 38. dordt's kim kroeze is open for the 3. and she makes it 42 to 41 now. morningside pulled away 73-56 the final. 3 briar cliff looking for a 4th straight win hosting northwestern whose 7-7 in the gpac. tiny dancers!1) first half now kassidy de young finds arianne gesell for the layin. red raiders by 4.2) back comes briar cliff. jessi corrick passes the rock. lexi henschke the former pendragon shakes it up! lead down to 2. 3) then northwestern breaking the press! paige danner drops it off for darbi gustafson! northwestern by 4.4) these two went back and forth. emily kay from downtown! she's a black belt so you don't mess with her from downtown! 5) and then just before the end of the half julie targy's pass is livin' on a prayer but kaylee blake gets the "and 1"! as for the free throw she made it i swear.briar cliff would make their free throws down the
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3 in the last two years morningside and briar cliff have added volleyball teams. today they squared off on morningside's campus.1) early on it was all chargers. off the morningside serve adriel rivas with the slam home. the chargers get the first kill.2) then off another mustangs serve enrique barajas throws it down! it's 3-2 briar cliff. 3) then on the ensuing volley for the chargers rivas again with the throw down! briar cliff goes up 7-5.4) back comes the mustangs off the charger serve jacob brand from homer throws it down! mustangs within 1!5) and then caden toben with the beautiful set for raul rivas rojas! that man can jump! we are tied at 7. but the chargers would take the first set.they took all three! 3-0 briar cliff with the victory. 3 3 3 3 3 the musketeers are still not sure if their latest
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fighting saints trey dodd will play friday night against his former team. take a look at his stats and you realize head coach jay varady is excited to get him any way he can. on today's muskies coaches show varady talked about the prior attempts the team made to acquire dodd and just how the forward with 17 points will fit in with the rest of the musketeers. 3 "well it's a really interesting story with trey. he came to our training camp. - he came to austin where our assistant general manager was on that coaching staff two years ago. he was on our draft list. he was a player we wanted to draft a couple of years ago. dubuque got him. a couple rounds ahead of us. and what happened was they had a few extra guys in town. we're short forwards. we called, and we were able to acquire his
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3 3 that's a a our timemeor now. siouxland 3 time for now.that's all our 3 time for now.siouxland news at
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